Why it can be difficult to heal oneself and loved ones

The Master once said, "Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ourselves the cause of the illness of our loved ones."This is a very deep astounding statement, for many times the loved ones, may be completely dependent on the individual and may not really approve of the ways of the individual but in vain suppress helplessly, it order to avoid external conflicts and in the due course develop illnesses, since almost every disease is psychosomatic. Even good healers can suffer from it, for they may easily heal others but find it hard when it comes to healing themselves or loved ones due to this entanglement called attachment, that again roots from the strong karmic debts.Many times healers try to heal their loved ones without being fully reflective or aware if they are themselves in some way contributing to that problem of the loved one, where the healer is desperately trying to heal. Shift into awareness and check. 💛✨

Healing the Healing Process

Important: These are just my views and guidelines that I use in my practice that I am sharing. Babaji says that it is your intention that makes everything possible. These points have been put up here only in case one is getting demotivated to heal or if one feels healing is not happening. Those who are already doing healing please continue to do so without allowing your logic to work too much on the points here. Remember, Babaji says there are no techniques and methods to ShivYog healing. It is just your pure intent and Sanjeevani just flows there on what you focus on.

With the grace and kindness of our Babaji, the blessings Shiv-Shiva bestows on all sadhaks who are initiated by our Guru. Our hearty gratitude to Him for his unconditional love and unconditional service for the upliftment of humanity.

Some things just came to my mind here today about the healing process. Why some are instantaneously healed and why some take time? Why some are instantaneously able to heal and some take time? The process of healing itself is a very blessed process and to enhance the healing there are some things that both the healer and healee should be aware of. Of whatever little knowledge I have about healing with the grace of Babaji, I would like to share some points that come to my mind that could enhance the process of healing.
  • Healing is a divine process and must be respected and performed with utmost love and respect.
  • Healing is pure and holy and requires the mind to be so to help connect with Babaji and the Divine for doing the needful.
  • Healing process involves lot of divine souls that also join hands in healing and acknowledging their presence with love and gratitude helps.
  • Feel every word in the invocation prayer taught by Babaji .
  • Merging with Babaji and becoming one and then sending Sanjeevani will enhance the healing.
  • As Babaji reminds, use the words "I will pray for you" instead of "I will heal you" for this takes off the egocentric mind taking the claim of "I" doing the healing.
  • As Babaji says, "Do not use techniques, just pray and request after the invocation" and Maa Sanjeevani will do the rest.
  • One should not try to force healing. Babaji says, "I am going to heal at any cost" will not be much effective than letting the process be not controlled and surrendered to the Divine to do the needful.
  • A sadhak is just the medium and not the healer. The process is like the mirror that reflects light from a torch and falls on the wall. Here the torch is the Divine and wall is the healee and the mirror is the sadhak.
  • Chanting the beej mantra in the mind is important during the process.
  • The more powerful the feeling of unconditional love the more powerful the flow of Sanjeevani.
  • The more powerful the connectivity of the sadhak with the Divine and the healee the more powerful the results.
  • Purer the intention more purer the healing.
  • The better one connects and merges with the beej mantra and Sanjeevani flow, the better the healing.
  • Following intuition helps as to when to start, how long to send healing, which areas to focus on, when to stop, etc.
  • The more healing one does the more one's healing power is enhanced and more healing takes place in the self.
  • Make a request to Maa Bhagwathi to go wherever your attention/awareness goes.
  • With regular practice, one improvises the healing process, thus eventually making it easy, gentle, simple and yet powerful.
Healing processes can be initiated in many ways. For one-to-one healing of physical ailments one could send Sanjeevani with request to Maa to heal by:
  • Visualizing the person between hands.
  • Visualizing the body part between hands.
  • Visualizing the person sitting in front of you.
  • Looking at the photo of the person needing healing.
  • Visualize the request of the person in writing, mail, etc.
  • For group/bulk requests pray to Maa to heal all those needing healing and visualize the email/letters and visualize them being flooded with Sanjeevani golden light.
  • If location and name is known, pray and send healing to the name/ location.
  • If no much details are available just make a humble intention for the healing to go to where it is intended to go.
  • The more details and information about the healee, the more better one can focus the healing, the better the process.
To heal Mother earth, along with the request to Maa sending healing by:
  • Visualizing the earth in between hands.
  • Visualizing the light spreading out from your body and covering your home, your locality, your city, your state, your country, your continent, the world, the entire earth, all planets, all galaxies, the Universe.
  • Visualizing the mountains, forests, oceans, rivers, farms, valleys, animals, plants, minerals, etc.
  • Visualize yourself merging into creation of nature and emitting out Sanjeevani into everything around.
To heal everything and anything from catastrophes to riots to situations just visualize strongly and pray to Maa radiating intensely the Golden light from your hands, agya chakra and anahata chakra.

