Friday, May 21, 2010

Living With Non-ShivYogis

This article is for the sadhak who asked to write an article on how to deal with people who are non-ShivYog sadhaks, especially the people at home. Hoping that this article that reflects more of my personal experiences may help. These are only expressions of my views with an only intention to provide a fraction of Babaji's teachings and love, to whom I am ever grateful.

It is very interesting for some and frustrating for some sadhaks who are now acquainted with living in a different world - a world of Babaji's love but at the same time also have to share the "old" world which they previously lived in and are no more comfortable in. In reality both are not two but the same physical world but nonphysically a spiritual and a nonspiritual person reside on two different planes of consciousness. I can write a bit on this because of my personal experiences in the journey of spirituality for as long as six years now and experiences after joining ShivYog more a year back. In both, life has been pretty exhausting and difficult until I realized the technique of coping with both worlds by the grace of Babaji. About for six long years I struggled in desperation and frustration not knowing how to navigate through a world of all types of people, especially non-spiritual people. Somewhere before the "awakening" of the truth of life, my life was a very merry one constantly engaged in alcohol, cigarettes and even through phases of chewing tobacco and relishing nonveg almost on a daily basis. My days ended with friends in a bar post 8 p.m. till about midnight in our favorite bar and I easily puffed up more than a pack of cigarettes. I quit these habits many times only to return back to it after a couple of weeks, days or even sometimes hours. At that time, the world was fun and there were no actual problems in life apart from a few little things. Friends were plenty and life went on, until the day when certain facts dawned upon me and life turned hard on many issues. Pondering over the meaning of life, I really got inspired to get to the core of the "truth". Till then everything went fine. But the moment spiritual things caught my attention and a few little changes started happening, there began some noticeable changes I found things getting harder. Nevertheless, I persisted trying to get "cleaner". Slowly as my patterns changed, my lifestyle changed. I surprisingly noticed that everything around also started changing. Friends started moving away one by one, either by a fight or misunderstanding or simply unwillingness to move ahead together any more. I was confused. Internally I knew that things are right but externally I saw and felt that things are going wrong. Soon the attitudes of people changed. I started encountering problems of every sort coming up in the form of hurdles and obstacles in whatever I did. In a matter of 4 to 5 years, things completely changed. I saw a complete new set of very few friends. My lifestyle had completely changed. All things that did not suit to my new energies had vanished. I had quit the job as things were getting too much on nerves with office politics. Things like these were becoming unbearable and I just snapped away from such situations. I realized that I never felt like drinking or smoking and these habits just abandoned me all of a sudden, something which previously used to be a struggle. All the while I was digging into lot of books and information on the internet that kept me informed of why these things are happening. I learnt that I was embodying the new light into my body and as it happened, anything impure and not matching the new vibrations had to leave. But I held on to things (negative) dearly because I had spent a conscious lifetime with them and felt insecure letting go. I learnt that the more I held them dearly the more I suffered in forms of physical, mental and emotional traumas. I wondered in anger why does these things have to happen in spite of me trying to do only good? The more I wanted to do good or become good the more problems came up. Slowly, life snatched things away from me, one by one, that I held on dearly. I researched more and found that like things attract the like and thus like-consciousness attracts like-consciousness. When I deeply contemplated I knew that all the people or things that were no more around me, never matched my frequency, thinking, views, or vibrations. I continued struggling knowing that something is still wrong somewhere because I was still suffering. If things are meant to be for good, why was I suffering? 

These enlightening experiences did not stop causing trouble though for I learnt that even the flaws in me attracted similar situations and people which later caused trouble in me. Though I knew that I was on the right track something still lingered in my mind that the pressure and "torture" should not be this way if I am on the right track. Something still lacked somewhere. That is when another series of blow happened in my life and I was knocked out completely to conclude that spirituality is a problem. I read that it is not an easy path. There are lot of challenges in the path. But still deep inside I was not ready to accept that the divine that is so pure and the truth that is so pure actually gives problems when one embraces it. During these days of confusion and turmoil I came across my guru Bade Baba, who later guided me to Shivanand Avdhoot babaji.  (Read How I came into ShivYog)

Please note that the above experiences are deliberately put up here and it does cover the tittle of this article.

