Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hold on tight

(This article is written focussing on non-ShivYog sadhaks for the help that they may require from a ShivYog sadhak)

Fasten your seat belts for you are now seated in a vehicle supposed to zoom you with rollercoster rides with the fast approach of testing times ahead.

The times have come when things are moving fast, everything is racing up steadily.. everything. The Universe is changing for change is inevitable. As the Universe moves her consciousness, the planets also move towards the change and thus our earth also is shifting it's consciousness. Because the earth is shifting, we can see the souls also shifting consciousness. Whatever is happening at the macro level is happening at the micro level. There are earthquakes, cyclones and volcano eruptions so there are all these happening at the soul level also. More elderly deaths are taking place since they have planned their exit and many leave as the vibrations do not match their frequency. All these disasters are happening at the physical level also with ailments, illness, pains, aches, discomforts, and also happening at the emotional level with nervousness, anxiety, panic, fear, and depression. Disasters happening with relationships. Relationships are ending, people are parting ways, end of careers and jobs, change of geographical location, friends are moving away, relationships that previously made so much sense make no sense at all now, businesses falling down, etc, etc.

Why is this? This is because the earth is raising it's frequency and when the planet raises it's frequency the vibrations also are higher. If one is  residing in lower vibrations (fear, anger, greed, hatred, resentment, sorrow, etc)   then one is being unable to match up with the higher vibrations. Babaji is mentioning this from a long period that the earth is ascending and raising it's consciousness. He often mentions now about 2012 and how we should prepare for it. 2012 is the year where the earth will reach it's target frequency of higher vibration and will continue throughout 2028. Man has the power to attract all that he desires and thinks and feels at all times. That is why Babaji says it can be ascension day for some and doomsday for some; meaning those who think, believe and feel it is ascension they will attract it and those who think, believe and feel it is doomsday they will attract it. The power to choose always  remains with individuals.

This article is being written for the numerous people who write about the difficulties and turmoils happening in their lives now. Remember, you are not alone. There is a whole lot - all beings on earth undergoing this transition. You only have to remember that it will be easy if you assist the process and not resist. There is a whole lot written on this; to read click here. There is so much of fear. One does not want to let go. Let go of all the clutter they have held on since lifetimes. When one does not let go, it is forcibly taken away by nature. The negativities that one holds on to will be forced to be released by the new and positive vibrations rising on earth. This war causes all the tensions and turmoil physically, mentally and emotionally.

There are many people around who are confused and distressed due to all this. Many are misguided into many negative things to only further deteriorate conditions. Many are turning maniacs, violent, helpless, and even to the extent of having suicidal tendencies or even committing the act. Many are shattered and do not understand what to do or where to go? Actually, there were enough warning signals for the past years which were not heeded to. Now, all of a sudden everything seems to have taken over. If you are one among those, hold on, everything will unwind for you only if you allow to. Help is waiting on the other side eagerly but you have not been able to see it because you were sunk in the world of illusion. You just have to reach out that hand of yours and things shall start falling in place. Reaching out the hand means surrender and the desire to be helped out. If you have chosen this page, then it is meaningful and it was intended. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

What is the solution?
Patience, trust, let go and change are the key words. Babaji says that no one can change anyone. If anyone can change it is only their own selves they can change. The solution is actually very simple. Leave any negativities held on as early as possible and adapt oneself to the new positive vibration. Raise one's own vibrations. When the vibration of oneself is raised it will automatically vibe with the earth's ascending energy which will not cause any kind of discomfort. This may not be very easy to do so since it is the negative bundles of lifetimes that we are taking of. For this, one has to get on to a path and practice the purification methods and at he same time bring necessary changes to one's life. This change is at all levels physical, mention, emotional. Physical means the lifestyle. For example, one may have noticed that the foods that once was no problem to you, now no longer agree with your physical body. This is because even foods have their own vibration levels - prefer more of satvik foods than rajasik or tamasic foods. Similarly all thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings should be purified by whichever methods you feel comfortable with. If you are looking forward to become a ShivYog sadhak, all of these things mentioned here will take place within you. The cleansing will take place. Cleansing is nothing but the release of negativities (karma)

Babaji's shivirs are meant for that. Babaji does free healings as well as teaches you in a 6 or 9 day course how to keep healing the self, other beings, situations, mishaps and overall planet earth. Once you attend the shivir, the healings are life-changing. One will understand why things happen and how you are linked with everything that happens around. You are also an important part of the creation and you will learn how you are going to create for yourself a new world and new life. You will learn how to remain unaffected from the chaos happening around and you will move towards the new earth of the fourth dimension. Babaji says that holy siddhas have already taken their positions around the globe to form the Sri Chakra and are meditating for humanity. We just need to assist them. More details of how to take the maximum benefit by attending a shivir can be found if you browse through this blog.