Finally, gratitude should be offered genuinely. Gratitude to:
  • Babaji for having blessed us and been the carrier of grace from Lord Mahamruthunjaya. Thank Babaji for the blessings and initiation with the greatest gift of life - to heal self and others.
  • All Siddha gurus and masters who worked dedicated for generation of Sanjeevani shakti and who passed it so humbly to us for the only reason of helping mankind out of all sufferings.
  • Bhagwan Surya Narayan (if doing Mritsanjeevani) for the divine help and amplified healings.
  • All divine beings who were present with you for the healing.
  • All your spiritual guides and angels who helped you in spiritual progress.
  • Maa Sanjeevani for the privilege and honor or making you the medium to flow through to heal.
  • Lord Shiva/Lord Mahamruthunjaya for blessing you be the carrier of light and for all the healings and thus for the help in doing nishkaam seva.
  • Expressing gratitude wholeheartedly makes one eligible acknowledge one is receiving the grace and ability and thus entitles one for more blessings and power to carry the light.
 After the healing:
  • Never try to think any further about whether healing has happened or not or how it has happened.
  • Healing does not mean one has to see or feel something physically. Healing happens at more subtler levels.
  • When a positive feedback comes in, completely disassociate yourself with the results so as to not let the ego boost itself and destroy the nishkaam seva you have done. Ego also blocks the power the heal since the healing is all about unconditional love and selfless service.
  • When praises come in, humbly offer gratitude openly to the Guru and Divine to not let things get into the head.
  • As per Babaji one should never fall into the prey of letting people touch feet for if they surrender to "your healing" and touch your feet, they drop all their negative karmas at your feet. (Note: Touching feet of elders is completely different since this is offering respect).
  • Never lose hope or faith just because instant results did not show up or the person did not feel or see anything results with the five senses. 
There are lot of factors that facilitate healings:
  • Your sincerity in doing the healings.
  • Your purification. The more pure one is, the more stronger the healing is. So, healing self and purifying self first helps a great deal to help heal others. Both (self-healing and healing others can be practiced simultaneously).
  • Your pure intention to heal people towards whom there may be held up grudges or resentment deep within (especially in the family, relatives, friends) that subconsciously does not truly want to heal the other person. Best is to heal the self by first accepting, forgiving and unconditionally loving by releasing held up emotions.
  • The strong negative karma of the person requesting healing. This would require more persistent healings and patience from both ends.
  • The willingness of the higher self of the person requesting healing to be healed. Many a times they do not wish to be healed deep within (karmic factors).
Note that healings in some or the other way are always taking place. It may not be immediately seen but there are lot of things happening. Sometimes certain things might be interpreted as worsening wherein actually they are healing. Example: Nausea, diarrhea, fever, aches, etc happening after healing given is nothing but the body releasing negative stuff. So one should not immediately jump to conclusions that the healing is not working. It is always our interpretation that healing should work in the way we want to see it happen. Not necessary; the cosmic intelligence works its way up to the highest good of that person. For example, if healing is given for a person's good career, the person may suddenly notice increased problems with the current job to the extent that the person may resigning or be asked to leave. Here it is our interpretation of our mind that the healing has caused more "problems" instead, only to later see one getting a higher salary and a better job sometime later. Blessings in disguise work this way :) So it is very, very important to stay positive, happen what may. Reminds me of Babaji's words "Jis vidhi raakhe us vidhi rahiye" or "har haal mein khushi" or "Jo Shiv aagya".

As Babaji says, "Take 100% responsibility for yourself" it is always better to take responsibility with any obstacles occurring during the process. This will help rectify/improvise oneself without just feeling bad or blaming something else. Namah Shivaya..

For non-ShivYog sadhaks, you need to first take initiation (deeksha) from Babaji so that he makes you ready to become an instrument of healing and cleans you so that you can hold the high healing energies in your body. You will need to take the mantra deeksha after which Babaji installs the seed (beej) mantra in you to chant for any healing process (self or others). To be able to do all the above and be a healer and carrier of light to spread light, love and healing to the world, do attend a shivir. Change your life and change other's lives.

"Jyot se jyot jagao sadguru jyot se jyot jagao,
mera anter timir mitao, sadguru jyot se jyot jagao."

Healers and those needing healing please click here.


  1. superb article...very very enriching brother..thanks a tonne for writing this
    Namah Shivaye

  2. Thanks for writing this nice article. Can you please shed some light on circumstance healing as well?

  3. Prayers to the guru and Maa with intention armed with strong visualization on the positive outcome is the key to any kind of healing. Namah Shivaya..

  4. Namah Shivaya Jacobji!!!

    Fantastic...your article has come at the right time...oflate i had lots of doubts on the process of healing...to which i got answers from the article....

    Thanx so much!!!!

    Namah Shivaya

  5. Superb article.

  6. Shilpaji.. Give all gratitude to Babaji because that is where help and assistance comes from..Namah Shivaya..

  7. thanks JACOB TOmake me understand in simpler way about healing process

  8. Namah Shivaye ,

    Thank you For writing this useful and Awesome Article ,

    Bhagwan Mahamrityunjaya And Mata Sanjeevani Bless you,

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  9. Really a nice Article Jacob. Thank You.

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  11. thank you! this is amazing! may baba bless u! thanks for all your guidance.

  12. namah shivay baba ji..plesae tell me can a pregnant woman do havan?

    1. Am sorry for the answer so late.. saw it now.. answer to your question is that Babaji has no inhibition about dos and donts and always says that your heart should be pure in whatever you do and nothing else matters.. He even strictly advices females to continue sadhna for all the 30 days of the month..

  13. Just wanted to know that how can I heal myself and friends

    1. Please try and attend a shivir (workshop) and things would be easy to know and receive.. you can visit www.shivyogevents.com


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