Why it can be difficult to heal oneself and loved ones

The Master once said, "Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ourselves the cause of the illness of our loved ones."This is a very deep astounding statement, for many times the loved ones, may be completely dependent on the individual and may not really approve of the ways of the individual but in vain suppress helplessly, it order to avoid external conflicts and in the due course develop illnesses, since almost every disease is psychosomatic. Even good healers can suffer from it, for they may easily heal others but find it hard when it comes to healing themselves or loved ones due to this entanglement called attachment, that again roots from the strong karmic debts.Many times healers try to heal their loved ones without being fully reflective or aware if they are themselves in some way contributing to that problem of the loved one, where the healer is desperately trying to heal. Shift into awareness and check. 💛✨

Ways to raise vibrations

We all are aware that to connect with the Divine, for healing, for feeling good, for being happy, for being peaceful, for being blissful, our vibrations need to be high. The higher the vibrations the better you feel and the better connections with higher dimensions. The lower the vibrations the more ill-feeling and the more sufferings and miseries. What happens more while we raise or lower our vibrations is that we get connected to similar vibrations around us. We attract towards us everything that vibrates at similar level. So vibrating higher one attracts and connects to positive people, divine beings, angels, guides and the more the level of vibrations one even attract and connect with ascended masters and eventually to God (the highest consciousness). These vibrations bring us everything positive that we desire in life.  Similarly, the lower the vibrations one ends up attracting and connecting to negative people around, negative entities and all those things vibrating from lower realms.

How does one raise or lower vibrations. Most of the time it is unconsciously that we raise or lower our vibrations. Fear, hatred, jealously, selfishness, anger, lust, resentment, sulking, guilt, grief, sorrow, despair, frustration, irritation, doubt, criticism, blame, dejection, etc pull down one's vibrations. The more of these emotions and reactions the more lower one vibrates. When one vibrates low one immediately attracts or gets attracted to everything vibrating lower. Here I have tried to list all possible negative abstracts and this is the only paragraph where this negative list will be mentioned for awareness as to how we lose our energy and get easily into lower vibrations.

Love, trust, compassion, goodwill, selflessness, laughter, forgiveness, letting go, cheerfulness, acceptance, etc raises one's vibrations. These are simple things that one can do to keep the vibration high. But of course when one has spent most of the life in most of the points mentioned in the negative ones, it becomes difficult to change gears suddenly. Like everyone knows that one has to stay cheerful, but the question is how? This article is written to add in more of things one can do or practice in daily life to raise vibrations. It is important to note that raising vibrations is not just enough, maintaining it is more important. This will come with regular practice of the things that can raise vibrations.

Many a times there has been questions raised by new sadhaks as to how to connect with divine beings? How to connect with Babaji? Babaji often says that one should not try to connect with him physically but connect with his soul. I have written earlier on this in the post Communication with Saints/Masters. But the very simple fact here is again one can only connect with higher vibrations and never with lower vibrations. Simply because Babaji is vibrating at very high vibrations. The more he vibrates the more he connects with higher dimensions and gets a share of those radiant energies that he shares with us. That is why saints and ascended masters are not visible with the physical eye because they are vibrating at a very high frequency. To see them means either one has to raise their vibrations or the masters have to lower their vibrations. Masters also do lower vibrations to make themselves visible in certain cases as Babaji mentions so many stories of the divine beings and saints showing up to people. But Babaji always teaches one to raise vibrations. All the sadhana that one does is to raise vibrations itself. As vibrations keep rising and more light is infused into the body and koshas everything that is of lower vibrations (disease, sorrows, hurt, etc) are transmuted to the positive energy.
Many times Babaji asks sadhaks not to feel that he might be angry for any reason with them. He says, "If I am angry then I cannot be Babaji, and if I am Babaji I cannot be angry!"  Most of the time it is taken as a simple statement of assurance to sadhaks, but it is simply that why would Babaji for any reason want to lower his vibrations? :) That is the last thing any divine being or divine master will want to do. They are always in the state of bliss, unaffected by these lower emotions. Saints have always been this way and even if they had to use any emotions such as anger or sternness for genuine reasons, they simply do it externally and never let it penetrate deep within. I am strongly motivated to write this article by Babaji's energies and am doing so. All here are all that he teaches but am putting this up in my own expression.

