The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Babaji's Gems - 3

These are words of Babaji and is typed here in direct speech. However, for the new reader's sake, I have added additionally in brackets or italics.
  1. Everyone sees a saint also in different forms - one sees him as good and saintly, some see him as a cheat or fraud, etc. But the saint is not any of these, it is one's own reflection (inner reflection of karmas).
  2. Every living being/consciousness is evolving.  Not only you but also Mother Earth which also has a consciousness is ascending.  If you create resistance then you will stay back in the 3D (third dimension).
  3. The years from 2012 to 2028  is a transformation period after which there is only 4D (fourth dimension), that is only purity.
  4. Don't get into the kartha bhaav; HE does everything.
  5. Match your rhythm (spandan) with the universal rhythm (spandan) and there will be no disease.
  6. Bade baba (Bhagwan Nityanand) taught me "Bhaav re" (intention) in everything.  There has to be rhythm in that intention.
  7. Just have faith in me. Don't ask questions.
  8. Follow it for 21 days and your health/relationships has to improve.
  9. Babaji pointing his fingers to his body and said, "Isko lena, isko dena nahi."
  10. Be aware of the intention of every word you utter.
  11. Be aware all the time, don't do anything without consciousness.
  12. As the bhaav happens, certain set of DNAs start vibrating.
  13. Just like there is a creator and destroyer, there are two sets of DNA - one that gives life and the other that destroys.
  14. Every incident creates two impressions - good and bad.
  15. The painting of Mona Lisa was painted in such a way that it reflects the bhaav of the seer. (the expression is interpreted differently by different people.)
  16. One who thinks and grumbles on being treated like a doormat will set the cancer DNA to vibrate.  Think otherwise and use bhaav, "Everything is fine and beautiful."
  17. Play sankirtan CD and sing loudly with bhaav and your emotions will be taken up there (Babaji said pointing upwards).
  18. You can't create bhaav with an incident of the past; be in the present. The fourth dimension is present.
  19. The phenomenon of planet earth is always two. There can't be one. If negative there has to be a positive. Disease - health. If science has not yet discovered cure it doesn't mean that the cure does not exist. (Babaji meant for every disease there is a cure."
  20. Someone asked Babaji how many sessions of healing is required to which Babaji answered, "ShivYog is a philosophy that has to work all time.  Not that one looks forward to ShivYog philosophy only during healing and after the session or healing one gets back to one's world.
  21. Power of mantra is a vibration that is sent to cosmic consciousness.
  22. Until you reach the desireless state, know what you want in life, plan, be an architect for your life.
  23. When you leave things to ShivYog just surrender.  Before sadhana read the Golden Book.
  24. To heal organs, know their rhythm, merge with their rhythm and then using rhythm of mantra send Sanjeevani.
  25. I had prayed to that I be granted the permission to give this power (Sanjevani) to all.
  26. The Sanjeevani is supreme consciousness which is intelligent.  Do not interfere with how it works or how it should work.  Just give direction and use intention (bhaav).
  27. Sanjeevani is Lord Mahamruthunjaya's unconditional love.
  28. Sanjeevani Maa listens to not our verbal language but language or emotions and feelings.
  29. If you learn the science of breath, then can live as long as you want.
  30. Anger, fear, etc creates a different rhythm.
  31. Power of prayer is again your bhaav.
  32. Guru ko baandhna hai bhaav ki rassi se. (Bind the guru with the rope of intentions and feelings.)
  33. Black magic is a dart and your fear and false ego is the target board. The moment you remove the board, the dart passes by. When you are the magic, what is in black magic?
  34. Someone asked that he takes medicines and still the problem persists to which Babaji immediately quipped, "Continue your medicines and do sadhana till the time the doctor himself says you don't need medicines anymore since you are healthy." He continued, "I never say don't take medicines. No quackery here."
  35. Spirutality doesn't mean being foolish. It means courage and willpower.  Take control of your life.
  36. Healing affects not only the healee (to one who healing is sent to) but also the self and the entire Universe.
  37. Someone asked, "Babaji, how do we return our gratitude to you?" to which Babaji said, "Be happy and stay healthy because that is what my Bhole Baba has endowed me with."
  38. Whenever some issues come up that seem impossible, write what you want (solution) and keep it between two yantras and chant - it gives miraculous results.
  39. In the 3D plane (earth) two things happen - the opposites (duality). In all situations you have always the option to CHOOSE between:
    1. Run! Panic! Find reason! Blame! Criticize!
    2. Witness! Own 100% responsibility! (ShivYog)
  40. In duality (good/bad? whichever you choose or give attention to, that is created.
  41. Psychic attack maybe only 2% real but 98% is self-created.
  42. ShivYog healing is not a technique but Grace.
  43. If a person doesn't have a happy married life, then it is going to be carried forward to the the next married life.  Don't keep issues pending (unresolved).
