Why it can be difficult to heal oneself and loved ones

The Master once said, "Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ourselves the cause of the illness of our loved ones."This is a very deep astounding statement, for many times the loved ones, may be completely dependent on the individual and may not really approve of the ways of the individual but in vain suppress helplessly, it order to avoid external conflicts and in the due course develop illnesses, since almost every disease is psychosomatic. Even good healers can suffer from it, for they may easily heal others but find it hard when it comes to healing themselves or loved ones due to this entanglement called attachment, that again roots from the strong karmic debts.Many times healers try to heal their loved ones without being fully reflective or aware if they are themselves in some way contributing to that problem of the loved one, where the healer is desperately trying to heal. Shift into awareness and check. 💛✨

Message from a Saadhak

Gratitude and love to a Saadhak who sent a message to all Saadhaks.

ShivYog Healing Blessed By Babaji and Holy Siddhas
From: Shivyog Sadhak 

!! Namah Shivay !!

Dear ShivYog Sadhaks and all the people having Faith in ShivYog Healing and having faith in Param Pujya Babaji and Guruma today I would like to share a very divine experience with the intention of making your faith more strong in ShivYog Healing.

After deciding a lot the decision was made to share this divine experience with you all which will surely help people in having a powerful faith in ShivYog healing.

Till now we have always sent healing requests to this Divine group and many have got benefitted from this Nish Kam Seva done by Hundreds of Sadhaks on this group. But we have never known how healing works and How Pujya Babaji and the Divine Beings help Humanity by Healing the people.

Most of us have seen Bhagwati Sanjeevani Maa from the Krilian Photography snaps uploaded on this groups Photo section. But please read the following with full devotion and Faith.

With the supreme grace of Paratpar Shiv, Babaji, All the Siddhas and all the divine beings while healing the people of this group I and my Sadhak friends always visualize that all the people who need healing (who have posted a request on this group) are sitting on chairs in a line and Bhagwati Sanjeevani Maa is flowing on all of them.

But here I narrate one very profound experience:
Once during sadhana, I was blessed to see a Divine view of what all was happening. I could literally see Pure Golden Energy forming a circle around all the people sitting on the chairs who needed healing and when avahan was done for all the siddhas and Babaji to come and heal these people, within seconds these people who needed healing were surrounded by thousands of Siddhas all in red robes (like our Babaji) including our Pujya Babaji, and all were healing the people of this group with their Pure Golden Energy. There was so much energy created that I was not able to see it for long. But the scene was so divine and has created a feeling of Happiness in my Heart.
I Thank Babaji and all the Holy Siddhas for healing this group people every day with their unconditional love and Bhagwati Sanjeevani Shakti.

There are certain things which I thought are necessary to mention along with this mail:

1. Question: People may say that if so much healing is done then why did a specific person did not get the required effects after putting their names on this group for healing?
Answer: My question to such people is "Why did others benefit when you couldn't?". Understand that every person has his or her own Karmic Factor and beliefs and we never know how strong that karmic factor is. If this Karmic factor is very strong then it will take some more time to heal. And at times the karmic factors are so strong that a person is suggested to attend Babaji’s Shibir to get healed soon. Babaji often mentions about this in his Shivirs that “Agar dava chahiye to Doctor ke pass jao, mein to Sadhana sikhata hu, agar Sadhana karke apne Karmo se mukti pana chahate ho to mere pass aana”.This has a very deep meaning that I would like to take an oppurtunity to explain.

Every problem/situation in our life has been created by us by our thoughts and actions of past lives. People due to ignorance always blame others for their misery. Such people take things too seriously and personal and refuse to accept their own mistakes or even consider such a thing could have possibly been created by them. When people have lot of such deep negative impressions and resentment towards others, they manifest in the form of various disease, fights, situations they may not like. Of course you need someone to act as a medium to administer the pain and suffering “you” have created and we blame this or that person for those problem. This starts a chain reactions as you crib on creation of one bad situation after another, more blames follow and which are followed with more suffering Loop.

Babaji's favorite quote for such situation is “Mein hi apna beri Muaa” (I am the enemy of myself).
So as Sanjeevani shakti does not just work on Physical level but also on all five bodies, it needs that in order to clear those negative energy debris, from your higher bodies, your willingness to forgive others. If you do so, you will be amazed how soon that problem vanishes and some sort of peaceful settlement is arrived at. Failure to forgive and forget hurts no one except you. So Babaji always say to forgive even your enemy as he was just a medium and he has in fact come to release you from that Karma by enabling you to undergo it thereby releasing it because you failed to forgive and give Unconditional Love in the first place.