In any case, the seat-belt here for ShivYog sadhaks is ShivYog itself backed by the power and grace of Babaji. So, in times of distress and Kaliyuga even non-ShivYog sadhaks can fasten your seat belts for you are now seated in a vehicle supposed to zoom you with rollercoster rides.  All you have to do is to accept responsibility for whichever state you are in and make that intention to change for good very strong. Even to receive Babaji's grace is very simple for he always says "Ask and you shall receive!"

Do not be fearful or panic or go extreme in any case. For any clarifications or guidance or assistance please talk to any ShivYog sadhak for help.
Until then you may want to read through more on ascension. Click here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ankur's Experience

Thanks to Ankur Kamboj, Ghaziabad for sharing his experience.

Namah Shivaya!

My journey of ShivYog started in somewhere in mid January 2009 when I started to listen to Babaji's programme on Astha TV.  Before I used to pray in the morning everyday.  I was blessed to be born in such a family where everybody supported me. My grandma used to take me to mandir or katha in my childhood.  I just used to sat there calmly; I can't say I enjoyed it, but yes,  I did like it sometimes. One thing I could not understand that how to apply these kathas that (swamiji tells) in my real life; maybe I was not mature enough to understand that. Now I'll come to the point. I used to listen to pravachan on TV of many saints, but I loved to watch someone who talks about practical life which I could put into my life for betterment and this attracted me more though my grandmother loved  to watch kathas of Shrimad Bhagwat,  Shiv Mahapuran. I am not saying that they are of no use but actually they need more mature mind to understand the real meaning hidden in them.

So one day when I was wacthing Babaji's satsang and I just loved it. The way Babaji explained things I was shocked and realized that the way I'm living my life is of no use. Then I started watching the program daily with my parents, then I realize that this is the guru I was longing and finally decided to attend the shivir. But it was not as easy as I thought.  At that time babaji was  in Delhi, but it was too late I could not attend the shivir. Then I tried to attend shivir in Mumbai, but again I failed to attend due to no reservation.  Months passed but nothing happened  and I could not resist myself. I was praying to babaji to please please make me your disciple. And then one night I remember I was in my office and I opened and started praying to babaji at that time with all my heart I prayed... and then I started reading sadhak's experiences on orkut and then suddenly I dont know I just felt to write to a sadhak (Preet di). I will always be thankful to her. It was around 3:25 am, so I just wrote to her and of course I was not expecting answer at that time as it was midnight so I thought she would answer me in two or more days, but in my heart I was not ready to wait but could not do much about it and then she replied back in minutes... I was shocked as it was in the middle of the night.  Then she helped to me and asked me to go Dwarka ashram. At Dwarka asharam every sunday morning there is satsang and dhyan performed by sadhaks. Then my confidence built up and I went to the asharm.  As I live in Ghaziabad it is far from my place.  So I got up 4:30 am and took metro from Shahdara as I was never been there I didn't know how would I reach there on time as the satsang starts at 8 a.m. but I had complete faith in my Babaji so I was less concerned about that.  As I reached Dwarka at 7:30 a.m. I had address of ashram but I didn't know how to get there. Finally, I decided to take rickshaw from metro station. As I was talking to one  rickshawala suddenly a person behind me shouted "Are you going to ashram?" I said yes he said come along; he was a ShivYog sadhak and I just jumped.  I still remember he asked my name and I replied Ankur and he said from now on starts your journey to become a tree. I laughed.  At 7:40 we reached there. The atmosphere at the ashram was like heaven; you can feel the energy, so much positivity around.

From then on by the grace of babaji, luck is by my side. Things  started  happening. I went to Chandighar and attended Siddha 1 & 2 (I stayed at my aunt's place which was very near to the shivir location).  Recently by babaji's grace I got Shambhavi Diksha in Delhi shivir  and guess what? Again I was lucky that my cousin brother stayed just near the chattarpur temple otherwise it takes 2 hours to reach there, but babaji so beautifully took care of me every time I attended the shivir). Now I don't worry about how will I get Sri Vidya Diksha.. I know when the right time comes babaji will call me. Your perspective of life changes completely when you become a ShivYog sadhak. I know it's just the beginning but now I know where I am going :) Thank you babaji.. Love you.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How I came into ShivYog

This article is more of a personal writing and is written with the only intent of sharing with other sadhaks and in totality reflects my personal views only.

