The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

The Golden Book

In ShivYog, all sadhaks must have a GOLDEN BOOK. The Golden book is the book where you write your own destiny. By doing sadhana with the Golden book one materializes all that one has written in the book, in brief materializes all that one wants in life. Read ahead for more..... 

download the new all-in-one notes on Golden Book in PDF format
Updated: January 2012

Babaji says that Golden Book is not for those who are contended in life or do not wish to bring any changes into their lives but for those who want to experience life fully and experience spiritual growth.
First thing is to buy a good beautiful golden-coated book (or you may coat it with golden paper) One can decorate it or put a golden cover to it to make it feel special, because basically that is what ShivYog's first step is about and on the journey we will be looking at it all the time like a traveller looks at his map!

The Golden Book has been designed by Babaji and is available at shivir's and Divine Shop. You may buy one if the need be. (Images are in the bottom of this page)

Babaji asks us to write about Icha (desire) not trishna (trishna is desire that involves Lobh, moh, ahankar, kaam and krodh)

Babaji gives us the method and hope it helps those who are finding it difficult to make their Golden book:

Split all your desires into three groups:
1. Short-term: Anything that you want to have soon.
2. Mid-term: Anything that you want to have in the next few years.
3. Long-term: Your ultimate desire.

Tips to write the Golden Book:

  1. Write everything in pen and paper and avoid typing and printing.
  2. Before writing do not just think and write, but think, feel and then write. This will ensure that it is truly what you want and you are able to feel it already manifested.
  3. Write everything that you feel is need in rough and go over it again, make corrections, strike out which is not needed, prioritize all wishes in sequence. Write everything to the minutest level and when ready, finally write it into the Golden Book.
  4. Write everything in the PRESENT TENSE. Eg: I have.... I am..... and NOT... I will... I may.. I can... I should.... I would.... I could.... etc)
  5. Keep two books; one at the altar with the meru so that your sadhana will activate it's manifestation and the other book keep handy with you so that you can revise it all the time. If you do not want to keep two books it is okay, you may keep the Golden Book at the altar from where you can read it everyday.
  6. Believe it or not, but once you start actually writing your desires, you will truly know what you want in life (Tum chahthe kya ho) and this will never be know if we keep thinking of it. Writing down will clarify everything you want and will also help you prioritize things accordingly. So best is to first write down on paper, then edit it, prioritize it and then make the final entry into the Golden books.
  7. Write everything to the finest detail; how your life should be, how your relationship should be, how your job should be, how your world should be, etc) everything to the most finest detail.
  8. Never doubt what you write or feel.
  9. At the same time, if there are things you don't want to hold with you or want to release, write it elsewhere on paper and burn it off and feel the release as it is burnt down.
  10. Always write positive and write what you want, not what you DO NOT want. Eg: I don't want to be sick is WRONG, write it as " I am perfectly healthy" and so on for all the things you want.
  11. You can write it in all arenas of your life - Health, wealth, relationships, home, job, and all those things you always wanted to experience in life. You may categorize everything into the 12 houses of your horoscope and re-write your own horoscope.
  12. Keep the Golden book highly confidential and only to yourself. Do not share what is written nor do share the results of manifestation.
  13. Keep this Golden Book at the altar with one sri yantra on top and one below. Whenever you do your sadhana at the altar, the yantras are activated and they start manifesting.
  14. Write your love and gratitude for Babaji and feel it all the time for all the wonderful methods our guru has given us to become one with Shiva. This is something that is priceless and can be never repaid.Tips to write the Golden Book:
Examples and ideas of Golden Book: 
Categorize and write for all the 12 houses of your horoscope because you are now writing your own horoscope.
  • Home
    • I am living in a beautiful independent house.
    • I am enjoying the comfort of my house.
    • Anyone coming to my house feels comfortable.
    • Etc, etc.
  • Relationships
    • I am very happy and contended with my family.
    • I love my family unconditionally and they love me unconditionally.
    • I am enjoying great rapport with every person of my family.
    • Etc, etc.
    • When it comes to relationship, Babaji has also mentioned not to write a specific person's name (especially when things are not going well) or write you want to get married to only that person because that amounts to vashikaran which means "to lure" a person which is again unethical. Baba further says that even if you succeed in vashikaran, the moment the smoke of vashikaran falls off that person, he/she will get back into the mode of aversion or whatever true feelings that person actually had.
    • In case of divorce, Babaji says it is very important to release all those negative reactions and emotions one has gone through and accumulated otherwise the next marriage also can create similar problems because of the conditioning of the mind to previous beliefs, traumas, experiences, etc. Prati Prasav is recommended so that one release all the previous negative psychic impressions and the karmic debts  and then a new relationship be manifested. Write only the qualities that you seek in your life partner and feel it as you would feel when you had the dream-mate. Babaji mentioned about the lady who wanted a perfect husband and she was able to manifest a perfect husband. Soon she found out that he was too perfect with everything including which dress to wear when, how to keep plates on dining table... everything in perfection. Now, she was disappointed with the same desire that she had manifested. So, be simple, be clear and be sure of what you want.
  • Wealth
    • I am having a bank balance of Rs.______
    • I attract money easily.
    • I am having abundance of wealth.
    • Etc, etc.
  • Health
    • I am 100% healthy with healthy organs.
    • All my cells are vibrant and healthy.
    • I am living my life with full of energy and vitality.
    • Etc, etc.
  • And so on....................................

Some strong affirmations from Babaji's in the Bangalore shivir:
(Thanks to Akeelaji for sharing)

  • I am a being of light.
  • I am an immortal being.
  • I am the master of my own destiny.
  • I have the power to create a perfect body, perfect health, perfect mind, perfect emotions.
  • I have wonderful good luck!I heal easily.
  • I release all belief systems which is not good for my ultimate good.
  • I release all negative thoughts, all negative psychic impressions, all negative incidents which is not good for my ultimate good.
  • I am always successful.
  • I always attain my goal successfully.
  • I have loving relationships and a very good family. 
  • I am very happy.
  • I attract prosperity, love and cooperation.
  • Everybody loves me and I love everybody.
  • I am growing spiritually everyday. 
  • My golden book is my true story.
  • Whatever I have written in my golden book is happening everyday.
  • I have full faith in whatever I am visualizing that things will materialize. 
  • I am successful in whatever I do! 

