Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Melodies for Babaji

Dedicating this song to Babaji, singing in gratitude and love for Babaji's love and guidance. Let us offer this very small offering to Babaji on the event of Guru Poornima.

This song was made keeping our two dear Babas in mind, so it can be sung to both with are nothing but the two forms of one :)

                                    Bhole Baba                            &                        Shivanand Baba

In the month of Guru Purnima, where disciples offer gratitude to the guru, here is a piece of composition to our beloved Babaji.

This song was born one May night when I was watching the ShivYog telecast on Aastha at 11:30 p.m., with the guitar and a thought came to the mind of humming a tune for Babaji. So, began humming some tune and soon there flowed a beautiful rhythm. Not to lose it, I recorded the tune and rhythm on the cell and was done with it. After a few weeks this idea was shared on orkut, where I wanted the lyrics for this song. The song was already penned down one afternoon, but was not sure if it made sense, so shared it with other sadhaks, who readily offered their poetry for the lyrics for which I am very grateful. However, since the tune already was composed, not all of the lyrics rhymed. I found Preet's lyrics matching this tune and merged it with what I had written. I remain thankful to other sadhaks - Preeti, Shalender, Gaurav,  and Atul for joining my enthusiasm with their words. I preserve your lyrics  for future compositions, if it happens.

Finally, I made a raw recording on the iPod just to check out how the song sounded and put up this post for feedbacks. Thanking all those who encouraged and corrected and gave their suggestions and advices on improvisation wherever needed.

There are two versions of this song made; one using percussion with a peppy rhythm and the other version a little slower track of the same song. The peppy version is being worked upon and will put it up by Guru Poornima, but now uploading the slower version which is also beautiful in its own way. There is less percussion in this and is more rich in melodies with trumpet, strings, guitar, bells, hats and cymbals, trumpet, piano, various indian percussions, claps, flute, bass, and temple bells. Lot of effects on voice and instruments have been tried. This song is certainly not the typical bhajan type - I have taken the liberty of creating it without much worrying about giving it a monotonous religious flavor but things just went on being created and it was let to happen as it came up.

Lots of gratitude to Babaji for inspiring me for this song, guiding me throughout the song and recording and I am myself surprised as to where it began and where it ended. The song has Babaji's three very short words in between that would serve as a reminder and message to sadhaks..

Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba
Tum jeevan humare
Tum sabse ho pyare
Tumse hi jeevan mein hai roshni
Tum andhiyare mein ho chandini
Tu hi laakhon ki hai zindagi
  Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Zindagi ki ik mod pe tum aathe ho
Khushiyon ki bhavchaarein sang laathe ho
Sabke sukh mein hi apna sukh paathe ho
Saath chalke pyaar hi pyar barsaathe ho
Badi baathein badi pyar se sikhathey ho
  Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Tumne jeeven mein bhar diye ithne ujiyale
Ek pal mein hi karamo ko nasht kar daalein,
Kithne sankato ko tumne hai taalein
Agyantha mein meri aankhen tum khole
Tum hi ho mere sab kuch, mere Shiv bhole
Tum hi ho mere shivyogi matwalein
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

 Do let me know your views on the song. You may comment here or write to me at Thanks!
Song Title: Baba
Audio format: MP3 stereo
Video format: WMV
Copyrights: Creative Innovations
Composing, recording, mixing, editing, vocals: Jacob
Lyrics: Jacob/Preet 
Guitar Chords: Main line - D, C, D, G & G, C, C, G  & D, C, D, G    Stanza - D, G, D, C, G, A, D 
Instruments: No live instruments, all created electronically.
Download: Free

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Jyot se Jyot Jagao

Some cute and rare videos of sankirtan or devotion or expression of our practices in various different forms around the world.

Let us not take these are offenses but appreciate the different expressions of people around the world to the devotion they have to what they practice in life.

An attempt to combine all religion's expression of spirituality to the same divine, only seen and acknowledged by us in different manifestations.

The theme here is "Jyot se Jyot jagao....."

Note: Please play only one video at a time or things may slow down :) 

Also, sharing my own version here.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Healing the Healing Process

Important: These are just my views and guidelines that I use in my practice that I am sharing. Babaji says that it is your intention that makes everything possible. These points have been put up here only in case one is getting demotivated to heal or if one feels healing is not happening. Those who are already doing healing please continue to do so without allowing your logic to work too much on the points here. Remember, Babaji says there are no techniques and methods to ShivYog healing. It is just your pure intent and Sanjeevani just flows there on what you focus on.