After coming into ShivYog everything started unwinding and I got to know why these obstacles were happening. I got to know that only things that matched our vibrations get close around us and that gave me some peace and contentment. I was somewhere happy that it was my creation for if I change my ouitlook things also have to change. I then got into a world of my own where it was shut away from all other negativities or sources of suffering. Surprising, these changes kept me even relocating to different locations in the city I reside in. I initially thought it was a problem but later I understood why this is happening. I was knowingly or unknowingly being drawn towards things, people and places that vibrated at my level - and this was and is happening constantly. Happening with every thought that is emitted. It is simply creating reality!

I learnt here that I was creating everything, every second, with my thoughts. The more I repented or fussed about things I did not want, the more I was creating a foundation for such things to happen in life. The more I questioned and doubted the process, the more troublesome and painful the journey got to be. I had spent 5 years into this experimenting process and I thought if I had only come under the grace of Babaji then, I would not have wasted this time. But then something assured me that everything happens at the right time and everything around is divinely in perfect order. Entering into ShivYog only meant more of practice and living with what Babaji taught. This intensified the  "troubles" with people who did not match my vibrations. Thankfully, by this time I had realized through so many past experiences that all people are not the same. All people of all religion and practices are not the same. Why religion, even people within the same practice and even under the same guru are not the same, though they all may look to be same. In ShivYog, I realized that everyone's level of consciousness are totally different, even among sadhaks. That is why we can see indifferences even with people practicing the same sadhana. Babaji says, "It is not necessary that what I say will be taken in the exact way by everyone. Everybody will take it and interpret it according to their own level of consciousness." Now, this can be seen across all religions and faiths where the masters and saints were interpreted is  so many different ways. Babaji says, "Even a guru who appears to be true to one appears to be a fraud to another." The truth is what it is, but every soul has it's own perception of truth. I realized this and found it in people around me.

Many criticized and mocked me of getting into ShivYog. They all said I have become a baba. Some friends mockingly called me Sri Sri Sri.  Some called swamiji.  Some said I have gone mad. Some discussed among themselves and came to a conclusion that the problems in my life have driven me off mind. Some said I was running away from life. Some said that I am doing right but must do this in my old age. Some said they understand what I am doing but they advised me to do it in limits. Some said this is the time to enjoy life. Some said I was heavily influenced by some baba. Some warned me that I should test the path and guru in all ways before I walked it. Some said I have ruined my life. Some who could not say anything in front of me kept just mum with a constant expression of dissatisfaction and disapproval of what I was doing. Some just stopped talking with me. Some prayed for me. Some felt helpless because they wanted to help me but they could not. Some felt insecure and felt they have lost me. Some felt threatened as I was a Christian and did something very awkward. Some just left me alone. Some had wide grins when a few spiritual heads were in the media for some allegations. The "some" also included my own near and dear ones at some point. But whatever the "some" thought or behaved, not one asked me anything directly because they knew my answers would hurt them. I had nothing to bother about any amount of "somes" in my life by now because I had decided to walk the path. Moreover I had strong conviction in what I expressed because I surely knew what I was saying or writing.

This stage was full frictions and repulsions. I was still not happy because I knew that this is not how it should be. Babaji many times assured that you will have everything better around you and here everything was so different. I started explaining to people how what I am doing is not wrong and I am on the right path. I tried to show negative people this path and terribly failed. Things actually went bad when I even attempted. Then was the time messages from Babaji made me realize that I should be more focussed on what "I am" rather than what "others are". Moreover, I had a conviction that if I am doing right then nothing else should matter. Finally I understood Babaji's message, "Be an alchemist!" An alchemist is one who does not try to convince others but first changes himself with the power of which others transform. Such is the power of alchemy." Then I learnt the very good art of keeping my mouth shut and not trying to convince or advice until I was asked. I simply did what I had to do. My sadhana, my job, my activities, and all the things I enjoyed without still compromising on ethics. People continued causing trouble for me when I did not go the way they wanted me to, but this time I just moved away and kept doing what I had to do, without holding any grudge towards anyone. I realized that people are not bad at all. They do things because of the held psychic impressions, in brief they are acting as per their karmas. Babaji says, "His karma is with him and your karma is with you. Be interested in your karma." He also says, "Do not try to change or manipulate anyone for you do not know their soul agenda. You do not have right to interfere in their karmas." He warned many times, "The biggest sin is to control anyone's life or to curb someone's independence." So Babaji says to allow others to be as they are and it comes in his main teachings - ACCEPT people the way they are.