Using the Golden Book:
  • The first thing that you are going to do before going to bed and immediately after waking is read though the Golden Book and feeling and experiencing all those things you have written. The book should also be read after your sadhana.  Babaji insists that you must read it even if you feel you have byhearted it.  This is because these new thoughts must enter your subconscious and also your superconscious mind.
  • Every time you read the book (or even think of it!) visualize what is written and feel it as though you are already in that state what you have desired.
  • After a period of time, after constant reading and feeling strongly about what is written, it will become a part of you. Then you can anytime bring it to your memories and be in that field whenever you have free time like breaks, travel, or any time you are idle. It is better to think and experience the Golden Book so that it's content can engrave it into your subconscious mind to manifest it for you rather than thinking and worrying about negative things and manifesting them into your life.
  • The Golden Book is now your horoscope. You have written your own horoscope. You have written your destiny. Your belief and faith in what you have written will strengthen your manifestation. Do not ever underestimate your powers to achieve what you have written. Keep reading again and again and visualizing whenever possible.
  • As you read the Golden Book every time, make a mental video of your experiences. Next time you read it, replay the video again in your mind. Eventually you will see that you have a full-fledged video of your new life! Play this video now as you read your Golden Book. Play it as often you can and more importantly enjoy and feel it. The mental video is a bonus to materialization.
  • It is important not to think negative during the waking hours. It will not be effective if you read your Golden Book religiously many times and keep thinking the opposite of it during the day. You have to believe you have it. For example: You write and feel that you have earning a very handsome salary of Rs.____. You read and feel it rightly, but then during the day you keep cursing your current job or keep feeling that "Employers just suck the blood of employees." or "Employers are poor payers" then know that whichever you are feeling strongly will manifest. More than reading the Golden Book, your emotions and feelings may be stronger while thinking these negative thoughts.
  • You may keep a Sri Yantra below and above the Golden Book but again do what you feel comfortable with and love doing. You should not be doing anything in a ritualistic manner.
  • Do not write or feel or read the Golden Book due to fear that if you don't read it something will go wrong or something more stupid than this. Love what you have written, believe what you have written, follow what you have written. That is all that is important.
  • Over a period of time, your Golden Book may need your attention to re-write. Like, over a period of time, you may find that certain things are achieved or as your continue raising your consciousness with sadhana, you may feel that certain things are now not important for you. You may then re-write it and continue re-creating!
  • The language you write in is not important but the truth in feeling and emotions matters.
  • Babaji says one should be a great architect of their life and not to not waste your life by just living with animal instincts and spending an entire life not doing anything or by putting the excuse on destiny and fate. He says write down your destiny, plan it the way you want it to be and achieve it for the very reason you have come to planet earth is because you wanted to experience all the things you desire that you could not experience in your previous life.
  • Make the Golden Book special. These are only guidelines here. You may follow what your heart says about it and treat it as special as possible.
  • Babaji says you can start with very very simple and small things since they manifest more faster and when they manifest, try manifesting a little more average ones and when they start manifesting you will start getting the confidence to manifest more complex things.
  • Write on the first page "With Best Wishes and lots of love from Babaji" (Babaji had mentioned this in one shivir). Of course, this is a great gift from Him. 
Babaji also says that then a time will come when you will need the Golden book no more, because by then you will have reached the "desireless state" You will have no desires by then. A time will come when one is so contented that any mundane desires will seem of no value when one experiences the divine and the peace, happiness and contentment that comes from it. The truth is that this is what Babaji wants all to experience and achieve but he knows it very well that unless one's desires are deep rooted one cannot directly achieve this supreme bliss of Anandohum. So, first he says get over with all that you want and then one will step further up to experience the state of bliss and ecstasy that our beloved Babaji experiences today.

Videos pertaining to manifestation of what you want in life.


  1. thanks very much dear sadhak to you .namah shivayay

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  4. Namah Shivay. I have been watching the program on SHIV YOG aired by Astha. I was really impressed with the discourse/s by Babji. I started following up the episodes. Then the feel for attending the Shibir got intensified and was waiting for the shibir to be conducted in Ahmedabad. But to my surprise the program coincided with my training program in Amsterdam i.e. 19th April 2010 to 23rd April 2010. I was very upset and I wrote in the Golden book "I am attending the Shibir at Ahmedabad" then you know what the Volcanic erruption in the Iceland made all the difference... and I am attending the Shibir in Ahmedabad. Now is this a MIRACLE or JUST A COINCIDENCE !!!!!

  5. Neither a miracle nor a coincidence. It is what you created! Thanks for posting it here. A great example of how one can create your own destiny!

    Namah Shivaya!

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    can u tell me where i can got this book like printed shree yantra ?

  9. thnks jacob can u tell me where would i get this book as u shown in pictures

  10. Sudharshan, This is available in divine shop (Sold at shivirs) Namah Shivaya..

  11. Hello Mr. jacob...I hav been follown ur site very religisouly and always wait for d updates. I have not yet attented ny shivir but I watch him on TV and read articles. M desprately waiting for Sep-Oct shivir schedule bcoz I have to plan accoringly. Once again I thank you for the updates and keep dng d good work..

  12. Thank you Gitanjali. Again, as mentioned it is all Babaji's wish and grace. Which part of India are you from? His grace is going to flow through you soon. Do attend the shivir and have a blissful time! Namah Shivaya.

  13. Can non-sadhaks also practise it?

  14. 100% non-sadhaks also can make a Golden Book but with Shambhavi deeksha, the power of manifestations multiply. Namah Shivaya..

  15. wow it cant be explained better than this thx a lot om namah shivay

  16. Menaga, I tried replying to your mail

    But it is bouncing back. Can you give me some other email ID? Write back. Namah Shivaya..

  17. What does it mean by Shambhavi deeksha?

  18. Deeksha means initiation or transferring of spiritual energy by a Guru to activate the powers within the human body and move on the cleansing path. It also makes one a tool/medium for receiving and sending the healing energies of the Divine. More details are here

    Namah Shivaya.

  19. Namah Shivaya
    pl can u explain the sdhna with meru

  20. It cannot be taught by anyone other than the guru.. Namah Shivaya..

  21. Namah Shivaya.

    Thanks Jacob.

  22. Namah shivaya thank u babaji for giving me faith hope unconditional love and i wanted to share a thing i got a proposal for a boy to get married everyone in my amil like him too but theywere confused as i had to setel in Africa after marriage i ust prayed to babaji saying that he will guite to take the right decision and trust me when i asked questions in my mind and was talking to babaji in my thoughts abt this matter i could c babaji giving me a smile and asking me to go ahaead and here i am today happly married and settled in Africa Gayatri Makhija Mehak Jagtiani

  23. Thanks Gayatriji for sharing that wonderful experience.. stay blessed! namah shivaya..

  24. Namah shivaya

    I have one query. I am undergoing a divorce due to infidel husband. I will be buying a Meru(have done shivyog recently). I want to know will this help me get a decent life and a life partner to spend the rest of my life with?

