Happy GuruPurnima 2020 - Go take a sip of that bliss within....

The Master is everyone's but yet nobody's. Once Swami Rama's disciple said to his master that He was so fortunate to have spent so many years with his master, Bengali Baba, to which Swami Rama disapprovingly answered, "How can one be with someone who has no time for anyone but God?" Meaning, that even though Swami Rama was physically with his master all the time, His master was elsewhere all the time - with the Divine. The Master is nothing different. Those who meet Him soon get to know that He belongs to noone but the Lord himself. Before one can settle into the feeling of 'He is mine', He has already skipped elsewhere catering to someone's need and before they can understand that He cannot be caught under rules and tradition, He has moved elsewhere to the next and before one can make Him settle into the comforts of riches and luxury, He is already in some other place. While he was actively teaching, he was like the wind, moving from one place to the…

Melodies for Babaji

Dedicating this song to Babaji, singing in gratitude and love for Babaji's love and guidance. Let us offer this very small offering to Babaji on the event of Guru Poornima.

This song was made keeping our two dear Babas in mind, so it can be sung to both with are nothing but the two forms of one :)

                                    Bhole Baba                            &                        Shivanand Baba

In the month of Guru Purnima, where disciples offer gratitude to the guru, here is a piece of composition to our beloved Babaji.

This song was born one May night when I was watching the ShivYog telecast on Aastha at 11:30 p.m., with the guitar and a thought came to the mind of humming a tune for Babaji. So, began humming some tune and soon there flowed a beautiful rhythm. Not to lose it, I recorded the tune and rhythm on the cell and was done with it. After a few weeks this idea was shared on orkut, where I wanted the lyrics for this song. The song was already penned down one afternoon, but was not sure if it made sense, so shared it with other sadhaks, who readily offered their poetry for the lyrics for which I am very grateful. However, since the tune already was composed, not all of the lyrics rhymed. I found Preet's lyrics matching this tune and merged it with what I had written. I remain thankful to other sadhaks - Preeti, Shalender, Gaurav,  and Atul for joining my enthusiasm with their words. I preserve your lyrics  for future compositions, if it happens.

Finally, I made a raw recording on the iPod just to check out how the song sounded and put up this post for feedbacks. Thanking all those who encouraged and corrected and gave their suggestions and advices on improvisation wherever needed.

There are two versions of this song made; one using percussion with a peppy rhythm and the other version a little slower track of the same song. The peppy version is being worked upon and will put it up by Guru Poornima, but now uploading the slower version which is also beautiful in its own way. There is less percussion in this and is more rich in melodies with trumpet, strings, guitar, bells, hats and cymbals, trumpet, piano, various indian percussions, claps, flute, bass, and temple bells. Lot of effects on voice and instruments have been tried. This song is certainly not the typical bhajan type - I have taken the liberty of creating it without much worrying about giving it a monotonous religious flavor but things just went on being created and it was let to happen as it came up.

Lots of gratitude to Babaji for inspiring me for this song, guiding me throughout the song and recording and I am myself surprised as to where it began and where it ended. The song has Babaji's three very short words in between that would serve as a reminder and message to sadhaks..

Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba
Tum jeevan humare
Tum sabse ho pyare
Tumse hi jeevan mein hai roshni
Tum andhiyare mein ho chandini
Tu hi laakhon ki hai zindagi
  Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Zindagi ki ik mod pe tum aathe ho
Khushiyon ki bhavchaarein sang laathe ho
Sabke sukh mein hi apna sukh paathe ho
Saath chalke pyaar hi pyar barsaathe ho
Badi baathein badi pyar se sikhathey ho
  Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

Tumne jeeven mein bhar diye ithne ujiyale
Ek pal mein hi karamo ko nasht kar daalein,
Kithne sankato ko tumne hai taalein
Agyantha mein meri aankhen tum khole
Tum hi ho mere sab kuch, mere Shiv bhole
Tum hi ho mere shivyogi matwalein
Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba

 Do let me know your views on the song. You may comment here or write to me at vigorheart@gmail.com. Thanks!
Song Title: Baba
Audio format: MP3 stereo
Video format: WMV
Copyrights: Creative Innovations
Composing, recording, mixing, editing, vocals: Jacob
Lyrics: Jacob/Preet 
Guitar Chords: Main line - D, C, D, G & G, C, C, G  & D, C, D, G    Stanza - D, G, D, C, G, A, D 
Instruments: No live instruments, all created electronically.
Download: Free

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  1. Hey namaha Shivay Jacobji.finally i found u.we met at Mumbai shivir...Amazing creation brother..namaha Shivay

  2. Priyank, Namah Shivaya... Can you enlighten me when and where in Mumbai we met?

  3. jacob ji, ucl and om namah shivaya, great gift to babaji on the occasion of guru purnima.i pray to babaji he should showered more blessings to you and preet for many more creations......

  4. Thank you Tridba and Peeru.. Namah Shivaya..

  5. dear jacobji are you coming to lucknow on gurupurnima day?
    om namah shivaya.

  6. No dear.. I'll not be able to come.. Namah Shivaya..

  7. Very Fine.... Sincerely you did this Namah Shivay

  8. fabulous Jacob..... hey man call me some time yaar...


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