With acceptance will there be an end to problems? No. Because even if you accept and do not try to change others, it is not necessary that they will accept you as you are and will not try to change you or create obstacles for you. In such cases the best is to avoid unnecessary confrontations or arguments that our egos will want us to do. However, right one may feel, it is not guaranteed that fighting or arguing about it will convince. Rather the outcome of this should be surrendered. Whether they understand or not it is not important what is important is that we don't react and fall into the temptation of a tit-for-tat remedy. Allow them to be themselves. Here, is where the practice of acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love comes into picture. By now, I was sure that Babaji simply was not preaching these three things. Finally, I realized that it was the lack of these three things that created a complicated spiritual journey for these six-plus years of mine. Though this may be hard to immediately practice on the outer front, including it in our daily sadhana regularly will help a lot. As internally these three teachings penetrate its roots, our external conditions also start changing. Many find it difficult because these three things are attempted to be directly practiced externally without much of sadhana. Just trying to think good about enemies or just thinking of hugging someone who caused you pain is never easy. Those impressions have to be released and those negative karmas of previous times have to be released and then things start changing externally. This happens only with regular sadhana, which babaji consistently emphasizes. "Sadhana, Seva, Sankirtan." (read more on this)

So, it is quite obvious that things might not fall into place immediately. There will be times of opposition, frictions, arguments or unexpected reactions from other people in the family. One thing to be noticed here carefully is that a practicing ShivYog sadhak is full of positive energies and is constantly emitting this energy. Any negative energy (person) around may find it intolerable and thus not cooperate with you immediately. Also there may be adverse reactions from members who are given healing. It has to be known here that it is they negativities that are surfacing and is their healing process. Moreover sadhaks who themselves are now transformed and see negativities and reactions totally from a different view in their own selves will not find these similar reactions coming from others as right. It is a testing time for sadhaks also because this is the time one has to be more loving and more patience. Concentrate more on UCL, acceptance and forgiveness in the sadhana. There are numerous sadhaks who have expressed these non-supportive reactions at home after returning home after shivirs, which shows this is a common phenomenon. Even the person towards whom you send love and healing may at first react a bit different but be persistent anyways, continue healing and sending love. In some cases, people who are very negative may be moved away from you creating some situations. Babaji says, "When you make yourself fully positive, either of the two things will happen -  either people will be transformed due to your positivity or they will drift far away."

Here, I wish to emphasize that one should not focus on drifting people away. One should only focus on self-purification and not try at all to change anyone around in spite of the temptation to do so. Only good should be sought for everyone. Everything should be with an act of surrender and natural. Patience play a very, very important role here. One has to understand that even sadhaks emit negativity in the process of self-purification and healing. In shivirs one can notice what happens when Babaji's energies are high for some. Carrying this understanding towards all other human beings will assist one in extending the patience. Not reacting to the negativities is an advantage because eventually the person will realize they cannot disturb your peace of mind. One fine day, they will give up. Still if your positivity is strong and continues, they are bound to transform.

What I have personally noticed is that it becomes easier if we practice ourselves and reach a stage where nothing can disturb us. This is where Babaji's "Jis vidhi raakhe, us vidhi rahiye" and "Har haal mein khushi" comes to rescue. Getting too emotional for others will never help as it will only cause misery to you and them. Taking things from a more responsible view helps. If one's situation with others are too overwhelming, then the best thing is not to meddle much with it and call for Babaji's help. Surrendering to Lord Shiva and asking him to guide and bless you in this situation will surely put things as to what is for your highest good. For anything, patience is the best policy. What seems deterioration to us or bad-to-worse for us is only our interpretation. The outcome and the situational demands should be surrender to the Divine with an act of surrender. I have had many such testing times and in times when things do not go my way or do not go according to what I wonder should have happened, all I do is remember Babaji's "Har haal mein khushi" and "Jis vidhi raakhe us vidhi rahiye." and it has to help a great deal.  In any circumstances DO NOT stop sadhana or healing. DO NOT get disappointed or frustrated. Even if this happens, remember that you are on the path and get back on it quickly. Know that negativities are waiting to pull you down at any given instance and you would not want them to succeed at any cost. As I end this Babaji's voice thunders in my head "Be an alchemist!"