  25. Certainly yes! Please come back to this page within a week I'll update it with more details on this book from Babaji and you will have your answer in it. Namah shivaya..

  26. Dear anonymous, the answer to what you seek has been updated in the above article.

    Namah Shivaya..

  27. namah shivaya, i want to meet any shiv yog ssadhak from jabalpur, plz contact me-

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    mujhe english achi tarah se nahi aati, par ab shiv yog se jud gaya hu ab sub sikh jaunga .
    apka site mujhe bahut acha laga, kafi kuch sikhne ko baki hai, par viswas hai baba sub acha karenge. aapse bahut kuch sikhna hai asha karta hu aap mera sath denge. namah shivay

  29. zaroor.. agar mera bas mein raha to zaroor.. Babaji se jo maangna hai maang lene, guidance aapko kahin na kahin se mil jaayega.. namah shivaya.

  30. Namah Shivaya! I would like to know what we should do about:-
    1. Our desires that we wrote on the Golden Book that manifested.
    2. The desires with a time limit that did not manifest.
    Do we cross them out or just leave it and start on another page for new wishes.

  31. Namah Shivaya.

    With time and evolving of the consciousness, many desires will no more remain as desires and will fade out.. also some will keep manifesting. It is best to take the ones that manifested or the ones that are no more desirous off completely from the Golden Book by tearing off the page and rewriting. It is best to keep in there only what you want and nothing else :)

    Namah Shivaya..

  32. i want to badly attend babaji's shivir in mumbai as soon as possible. how do i manifest this desire.

  33. Namah Shivaya. Wonderful work Mr.Joseph. After reading your article, I can't stop myself to share my experiences with you. Babaji came into my life when I was really in the verge of death, there was no alternate solution beyond that at that time. It happened in Oct 2009, I came to know about Babaji through one of our family friend. When I visited my guruji's place at Palamaner,he healed me with the blessings of babaji and he also gave the beautiful smiling photo of babaji. Can you believe, I didnt do (or don't know the correct way) all I remember is that I used to talk to babaji as if I am talking to him that he is in front of me. Then slowly things began to change in my life. All the desire I had was to see my babaji and listen to him. And, I was fortunate to attend the recent shivir at Banglore in the month of Aug 2010 with my two children. Can you believe after coming from the shivir, our house owner asked us to vacate the house, there was a lot of disturbances in my job situation and finally I was relieved. The month of October 2010 was a nightmare to me and I kept asking Babaji why and why it is happening again? I couldnot find any answer and left all the situations at his feet. We were desperately searching for the house and on the last day my son suggested about a house that was three lanes ahead to us. When I personally went to visit the house, The house was awesome, though the rent was quite high, I could hear the inner voice speaking to me that this is what is waiting for you. And regard to the job, presently I have been taken as a Consultant and was feeling low for the time bound position that I have been taken for and after the discussion I had yesterday with my team leader she said that she was willing to consider for a permanent position in the year ahead. Yesterday, when I went home, I could see my babaji smiling at me with same grace and I love you babaji for everything. Now, the question with me for you is, why I have been to such a dirty phase when it has to happen?

  34. Thank you for sharing your love.. pls know that when the grace of the divine falls on you, all it does is that it starts setting your life right.. so what we "troubles" or "problems" are only our level of perception but the divine at work knows what is best for us and does start working accordingly.. Babaji says "If you accept this period and the situations as the work of the divine and continue without opposing or trying to control it or grumbling about it, you will have great grace of the guru falling upon you.."

    There are many many out there with incidents similar to you and i can relate well with it because i am one too :) stay blessed.. namah shivaya..

  35. Namah Shivay,
    I offer my deepest gratitude to Babaji & I thank you for your blogspot which is helping the sadhaks very much.
    I have a qustion to you,Jacob
    How will I rewrite my golden book?
    One Sadhak adviced me to tare the sheets and burn it and then rewrite.I did so.But now again I want to rewrite the Golden Book as I have realised that I have not written it to the finest detail.Shall I repeat the same method as adviced before?
    Please advice-Waiting for your soonest reply.

  36. dear anonymous,

    yes, it is better to tear and burn off old pages because you will not want the energies of something that you dont want to remain in your Golden Book that is always attracting energies to manifest them..

    these changes will keep happening as your desires will change/reduce as you keep doing sadhana.. i guess that is why Babaji printed a 200-page book... lol..

    before rewriting, you may want to write it on a rough notebook and re-check them after 2-3 days and then if it is all the same enter it )re-write) into the GB...

    gratitude to Babaji.. namah shivaya..

  37. Namah Shivay,

    i dnt know where to start. but trust me reading all ur blog and the details have actually got a smile on my face..
    i have recently attend prati prasav sadhna and what i experienced was like i always wanted and now want to attend the mumbai shivir..
    there is only one thing i would want to know is i try to do the sadhnas but unable to go into deep prati prasav was the first ever shivir i have attended there are lot of things i want to know ..
    i have tried the nachiketa dhyan and the om mantra and few more dnt know y cant i concentrate..

    and one more weird thing has happened can i ask..?
    namah shivay..

  38. namah shivaya..

    When you "try" then you are the doer, also the "try" brings in self-effort, expectations and thus frustrations..

    while doing any sadhana, invoke the Guru humbly and take his help.. surrender your sadhana to the divine/guru.. and then do the process without any expectations nor "tries".. what has to happen then let it happen.. dont mind if you get experiences or not.. whether you go deep or not.. just be there and do it with surrender.. watch everything that happens, including even the thoughts and distractions.. make them also a part of your sadhana.. when you dont give them attention or energy they will fade away with more and more such sadhana..

    gratitude to Babaji.. namah shivaya..

  39. well....... i wanna change all the things very quickly now..................... plzzz help.....

  40. quick or long - it's in your hands, of how much karmic baggage you carry and how much responsibility to take of it and how much time and effort you want to spend in dispelling those...

  41. Namah Shivay

    I will be attending the Mumbai Shivir of shiv yog and i'm preparing my golden book...pls solve my query... I'm looking for a job in a particular field (marketing) but i'm unable to frame it in the golden book, as in "I hav a job in the marketing division of X company". However, i don't know d name of dis company since i still have to give interviews & so i'm not able to detail my work profile.

    Kindly help me solving my above query... thanx...

  42. Yes.. if not the company you can feel with emotions, visualize it, imagine the kind of job that you look forward to doing in whichever post and then write it down into the GB.. doing these things and writing makes a difference because next time you read it, the same feelings, remembrance, emotions, come up making it easier for you to feel as though you already have that job..

    namah shivaya..

  43. thanx a lot...

    namah shivay...

