Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recommended Books

If you like books, there are many books that I would recommend you to read.  I buy most of the books online since they are easy to order and most of the times cheaper than in book stores. Moreover you receive it at your doorstep. Books are something wonderful to keep since they are handy for reference anytime and can be your best buddy during travels or spiritual hunger.

Note: Prices vary according to paperback format. I am putting up the cheapest ones here.

Just ordered. Not yet read but has wonderful insights into rebirth.

The book that accompanied me throughout my journeys to the Goa shivir, Bangalore shivir and also two trips to Kanhangad. This book has everything a disciple must know about the kundalini and shaktipath. It includes many topics from initiation, symptoms, experiences, etc.

The book that brought me in siddha marg is the ever famous "Autobiography of a Yogi" of Paramahamsa Yogananda. Almost all spiritual seekers will have read this and a great book to possess for references and inspirations.

"Living with the Himalayan Masters" Swami Rama, one of the greatest yogis of the Himalayas who spent all his childhood and adolescene growing up with yogis in the Himalayas. Breath-taking incidents and stories of Yogis and siddhas have been recorded by Swamiji. A live account of what we cannot see in the Himalayas.

"At the eleventh hour" contains intrinsic details on Swami Ramas life and most of the mysteries of Swami Rama and unveiled here.  Pandit has written details of Swami's life and also written of details which Swamiji has not covered in his own book - Living with the Himalayan Masters"

"Touched by Fire" is a book that is so well written by Pandit Tigunait who was the direct disciple of Swami Rama. This book covers the journey of Pandit with Swami Rama containing many motivational and inspiring incidents of their lives.

"Spiritual conversations with Swami Muktananda" who was a direct disciple of Bhagwan Nitayananda. It was this book that brought me to Ganeshpuri and brought me to my Nityananda and thus later to my Shivananda!

Not read this one by Swami Muktananda but the name (Secret of the Siddhas) sounds interesting and I will be going for the same soon.

"From Finite to Infinite" sounds good as our Babaji uses this phrase often. I have not read this one but it seems to be a good one. Check it out.

"The Power of Now" is a beautiful book written by Eckhart Tolle on the beauty of living always in the present moment. I read this book few years back and recollect it is a good guide to live in the moment.

"The monk who sold his Ferrari" is a very interesting book written by Robin Sharma in the materialistic world but has gems in every page of the book that co-relates to the spiritual aspect of every being. It makes one connect and re-think on one's approach to life.

"Soul healings" written by Bruce Goldberg the master of Past Life Therapy. This is an excellent book written on accessing the subconscious mind and thus reaching lives of the past. It is very informative on the practices of Past Life Regression and also hypnotism.

"The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Josephy Murphy, the book I read years back and the book that transformed my life forever. This book was the major turning point for my spiritual transformation and journey till now. Gratitude to him!

Another major book "Manifest your destiny" by Dr. Wayne Dyer after which I learnt the art of manifestations and created a lot of things in my life. A wonderful book to cherish and keep.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Divine Places/Travel

All articles of travel and information about divine places are shifted to another place to avoid clogging with ShivYog articles here. Due to time factor, it may take some time.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Songs from the Blog

This page contains all songs/music/videos that i was able to create with the blessings of Bade Baba and Babaji. If you like any of them, you will be able to download them both in high quality audio and video at the links provided at the bottom of every video.


An inspiration, as always, from Babaji, this music set out flowing a few weeks back never knowing till the last moment that this was to be completed on the day Babaji came to earth in his physical form.


On the path of Spirituality as we walk towards our goals to the journey back home, the journey can often be tiring, weary and testing. Whatever the intensity of the difficulties and obstacles may be, it is finally the trust and surrender to the Guru that would help  overcome those temporary obstacles.

This song contains divine words of Babaji in between that surprising just came from different audios but all just fell in place with the theme of the song. The music is deliberately jam packed with orchestra strings, percussion and much of modern electronic techno stuff just to make the song more foot-tapping, palpable and relishing, however, the emotions and intensity of the lyrics and tune remains undisturbed for the purpose it has been sung for.
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here

During the Ambala Shivir Live telecast period, Sanskar channel happened to show Rhythm of Universe of Mumbai in which Babaji sang so many beautiful songs. One that was so catchy was the mantra Namokar Mantra where Babaji emphasized the importance of this mantra that was in offering gratitude to all masters, teachers, and saints. Babaji asked before this song that we must respect and offer gratitude to all such masters, teachers and saints without judging them in any way. i did not attend this musical concert of Babaji but when i saw the video i was awed with what a rock performer a Siddha Guru also can be!
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here


This song was written in the 17th century and it even today has the fragrance of the divine connection that Sir John Newton probably had at that time. This song always enchanted me when i listened to it all through my church days. Back then, only the melody pleased and even when sung, never knew the indepth meaning of it. Today, when the church and temple, Christ and Shiva, God and Guru are all one for me, this song also renders a different meaning for me.
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here

A song that was born from the wallpaper of June on this blog. Started with a small chant and ended up with a huge 15-minute song that begins with a soft note and by the end of the song, is totally in full dance rhythm.
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here

A song depicting and emphasizing on the power of a single prayer and collective prayers. By creating for the self, we create for others.
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here


A song that was sung and posted for "Mother's Day". Dedicated to all mothers of all species and the Divine Mother.
To download this video click here

When a few personal thoughts suddenly turned into an English song. More of techno as the feel and emotion went with the song.... (Read more)

To download high quality audio click here
To download high quality video click here

Here is a soul who makes my heart sing loud
Here is a soul who pulls me out of the crowd
Picking me up with His love so strong
Making my heart sing this lovely song.....

