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The Master is everyone's but yet nobody's. Once Swami Rama's disciple said to his master that He was so fortunate to have spent so many years with his master, Bengali Baba, to which Swami Rama disapprovingly answered, "How can one be with someone who has no time for anyone but God?" Meaning, that even though Swami Rama was physically with his master all the time, His master was elsewhere all the time - with the Divine. The Master is nothing different. Those who meet Him soon get to know that He belongs to noone but the Lord himself. Before one can settle into the feeling of 'He is mine', He has already skipped elsewhere catering to someone's need and before they can understand that He cannot be caught under rules and tradition, He has moved elsewhere to the next and before one can make Him settle into the comforts of riches and luxury, He is already in some other place. While he was actively teaching, he was like the wind, moving from one place to the…

About ShivYog Sadhana

ShivYog Sadhana

This blog is for all ShivYog sadhaks, especially new sadhaks. The aim here is to provide information:

For sadhaks: (Sadhaks who have taken deeksha from babaji and are following the path.) To provide as much information, give updates, broadcast Babaji's messages, and provide other information about Shivyog Sadhana.

For new sadhaks: (Sadhaks who are following Babaji on TV/internet or jave have just taken deeksha from babaji.) To guide, clear doubts, about all details of Babaji's goal for liberation of mankind. This will also provide further layman information about the basics of Shivyog on how to change one's life, how to surface above sufferings, knowing their cause and way to rectify them. 

For the curious minds (esp westerns) I have another blog OneDreamWorld which provides more information about:

The ultimatum here is provide you with those answers that you have been seeking by connecting you to Babaji through this blog or by connecting you through OneDreamWorld for answers that you may find. In any case, it is my purpose to help you take the right path instead of wandering through life or feeling miserable, hopeless, unmotivated, depressed and sick! There is always a time to change and you can change your life to exactly the way you want it. There is nothing that is impossible if you understand the secrets of your mind and the purpose of your life! Everything has a reason to happen and everything is 100% valid and perfect in it's order for there are no co-incidences. What brought you here is also not a co-incidence. Read on whichever pages, you "feel" like reading (it is not going to be a co-incidence).


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