  44. gaurang niranjan thakarMarch 2, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    thank u for uploading the golden book

    namah shivay

  45. Thank u very much,Namah Shivay.

  46. Hi,
    i am from Malaysia. I would appreciate if we can Prativa Sadhna class for us. thanks a lot.

    Om Nama Shivaya

  47. namah shivaya.. there is one coming up in Malasia.. see the link below.. namah shivaya..

  48. Hello,

    I live in New York and will be attending the Shiv Yog Shivir in October 2011 in the United States. Where can I purchase the GB before the the event or even the one that one of the ShivYog Sadhak has made?

    Also I hear about others having local meeting with Guru's or Sadhak in their area. Do you know where I can get more information regarding this as I would like to get more involved in the New York area.

    I understand Shiv Yog but have problems thinking positively. I believe I need to be around positive energy in order to overcome this. Also I have trouble mediating. For meditation I will be going to a local mediation center to get myself started.

    Thank you for you help and advice.

    Om Nama Shivaya


  49. Dear Veeno,

    All shall be fine.. your openness and acceptance of situations itself is a great boon for the doors opening to you.. Remember, it is the Guru who picks the disciple and not otherwise :)

    About Golden Book the sadhaks out there in US would be able to help you. If not, you could still buy a wonderful diary and make it your GB till you attend the shivir.

    Could you come on Facebook.. i could guide you to the concerned people, probably in your area or the people who organize things there.

    my facebook id -

    stay blessed.. namah shivaya

  50. I added you on Facebook. Can you explain "Remember, it is the Guru who picks the disciple and not otherwise" a bit further as I am new to all this.

    Om Nama Shivaya...Veeno

  51. Dear Veeno,

    You can get in touch with local sadhaks in US. Pls come on facebook and i'll connect you with the sadhaks living in/around your area..

    Even if you don't get a GB right now, you may buy a good diary and treat it as your GB till you are able to buy one at the upcoming shivir.

    Rest all that you seek shall start happening soon and you will see those changes after shivir :) stay blessed.. namah shivaya..

  52. Hi Jacob,

    Is it necessary to attend shivir or attend all the courses?

    If I pray to Babaji sitting at home will Babaji hear my prayers?

  53. namah shivaya.. sitting and praying does help, but it is ultimately self-work (sadhana), selfless work and sankirtan that will cleanse one of karmic accumulation, which is a very rapid process.. the decision however is one's own free will :) namah shivaya

  54. Is it required to meet Babaji in Ashram to convey our problems?

  55. Hi Jacob,

    Is it required to meet Babaji personally to share our problems or can we pray from anywhere?

  56. Not at all.. You may use the Golden book and pray from where you are.. however, deeksha will enhance it, so you may want to attend a shivir.. namah shivaya..

  57. Hi,

    I have Golden book and 2 Sri Yantra, I have to keep Sri Yantra one in first page and other last page OR one on top of the book and another bottom of the book.

    Can you please tell me.


  58. top and bottom of book.. namah shivaya..

  59. hi
    just i read babaji's shivir will be in october in usa .now i m in usa and i am dying to attend his shivir acually i enquired about his london shivir but vissa i need so its beeter if usa shivir is there so please guide me.

  60. vaishaliji.. you may wish to keep a check daily on

    Whatever is confirmed appears there.. stay blessed.. namah shivya :)

  61. Hi Jacob,

    I stay in Bangalore, it is difficult for me to visit ashram. If i want to talk to Babaji, can i call at Babaji's ashram in Gurgaon. Is this possible?

  62. Babaji does not meet nor attend any calls. Rather, he teaches his disciples how to connect to him in meditation and never physically. namah shivaya..

  63. namah shivay.
    Recently i have started watching Baba on the TV.I am very much impressed and i am wrapped up with so many problems u know..I dont know anything about shiv yoga..I have already taken diksha from Ramaakrishna mission..baba rarely comes to can I meet him?I cant attend shivirs in other places also..I dont know how to get in touch with Baba..Please reply..what is sri yantra?where is it available?How to write golden book without meeting Baba?As far as i know diksha cant be taken twice,pls suggest..

  64. namah shivaya.. Firstly, Babaji does not meet anyone personally, so it is wise not to even attempt your energies with it but rather learn to connect with masters like Babaji. Deeksha is a personal choice and if you feel you are entitled to receive another one you certainly can provided there is that inner calling. At levels where Babaji or any siddha guru is at, all rules are just a formality to keep one steady, that is all. At their levels, all they know is that they want to help you ascend and that is their only goal, but rest depends on you. If you wish to receive, they are every willing to pour it to you and you take away depending on how much you were empty or ready to receive. The larger the empty vessel, the more one receives. My suggestion is that if you feel connected there is nothing wrong in receiving his grace.

    Sri Yantra is used for protection and prosperity. It is available in ashram or during shivir events. There are many who write Golden Book without having met Baba (in shivirs). All that is necessary for His grace is your connection and trust with him. Stay blessed. namah shivaya..

  65. Hi Jacob, Thank you for sharing such wonderful knowledge for all of us to grow in our spiritual path. I live in the US and i was born and raised in Malaysia. It is amazing to know how many trips babaji has made to malaysia and i have never had the chance to see him. I wish babaji will organize something in the US for me to sign up. Right now i am going through a challenging time of my life, going through a bad divorce. I am tired of going through this pain and not knowing how to deal with it. I want to learn the shiv yog way of attaining peace and happiness. I have been browsing and listening to babaji's talk so far via U Tube and it has attracted me to know more about his teachings. How can i start the path of shiv yog from the beginning and grow from there. Please suggest and your kind reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  66. Dear Anonymous,

    Nice to know that you have been watching Babaji all this while. It must be quite evident for you by now that He is your Guru and Guru's come into one's life with major twists in life. It is not that the twist is bitter but it is such that human's always learn with bitter experiences the lessons they have come to learn on earth. Thus, having learnt a lesson, one is authorized to change that impact on life by various means of starting to purify one's soul of those negative karmas that cause such occurrences in life.

    To begin the journey with Babaji, it requires in the start just the strong desire to learn from him and a whole-hearted acceptance of him as your Guru. It would be very beneficial for you to take initiation (deeksha) from him, which is given by Baba in his shivirs. Do attend on of Babaji's shivir and the initiation would make you complete when it establishes an unseen but strong connection between the guru-disciple.

    Moreover, one has to follow all the teachings of him and bring it essentially into one's life with sincerity and pure intentions. All this teachings can be found on this blog in various links, if you go through it. It would be a noticeable change by just bringing his teachings into one's life and the change would certainly magnify and be evident after attending a shivir.