At around 9 p.m. all of a sudden, this famous melodious song back from late 80's jingled in my head and i decided to search for this song on the net..... (Read more)

Higher audio/video quality are available in below links
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here

Reviving the "Shivanand Arati" and presenting in a modified modern genre, yet trying to preserve the traditional and classical touch of India.... (Read more)

To download this video click here.
 To download this audio click here.


Namah Shivaya,

Babaji sang a beautiful song in Bangalore Shivir (August 2010).... (Read more)

Jab koi bath bigad jaaye,
Jab koi mushkil pad jaaye
Tum lena shiv ka naam, namah shivaya!

Na koi tha na koi hai, mere Shiv ke siva
Tum lena shiv ka naam, namah shivaya!

Namah shivaya!  namah shivaya! namah shivaya! namah shivaya!
Om namah shivaya! namah shivaya!

Below is the same song I sung joyfully as now this song gives me a new and more beautiful meaning after Babaji sang with us to help connect with the Divine. I am sure this video and the melody of Babaji's expression will touch your heart. This video is made keeping in mind to boost up the spirits when at times we get weary on the path of light. Thank you Babaji for your shining light.
Namah Shivaya.
To download this audio click here.
To download this video click here.

(Song composed specially for Baba)
This song was made keeping our two dear Babas (Shivanand Baba and Bhole Baba) in mind, so it can be sung to both with are nothing but the two forms of one.... (Read more)

Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba
Tum jeevan humare
Tum sabse ho pyare
Tumse hi jeevan mein hai roshni
Tum andhiyare mein ho chandini
Tu hi laakhon ki hai zindagi
  Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Zindagi ki ik mod pe tum aathe ho
Khushiyon ki bhavchaarein sang laathe ho
Sabke sukh mein hi apna sukh paathe ho
Saath chalke pyaar hi pyar barsaathe ho
Badi baathein badi pyar se sikhathey ho
  Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Tumne jeeven mein bhar diye ithne ujiyale
Ek pal mein hi karamo ko nasht kar daalein,
Kithne sankato ko tumne hai taalein
Agyantha mein meri aankhen tum khole
Tum hi ho mere sab kuch, mere Shiv bhole
Tum hi ho mere shivyogi matwalein
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

(30-min nonstop medley of Babaji's favorite songs)
This video is dedicated to Bade Baba (Baba Nityananda of Ganeshpuri) who is my first guru with gratitude who sent me to my dear guru Shivanand Babaji. This is a presentation to allShivYog saadhaks is a video that contains loads of images related the lyrics. The video is uploaded in three different parts. However, the full video is available for download in one piece also..... (Read more)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
To download this full video click here.
To download this audio click here.


Here is a small presentation on the Lingashtakam. Before making this music, i listened to many tunes but found the one that Babaji sings to be in match with the emotions.

i have tried to make this beautiful prayer to Lord Shiva a little more rhythmic and experimented using the piano without wanting to alter any of it's classy and spiritual touch.

Hope you enjoy this piece of creation with the grace of Babaji. 

for high quality download

To download the video click here.
To download the audio click here.


Heavily inspired by my guruji, i try to present here the Shivapanchakshari, nothing even close to what Babaji sings but just for an expression of sankirtan.
Namah Shivaya..

Download the video here.
Download the audio here.

To a world free from misery, attachments, greed, and what not, 
Babaji calls, "Aa chalke tujhe mai leke chaloon......."..... (Read more)

Aa chal ke tujhe, main le ke chaluun, ik aise gagan ke tale
Jahan gam bhii na ho, aansoo bhi na ho, bas pyaar hii pyaar pale
Ik aise gagan ke tale
Suraj ki pahali kiran se, aashaa kaa savera jaage (2)
Chandaa kii kiraN se dhul kar, ghanaghor andhera bhaage (2)
Kabhi dhuup khile kabhi chhaav mile, lambii sii Dagar na khale
Jahan gam bhi na ho, aansoo bhi na ho, bas pyaar hi pyaar pale
Ik aise gagan ke tale
Jahan door nazar daud aae, aazaad gagan laharaae laharaee (2)
Jahan rang birange panchhi, aashaa kaa sandesaa laayen (2)
Sapano me pali hansati ho kali, jahan shaam suhaani dhale
Jahan gam bhi na ho, aansoo bhi na ho, bas pyaar hi pyaar pale
aise gagan ke tale

To download this video click here

To download this audio click here

(A song for Babe Baba that our babaji sings quite often)

I had heard the song "Jyotse Jyot Jagao" sung for Bade Baba at a seminar and ever since this song caught my ears and heart..... (Read more)
To download the video click here.
To download the audio click here.


The Gurusthavan was written by Tulsi Amma, an ardent devotee of Baba Nityananda. ...... (Read more)
To download this audio click here.
To download this video click here.



Sankirtan is such a simple and entertaining method of letting go. This can be tried at home..... (Read more)
I made a small video mix of babaji's expressions and love in sankirtans. Have a watch.
To download the above video click here.

The Meaning of Guru Paduka Stotram

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