Thus request all (Sadhaks and non-Sadhaks/Healees) to give lots of Unconditional Love to all Living Beings. Since many people forget such basic things, we have already added the above practice as part of the healing process, thus every time a Sadhaks sits to do Healing Sadhana and sends healing to people on this group's Calendar, he is simultaneously also healing Mother Earth, and all living beings past, present and future and All Healees and Sadhaks on this group. How profound and easy it is to pray for all in one sitting. Can you think of anyone who cannot be one among the aforementioned list and still be your enemy? Not possible. So all Karmas get released before they manifest.

For Non-Sadhaks, please learn to Forgive and Forget, give Unconditional Love to everyone. You don't require Disksha for doing this. Unconditional Love is your natural state. Doing just this with Nishkam Bhav will help Maa Sanjeevani to heal you faster. Ultimately you are creator of your own Destiny. So failure to release those deep resentment is going to hurt only you.

I had explained the below to one of our distressed Sadhak who was in the grip of serious Karmic repercussions. Maybe it will help most of you as well:

If the Loan is taken of 1,00,000 Rs and if it is paid in thousands then it will surely take some time to repay the entire Loan. Does a seed planted in soil, grows into a plant immediately or takes some time? Similarly our karmic factors are the loan taken by us and the Good Karmas, Sadhana, NishKam Seva, Mantra Recitation and doing good deeds are the ways of repaying it. So continue your faith in healing and never miss a chance to do Nish Kam Seva like the one done in this Healing Group ShivYog healing. Never put any time limit or expectations on Healing, just absorb the Kripa flowing through you. If you resist, Maa Sanjeevani will return back and you will remain thirsty sitting at the river bank when others came and benefited in no time.

The persons willingness to accept healing also plays an important role.

2. Request: Nobody should have a feeling that they should also be able to see this or that as otherwise the attention of the healers will be directed in getting these experience which is wrong. Kindly have your full attention in Reciting the Mantra with love and doing the Sadhana as taught in ShivYog shibir by Babaji.

3. Do not bring Karta Bhav when doing Healing on this group or elsewhere. In fact mentally bow down to the people making Healing requests and thank them that they gave you an opportunity to serve them and do nishkam seva which helped you to release so many Karmas and grow spiritually besides those healees getting healed. Remember you are not the Healer. Karta Purush Ek hi hai. Karne wala WOH hai, you are just a medium, a person who can pray because your Guru-Babaji connected you. This thing in mind will help you grow spiritually and Ego-The greatest of all barriers will not arise.

Humble request:
I request all the Sadhaks to request Bhagwati Sanjeevani Shakti to flow to the people who need healing on this yahoo group shivyog_healing atleast for 5 to 10 minutes(ideally 1 hr Sadhana must be done ) every day before ending the sadhana. As Babaji has given us a platform to do Nish Kaam Sadhana and Seva so we should do this with full devotion and with unconditional love.

Kindly spread this message to all the Sadhaks who are not members of this group yet, to request Bhagwati Sanjeevani Shakti to flow to this group everyday for atleast 5 to 10 minutes which will heal many people quickly.

4. 1 more thing I would like to Add that while reciting the Mantra during Sadhana sing the Mantra with Love and Devotion and as if we are reciting it not for ourselves but with a feeling that we are reciting it so that Lord Shiv Shiva and Babaji are hearing it. This will have more powerful healing.

I have very less access to this mail account kindly do all communication to the shivyog_healing group only. (shivyog_healing@yahoogroups.co.in)                                   

!! Namah Shivay !!


  1. WOnderful article..Namah Shivaye

  2. Good one Jacob...

  3. Many thanks to the anonymous sender. Namah Shivaya..

  4. I have just learnt siddha dhyan healing and shambhavi healing from babaji. I gave healing to one couple whose relationship is not good among themselves, but everything has gone wrong :( The relationship has gone worst and husband is expressing to her that he wants to kill her...

    Please guide, is there something wrong.

  5. Namah Shivaya! Dont worry about it friend since your intent was good. We should not judge the result of the healing in the way we interpret it. Not necessary that after giving healing to a relationship it has to suddenly transform. There may be lot of karmic factors due to which it needs more healing. So continue giving healing.

    Rare cases, the healing means to part ways which is beneficial for both. So rather than giving healing to the result of bringing them together, give healing with the intent and prayer to heal the unresolved issues between them.

    And dont worry, nothing goes wrong in healing when your intention has to be pure and loving. Namah Shivaya!


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