    Know that all bitter experiences of life and nothing but life lessons. With this approach when you see anything, it would not take much time to grow out that that pain-causing incident and the reactions and effects caused by it. Wishing you a wonderful and divine journey ahead. Stay blessed. Namah shivaya..

  67. thanks jacob for telling all these precious things.but dear i need i help from u and i dont know how should i contact u .so i'llbe very thankful to u if u suggest me how to contact u by this page,hope u'll help me .namah shivay.

  68. Dear Anonymous, you can write to me by using the "contact me" link on the right side of this blog..
    namah shivaya..

  69. Namah Shivay...I got Deeksha from Babaji in the Prarambhik Shri Vidya Shivir in Bangalore August'2011. I experienced divine vibrations in my body for the first time. I have become calmer than before. Maintaining the Golden Book. But how can I persuade my loved ones who dissent Shivyog? I want them to experience ascension along with me because I care for them and love them. Please suggest..

  70. namah shivaya.. The best way to persuade loved ones to do what you are doing is by EXAMPLE. Let your life be filled with so much of joy and positivity that you be a living example to them and you become their role model.

    Moreover, when you do what is need to be done and with sadhana as your energies increase, this positivity has to capture all those around you. Baba says, "One shivyogi is enough in a family and the rest will happen." It is the power of that Sanjeevani that Baba connects us with, that flows out of us all the time and keeps influencing so many around, with or without our knowledge. But it is equally important to ensure that you do not force or coax anyone as we do not have right to interfere into anyone's karma, even if they are blood-related. All you can do is pray for them and transform your life and let the Divine/Guru take care of the rest. Good will happen if you transform yourself fully. Namah shivaya.

  71. Hi Jacob,

    If I write to you through contact me link, you will reply to my email id right? and not in this blog.

    Can you please confirm. Just wanted to confirm if its confidential.


  72. Hello Jacob,
    I attended Art of Dying and PPS Shivir recently. I used to sit for meditation before, but now when I sit I go into much deeper state with strong energy felt in the head/crown with only little concentration. You mentioned above that Babaji connects us with Sanjeevani Shakti. I take it that is during Shivyog Shivirs (with Sidhda healing, shambahavi and Sri Vidya Deeksha) What deeksha did he give during the Shivir I attended (Art of Dying and PPS)...whatever I feel is pretty storng. Although he does not go through the GB etc during this Shivir, with which ever Deeksha/energy I got, can I use it to manifest from GB? Please reply.

  73. Namah shivaya... Sure, the Golden book is not just for sadhaks but for everyone who can have trust in themselves and the process of Creation. It is only that having a Guru's grace makes it more powerful to manifest. You can 100% manifest with the energies you received from any shivir. Stay blessed. Namah Shivaya..

  74. Hi Jacob,

    During Shrividhya Sadhana Babaji mentioned to chant Shrividhya mantra, can we play the CD or should we chant the mantra.. which is better?

  75. Whichever convenient and enables you to do quality sadhana. CD is always better since it is guided by Babaji's voice and moreover courses through perfect sadhana as per the Guru's instruction and offering. Namah shivaya

  76. Hi Jacob,

    Last month i attended Prarambhik ShriVidhya Sadhana, Babaji said if things are not good between us and our loved ones, we should send healing and love to them then things will change for good.

    Can you please suggest how to do that?

  77. Namah shivaya.. the best way of healing is prayer. Now since you have taken deeksha know that you have an established connection between you and the guru. Your trust, surrender would enhance all your prayers for any cause. In dhyan, call upon Baba and pray for the needful and visualize him doing the healing for whatever cause. Your faith and pure intention in this process will certainly help. Namah shivaya..

  78. how to buy the golden book

  79. namah shivaya.. it is available at all shivir venues. Also, all time available at the ashram. namah shivaya..

  80. Hi Jacob,

    I have been watching Baba's episodes on Aastha and, very much impressed with his thoughts. I would love to take deeksha from him. i'm just 34yrs, living a happy married life. there is a vaccume in my life. I dun have any kid. and i want Baba's guidance. his help.

    I went through all the posts. i must say you are a very nice human being:) can i pls add you on Face Book to be in touch with you.

    And also pls suggest me about the Golden Book. is it necessary to buy it or can i create it on my own?? am in Mumbai how can i place the order for Sriyantra???right now my financial state is not very good so i can't afford to spend too much money. but once things gets fine, would love to buy Sriyantra.

    Namah Shivaya...

  81. Namah Shivay, can we write in golden book the exact date for eg., "today is 1st Nov 2011 and I am joining XYZ organization as Manager at Rs.XXX Salary".

  82. Dear Anonymous... It is better to avoid dates and be specific about all other dates.. If something is urgent then you can put it under the IMMEDIATE GOALS. The other two are MIDTERM goals and LONGTERM goals. namah shivaya

  83. Dear Anonymous,

    You can write and feel yourself having had a child and living with it. Use all imaginations and emotions of the expressions of love and touch of a child.

    You can create your own Golden Book also, only because any creation coming from Baba would just be of additional advantage, also since it is designed for materialization.

    Money, child, or whatever issues in life are majorly due to karma. Babaji advises always on sadhana and also side by side to have clear-cut goals so that as the karmic layers thin out, manifestations begin. You can use your bhaav if you do not have a Sri Yantra for the time being. Put the same also into your GB.

    Stay blessed. Namah shivaya.

  84. Dear Jacobji,
    Please introduce +1 and flike buttons in every page so that we can bookmark all the important page(though all are important).

    And Thank you very much for this divine seva of making the divine knowledge given by our beloved babaji to all. Tons of gratitude to you.

    Namah Shivay

  85. Dear Sharmilji.. It is done. Thank you for the feedback. Stay blessed.. Namah shivaya

  86. i have not attended shivir of babaji. But i used to recite mahamrityunjay mantra from a long time. can i recite the mrityunjay mantra sung by babaji even though i have not physically taken diksha by babaji by merely praying to babaji everyday. right now i don't have the means to attend any shivir in recent future. But in next 2 years time i would like to attend shivir when i am monetarily self dependent coz i am a student. By that time can i recite the mantra?

  87. Namah shivaya dear Anonymous.. 100% you can recite. Most of the shivirs by Baba are free now that is extended as an opportunity for all to attain the Sri Vidya deeksha. For more on the shivirs, you can visit..

    Namah shivaya

  88. Thanks a lot Bhaiya .Namah Shivay

  89. thanks a lot jacob:), I was in worry that if i have physically not taken diksha by babaji then mantra chanting may affect me in an adverse manner as i read about it somewhere that for initiation it is compulsory to be in front of guru physically. But babaji says that he should be not just looked as a physical form as he is present everywhere and bhava is important. If called with faith and love he can give blessings anywhere. hence i recite it by merely praying him and lord mrityunjay. as he says Physical body is in only third dimension. rest all is in one and one is in all. thanks once again jacobs,thanks a lot. Surely i will go to the site and take info on shivir. Namah shivay.