The experiences may look going off the track with the tittle of this article but I have deliberately put it here because every bit covers the same topic, it will only reflect as to what you are looking for in this page :)

Will write more on this after I get back from the Goa Shivir; my train will be here in a couple of hours.  Gotta go :)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Questioning Mind

The mind is a great tool to achieve what we decide to achieve but the same mind sometimes becomes the greatest obstacle. Obstacle because of the logic conditioning, conditioning due to psychic impressions that one keeps creating with every thoughts, words and actions, and even engraving it further strongly by repeated thoughts, words and actions. The mind becomes the slave or these repeated deeds by what we commonly know as habit. Habit is nothing but a strong imprint on the mind by an action that is done repeatedly in a similar fashion and done very consciously until a stage comes where there is no conscious effort needed; the same action starts working on its own without any conscious effort and that is what we call as habit. Today, you drove your car, you rode your bike. Can you tell how many times you applied the gears, brakes, accelerator before you finally reached the destination? Nope? Obvious, because one doesn't need to keep an account of all that. But don't you think it is risky to drive without being cautious? Yes. Then how come you never gave attention to these driving techniques? How many times have you left home to your destination in some deep thought and found yourself reach your destination without your mind even having to think a bit about which road you are going to take and how neatly you navigate through the crowd and traffic? Your mind is busy in that something but still your hands and legs and eyes do the needful. You don't have to plan and operate the vehicle every moment. You were somewhere else, then is it that was driving skillfully and safely?

Your subconscious mind! The subconscious consists of all those impressions that you created repeatedly over a period of time, consciously. Means, you did not overnight master that skill. You eventually learned to drive. While learning you were attentive every single moment on what you are doing on your vehicle. You did things consciously and intensionally. You did it repeatedly so many times that at one point you did not have to do it actively, your subconscious took over. Now a very important question. If someone asks you to forget driving, can you? 

Same way is attempting to get rid of negative thoughts overnight. Those negative thoughts never came in overnight also. They were repeated so many times again and again that they caught strong roots in the subconscious by now.  The thoughts and actions that you do everyday and every moment is being absorbed by your ever-active subconscious mind. So the more negative things you do again and again the more stronger they become holding on to you creating your samskaras (psychic impressions). The sum total of these impressions is what you are right now, your attitude, your personality, your character, your interests, your habits, your mentality, your temperament, your lifestyle, your reactions, your happiness, your sufferings, and in one word - YOU. So you are nothing but every bit of what you think.

Blessings from numerous gurus come in the form of awakening to this understanding that we create thus our own problems and successes. Babaji is one that painstakingly explains these unintentionally unconscious acts due to which we end up getting entangled in our own web of self-woven challenges. Gratitude in all form to Babaji who teaches this in very simple terms so that one may easily understand how simple it is to get out of this web. He always stresses that if you have created one thing which you dislike it you can also create it's exact opposite. Creating the opposite is done by doing exactly the opposite of what you wish to get rid of. Thinking the opposite. Feeling the opposite. Believing the opposite. Being the opposite. This is all well known by now to the entire world that we need to train our minds and be the master of the minds rather than being slaves and thus holding the reins of our lives in all aspects of our life. But then one tries and tries. Tries to think good, do good, etc, but keeps getting disappointed in the struggle.

This article is intended to support the ones who are trying and failing. Reasons can be many like not getting enough time, not feeling like doing it, not getting support, bad circumstances, poor health, lack of motivation and enthusiasm, being easily overcome by negativity, not able to concentrate, etc, etc. There could be hundreds of such reasons why though one understanding that thinking positive and good can re-create one's ill conditions. In today's times, things are more challenging and obstacles to doing anything positive or staying positive is a real task. This is the time when it should dawn to one that only trying with our vigor and might is not really enough. This is the time one needs to know that one needs help. Help that has ever been waiting since so many lives but one never really thought of it or did not realize it. This is the time to know and notice the selfless beings suddenly popping up in this era of Kalyug. Emerging with the source of light and truth with unconditional love in their bosoms with total humbleness. Emerging as Gurus. They were always there since you ever existed but now they are being seen and noticed. Noticed clearly in the 3D realm, in the gross form, the form which appeases our minds as a proof of their presence. Yet, the cloud of doubts and fear arise. But then, now you know where they arise from? The same old logic mind. The same old psychic impressions. The same old stock where we carved and engraved the negative emotions to an extent where all we see are these hard emotions of fear and doubt.