With the grace and kindness of our Babaji, the blessings Shiv-Shiva bestows on all sadhaks who are initiated by our Guru. Our hearty gratitude to Him for his unconditional love and unconditional service for the upliftment of humanity.

Some things just came to my mind here today about the healing process. Why some are instantaneously healed and why some take time? Why some are instantaneously able to heal and some take time? The process of healing itself is a very blessed process and to enhance the healing there are some things that both the healer and healee should be aware of. Of whatever little knowledge I have about healing with the grace of Babaji, I would like to share some points that come to my mind that could enhance the process of healing.
  • Healing is a divine process and must be respected and performed with utmost love and respect.
  • Healing is pure and holy and requires the mind to be so to help connect with Babaji and the Divine for doing the needful.
  • Healing process involves lot of divine souls that also join hands in healing and acknowledging their presence with love and gratitude helps.
  • Feel every word in the invocation prayer taught by Babaji .
  • Merging with Babaji and becoming one and then sending Sanjeevani will enhance the healing.
  • As Babaji reminds, use the words "I will pray for you" instead of "I will heal you" for this takes off the egocentric mind taking the claim of "I" doing the healing.
  • As Babaji says, "Do not use techniques, just pray and request after the invocation" and Maa Sanjeevani will do the rest.
  • One should not try to force healing. Babaji says, "I am going to heal at any cost" will not be much effective than letting the process be not controlled and surrendered to the Divine to do the needful.
  • A sadhak is just the medium and not the healer. The process is like the mirror that reflects light from a torch and falls on the wall. Here the torch is the Divine and wall is the healee and the mirror is the sadhak.
  • Chanting the beej mantra in the mind is important during the process.
  • The more powerful the feeling of unconditional love the more powerful the flow of Sanjeevani.
  • The more powerful the connectivity of the sadhak with the Divine and the healee the more powerful the results.
  • Purer the intention more purer the healing.
  • The better one connects and merges with the beej mantra and Sanjeevani flow, the better the healing.
  • Following intuition helps as to when to start, how long to send healing, which areas to focus on, when to stop, etc.
  • The more healing one does the more one's healing power is enhanced and more healing takes place in the self.
  • Make a request to Maa Bhagwathi to go wherever your attention/awareness goes.
  • With regular practice, one improvises the healing process, thus eventually making it easy, gentle, simple and yet powerful.
Healing processes can be initiated in many ways. For one-to-one healing of physical ailments one could send Sanjeevani with request to Maa to heal by:
  • Visualizing the person between hands.
  • Visualizing the body part between hands.
  • Visualizing the person sitting in front of you.
  • Looking at the photo of the person needing healing.
  • Visualize the request of the person in writing, mail, etc.
  • For group/bulk requests pray to Maa to heal all those needing healing and visualize the email/letters and visualize them being flooded with Sanjeevani golden light.
  • If location and name is known, pray and send healing to the name/ location.
  • If no much details are available just make a humble intention for the healing to go to where it is intended to go.
  • The more details and information about the healee, the more better one can focus the healing, the better the process.
To heal Mother earth, along with the request to Maa sending healing by:
  • Visualizing the earth in between hands.
  • Visualizing the light spreading out from your body and covering your home, your locality, your city, your state, your country, your continent, the world, the entire earth, all planets, all galaxies, the Universe.
  • Visualizing the mountains, forests, oceans, rivers, farms, valleys, animals, plants, minerals, etc.
  • Visualize yourself merging into creation of nature and emitting out Sanjeevani into everything around.
To heal everything and anything from catastrophes to riots to situations just visualize strongly and pray to Maa radiating intensely the Golden light from your hands, agya chakra and anahata chakra.