  90. what is the meaning of om hrom jum sa mantra?

  91. Which shivirs are free. On website all shivirs are given a donation and application form.

  92. normally the basic Sri Vidya shivirs are free or with some nominal registration amount. For more details please contact the ashram. Namah Shivaya.

  93. Namah Shivay...Jacob Sir..This is Pratik..I Attended the Mumbai Shivir a year back & Got the Divine Diksha from Babaji for Siddha,Sambhavi & Shree Vidya but i Left the Sadhna Due to my Laziness & Time Constraints.I Felt My Mind wasn't allowing me to do sadhna.Something or the Other would turn up & i would get busy.I couldn't even continue the 21 days. I Want to Resume the Sadhna & now i am dedicated to it.

    I Tried Asking for the divine grace from babaji Few Days back & Started the Sadhna but i couldn't connect with the vibrations. Sir Am i going wrong or i need to attend the Shivir Again for the Grace.By whatever it takes i wanna Rise.Please Guide me through.Also can u Guide me through what has to be visualised in our mind during the Sadhna.I have forgotten.Just remember like Breath>Rythm>Body>Rythm>merge.

    Please Help OUT!!
    Sorry for the Inconvenience

  94. Dear Pratik,

    It is natural for the mind to get "rusted" is sadhana is not done consistently. Do not get too overwhelmed by it but now take it up more seriously and dedicatedly. DO NOT expect any results or experiences during your sadhana, just do it for the love of it and dedicate your sadhana to Babaji. Make sure you do the invocation and request upon Babaji to assist you during the sadhana. Whatever you remember, do that process along with the beej mantra. Once, you begin things might not be very easy or comfortable, persist anyways. In a week if you are consistent and dedicated you will start "settling" down. Continue doing it and within a month you will see things coming back to what you had experienced before. These time frame that i quoted are just for the outline and everything would depend directly on your intensity, bhaav and commitment towards your sadhana and adoration for your Guru. Namah Shivaya..

  95. Dear Jacob,

    Can we write a letter to Babaji.. I looked at the event calendar where Babaji has shivirs back to back in different locations. If i write a letter and post it to Ashram address will they give it to Babaji?

    Please let me know.


  96. namah shivay hi myself jyoti i atend my first shivir in jtaipur prarmbhik diksha n 2nd pps in jaipur after prarmbhika join within a week i received good connection through vibrations even my body is always vibrate 24*7 i feel good but initially i dont know abt that then i afraid what this happens with me then i ask to the old sadhak then he said its a very positive sign of ur sadhna now u can give healing to other n also to ur self its give recently result but u know one day head is paining n i give healing but its not effect why ? n i give to my maa's grand maa but that not work how this possible now a days i feel low vibration in body acc to previous experience why? pls ans me its happen after attending prati prasav sadhna

  97. Dear Jacob,

    Can i mail to Babaji. If so can you please let me know the mail id !






    with lots of love

  99. Dear Anonymous, regarding writing letter to Baba, since i am in authority to speak on this, i would only say that you are the creator of your results :) Namah shivaya

  100. Dear Anonymous, regarding sadhana of Kriya Yoga and Sri Vidya, i cannot comment on the Kriya Yoga because i had begun it but by then i met Babaji and then onwards only followed Shivyog Sadhana. Shree Vidya sadhana is the highest and fastest sadhana to materialize and dematerialize. I do not compare it with anything else but know it strongly that it does work pretty quick. Bottomline is that one must follow one's own heart and follow what is comfortable to oneself. Whatever one follows, until one brings in pure intention, dedication, consistency, faith and patience.. nothing works. All these are very important for any path one chooses to be successful. Namah Shivaya.

  101. Dear Anonymous,

    Regarding your vibrations and now headache... First of all, why the vibrations and good feelings that you experience for few days fades off is because one has not been able to sustain the energy and frequencies. Once back in the world, we get on with same old things and slowly the pure vibrations start decreasing. This can be maintained if one continues sustaining one's state of mind and well-being without spending the energies on anything negative. Receiving and spending energies is easy but it is a challenge to sustain it :)

    Secondly, while giving healing it should be kept in mind that it is not you who are doing the healing but the Guru/God. You are just a medium praying for healing. When this is not done, the ego can bring in those symptoms. Also, while doing sadhana lot of unwanted stuff surfaces in the form of emotions or pain, etc. Do not hold to them and let go. Baba says pain in sadhana or afterwards happen when there is a friction within as Maa is trying to pull it out and we are not ready to LET GO of it. This friction causes pain and other discomfort in the body. Namah Shivaya

  102. dear mr jacob,

    i think u didn't get me, my question is

    can i learn and do shiv yog sadhana while doing kriya yoga simultaneously

    namah sivaya

  103. Dear Biswajit.. i got it clear but i cant comment directly on anything.. if you look at it closely you will have your answer. Namah Shivaya..

  104. Hey jacob, namah shivay,why babaji is not coming to PUNE to give diksha? What kind of visualisation can be done so that he comes to bless us in PUNE. I am not a sadhak so don't ask me to use sanjeevani, as i am not initiated. As a non sadhak what can be done so that that my desire of learning the sadhana is fulfilled. Namah shivay.

  105. Namah Shivaya..

    Visualize whatever you want and feel it with all those emotions that you would have when you would actually be in that situation. Do this all the time without pondering again why it is not happening. Don't think of results. Just visualize and feel and keep enjoying that feeling. The lesser you doubt or question, the stronger that intention. Namah Shivaya.

  106. dhanyawad jacob, also please send me healing because its 3rd time in short span that i missed the shivir and it appears that any shivir outside PUNE even though mumbai being so close, due to some humorous problems, yes you read it correct, due to some unbelievably humorous problems i am missing it every time. May be some sanchit karma. Please pray for me. I will continue with visualization. Namah shivay.