This is a question that many hold since a Christian name I hold :) That is why I thought I must share with you my views.

Babaji says, "If there are variety of dishes in front of you, do you eat everything? If you have variety of clothes displayed to you in a cloth store do you choose everything? No. You exert your power to chose. You cross verify, examine, compare, ask questions, clear doubts, match your budget, match your liking and then you choose."

Paths are many, masters are many, options are many, techniques are many. People choose. I did the same.

Now that does not mean that the clothes I did not buy were bad. The only attire I chose matched my liking, affordability, practicality, satisfied my queries and best of all I thought would look good on me and vibe well with me. The rest were not bad for I know it is not practical. When looking at a menu anyone would chose just a very few of their favorite food. Not that other food is bad but what would happen if one try to eat all varieties at one time? Indigestion? Same reason is why one loves all paths but walks on one. I would say that I would like to munch on other delicacies also as snacks but would prefer my favorite food to satisfy my hunger.

Things were not easy for me since I am from a Christian background. Even now things are not easy because it is a big question raised on beliefs and societal rules over beliefs. Right from my childhood days, I had very less inclination towards rituals and formalities. I never preferred going for mass (prayer gathering and sermons) in church but I would always prefer going to church when no one was there and picking the last corner bench of the church. Something never made me go through a communication with God by following a standard set of procedures. I always preferred silence for that.

I began asking my dad lot of questions about religion including questions that startled him and he and others never preferred answering; maybe they feared something.  I strangely had an inclination to Lord Shiva. Something in the back of my mind told me that all religions are one. The concept of God is nothing but that one power. What provoked me to think beyond heaven and hell were the questions that arose in my mind when I saw a child suffering or a dog suffering. I pondered why a child is born with abnormalities when such a little being cannot sin? Why a dog who lies calm in his own place without hurting anyone had a broken limb? Isn't God watching? Why does he not do something for these little creatures? I failed to understand why the best of people doing good suffered while the bad still enjoyed? I asked and asked questions but the answers either did not come or did not satisfy my conscience. That is when I probed into the law of karma and went through it all and the clarity to every doubt started falling into place. My life had always been very stressful since childhood undergoing a number of problems including ailments, emotional problems and other difficulties of life.

I continued probing into all religions and never ever felt aversion to any religion. They were all so beautiful; people made wrong interpretations - this I could read through very well. I could not argue or questions these things because the "masters" of these religions would never take it. My father was a great influence to me as he helped and served other religions without any hesitation. More facts started to reveal itself as I probed into religions and one thing was very, very clear to me - that all religion quenches the spirit of the same power. Yet I could not understand why people fought and argued and defended. I let people alone and followed what I liked - being nonreligious. But people never stopped letting me be alone. There was criticism, mockery, sarcasm, threat of being labelled insane, anti-religion, etc, etc, etc. I understood that it is the fear of people that had been instilled by religions  or society that hell will break loose if one questions anything about religion or looks at other Gods or religion.

I was sure that I will not leave Christianity and I was also sure that I would not join any other religion because if I did either of this, then I would be still giving importance to "religion".  But at the same time I was doubly sure that I will not ignore any religion. I love the teachings of Christ and feel that love whenever I think of him also. Even the world "allah" gives such a good vibration. Sometimes the words "inshah allah" (God willing) slips out when I acknowledge certain things in life happily. I know this can raise eyebrows but then who cares. I could get into the same trance with a sufi song that I could get with Shiva' s song or a Christian hymn.

Then I got into the process of meditation to get relief from the worldly troubles and stresses of daily life. As my turmoil with the world increased, my interests into spiritual practice also grew stronger. The stronger this urge, the more I probed and experienced insights into lot of things right from cyrstals, reiki, pranic healing, tai chi, dowsing, telepathy, out of body experiences, past life regression, etc. I must say it was an awesome journey since then, meeting people, spiritual guides, ascended masters, learning so many things. I was reading and digging into the teachings of Buddha also at the same time. But inspite of the continued turmoils in my life I knew that I was divinely guided at all times by some mysterious or invisible forces or beings that let out their support through so many mediums and "co-incidences". But all the while I knew that I cannot dip all my fingers and wander forever into the vast spaces of infinite knowledge and experiences. I had to choose one path - one way.

I then came across the words of Osho and that was the biggest turning point into mysticism made simple. i was also very highly impressed the ways the Bramhakumaris lived their lives, in service, contemplation and purity. i was so enchanted by them that i was pulled to a local center where i went to them and learnt from a Sister every day for about a month. 