Finally, gratitude should be offered genuinely. Gratitude to:
  • Babaji for having blessed us and been the carrier of grace from Lord Mahamruthunjaya. Thank Babaji for the blessings and initiation with the greatest gift of life - to heal self and others.
  • All Siddha gurus and masters who worked dedicated for generation of Sanjeevani shakti and who passed it so humbly to us for the only reason of helping mankind out of all sufferings.
  • Bhagwan Surya Narayan (if doing Mritsanjeevani) for the divine help and amplified healings.
  • All divine beings who were present with you for the healing.
  • All your spiritual guides and angels who helped you in spiritual progress.
  • Maa Sanjeevani for the privilege and honor or making you the medium to flow through to heal.
  • Lord Shiva/Lord Mahamruthunjaya for blessing you be the carrier of light and for all the healings and thus for the help in doing nishkaam seva.
  • Expressing gratitude wholeheartedly makes one eligible acknowledge one is receiving the grace and ability and thus entitles one for more blessings and power to carry the light.
 After the healing:
  • Never try to think any further about whether healing has happened or not or how it has happened.
  • Healing does not mean one has to see or feel something physically. Healing happens at more subtler levels.
  • When a positive feedback comes in, completely disassociate yourself with the results so as to not let the ego boost itself and destroy the nishkaam seva you have done. Ego also blocks the power the heal since the healing is all about unconditional love and selfless service.
  • When praises come in, humbly offer gratitude openly to the Guru and Divine to not let things get into the head.
  • As per Babaji one should never fall into the prey of letting people touch feet for if they surrender to "your healing" and touch your feet, they drop all their negative karmas at your feet. (Note: Touching feet of elders is completely different since this is offering respect).
  • Never lose hope or faith just because instant results did not show up or the person did not feel or see anything results with the five senses. 
There are lot of factors that facilitate healings:
  • Your sincerity in doing the healings.
  • Your purification. The more pure one is, the more stronger the healing is. So, healing self and purifying self first helps a great deal to help heal others. Both (self-healing and healing others can be practiced simultaneously).
  • Your pure intention to heal people towards whom there may be held up grudges or resentment deep within (especially in the family, relatives, friends) that subconsciously does not truly want to heal the other person. Best is to heal the self by first accepting, forgiving and unconditionally loving by releasing held up emotions.
  • The strong negative karma of the person requesting healing. This would require more persistent healings and patience from both ends.
  • The willingness of the higher self of the person requesting healing to be healed. Many a times they do not wish to be healed deep within (karmic factors).
Note that healings in some or the other way are always taking place. It may not be immediately seen but there are lot of things happening. Sometimes certain things might be interpreted as worsening wherein actually they are healing. Example: Nausea, diarrhea, fever, aches, etc happening after healing given is nothing but the body releasing negative stuff. So one should not immediately jump to conclusions that the healing is not working. It is always our interpretation that healing should work in the way we want to see it happen. Not necessary; the cosmic intelligence works its way up to the highest good of that person. For example, if healing is given for a person's good career, the person may suddenly notice increased problems with the current job to the extent that the person may resigning or be asked to leave. Here it is our interpretation of our mind that the healing has caused more "problems" instead, only to later see one getting a higher salary and a better job sometime later. Blessings in disguise work this way :) So it is very, very important to stay positive, happen what may. Reminds me of Babaji's words "Jis vidhi raakhe us vidhi rahiye" or "har haal mein khushi" or "Jo Shiv aagya".

As Babaji says, "Take 100% responsibility for yourself" it is always better to take responsibility with any obstacles occurring during the process. This will help rectify/improvise oneself without just feeling bad or blaming something else. Namah Shivaya..

For non-ShivYog sadhaks, you need to first take initiation (deeksha) from Babaji so that he makes you ready to become an instrument of healing and cleans you so that you can hold the high healing energies in your body. You will need to take the mantra deeksha after which Babaji installs the seed (beej) mantra in you to chant for any healing process (self or others). To be able to do all the above and be a healer and carrier of light to spread light, love and healing to the world, do attend a shivir. Change your life and change other's lives.

"Jyot se jyot jagao sadguru jyot se jyot jagao,
mera anter timir mitao, sadguru jyot se jyot jagao."

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ways to raise vibrations

We all are aware that to connect with the Divine, for healing, for feeling good, for being happy, for being peaceful, for being blissful, our vibrations need to be high. The higher the vibrations the better you feel and the better connections with higher dimensions. The lower the vibrations the more ill-feeling and the more sufferings and miseries. What happens more while we raise or lower our vibrations is that we get connected to similar vibrations around us. We attract towards us everything that vibrates at similar level. So vibrating higher one attracts and connects to positive people, divine beings, angels, guides and the more the level of vibrations one even attract and connect with ascended masters and eventually to God (the highest consciousness). These vibrations bring us everything positive that we desire in life.  Similarly, the lower the vibrations one ends up attracting and connecting to negative people around, negative entities and all those things vibrating from lower realms.

