The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Communication with Saints/Masters

Many have lot of confusion regarding this communication with any divine being either in the physical self or in nonphysical self. Gurus who are in their physical bodies as well as gurus who has discarded their physical bodies can be communicated with. Now, I am not going to go in depth of mystical methods but just going to write here about the simple communication that one can certainly have. One does not need to know a lot of things or do a lot of things but simply to be. Being means just to be simple and natural. Tuning to different vibration is a natural thing to happen and there is nothing extraordinary or magical about it. All psychic skills that one develops is what is already naturally there within oneself. Babaji often talks about opening of the third eye. Once the third eye is open these psychic abilities begin to develop.

Long before coming into ShivYog, I used to practice telepathy and mind power stuff. It worked and I was very surprised to see the results. I very strongly knew that it was using intuition. So did I know that using intuition means being very natural and not trying to be being intelligent. Intelligence means using the brain and that means manipulation of spirituality since the mind is so conditioned and accustomed to the way we interpret life, that it only sees things in the scientific and logical way. This has to be first brushed aside. One incidence was when I was chatting with my friend in Germany and I was able to guess the color of her dress, the window in front of her and also the rising sun at the window side, which made me perfectly tell her that she was facing East. She also very surprised confirmed the other details. When I attended Dr. Newton's past life regression a few years back some telepathy exercises were carried out and I was amazed at the psychic connections that one could have. I could describe the house of my partner who was from Bangalore, including the main door, lawn in front of the house, the balcony and his brother in black T-shirt. I was shocked at the way he described my house and its interiors. This gave me the confidence and motivation to practice this skill. With these experiences what I was to share is that every single human being has this wonderful skill. If this is developed well, astral travel is not far away :) Anyways, we are not going to get too attached with all these things because siddhis are a part and parcel of spirituality and one should not get hooked on to it. Babaji always stresses that one should not get stuck with these qualities. But what I am trying to emphasize here is that skills do help one in sadhana, especially in communication with the masters or with one's own guru.

Let us talk with how to communicate with our babaji without meeting him personally. Babaji keeps saying, "Dont try to meet me personally. I do not meet people. Learn to connect. Why do you want to strive for a 5-minute appointment when you can connect with me personally for endless minutes?" You must have also heard babaji saying, 
"You call me and I am there."
"I shall always be with you."
"You ask me for healing and I shall give you immediate healing."
"Never think you are alone. I am always there to protect you."

An interesting video where Babaji sternly clears this.

Now, one often wonders how is this possible and how is it possible that he can be with so many at the same time? This is because siddhas are omnipresent (at all places at one time) That is what we have heard about God, right? Any siddha is God-like. There are beyond the illusions and attachments of the world and in that siddhahood are present at all times everywhere. I talk all this out of personal experience. There are times even in Shivir that I connect with him and he very lovingly acknowledges physically in many ways! Every ShivYog saadhak those who have not yet connected with babaji must try this. In a shivir, keep "talking" to him (internally) without any involvement of the logic mind and the more you practice and achieve this communication, the more you will see his responses in so many ways! This can also be done when you are back at home. During sadhana sit still and just connect to babaji. Call him. Greet him. Send him love. Start talking with him and you will start seeing the results soon. This can be done with anyone who is a saint either living or nonliving. Sometimes they have other ways of communicating back. It all depends on your levels of understanding and having trust in this communication. At first, even if you cannot hear their voices you will receive answers in different other ways. Actually, not hearing voices, it is feeling voices. When I say hearing one might again complicate it with the physical hearing with our physical ears and the voice to be coming from a physical mouth. The voice is always a feeling in clarity. In the start before this communication is developed, one instead of being discouraged of not "hearing any voice" may want to only have a one-sided talk. That is, talk your heart out and believe and know that He is listening. Then put the trust on to Him to give you the answers and get on with your routines. If you are watchful, you will start noticing the answers unwinding unto you in any form - a book, an animal, a beggar, a stranger, or even a strange co-incidence. Usually, all such "answers" are termed as co-incidences and brushed aside. This is because of lack of trust in the happening or communication. Once you learn to trust these forms of communication, you will slowly start getting clearer communication and finally you will learn how to "hear" the answers. This communication can become so casual later on that you will not need to go into meditation or quieten you surroundings to "hear" it. It will be more of a casual talk as though you talk with a person and acknowledge the answer. Sometimes people think you have gone off your head, because they see you smile or make an expression for no reason. You will only know the reason B-).