My search for a path began and I was extremely enthusiastic to have a Guru in life. I went through many Gurus, many practices, many paths, but each time I moved to something else I made sure I learnt something from what I had been into. I found that almost all were genuine in what they were sharing with the world and assisting in the Divine mission in their own ways. They all had different ways and methods and those who suited them became their disciples or followers and dedicated to their practice. I wished to fine tune into something perfect for my taste since I knew all had different tastes. I was reading about Yogananda Paramahamsa and all the lineage of masters I found so loving and energetic. 

I was blessed by them each time I thought of them including the entire lineage of Yoganandji, Sri Yukteshwarji, Lahari Mahasayaji, and Mahavtar Babaji. It followed with many mystical experiences whenever I sat to share with someone about meditation. Then I came across Nityanand Paramahamsa's teachings and videos which I immensely benefited from and I even today owe Nityanandji gratitude for the precious things I learnt from him irrespective of what he may be judged as by the world today.  I also had many divine mystical experiences with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and his ways. But all the while I still went to church and still sat on that last bench alone and had wonderful conversations with Christ. Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and St. Anthony always guided and comforted me in all my pains. They were the best friends I could openly talk with and get reassured and feel comforted. But in the bottom of my heart I knew I had to chose one path and follow it because though all are useful one cannot follow all at the same time. It can be the most biggest hindrance to a seeker. Just like all religions deserve to be respected, so do all the Masters and saints and Gurus deserve their due respect. It was easy for me to blend into everything without getting contradicted because of this fact that I knew though all had different ways, all were moving towards the same goal.  This quality itself helped me "get out" of the "religion" label in the first case.

At this time, about two years ago, my life was taking another major twist perhaps a pour of karmic clearance and this time I was swept off my feet and got a taste of real human relationships and the attachments that come with it. Heavily shattered and not knowing what to do, I remember my steps going towards the calmest place I could think of and that was the Ramakrishna Mission Temple where I used to frequent with my friend since long. Here amidst of a tearing pain of the multiple traumas in my life I felt peace and comforted. I began pondering at this stage what is the meaning of life and where are we all heading. I looked around and saw only chaos everywhere; though people did not reveal things I could make out what is happening on the inside. The need for a teacher and a path grew stronger again. I knew I was following many paths at the same time. I had learnt well the path of karma yoga while being acquainted with the teachings of Swami Vivekanandji. I also put myself into bhakti yoga at the Ramakrisha Ashram. I read about Jnyana yoga and was immensely impressed. Then I went into hatta yoga and joined classes with the guru Abhayji where I learnt a bit of Iyengar Yoga. I was also blessed with the opportunity of meeting my hatta yoga Guru's Guru, B.K.Iyengarji at his Pune residence. Very little did I know that these all were just mediums to reach me to my Guru. What you long for with all craving will manifest unto you in some mysterious way!

Then came a day when I was very troubled by the current personal issue and went to a spiritual friend of mine for solace and asked him for a certain book. He brought two books with him. One was the book I had asked for and the other was an unknown old book. I asked him why did he get this one. He replied, "Don't know, while I was picking up your book this just came into my hand and I guess it was intended for you." I looked at the book and it read. "Spiritual Conversations with Swami Muktananda". He looked odd to me but I just opened the book in the middle and read a paragraph. I was shocked because it contained the answer to the problem that was troubling me that moment! I thanked my friend and left with that book. The blow of this turn of life was so overwhelming that it crippled my normal life for sometime and it was my Mother's understanding and support that make things easy for me during that phase. While I lived hopelessly, whole day I only read this book and read it completely, being thoroughly influenced by the teachings. In this whole book Swami Muktanandji only spoke of the teachings of his Guru, Bhagwan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. I never knew who all these people are. But then one day the same friend in our yoga class asked if we go on a tour to Ganeshpuri to see Muktanandaji's ashram and also at the same time we could meet our yoga guru's guru Shri Iyengarji