How does one raise or lower vibrations. Most of the time it is unconsciously that we raise or lower our vibrations. Fear, hatred, jealously, selfishness, anger, lust, resentment, sulking, guilt, grief, sorrow, despair, frustration, irritation, doubt, criticism, blame, dejection, etc pull down one's vibrations. The more of these emotions and reactions the more lower one vibrates. When one vibrates low one immediately attracts or gets attracted to everything vibrating lower. Here I have tried to list all possible negative abstracts and this is the only paragraph where this negative list will be mentioned for awareness as to how we lose our energy and get easily into lower vibrations.

Love, trust, compassion, goodwill, selflessness, laughter, forgiveness, letting go, cheerfulness, acceptance, etc raises one's vibrations. These are simple things that one can do to keep the vibration high. But of course when one has spent most of the life in most of the points mentioned in the negative ones, it becomes difficult to change gears suddenly. Like everyone knows that one has to stay cheerful, but the question is how? This article is written to add in more of things one can do or practice in daily life to raise vibrations. It is important to note that raising vibrations is not just enough, maintaining it is more important. This will come with regular practice of the things that can raise vibrations.

Many a times there has been questions raised by new sadhaks as to how to connect with divine beings? How to connect with Babaji? Babaji often says that one should not try to connect with him physically but connect with his soul. I have written earlier on this in the post Communication with Saints/Masters. But the very simple fact here is again one can only connect with higher vibrations and never with lower vibrations. Simply because Babaji is vibrating at very high vibrations. The more he vibrates the more he connects with higher dimensions and gets a share of those radiant energies that he shares with us. That is why saints and ascended masters are not visible with the physical eye because they are vibrating at a very high frequency. To see them means either one has to raise their vibrations or the masters have to lower their vibrations. Masters also do lower vibrations to make themselves visible in certain cases as Babaji mentions so many stories of the divine beings and saints showing up to people. But Babaji always teaches one to raise vibrations. All the sadhana that one does is to raise vibrations itself. As vibrations keep rising and more light is infused into the body and koshas everything that is of lower vibrations (disease, sorrows, hurt, etc) are transmuted to the positive energy.
Many times Babaji asks sadhaks not to feel that he might be angry for any reason with them. He says, "If I am angry then I cannot be Babaji, and if I am Babaji I cannot be angry!"  Most of the time it is taken as a simple statement of assurance to sadhaks, but it is simply that why would Babaji for any reason want to lower his vibrations? :) That is the last thing any divine being or divine master will want to do. They are always in the state of bliss, unaffected by these lower emotions. Saints have always been this way and even if they had to use any emotions such as anger or sternness for genuine reasons, they simply do it externally and never let it penetrate deep within. I am strongly motivated to write this article by Babaji's energies and am doing so. All here are all that he teaches but am putting this up in my own expression.

Babaji reiterates so often about being positive, raising one's vibrations, not thinking about what one does not want in life,doing regular sadhana, healing others, forgiving all, accepting all as they are, doing selfless service, singing or chanting, meditation, being happy at all times (har haal mein khushi), and above all the most important - unconditional love. Unconditional love is the most powerful tool to raise vibrations.

Now, in moments where one is in lower vibrations due to whatever reasons, I do understand it is little difficult to immediately turn positive. But again as mentioned earlier with regular practices of certain initiatives that one should take, this becomes more and more easier simply because even if one falls into lower vibrations one will not stay there for longer periods. A regularly practicing sadhak will constantly make attempts in his/her own ways to not keep oneself in those lower vibrations for long.