One will easily know that along with other increasing challenges one faces in life, this challenge of fear and doubt of our transformation also becomes major obstacles. It is a pitiful state indeed where to even erase one's own negative impressions one still has to doubt and fear one's own self. This is where things become more worse. Even when the guru is found, there are doubts. Even in every practice for a beginner there are doubts, there is fear. Doubt of whether one will succeed and fear of the processes one much go through. The bitter fact is that there is no easy way out for one must face oneself and be victorious of overpowering one's challenges by self-effort.

Now, the best part is that you are not alone! You don't have to do it alone! You don't have to keep finding new ways! You don't have to experiment for long periods of time with risks of success or failure! You don't have to take baby steps anymore! You don't have to lose heart or fear of a lonely struggle! You now have divine guidance - in the form of your guru. All that is now needed is your surrender and self-effort to follow the guidelines of your master. Not anything else - not even a bit of that logic mind - that questioning mind. Babaji's guidance and blessings, if taken in a total act of surrender, will erase all the questions of the mind. Many would still say that there are many questions to be cleared and they are full of it. How, when, what, where, who, how, etc. Though most of these questions are genuine and they are asked in total genuineness, what needs to be understood is that one needs to place self-effort before these questions. Questions erupt in the minds most of the time due to nonsurrender, lack of faith, and the logic doubt and fear.

Thus if one trusts the process of the Divine support one will practice patience.
With patience and trust one applies self-effort.
With self-effort one puts in practice.
With practice comes direct experience.
With direct experience all questions vanish.

So just with the trust in the guru and patience with his instructions (sadhana) everything will unwind and all questions will be answered by the Self. Babaji keeps mentioning, "There will be lot of questions when the mind is bahemukhi (outward). Go antarmukhi (inward) and you shall find everything there." All shall happen only with practice. So, before practice one needs to first erase doubts in the practice.

The best part with Babaji is that he assists you, he does most of the job for you. You do not have to literally sit worrying about how many lifetimes you are going to be around clearing up the karmic mess you created out of ignorance? Babaji's does most of the cleansing in the shivirs thus making it very easy for one to start practicing the methods of self-purification and liberation. Liberation even while being in the physical body, from all unhappiness and liberation after leaving the body, not to return back into the physical body again, to get out of the birth-death cycle. If you have not yet witnessed it, do witness it by attending his shivirs rather than sitting back and doubting the process and doubting your own worth in this challenging process of freedom from miseries of the mind. With Babaji's deeksha comes a subtle connection that strengthens into a bond in the form of unconditional love, healing, guidance, support and protection at all times. Babaji's blessings and grace is very powerful and does not only motivate one to move towards the final destination but also making the journey also pleasant, energetic and worthwhile.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making the best of ShivYog

Babaji has now increased the number of shivirs than he was doing before and had mentioned in the beginning of the year 2010 to make the best use of this year. Babaji is doing his best to reach out to as many people as possible and at the same time it is not just his intentions but the intentions of the growing number of sadhaks. If the collective need for babaji's blessings are strong from any geographical location, he is there soon. He also makes sure that he reaches out to far locations atleast once in a year for he knows sadhaks are waiting for him. Babaji is at his full best to what he can contribute to the society, to planet earth and to existence itself. He is fully geared with his powerful stance and looks, ready to pour out love and grace at the slightest move.

It is a great blessing for mankind that gurus are emerging all around with an attitude of selfless service and a determined attitude to ascend all beings and thus ascend the planet itself. It is commendable to see gurus showering their grace, teaching man to take control of life, healing people's emotional, mental and physical needs, bringing people on track, driving away negative entities, teaching people hatta yoga to keep the physical body fit, teaching people sadhana to enrich their lives and move towards their goal of liberation from birth and death cycle, teaching people to love and forgive, teaching people to have more fulfilling relationships, revealing to people their own vices and thus helping them overcome it, giving people mantras to help curb their negative situations, boosting the morale and confidence of all those seriously wanting enlightenment, practically demonstrating by living what they preach, setting up ashrams and retreats for creating an environment conducive for spirituality, teaching everyone to share what they have with fellow beings, bringing out secrets ever hidden since ages in vedic scriptures out to the human for their benefit, and what not all to enhance their spiritual growth!! Gratitude and love to all the siddhas and gurus of the world for their unshakable support in physical and nonphysical forms!