Quickly everything was planned and we set out. After reaching Ganeshpuri, we headed to Muktanandji's ashram but learnt that his ashram is closed and that we should visit Baba Nityananda's ashram which is close by.  I did not know who was Baba Nityananda and wanted to go to Mukthanandaji's ashram itself because I was so impressed with his teachings. Little did I know that this was not the divine plan. (A detailed writing on this complete travel is in my other blog. If interested to read in vivid details click here.) We both then had no other option but to go there. We went over there and booked a room. After that we started visiting Baba Nityananda's ashram and the places where he sat, walked, rested and took samadhi. I had a very powerful and profound mystical experience the moment I sat in front of Baba's chair. I was assured during this visit by Bade Baba that I will get what I am looking for very soon, and that was a Guru in my life. After that experience I was very, very relaxed. I returned back to Pune, met Iyengarji and returned home. Days passed and I wondered what was to come and where is my Guru? Which is the path that I should take? I had been watching telecasts of many gurus on TV and that included Shivanand Avdhoot Baba's telecast. Those saddened days I used to be hours in front of the spiritual channels of all religions. I also enchanted by Baba Shivanand's telecasts but this Baba's teaching looked so simple and matched to what I always felt. There was no discrimination of any religion. His teachings reminded me of Jesus Christ's teachings. More of all what appealed to me was when Babaji said "You are responsible for whatever state you are in." The law of karma started making more sense to me. In fact, everything that happened or was happening in my life made lot of sense to me. I learned very bitter facts as I returned to watch the telecast everytime. One day, in my office cabin, my colleague spoke about Baba Shivanand's TV program and suggested if we could go to his shivir. I point-blank refused saying that I did not want to get into any religious stuff, but then he showed me the details of the program and I thought I could learn from it. Finally I decided I must attend his shivir for I was simply shaken by the overwhelming events occurring in my life. Reading and learning about Sages from India and studying all the time about them, pulled me more into the path of Siddhahood. Finally, I concluded that Siddha marg was my path, most suited to me, and at the same time I found myself in the shivir of Babaji.

I recounted what I had learnt from Swami Rama about siddhas and yogis. (Highly recommend book: Living with the Himalayan Masters) Swami Rama was a Sri Vidya sadhak also. Swamiji roamed the entire Himalayan ranges and Tibetan land for many years and learnt many things from many gurus. It is very interesting to note his learnings that he has mentioned in detail about the yogis and the siddhis that he experienced while learning. Swamiji is very honest in his writings and this book can be an excellent company for those who love to know more about the yogis, the mountains, their sadhana, their powers, their lives and so much of mystical experiences surrounding their lives. If you are an avid reader with similar tastes blindly go for this book.

I was happy to see another yogi (Babaji) who carried wisdom from the mountains from ancient siddhas and empowered with such healing powers. More of everything he was a grihasthi and was so practical about his teaching of living life to the fullest. His words had power. He commanded serenity. His teachings were so practical and easy to understand. He described the scriptures in such a beautiful way in this Kaliyuga.  By this time, I decided to go for the shivir, my first shivir in Pune in May 2009. There what I experienced cannot be explained in words. One day during the shivir break, I went to the Divine Shop and saw some magazines there. I was surprised to see Bade Baba's photo on it and asked the people there how come Bade Baba's photo was in this magazine. It was a pleasant shock when I was told that Babaji's Guru was Baba Nityananda! Standing right there, I had a rewind sudden flashback of everything happening in my life and things got clear as to how I was divinely guided here by Bade Baba to meet the person whom I had longed to meet my whole life. Everything just fell into place! Though all these incidents of reading the book, visiting Ganeshpuri, coming to Babaji happened separately without my conscious knowing, I realized the synchronicity of these incidents. After that, the bond with Babaji and Bade Baba has been just splendid. Now, when I look back I understand the series of events in my life and the series of incidents that brought me to where I am supposed to be. That does not stop me from being a Christian either. I love talking to Christ and just love the loving energy of his. Christ is happy for me for he is just beyond the barriers of religion. In fact, in my last mumbai shivir when Babaji was invoking Lord Shiva unusually this time I saw Christ. I would not be surprised to see Shiva next time I talk to Christ in a Such magnificent are the ways of the ascended masters to communicate with us human beings. Of all the siddhas, my most closest bond has always been Bade Baba, Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Mahavtar Baba and the lineage, Meher Baba, Neem Karoli Baba, Swami Rama and His master - Shri Dharam Das, the 18 Holy Siddhas of the South, and now I was bonded with a living siddha - our Babaji. The experience from each of these masters are not any less or not any more. Everything is very similar with their energies.

I don't preach here that this is the best path or whatever; it is the best to me. Everyone has different likings and tastes. One has to follow what one feels very comfortable with. Emotional people seem to vibe well in the bhakthi marg, physical people tend to vibe with karma yog, intellectuals seem to vibe with gyana marg and meditators and people of the mind tend to go well with raja yog.  I have been through all this and what I found in ShivYog is that it is a blend of all paths. Such way, all paths and all religions are the tools of the Divine. In religion and all paths if all just understood that not one's method or path is superior than the others and that all are the different road to the same destination, all the chaos in the world will end.  Every religion and practitioner have gems to offer and none can be completely discarded. As Babaji says, "Sab santh ek math."