  44. Before writing in the Golden Book ask yourself 'Is it for my ultimate good?' Then specify how you want it to be.  Be specific to the minutest details as how it should be.
  45. In healing situation, you enter into the consciousness of that situation (vibration).
  46. Vibration is created out of consciousness. (Here babaji explained how Bade Baba entered the consciousness of stopping the train.)
  47. Merge yourself into the situation's consciousness and Universal consciousness.  Then replace the negative situation consciousness with the new (wanting) situation's consciousness.
  48. If you merge with God consciousness, you merge with God.
  49. Feel the love of the sound and not the voice of the sound.
    • Matter  >  Energy  >  Vibration  >  Sat Chit Anand.
  50. ShivYog saadhaks will have to reach a stage where you can materialize and this will come with tatva shuddhi.
  51. Keep checking your emotions on fear, greed, etc.
  52. Kundalini does not rise because of the vices (impurities).  If Kundalini rises you will be stable not unstable (indicating to the body jerks and reactions).
  53. Anahat naad (the cosmic sound of creation) comes with nonduality.
  54. Don't catch the guru's body or self's body with the mantra, catch the consciousness.
  55. Not necessary that being close to me you will get everything.  (Babaji mentions here about a fisher boy who was always with Bade Baba and everything was sure he would become a siddha because he lived with the physical presence of the saint all the time. This boy still sells vegetables because he was physically there with Baba and never in consciousness.)
  56. Don't fall in techniques while chanting mantra, use bhaav (intention).
  57. In mantra siddhi, the mantra devta who presents itself appears separate from you (duality) which can cause trouble if you make mistakes. But best is unification with which the devata gets jagrith (awakens) within.
  58. All siddhas mastered tatva shuddhi.  Yogis could remain under water for great periods because they had mastered jal tatva. (Babaji's guru used to walk on water).
  59. Create the feeling of unconditional love with whichever tatva and you will merge with it.  If digestive system is weak, then merge with the agni tatva.  If kidneys, urinary system is weak or having problems conceiving merge with the Jal tatva.  If problems in the legs or bones merge with the Prithvi tatva. Problems with mental, brain, merge with the Aakash tatva. Overall merge with the Guru tatva.
  60. Moksha = Merging guru tatva and Param tatva.
  61. Some of you will also attain tatva siddhi. Siddhi prapthi (gain) is only with unconditional love.
  62. The highest deeksha is Shambhavi deeksha, after that everything depends on how much of sadhana you do.
  63. When Shani is bad or furious with someone what is meant is that there is no love coming from Shani to you.  There is a disconnection due to karma and thus a disconnection of that energy from that planet.
  64. With Shambhavi unification with that planet, you will instantly feel the change.
  65. You can do the reading (like with dowsing) of your unification with all the nine planets.
  66. Sanjeevani unified with the Sun becomes MritSanjeevani and when this is activated unify this with your soul.
  67. With courage and fear choose one! - COURAGE. ShivYogis do not fear of being alone - merge!
  68. All gross forms have a soul (consciousness) When you merge with its consciousness it is nonduality.  All problems occur with duality (siddhis).
  69. All fear of ghosts is because you experience the conscoiusness of htat lower realm.
  70. Dhumavati energy is the female energy and does not have the male energy, which is very powerful. (Babaji shared that he used to feel blissful in her presence doing Dhumavati Maa Sadhana.
  71. Someone asked if one could do the Dhumavati Sadhana to which Babaji laughingly answered, "First do your sadhana and have nerves of steel and then you can do Dhumavati sadhana."
  72. You can create the highest consciousness just by bringing in the bhaav. Create intention for anything and everything.
  73. When you reach turiya avastha (God consciousness) then everything materializes in the physical realm.
  74. Everything is energy but every energy is not the same energy.
  75. Energy depends on the consciousness - lower consciousness energy can help in healing but then if given more it can create problem.  This is when one tap that kind of energy with grossness and limitations. It depends on the healer's sadhana level, mantra level and consciousness level. 
  76. White/silver light is confined to healing. In ShivYog with invvocation there is voilet light (pure energy) and it depends on how open you are. With first level of sadhana violet light emits - the ultimate healing energy. With days of further sadhana, this light becomes transparent violet light which is more powerful.  With shambhavi initiation, it becomes golden light (energy).  The atoms around you changes into God's divine rhythm. Who has golden light has Shiv.
  77. You can ascend Pitras with golden light but again bhaav is important.  We are rini (indebted) to our ancestors and we have to do this.
  78. The size of a chakra is 1 feet 12 inches.
  79. You can repay me back by making your life very beautiful.
  80. Use the powers given to you or else it is a waste.

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