  107. Yes, do not lose hope my friend. Keep one-pointed focus on attending the shivir. Also, connect to Babaji while watching TV episodes... Surely it will help. Namah shivaya

  108. namah shivay jecob, i m atanding sibir at mumabi 3rd jan n doing both level. sir i read about golden book.i have done silva mind control where same thing is told programing. sir i m so much tired of life that i cant wish even now. i m seeing everyting is failing. i see eerything proving lie ever where. i dnt knw why. the things that r working for all fail for me. every day ever where i see . now to trust is just punishment for me. watever i trust its always prv lie. i m ashemed of this life. i have no wish left nor i cant dare to wihs even. i dnt knw shiv yog will help me or not. becos i went to so many guru but every where i m going more n more helples ness

  109. Namah shivaya.. Unless you have faith and PATIENCE in whatever you do, nothing gives quick wonders. Efforts are good but along with efforts one needs grace also in life. You attend the shivir and you will know for yourself. Please attend the upcoming shivir that you have planned and you will know for yourself. Dont go anywhere with doubt. Empty yourself. Empty all your knowledge when you seek something new. Go there as though you dont know anything and stay surrendered and have faith. God bless you. Namah Shivaya

  110. how long i wait? i m 40 n i dnt ahve even earning source. foreget other thing. n i m doing eerything n come to conclusion after 3 year not in a month. n FAITH? i have to feel ashmed of keeping faith. becos all i got is worst. i cant even say to anyone that i have done this or that. wel life is just a punishment for me. where i see every one is geting everything n m not alowed to have my food even. forget rest things. how long to have faith? i see even criminals are geting everything no law aply to them. n i m pusnihsed for folwing spirtual laws. i wonder all this spirituality is just a fooling or wat? becos i never see its wining. i see win of those who never foloe sprituality. we who folow spiritualiyt have to serve who never beleive spiritulaty they are the boss n we have to hise servant, they laugh at all these laws n we helplessly see his laughter at all this. .... theory says something n reality is totaly in contrast of it. those who get everything never ever do anything spiritual. they infact exploit every one cheata every one ruin may live n thy get every hapiness.... i wonder where is all spiritual aw goes? why this law is just in books n pravachan? why we can never see it in real life?
    if an god is there than why all this ? why

  111. What one believes strongly happens. If you believe it will not happen, it will never and if you believe it will happen it will. If you can ensure minimum 21 days you can maintain 100% positivity with the belief that you have already got what you want, you will see results in a month for yourself. But there should not not a fraction of negativity. This is why it may not be easy to maintain positivity due to our past sanskaras (impressed) deeply and strongly embedded in our subconscious that we have ignorantly been doing and carrying around for lifetimes together. To undo this needs lot of perseverance. That is why Babaji teaches sadhana, which has to be followed simultaneously to counteract the negative forces that arise out of these negative impressions. Ensure you are doing sadhana as advised by Babaji and you are bringing all these teachings in your life and results will come. The more obstacles means more the karmic influence and thus more will have to be the sadhana and effort. Forget about what the world is. Baba says their karma is to them and your karma is upto you. Be concerned only about self. After certain time you yourself will get the answers of why and how the world functions through the effect of karma. More than getting into all these discussions, we need to focus more on our sadhana and our self-purification because right now it is not the world that needs attention, yes, it is ourselves. The world is nothing but many such 'ourselves'.. Namah Shivaya

  112. Namah Shivaya!!!!!
    Dear Sir please if you tell me when Babaji is arriving Lucknow for organising a Shivir.

  113. please follow the link

  114. namah shivay i have joined shiv yog this is the first day i was in sibir i feel so hapy. thanx . but i dont knw where to get g.b. pls will u guide me

  115. You will get in in "divine shop" in the shivir itself. namah shivaya

  116. namah shivaya..i wana know that when i do shri vidya sadhna. mi body gts very cold.lik some chilled water is flowin in mi body...bu wen i did sadna wen babji was in my body useto get lil warm . n i think when wen kundalini wakes up .body shud gt warm... n one more thing.i gt an intense pain in mi legs wen i do shree vidya..wat u sai abt dis?
    namah shivaya

  117. namah shivaya.
    i want to knw what time i shuld do shree vidya. i do it in d morning. is it ok? n if i miss it by mistake.i do it weneva i gt time ,even late eve that ok?

  118. Namah Shivaya.
    The links to download the golden book have some problem. It says the files are set to private and hence cannot be accessed. I am shiyog sadhak and I need the golden book. Please help me. Thank you so much

  119. Namah shivay jacobji, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. I am a big follower of babaji. I haven't attended any shivir yet. I have been following babaji for last two to three years. BTW i mentioned in one of above post about not being able to attend shivir due to humorous reasons. coming back to imp question ,even before i started following babaji i had some access to kind of knowledge which babaji initiates people with.So i had no problem in understanding what babji said. though i could't attend shivir i kept on doing the meditation by praying to babaji and also manifested few things. Since last few months whenever i sit for meditation negative thoughts come into my mind and i am lost of the vibrations which i used to have. more so since last few days i feel like some explicit force is trying to make me feel that all this spiritualistic things and god is false. due to some reason i got angry on babaji too. now i know that i am wrong in having these thoughts but due to some reason i can't stop them. When i try to feel i am in babaji's shivir the thought comes and says it is all false. so i can't bring the feeling. It is like two parts of minds are fighting and all without any reason.I can't recollect what made me start to think like this. Please help me because the power of feeling which i had once is getting lost and without it i can't manifest the desire of getting initiated and attend shivir. I am getting a creepy feeling now. Is it some external force or my mind is playing some crazy stuff or lets say karmas. Please send me some healing. can i start reciting the mrityunjay beej mantra sung by babaji even though i am not initiated. even if it raise my vibration a little bit i can start meditation and visualisation again!!!!! Please help and if possible send me some healing......

  120. Dear Anonymous, it basically does boil down to the karmas and mind playing tricks. i would strongly suggest that you join the official community on facebook and take direct advice there directly :) will pray for you. namah shivaya

  121. Dear Ashish.. it's available now.

  122. NAMAH SHIVAY. i have completed 3 rd day of sibir. sir g i have bought GB n shree yantra locate. i want some guidance from u . i m eagarly waiting. n yes i m going for second level also.

  123. sir g i m attanding sibir n it 3 day over . i got GB n shree yantra locat . do i need to wait to complet the secon level as i m atanindg it? i mean should i wear locat? or let it be energiesd n than aftr finshing secnd level i use it?
    and wat about GB? should i write n take it to shibir or wait for sibir to comlpete

  124. You can wear the yantra right away... you can write the book there once you are sure and finalize what you want..

    1. om namah shivaye..

      jacob plz tell me which shivir attend the first pratiparsav sadhna or
      sambhavi,shree vidya 1 and shree vidya 2
      plz tell me about this........ namah shivaye......

  125. Dear Anonymous.. there is no need to seek any guidance from anywhere when you are amidst divinity itself. Just stay connected to Babaji and what has to come to you shall come. By the end of the shivir you will know what i am mentioning about.. till then stay focused and tuned with the Guru for best results. Namah Shivaya..