Now, when I interact with ShivYog sadhaks or followers of Babaji I learn about their incidences and connection with Babaji. It is such a great network and a divine mystical plan of interweaving everyone together. Just like the divine calls out to humans through different paths, within each path also the divine calls out to people in different ways. This will be elicited if you hear people sharing how they came into ShivYog - all were beautifully guided, in some way or the other. The calling is always gentle by the divine. The reminders are always gentle. But when one pays no heed to the truth of one's purpose on earth, one is put to test and sometimes put to the extremes from where one struggles in desperation to catch hold of the invisible hand that was always there but not seen until now.

"Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Essence of ShivYog

Beloved Babaji's profound teachings does leave one with an impact. There are so many gems that flow out from him whenever he utters anything. Many of these precious gems are recorded on this blog in words.
Note: Babaji's words have been classified here into groups and is written with the gracious feel and enthusiasm of Babaji's teachings  just for readers to serve as reminders to what Babaji toils for.  

Babaji's teaching revolve around 6 major points, which not only can bring that change in life that one seeks, not only help manifest everything one wants to experience in this lifetime but also provides a clear patch to liberate one from the cycle of birth and death (moksha).

These six points are the points that Babaji instructs everyone to follow and which is a must for a ShivYog Sadhak. The basic fundamental behind these points are that as one goes on adding these characteristics into one's life, slowly the negative karmas are burnt and also one can prevent further creation of negative karmas. One is able to overcome all the vices in oneself that creates negative karma. Thus a stage comes where all the karmas are destroyed and then sufferings and turmoils just vanish from one's life. This provides a clear path to moksha. These six points have been classified here into two major points that is to be practiced regularly in two forms:
  1. PHYSICAL: To be done physically.
  2. ABSTRACT: To be done on the subtler levels using mind, intellect, emotions, etc.
PHYSICAL: The three S.

Sadhana: Is the meditation and other spiritual practices taught by Babaji like self-healing the body, 7 chakras, 5 koshas, 7 tatvas, healing situations, relationships, home, dhyaan, pitra ascension, Siddha healing, Shambavi sadhana and Sri Vidya sadhana. It also includes the various kriyas and asanas Babaji teaches. There are many types of sadhanas babaji asks one to do; the most basic being the Shambhavi sadhana in the morning and Sri Vidya sadhana in the late evening.

Seva: Nishkaam (selfless) service to all living beings including plants and animals, nature, environment, Mother earth in the form of physical service or in the form of healing.

Charity also is a form of seva. Any physical assistance given to the needy or to the guru or guru's mission is also seva.  Basically, it is just giving selfless service at any opportunity with total humbleness and desire to help.

Nishkaam seva means service without any motive  or gain and is to be done without the "I"ness (no kartha bhaav) keeping in mind that the healer is HE and not me. Babaji says the real nishkaam seva is when one stays away from the credit for his/her seva or when done hidingly (without anyone's knowledge of who did it).

Sankirtan: Chanting the various mantras for various purposes is also an essential part. The beej mantra and other mantras are very beneficial for burning one's negative karmas. Here also more than the count, bhaav must be given importance to. Singing bhajans or devotional songs also contribute to a large extent. This is to be done with full involvement using all emotions. Read more.

Accept: One has to accept one's own self first the way one is and then one will be able to accept other's as they are. Babaji emphasizes that all incarnate as humans with their own soul agendas to learn from incidents and experiences that they create for themselves and hence one should not interfere in their karma. For one, accepting all as they are is important without attempting to change them in any way. This comes with self-acceptance first. The main reason for the inability to accept others as they as is because one is unable to accept one's own self as he/she is.

Forgive: One has to forgive one's own self for all the hurt one has caused to oneself or to others knowingly or unknowingly. When one is truly able to do this by releasing the guilt feeling then one is able to forgive oneself. When this is done, it becomes easier to forgive others for all the hurts they have caused to oneself knowingly or unknowingly. If the law of karma is understood this becomes easier to practice. When forgiveness is practiced, healing starts and becomes the solution the various  overwhelming problems in life. 

Love: Not just love but Babaji stresses many many times it is unconditional love which means no conditions attached like "I love you because you are....." or "I will love you only if you...." but unconditional love is "I love you however you are irrespective of whatever you do to me." Now, this point is not easy. It is much difficult if one tries to just love ignoring the above two points. It is my personal observation that if the first two points are practiced, this third point starts becoming a possibility. Again, Babaji repeats that one will be able to love others unconditionally only when one loves oneself unconditionally.
Babaji lets us know that these three simple yet difficult things will take us beyond the realms of suffering and pain. I love Babaji's teachings because he is teaching Jesus Christ taught and practically demonstrated in his life. Christ also was a siddha and all siddhas have the very same approach to teaching. Christ had this undying love for all irrespective of well wishers, enemies, sinners which showed he practically lived accepting people as they are. It also showed his unconditional love. While he was being inflicted by the Roman soldiers he looked above and whispered "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing." which demonstrates his power of forgiveness for even people who caused him suffering in ignorance.