It is now up to the human beings to make the best use of this period. Humans only, because only humans have the power to chose and to do karma (deed). If humans take enough responsibility on this, then all other living beings also will benefit because humans have the power to manifest for the entire Universe. A collective mass of people projecting the same goal become a very powerful tool to manifest the same outcome for the entire creation. The more people get on to a common goal the more faster they are attracted into reality. This is the best time to make use of this great boon of unlimited support and help from divinity.

For ShivYog sadhaks, Babaji's shivirs are the best place to take the maximum benefit of soul evolution. Babaji speaks a lot in general but deep within those words and actions are hidden pearls of enlightenment. The best way to benefit from his shivirs are to go with a humble act of surrender. While one surrenders to the outcome of the shivir, one must make sure one is "alive" all the time to grasp every single word that he says. Alive means to be alert and awake. The logic mind must be left at home. If one succeeds in leaving the logic back and going with total surrender there is an enormous amount of energy that takes care of what needs to be taken care within you. Because your logic does not now control you, the divine takes charge of you. It knows what is best for you; the logic may not know - for the logic is what you have inherited and cultivated through your hard toiling through different phases of life. Logic is not necessarily the truth but it is just the perception of your truth in life. The way your mind has set up its boundaries, rules, theories, excuses, methods, etc, etc. In simple words they are a bundle of confusion. In more simpler words it is because of logic that you are where you are or what your are. So the logic must not be carried anymore into the shivir. At the same time the logic left behind must not be collected back when one returns. The energies that one carries back from babaji will not allow to take back the logic if one has fully taken in the blessings but in the period of time one can slowly revert back. One has to be extra careful on this. In many cases, one forgets where one left the logic or after returning one may not find the logic alive anymore but all that depends on the quality of surrender and grace taken. If the surrender and craving for changing oneself is very strong, then the karmic layers that created the logic vanishes and thus vanishes the logic too!

Effort should be made to be in the high energy field of the shivir and to keep absorbing every atom of Sanjeevani. Avoiding unnecessary talks, arguments and other distracting activities are a boon to receiving the energy. Within the first day itself, the entire atmosphere in the vicinity of Babaji changes and there is a cloud of bliss showering the rain of peace and tranquility. The most encouraging part in Babaji's shivir is that no matter what one may be or no matter how much ever negativity one holds, they just don't seem to affect or work anymore in Babaji's presence. This high-field energy remains in the venue even after Babaji leaves for break or for the day. One should enjoy even those invisible forces dancing there in his physical absence.

As babaji mentions always one should try to attune with his nonphysical self than longing to be with his body, asking questions just for the sake of asking, or trying to gather his physical attention in any manner. Babaji teaches the art of merging with everything in nature, merging the rhythm of your body to any body in nature, merging the rhythm of your soul to any soul in nature, merging your consciousness with any consciousness in nature. If this can be done, do it with your guru. In shivirs, one should try to be merged with him as though you and he are not separate. It is my personal experience that the bliss that you get in his acknowledgement in the nonphysical cannot be compared with physical acknowledgement. Babaji is not what he just seems to be. He seems to be a a human person, a spiritual person, sitting there and talking to all and teaching all and healing all. It is more than that. He is present with all at every moment. The moment one gets into that mode of merging with his consciousness one will notice this.  I have had this personal experience in one of the shivir where I was experimenting conversing with him in the shivir nonphysically and when the results were coming I was not very sure of it (the logic!!) I kept on trying and one moment I found my soul bowing with folded hands in gratitude to him while my physical body was erect and apt in listening to what he was saying. Immediately babaji turned towards me and with a bright smile made a slight bow as though to acknowledge my greeting and I was thrilled and shocked too (rather my logic was shocked and soul was thrilled.) From then, I always thought naughtily in my mind, "Babaji, you are just not what you seem to be."