  126. You can wear the yantra right away... you can write the book there once you are sure and finalize what you want..

  127. Namah Shivaya,

    I would like to know that should the person for whom we do healing be aware about it or is it OK that we do it on our own accord. Secondly while doing sadhana I feel sleepy at times. Is this normal? Thanks.

  128. Namah Shivaya,

    I would like to know that should the person for whom we do healing be aware about it or is it OK that we do it on our own accord. Secondly while doing sadhana I feel sleepy at times. Is this normal? Thanks.

  129. Namah Shivaya,

    I would like to know that should the person for whom we do healing be aware about it or is it OK that we do it on our own accord. Secondly while doing sadhana I feel sleepy at times. Is this normal? Thanks.

  130. Dear Jacob,

    Rrom some days I have been watching Babaji's program in TV. I'm very much impressed by the program. I would like to take up the courses by atteding the Shivir's (I am new to this).

    Please let me know the fee structure. If I m asking worng please forgive me...

  131. Dear Vikram,

    Please refer to the link below for all the details you seek. Stay blessed.

  132. Shobhaji.. please join the official facebook page where all your queries will be answered from the ashram itself. stay blessed!

  133. namah shivay jacob,
    I appreciate the seva you are doing.Now at present i have not attended any shivir. I have sent a healing request and a query to the healing groups. For my query i have not got any response whatsoever. I saw you replying to one of the earlier queries in that group so i am putting my question here.
    As i told you that i have not attended any shivir, one of the group specifies that after sending healing request we should chant mrityunjay mantra for some no of times. Now is it alright that i recite the gayatri-mriyunjay mantra by babaji. I have its mp3 and i listen it everyday. so is it ok to recite it by praying to babaji without direct deeksha or doing it will cause some harm or ill effect because of the beej mantras in it. Please reply soon because i want to start chanting it or some other chant to improve the healing effect...?? namah shivay...

  134. namah shivaya 'shiva yog'

    There is nothing wrong in chanting the mantra that you have been so acquainted with now because you say you have been listening to it for so long already. Gayatri mantra is for purity and Mruthunjay mantra for healing. No issues if you have not attended shivir, you can still invoke Babaji with all your heart and chant along with Babaji (this is not a deeksha or beej mantra) Many people use the Gayatri and Mruthunjay mantra with good effects. However, what enhances the whole effect is your bhaav, your emotion, your connection with the mantra and chanting it knowing the meaning of it. There is no difference much with listening and chanting verbally, because when you have been listening to this for long, you have already been mentally chanting it :) However, i would certainly add that any mantra you chant after the guru deeksha will multiply it's effect multi-fold. May Babaji's blessings continue to prevail on you. Namah shivaya..

  135. Dear Tanuj,

    It depends on what inclination you strongly feel towards which shivir. Ask yourself this after looking into the basics and information of what is each level and shivir about.

    Ideally, a good start is with the shivir of Shambhavi/Shree Vidhya 1&2 which are the regular shivirs done where Babaji teaches on the sadhana (spiritual practice) to be done on daily basis for spiritual upliftment, self-healing, etc. Pratiprasav is ideal for burning the past life impressions that are the cause for this life's blockages, obstacles, etc. Some prefer to do the Shambhavi/Shri Vidya shivir and some prefer to get a clean up by doing Pratiprasav and make the Shambhavi/Shri Vidya shivir more helpful. Depends on what you feel the best. You can only be guided to know what each shivir is, but choosing you will have to do, which is easy once you know how you can benefit from each of them. More details of each shivir is given on the official page Hope this helps. Namah shivaya..

  136. I am beginner of the shiv yog but does not have proper knowledge.
    Please guide me how to start it.....

  137. Dear one,

    You must adhere to the sadhana taught to you by Babaji in the shivir. If you have not attended, it is always better that you do. Until then you may start imbibing Baba's divine teachings into your daily life. You would find sufficient information here on the teachings and other stuff. You could also follow Him on television on the daily broadcast. Rest will automatically coming to you once you start doing sadhana daily. Stay blessed.

  138. Namah shivaya. I have started to write the golden book. some one suggested me to write with a red ink or with red reffile ball pen . is it like this or we can write with blue colour
    ink or riffle.
    Mangat singh

  139. Writing into the Golden Book depends entirely on the bhaav (intentions) and intensity of faith and belief with which it is written and colour is immaterial. It is sure that if something is written vaguely red ink will not materialize and what is written with strong intent, belief, involvement and feeling even in green or black or yellow will materialize :) namah shivaya

  140. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  142. Namah shivaya Sanjivji.. i would always suggest to keep watch on the events page on the official website.. any update is immediately made there.. stay blessed. namah shivaya

  143. Dear Jacob,
    Namah Shivay! I am making Baja's daily calander with his teachings. I will be grateful if you can share Babaji's pictures and reading material from your collection with me on my email id
    I have also newly created a google account and you can use that too to send me the pictures.


    Can anyone let me know all the names of 12 houses please?


  146. Hi
    I have been watching babaji on youtube and now want to learn how to do sadhana. Iam from Toronto, Canada. Are there any people in Toronto who can teach me or is babaji planning to come this side. Please let me know. My email is Thank you.

  147. Namah Shivay!
    I really want to make a Golden Book now.. But I have some questions.
    1) Is it important that the color of the book should be Golden? Or we can make any book and write in in?

    2) Is it important to keep Sri Yantras on the top and the bottom?

    3) What exactly is ShivYog Saadhna?

    4) What is Samadhi?

    5) can I buy a simple notebook and make it a golden can I just start writing everything into it directly without modifying it?

    6)I live in Jaipur and only 2 shivirs have taken place here, And Golden Book wasn't available in the divine shop .. So can I order a Golden Book ONLINE? If I can how much will it cost?

    7) How to MAKE a golden book MYSELF? Without Sri Yantras?

    Looking forward to a reply soon.

  148. Namah shivay!
    i've written my golden book and filled all the pages. what should i do with the old book? should i burn it?
    ps:the things i've written would take a long time to materialise.
    Thank you :)

  149. Hello
    I started to write in the Golden Book. I started writing yesterday, and out of practice, I put the date on the top right of the page. Is this okay? If not, what should I do?

  150. Manisha, dates not needed.. wouldnt make much difference on a page, you can simply avoid doing it further.. namah shivay..

  151. how to release the old golden book . i want to write a new book
    please help

  152. namah shivay!
    meri marriage 20 April 2016 ko hai. mai babaji se 200% married life ki blessing chahti hu. please pray for me.
    I need your blessings.

  153. namah shivay!
    meri marriage 20th April 2016 ko hai. I want to live 200% married life with my husband . please babaji bless me.


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