There are some things that can boost one in such times and here are 50 ways to raise your vibrations. As you read, please visualize and try to feel what I have mentioned below and you will already know how these things work wonderfully:
Most of these things I have tried out and it works a great deal, so put here with conviction :)
  1. Listen to any of Babaji's music or any relaxing music of your choice.
  2. Close your eyes and think about Babaji's smiling face.
  3. Close your eyes and smilingly whisper your feeling to the Divine.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize Golden light all around you and feel it.
  5. Hug a tree.
  6. Exercise, walk, run, jump, hop, stretch or yoga.
  7. Write something good. A blog or a book or a diary.
  8. Do something nice for a person, animal or a plant.
  9. Get a massage.
  10. Take a quick nap or power nap.
  11. Read a good book or something inspirational.
  12. Have a break, bite or chew on something (eatable, of course).
  13. Spend time with a pet.
  14. Go out in nature.
  15. Just open that window and feel the fresh air.
  16. Go for a drive or a ride in an open place or on roads with less traffic.
  17. Watch a nice song with good lyrics (See bottom of this page)
  18. Go for shopping.
  19. Think about all the beautiful moments in your life.
  20. Simply pray with simple words.
  21. Use affirmations.
  22. Visualize a calm beach or river or forest or nature with cool breeze.
  23. Do deep breathing or the pranic exercises Babaji teaches.
  24. Do some cleaning work. Tidy up.
  25. Take a shower.
  26. Spend some time in the morning or evening sun.
  27. Play with kids. Become a child. Relive your childhood.
  28. Sketch, write, paint, stitch, craft-work, do that old hobby.
  29. Visit a temple, church, mosque or any divine place.
  30. Talk or meet a positive person (who lives the talk).
  31. Water plants or plant a seed in earth.
  32. Just stop all thinking - just for the fun of it.
  33. Give someone a compliment.
  34. Wear bright clothes that are light too, especially cotton and stroll.
  35. Put on all the possible lights in your room/home.
  36. Light up candles or incense sticks in your room.
  37. Surround yourself with anything and everything that you love.
  38. Give yourself a treat outside - a movie, snack or your favorite dish.
  39. Shut the door, turn on the music and dance!
  40. Sing out loudly.
  41. Pick up your fave - guitar, keyboards, drums, harmonica, flute.
  42. Spend time in water; at least immerse your foot in cold water.
  43. Become consciously aware of everything you do.
  44. Watch the stars or clouds or wind movement in trees.
  45. Remember the wonderful scene from the movie you love so much.
  46. View the world and things around through the eyes of a child.
  47. Organize yourself. Make a time-table, plan your days.
  48. Start treating your body as a temple and see God installed within.
  49. Very powerful - Pick up your Golden Book.
  50. Last but not the least - Just call up another ShivYog sadhak :)
Don't just read it. Do it - the next time you feel you need to increase your vibrations and thus expand your consciousness.

Song (lyrics) for you fellow-traveler on the path of ShivYog

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Raw song - on Babaji

You may listen to the song that I have roughly sung here. Please ignore the voice and audio quality since it was recorded on my ipod. This is a casual recording while I sung the song with my guitar.

A more fuller version with complete filling music and interludes with better vocals is coming up soon.

Click on play above to listen to song
 Lyrics: Jacob/Preet

Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba
Tum jeevan humare
Tum sabse ho pyare
Tumse hi jeevan mein hai roshni
Tum andhiyare mein ho chandini
Tu hi laakhon ki hai zindagi
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Zindagi ki ik mod pe tum aathe ho
Khushiyon ki bhavchaarein sang laathe ho
Sabke sukh mein hi apna sukh paathe ho
Saath chalke pyaar hi pyar barsaathe ho
Badi baathein badi pyar se sikhathey ho
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Tumne jeeven mein bhar diye ithne ujiyale
Ek pal mein hi karamo ko nasht kar daalein,
Kithne sankato ko tumne hai taalein
Agyantha mein meri aankhen tum khole
Tum hi ho mere sab kuch, mere Shiv bhole
Tum hi ho mere shivyogi matwalein
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba
Update: The final song is now ready. Click here.

Do let me know your views on the song. You may comment here or write to me at This will help me in correcting/improvising. Thanks!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goa Shivir

Once again the charm and grace of Babaji lit up the shivir at Goa. This was the first time a shivir was conducted in Goa. The venue was at BITs which is over 188 acres of land that is well equipped with all amenities situated on the banks of Zuari river. The clean and neat hostels and with the huge mess with good seating capacity made it very convenient for the sadhaks. I must thank the organizers who did a fabulous job by choosing this venue.

The auditorium was pretty huge and was close to the hostel and mess that made it even more convenient. Shuttle buses were organized for people to shuttle not only from Panjim and Vasco but between also to shuttle between the canteen and auditorium. Though the climate in Goa is pretty hot in May, the breeze from the Zuari river kept the temperature tolerable. Most beautiful were the huge green lawns spread out where we spent most of our evenings meditating, singing, sending healing, chatting, discussing, and having great fun. It was so much like a big big home where a whole lot of family lived together under the grace of the father of the family.