These qualities can be observed in all siddhas and saints who walked on this earth irrespective of whichever religion formed under them or whichever religion they were considered to be in. We are extremely lucky to have such a siddha walking amidst us and even luckier to be blessed by his love and compassion. Love and gratitude to you Babaji for that. 

Finally, this para is an addition to this article which came as a reminder from another ShivYog sadhak, Ashish as a kind reminder of another important message from Babaji - to always practice gratitude for everything in life. We should be grateful to each and everything. We also as ShivYog sadhaks become rhini (indebted) to our guru and gratitude is the only way by which we can repay back. Similarly, we have to be grateful to anybody and anything that gives us something in any form.
To end it, this article may just be a reminder from somewhere that we need to stay focussed on these six simple teachings of Babaji. For a brushup, before you exit just scroll up and look intensely at ONLY THE WORDS IN BLUE.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Babaji's Gems - 5

These are words of Babaji and is typed here in direct speech.  For the new reader's sake, I have added in brackets or italics.

  1. If you are not tripth (satisfied) in grihasth, then in vanaprasth you will remain atripth (unsatisfied).
  2. While the husband is meditating, he should be the greatest sadhu and while he is with his wife, he should be the greatest lover.
  3. Any disease said to be "incurable" is a lie!
  4. Every six months a new organ is formed.
  5. If you heal the manomaya kosha then you will have excellent results on the physical body.
  6. Don't attack the physical body. ShivYog says to start from the manomaya kosha. Burn karmas at the manomaya kosha (mind) that is creating problems on the annamaya kosha (body).
  7. When the sanchit that is ready to become prarabh is burnt, there is a vacuum created and that is SAT CHIT ANAND (turiya avastha).
  8. Learn to acknowledge the chakras and body organs.
  9. Sushumna nadi is the storehouse of your consiousness.
  10. Kundalini is the female energy that moves from mooladhara upwards in the sushumna nadi and goes to the sahasrar (pineal gland - seat of GOD).
  11. With chakra siddhi comes levitation, teleporation, etc.
  12. Ida (surya) nadi is sheetal (cool) and pingala (chandra) is garm (warm) and sushumna nadi is neither warm nor cool.
  13. Every chakra has its own energy and its own soul.  The chakra  can be impure but not its soul.
  14. In chakra healing it takes days and months to clean but the moment the soul is awakened it will rise and shine and the impurities (negative energy) will disappear.
  15. Rise above body consciousness.
  16. Anbe Shivum means the grace of Shiva (in Tamil).
  17. Never feel helpless. Never feel finite (with limitations).
  18. Whenever there is any problem, remember Him. Connect. Merge your rhythm with Shiva's rhythm and merge "tum chahthe kya ho" with it and you will see everything change.
  19. Whenever I ask "tum chahthe kya ho?" don't feel at the physical level but through your soul.
  20. Now with Shambhavi, your materializing power has been multiplied by thousands of time.
  21. Wherever or whatever you think of, Sanjeevani will reach there.
  22. Think of your family and children and it will provide them with divine energy needed for their growth and protection.
  23. Relish every moment of your life.
  24. Jahan teen peediyon ka vaas ek chath ke neeche hothi hai waha Shiv ka pravaas hota hai. (Wherever 3 generations live under one roof, there abides Shiva).
  25. Why do you go for vacation? To unwind and experience happiness. You are on planet earth for vacation.
  26. Keep visualizing your Golden Book and merge (in turiya avastha). One day will come when you will be in turiya avastha.
  27. Everything has a rhythm and you should merge with that rhythm to be one with it.
  28. After your chetana (consciousness) rises you will be able to experience fast and change the rhythm.
  29. Any situation, get into the rhythm of that situation's consciousness.
  30. Here in cities, you will not be aware of it because you are intellectuals but the same awareness can be sensed easily at Mount Kailash.
  31. Atomic configuration is created by bhaav.
  32. I was told by my guru only to tell others what you can make them experience and not what you (Babaji) can do. Telling what you (Babaji)  can do means telling about magic. 
  33. Create maya in this world if you want but do not get stuck with it. Be like the lotus (untouched by filth).
  34. With animals and plants merge with their consciousness and you will become one with them.
  35. Unification (merging) with any situation, being or thing creates harmony with it.
  36. In the root of rhythm is hidden unconditional love.
  37. With Sanjeevani, you cannot do anything negative. There will be an immediate disconnection and the power will go away. This is a life-giving not a life destructive method.