But when one is just sitting there listening to him or watching him on TV, he looks so simple. Just another being sitting there and "preaching". The times when I am disconnected or in my own logic world all I see is a human being sitting and talking something. I think that is where the entire difference lies. That is why people keep going for pravachans from their gurus and remain in the same miserable state they were years back. The connectivity is missing. It is not the guru's verbal communication that makes the subject enlightening, but it is the quality of your connection to the guru at that moment of time. When the connections are missing or logic is strong, this can be easily seen when Babaji on and often says, "Believe me!" "Trust me!" "I am saying the truth!" "Blindly follow what I say!" This is not what he says to you but it is what he constantly says to your logic!  These psychic connections can be made with any human being or any living thing or any consciousness if one understands the merging process what Babaji teaches.  Here also, this merging process looks like just a method. It is not! It is the biggest secret of how saints and masters conquered everything and displayed feats of "miracles". Because this is the biggest secret of becoming one with everything and merging into everything and thus being that very thing also. These words from Babaji look just another set of instruction or just another method of sadhana if one is not connected. If there is connection then the deepness of every word can be linked to miracles and wonders of the mysteries of life. So when Babaji says, "I have come here to reveal the secret of ancient masters with you and empower you" he 100% means what he says.

If you find this article helpful please pass on the link to as many new and yet-to-become sadhaks.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sadhak's Experience

An excerpt from Bramhalok put up here with the intention of sharing a sadhak's experience.
Babaji always says, “Love everyone who comes to you. Never never hate anyone. If someone is coming to you, it is either because he has some pending Karmas with you or he needs help and is looking up to you. Don’t shout at him. He needs help. Shower your Unconditional Love on him/her. Help him in WHATEVER way you can. Just in case you can’t, don’t hush him over, lovingly say no but with equal respect as you give to yourself. It is his karmas that he is a Dog or a beggar today, in one of his lives, he might very well have been a King”.
I always tell myself when the ego/Logical part of me tries to overtake my Compassionate part. “Dude, you are doing Sadhana, healing, helping etc. What have you got in return. The problems in your life are as it is. If all the spiritual practice you are doing is Nishkam then how and who is going to wipe out your Karmas and when?”. Until a long time I had no answer to this but was blindly following what my Guru had taught me. He always taught me to give Unconditional Love. Not used to doing so, I tried doing it with some fits of such Logical thinking kicking in esp. when I used to feel low and numerous times I had the urge to give up Shivyog and either go to some forest or maybe die a slow death or becoming a rebel.
Then one day, when I was doing Sadhana, engulfed in all such thoughts and questions, I had asked Babaji what to do. A voice came “If you are doing Nishkam Seva and Sadhana, you must never feel the need to receive something in return. This ability to do something for someone. Isn’t it already a Grace? Can you bring Sanjeevani by your own efforts?”. I answered “Yes I understand. But how do I stop these greedy thoughts that come to me?”. Babaji appeared called me by my name and said “You feel/expect something in return is due to Sanskars. We all are habitual to do so. Every time we do something, we have waited in anticipation for something to happen. There is nothing wrong with it but in case of Nishkam Seva, don’t do so. I will tell you a secret way to solve this. Whenever you do something for others with a Nishkam Bhav then think how much happiness that person must have felt when you prayed for his healing him which got him healed, gave him money(in case of beggar) or how much happiness a hungry person must have felt when you bought him food which filled his stomach. Now Feel this happiness that, that person is feeling. As strongly as you can. Be happy in the Happiness of others, your logic mind will never ask for its due as you have already received that happiness as Grace. Happiness is within don’t search it outside but it is within…unlimited. Since that day, I have never felt the need of wanting something in return. Pure Nishkam seva has been a daily practise of several Shivyog Sadhaks and I am happy I have found the way to circumvent my logic mind.
Message for all it to keep an eye open, watchout for the fourth element i.e Wind shakeout, then ether shakeout so do as much spiritual practice and live life as if today is your last day on earth. Love everyone who comes into contact with you. MUST love your family members-they are the best link to your past. give everything you can, money, love, things, learn not to say No to them. Do this and be Happy.
The effects of Elements will be swift and at times also brutal, pray for one and all. But don’t react negatively. Send positive energy to the whole of Mother Earth. The shakeout is going to be very strong globally. Trust me only good is going to happen so do as much Nishkam sadhana as you can.
May all be protected by the Elements from their shakeout.
See you in 4th Dimension in 2012..
Namah Shivay.
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