I was awed to see so many children this time, aged as little as even 3 years. Babaji almost everyday reminded that children are divine and they should not be hurt or neglected. He constantly gave messages to parents to shower them with unconditional love and never to criticize them. He said that kids are connected to the divine till the age of five after which they slowly start becoming conditioned to human upbringing and the cord from their sahasrar connected to the divine eventually gets cut off.  He reminded that they are all coming to earth at this time for a special purpose. Surprisingly, none of the children created any disturbance at any point of time during the entire shivir. They were totally silent and calm even when all were in sadhana for hours in silence. They did not do any meditation but looked all around silently seated in their places. I met and befriended a little angel about 3 years old who often sat out in the hall out of the auditorium during breaks with her grandfather and helper. She carried a beautiful name - Saanvi. She spoke Marathi. She recited the Ganesh Stuthi with such accuracy in tone, rhythm and pronunciation. As she played with the toys in her hand, I sat in front of her and asked her in Marathi why she has come and she replied "shivir". Then I asked her whom she came to meet here. She replied, "Avdhoot Baba!" I asked if she met Babaji since I had seen Babaji blessing kids and she said yes. When I asked what did he say, she replied, "He kept hand on my head and said Bless me!" Yes, 'bless you' was what she was intending to say. She then excitedly told all people who stopped to look at her that Babaji told her "Bless me!" Then I asked if she could give me a little healing and she immediately sat with her hand raised and palms up, her little fingers spread out and closing her eyes tight shut sent me Sanjeevani! Don't know what her intent here was or what did she think with her eyes closed but I am sure love flowed out of her. It is amazing how the kids are. They are born divine. They are truly connected to divinity and so they do not have any difficulty connecting with masters like our Babaji. Everytime Babaji walked onto the stage, he walked through the first door of the hall entrance and little kids gathered up there just to catch his attention. They did everything they could to catch his attention while he walked in and out of the hall. Most of the time Babaji stopped to look at them and placed his hands over their heads to bless them. Some children lifted up their Golden Books high enough for Babaji to see and Babaji acknowledged them back with raised eyebrow smiles.

Baba said that we must all know why we have come on earth, to find out what is our soul purpose and manifest it through the Golden Book. Babaji also shared that when he asked himself years back what was his purpose of life, he got the answer that it was to give unconditional love and since then Babaji has been doing the same. Babaji strongly recommended doing the Nachiketa Agni Dhyan to heal the past and clear negative psychic impressions. He also reminded that a sadhak has to do sadhana importantly and not to sit back thinking everything will happen on its own. He said that sadhaks now have the grace of Sanjeevani that will help the sadhak to manifest all their positive desires and burn negativities provided one does regular sadhana.

Babaji stressed more on doing advait sadhana (nonduality) than dvait upasana (duality) and on and often repeated that ShivYog is based on advait sadhana (nonduality). He spoke extensively about ascended masters and spiritual invisible guides who are always with us. By doing more sadhana one raises their vibrations and ascends to higher level and as one ascends even the spiritual guides who have been assisting us also ascend. Once they ascend, they leave us showering us with gratitude and blessings and proceed with their journey and new guides on that level come to assist us. So, he said it is important that we acknowledge them and thank them for their divine guidance and support. He said that one can get rid of all problems and avoid creating further problems by forgiveness and by being nonjudgemental at all times.

The last day of Shambhavi was a special one because Babaji declared that we will all be doing the MritSanjeevani with the evening sun and that too out in the lawns below the guestroom where Babaji stayed. It was an awesome experience. This place was almost a kilometer from the auditorium but well within the campus. The sevaks put up all the sound system and hosted a pendal for Babaji and we all sat on the slopy hilly lawn facing the evening sun while Babaji sat just behind us and taught us the sadhana. It was just wonderful to be able to do this directly facing the sun, in nature with grass and trees around with birds chirping and cool breeze blowing across our faces. It was a great experience with Babaji sitting so close to us and even more pleasant  to see Babaji explaining things to us as his hair and beard blew across his radiant face.  