  38. Hanuman was called vaayu putra; He had merged with the vaayu tatva.
  39.   We have limited ourselves to the prisonof limitations of modern science - we have that infinite power.
  40. Silence is the language of truth. Attune to not the silence but the language of silence, that is the rhythm of silence.
  41. We know and believe that when there is cut, burn, or fracture it can heal naturally but we don't believe an internal organ can heal because we have transferred in our consciousness somewhere that an organ cannot heal because it is hereditary, etc, etc, etc.
  42. A true disciple will be silent with his guru and not verbal. The disciple will take in his guru's consciousness.
  43. Sanjeevani sadhana + surya sadhana = Mritsanjeevani sadhana.
  44. The sun has a hot protective layer outside but in the core inside it is very calm and silent.
  45. Any karm kand (ritual) does not require muhurath (auspicious time).  This is above tithi (lunar date).
  46. Sri Yantra energizes chakras.
  47. Sri Yantra can be placed on all four walls of your meditation room.
  48. Sri Yantra can be used in healing. Keep a photo between two yantras, tie it and send Shambhavi to it and results will be seen in 10-11 days.
  49. Sri Yantra reduces negative effects from electrical/electronic equipments.
  50. Love your parents.
  51. Do not expect anything from anyone, especially children.
  52. Attachment (moh) is dangerous.
  53. Pitru dosh can be due to many reasons like guilt, fear, hatred, unresolved issues, etc).
  54. Pitru ascension mean both mother and father's side ascension (yin-yang). Left side of the body is mother and right side is father.
  55. All who are attached to family go to pitrulok and they keep coming back as son in next life.
  56. All who are content will go to better loka (higher dimensions).
  57. Those with unresolved issues go to lower dimensions (preth loka).
  58. We remain rini (indebted) till 7 generations and we have to pay back.
  59. One who lives in pain goes in pain.
  60. While leaving the body, the emotions at that time will be multiplied by thousands of times.
  61. He suffers so much in the lower realms and a percentage  of it passes to the 7 generations, in spite of the goodness the family does, but if one in the family becomes a sadhak and raises the father's consciousness the father's fathers and forefathers are released (7 generations).
  62. The moment they start vibrations, they leave the lower realms.
  63. The moment the ascension takes place, you will feel contended and a feeling of less burden on your shoulders.
  64. Do ascension only for those who are karmically connected (within the family) and NOT OTHERS.
  65. All spiritual guides who have helped you and guided you also ascend and they bless you and you get higher spiritual guides.
  66. When a man has too much of vasana and when death occurs he does not know about his death. 
  67. Astral body is what travels out in dreams with the silver cord attached.
  68. When one is attached and the soul leaves the body, it gets confused and starts projecting all psychic impression and suffers without a body. If one is hungry, hunger is multiplied by thousands of times. If there is lust, then it is multiplied by thousands of times. Then whatever the soul sees, it gets into that body to fulfill that desire without being aware it is a human body or animal or any other.
  69. If rebirth takes place again and again and a person does not learn then karma yoni (human) is not given but bhog yoni (animal). In animal yoni if it gets into a goat, for example, and gets killed in a slaughter house, then only one karma is released, but with karm yoni in sadhana, nishkaam seva and sankirtan many lifetime karmas are released.
  70. Shradh (ritual for showing gratitude and reverence to ancestors) is not for their mukti (liberation).  You can feed the poor without rituals, photos, etc. Pitrus get happy with this process and additionally it is a punya (good karma) for you.
  71. Don't give much attention to dreams (in sleep).
  72. When you give a donation never think money has lessened from you.
  73. After 84 lakh yonis one gets the last (bhog yoni) - cow.
  74. Whenever there is a natural calamity you should heal.
  75. With siddhis also come ahankar/lobh (ego and greed).
  76. With divorce, forgive them and the connection automatically gets cut off.
  77. When someone leaves and one on earth still remains attached, they remain in your body as pain, etc.
  78. All photos of dead people should be given jal or agni samadhi. (burnt or immersed in natural water resources).
  79. Self-realization is when there is no more desires.
  80. A siddha is omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) and so there can be anywhere when a photo with diya is lit. But this should not be done for a non-realized person (dead family members) who is not omnipresent for you will end up pulling them back there.

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