Saints and master have their own way of communications.. For me the communications from many of them are not through speech alone. We actually get confused because when we question or seek for guidance we expect reply in the same form as we get reply from our friends, teachers and family members. Here the communication is more through silence. By just sitting with a master and not asking anything itself will "install" a lot of things in us without the logic mind even knowing..

Many times babaji answers with images in the mind, sudden "co-incidences" like seeing a phrase in a book or reading a slogan somewhere or seeing and advertisement that has the coded message or simply through someone walking past you or any other such examples.. But all the reception of these messages are ONLY and ONLY possible if we keep the logic mind aside. Many a times inspite of gettting sudden replies in the mind, our logic mind interferes and says "How can that be possible?" Even sometimes we look forward to answers that WE WANT TO LISTEN TO. Eg: One may want to do something very desperately and ask humbly in deep contemplation to one's guru "Master, should I go ahead?" and there is a sudden one very simple word that just appears and disappears "NO!" At such times, one will want to "try again"  because that is not what one really wanted to hear.. Second time one might hear "Well... if it is so then you should go ahead....." and then you say, "Yes, I got the answer!" Now this was not the answer, this is the answer you wanted to hear and is the logic mind that manipulated according to one's own taste.

Trust is very important when one seeks communication.. Yes, sometimes it so happens that the overwhelming mind interferes itselt with reasoning and answers diplomatically. So, it is equally important that one has a peaceful meditative mind while having conversations.. In some instances, you just have to sit and listen and it just keeps pouring. Most of this happens when I am writing my blogs. It is very spontaneous and nonstop and I dont stop for my logic mind to make up an article for I know Babaji is speaking through my hands and it has a reason for it. That is why I never proof-read it also and one can find spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes in it. Sometimes, if I have to read back on some of the articles, I am surprised as to how did I write that stuff? Sometimes I learn a lesson from what I have myself written. This in the west is also known as "automatic writing". Coming back to the subject, in any case, while expecting answers it is important that one does not try to judge or dominate anything that is "coming".

All masters are willing to communicate and help and guide at all times, but unfortunately it is our mind or thoughts (karma) that play games and then condemn this as hallucination, imagination, rubbish, etc. The best way of communication is just to sit, go into meditation and ask babaji to come to you and watch what happens.. Do not expect ANYTHING magical to happen or to have some extraordinary experience. Just be silent, zero down all thoughts, achieve dharana (concentration) and allow whatever to happen.. Believe me, what is right and needed at that point of time will come to you.  Practising these methods of communications are very important and success may not come immediately depending on your let go, surrender and trust, but slowly one will start developing these. Also, one will soon start to know which is the real one and which is the fake one that the mind is trying to input. When one starts succeeding, one must try to master it more patiently and never feel pride or allow ego to take over this accomplishment.

One incident at Pune Shivir, was when I was in my room along with my friend. That same day babaji had told that he does not meet anyone personally and that sadhaks must learn the art of talking him or asking him on the soul level.. That same evening I was reading a book in our hotel room and that book was about the "Eight limbs of Patanjali" As I went through it all I thought "How come Babaji never mentions about these things which are so important for any spiritual aspirant?" like the Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.. I further thought, "It would be so nice if he gave instructions on such basics to seekers so as to how to live in this world and walk on the path successfully.."