On the first day of Sri Vidya Babaji gave a great experience of kundalini awakening and inspite of the visible experiences some sadhaks had, he said it was mild. I was imagining if this was mild, what would be anything more than this. Babaji again said, "It is Guruma's wish that I go slow with process to make things easier for sadhaks." Babaji and all laughed as he continued, "She says that I should behave in public." Babaji kept assuring all that there is nothing to fear and he is with everyone. As he did the shaktipat all had different experiences and many were in state of peace and tuirya avasta, which many described later as "falling asleep". The first two days of Sri Vidya was too pleasant and blissful. In one session he took us into deep trance and kept us floating there for about 3 hours! When we "came back" from that state it was a disbelief when Babaji said it is 7 p.m. 

This shivir was also special because of the presence of Anuradha Paudwalji who had come to attend the shivir. Babaji one day humbly requested that he would like her to sing for us which she did. She sat right in front of babaji on the stage and humbly offered all her songs to Babaji and thanked Babaji for the calling that she had with Babaji's voice after she attended Prati Prasav with Ishanji. Babaji said that he is "reading" messages from sadhaks that they want more and requested her to sing the next day also. Her songs were just brilliant and it radiated so much of vibrations as all along with Babaji joined singing with her. As she ended, Babaji gracefully thanked her and said that he too had enjoyed listening to her bhajans long back when they were recorded and sold as cassettes. Babaji's musicians were excellent as they played all her songs in perfect synchronicity. They were also sharing their skills back in the hostel, playing instruments and singing in the evenings, as they stayed in the same place. Our special gratitude for them. Next time, I shall put up more on these little-known people who work so much for Babaji and us to create such a great ambiance in the shivirs.

Finally, on the last day of shivir Babaji gifted all little ones with battery-operated toys. He operated one car and it's lights began blinking and as the car toy began playing a hit song and Babaji moved and shook in excitement like a small child  with his eyes wide open. He asked that the car be run on the stage. As he continued talking with us, the car continued doing it's rounds on the stage with the hit hindi song. Then asked each child to be given the toys.

Every time Babaji has a special message to carry with every shivir. This time Babaji emphasized on:
  • Treating children with utmost love and care and at the same time being disciplined but not harsh.
  • He also conveyed that he wishes to teach more of yogic science to people.
  • He said he is wishing to teach people to live on only Sanjeevani for which he needs genuinely interested sadhaks to spend at least one month with the program.
  • He also wishes to install Pardeshwar Linga free of cost to temples which can be built by anyone according to his strict guidelines. He said the Pardeshwar Linga is the purified form of paras (mercury) and it takes around 6 months to make this Linga and purify it. It then becomes so pure that it becomes the divine part of Shiva and not only the people who meditate around it benefit, but also the entire area where it is installed. He added that he is willing to teach people how to make this Pardeshwar Linga also and that everyone must learn this science which is becoming extinct, but added that it needs dedication to learn it as it would take as good as 6 months to be with the process.
  • Babaji also revealed that the previous night he was making Bhasm amrit which he said after purification if given to anyone can heal all ailments and sufferings. At 2 a.m. early morning he had given it to one sadhak who came from Pune after Babaji called him to come immediately due to some worsening physical ailment. The sadhak next day spoke in the Shivir to all that he was cured after taking it. He mentioned that he is willing to teach to make this amrit in the future to all who were interested.
Babaji also emphasised about the approaching 2012. He said that he cannot say anything directly but can give hints about it and how a sadhak can prepare for it. He spoke indirectly that:
  • Purification is very important through sadhana that will enable a sadhak to raise one's vibration so that he/she can match with the 4D vibrations that this 3D earth is moving towards. Those who remain back in the 3D will continue to suffer.
  • One will need to depend more on prana (life-force energy) than physical foods.
  • It will be like two worlds existing at the same time.
  • One should get more connected to nature and animals.
  • Grow more of plants and live where there is nature around.
  • Get more connected and live where there are all tatvas together - earth, fire, water, air, ether.
  • Live on the ground floor where one can be connected with the earth.
  • Depend more on solar power than electricity; start installing solar equipments.
  • Grow your own vegetables according to one's needs to avoid the heavy contamination in foods.
  • Instead of getting crowded in cities, try to live 10-15 kms away from cities.
Now, if you are wondering how can everyone do all these things, it is again a matter of your belief to create your own destiny - Golden Book. Babaji ended the shivir asking everyone to go out and spread the light that he has given us, which he received from his gurus and sang....

"Jyot se jyot jagao sadguru jyot se jyot jagao,
mera anter timir mitao, sadguru jyot se jyot jagao."

Thank you Babaji for your divine guidance, blessings and support to humanity and all living beings!

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