Next day, after the morning session, after lunch Babaji returned and as he sat he went into deep contemplation and after a while opened his eyes and he said, "As I was on my way here, I was told by the mandala (lineage) as to "There are many young aspirants coming to shivirs and it is good to see this. Why dont you give some specific guidelines to them as to how they should live their path?" and then to my disbelief and shock Babaji started talking about "Yama, Niyama, etc..." I was zapped that day.

Another incident. There are times when something has bothered me for the day and as I ask for help/guidance, many answers solutions have come "co-coincidently".  Once something bothered me and I was tossing in bed at night. I thought I should sleep early so that I can get up early, but then at around 11 pm the child next door began her tantrums and it was so loud that I kept tossing. I was more irritated because of the problem I had in mind and plus this disturbance. Finally, I lost hope of sleeping and thought I watch TV till I doze to sleep and since it was 11:30 by then switched on Aastha to watch Babaji and there he was giving me the exact solution for what was bothering me. So, the nuisance of that child was actually a blessing in disguise for me and something that was provoking me to give me the answer through that broadcast. I thanked that child that night.

I was even introduced to Babaji in this way through Baba Nityananda, who came into my life with lots of such chain reaction of co-incidences. I was in a big mess and very disturbed with some major twists in life. I had this habit of talking or calling for help to whomever I could reach out to in the nonphysical world. One evening I went to a friend, Krishnaprasad and asked him for a book. He brought two books with him and the other book was ""Paramartha Katha Prasang-Spiritual Conversations with Swami Muktananda" I told my friend that I never asked for that book and he told me, "It just came into my hands and maybe it was intended for you." I opened that book somewhere from the middle and read a passage. To my disbelief it was the solution to the problem that was troubling me!! I thanked him and read the entire book and was very impressed with the teachings of Muktanandaji. One day me and this same friend planned to go to Muktanandaji's ashram in Ganeshpuri. We went there but his ashram was closed and the auto guy had told us that we should visit Nityananda ashram there and that is the main ashram. I went there and had a divine experience at Bade Baba's ashram. (more details are in my OneDreamWorld blog)  Happily I came back and in a few weeks fell in love with the teachings of our babaji on Aastha channel. One day, I decided that I must go for babaji's shivir and registered for the Pune shivir in 2009. In the shivir I got another shock when I came to know that our babaji is an ardent disciple of Bade Baba. The chain of reactions to come to my guru was splendid! 

I have written my experiences with bade baba and another yogi and the wonderful mystical experiences I shared with them on my OneDreamWorld blog. If it interests you please click here to read.

The work of the Divine is always mysterious and we can always witness these miracles if we keep our trust and awareness open all the time.


  1. Wonderful piece of writing...:D

  2. Jacob

    Well done mate. That was a wonderful article - very personal and still very common for spiritual seekers I would say .... Signs, answers are out there.. All we need to do is to trust when they arrive.

    I totally agree with what you said about intuition. Spontaneity means absence of mind and hence manipulation.. what comes out is pure and absolute! Here is a related article on intuition/spontaneity i wrote about a year ago ..

    Lately I spent sometime everyday talking to several divine personalities and even tried telepathy etc :) Now, fortunate may be ( in some ways) I feel ashtray nowadays. Thanks to a series of events that came upon me!

  3. Thank you Kamal for sharing your views! These do help many readers. Namah Shivaya!

  4. Thanks a lot Buddy 4 sharing so wonderful knowledge nd I would request to U kindly give me link on my email( when u write next blog shall b thnkful 2 u Nm shivay bless U

  5. Dear Tara, there is now a link for email subscription at the bottom of every article. Please add your email and you shall get updates. Namah Shivaya!

  6. thanks for sharing ur experience,
    u know sometimes it happens with me also.

  7. Thank you Jacob. You are doing a wonderful job of spreading babaji's message. And thank you for teaching us how to communicate with baba. You do it in such a easy and simple way. Bless you

  8. Beautifullll Post............ Want to get these experiences............ Mera num kab aayega??


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