Babaji reiterates so often about being positive, raising one's vibrations, not thinking about what one does not want in life,doing regular sadhana, healing others, forgiving all, accepting all as they are, doing selfless service, singing or chanting, meditation, being happy at all times (har haal mein khushi), and above all the most important - unconditional love. Unconditional love is the most powerful tool to raise vibrations.

Now, in moments where one is in lower vibrations due to whatever reasons, I do understand it is little difficult to immediately turn positive. But again as mentioned earlier with regular practices of certain initiatives that one should take, this becomes more and more easier simply because even if one falls into lower vibrations one will not stay there for longer periods. A regularly practicing sadhak will constantly make attempts in his/her own ways to not keep oneself in those lower vibrations for long.

There are some things that can boost one in such times and here are 50 ways to raise your vibrations. As you read, please visualize and try to feel what I have mentioned below and you will already know how these things work wonderfully:
Most of these things I have tried out and it works a great deal, so put here with conviction :)
  1. Listen to any of Babaji's music or any relaxing music of your choice.
  2. Close your eyes and think about Babaji's smiling face.
  3. Close your eyes and smilingly whisper your feeling to the Divine.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize Golden light all around you and feel it.
  5. Hug a tree.
  6. Exercise, walk, run, jump, hop, stretch or yoga.
  7. Write something good. A blog or a book or a diary.
  8. Do something nice for a person, animal or a plant.
  9. Get a massage.
  10. Take a quick nap or power nap.
  11. Read a good book or something inspirational.
  12. Have a break, bite or chew on something (eatable, of course).
  13. Spend time with a pet.
  14. Go out in nature.
  15. Just open that window and feel the fresh air.
  16. Go for a drive or a ride in an open place or on roads with less traffic.
  17. Watch a nice song with good lyrics (See bottom of this page)
  18. Go for shopping.
  19. Think about all the beautiful moments in your life.
  20. Simply pray with simple words.
  21. Use affirmations.
  22. Visualize a calm beach or river or forest or nature with cool breeze.
  23. Do deep breathing or the pranic exercises Babaji teaches.
  24. Do some cleaning work. Tidy up.
  25. Take a shower.
  26. Spend some time in the morning or evening sun.
  27. Play with kids. Become a child. Relive your childhood.
  28. Sketch, write, paint, stitch, craft-work, do that old hobby.
  29. Visit a temple, church, mosque or any divine place.
  30. Talk or meet a positive person (who lives the talk).
  31. Water plants or plant a seed in earth.
  32. Just stop all thinking - just for the fun of it.
  33. Give someone a compliment.
  34. Wear bright clothes that are light too, especially cotton and stroll.
  35. Put on all the possible lights in your room/home.
  36. Light up candles or incense sticks in your room.
  37. Surround yourself with anything and everything that you love.
  38. Give yourself a treat outside - a movie, snack or your favorite dish.
  39. Shut the door, turn on the music and dance!
  40. Sing out loudly.
  41. Pick up your fave - guitar, keyboards, drums, harmonica, flute.
  42. Spend time in water; at least immerse your foot in cold water.
  43. Become consciously aware of everything you do.
  44. Watch the stars or clouds or wind movement in trees.
  45. Remember the wonderful scene from the movie you love so much.
  46. View the world and things around through the eyes of a child.
  47. Organize yourself. Make a time-table, plan your days.
  48. Start treating your body as a temple and see God installed within.
  49. Very powerful - Pick up your Golden Book.
  50. Last but not the least - Just call up another ShivYog sadhak :)
Don't just read it. Do it - the next time you feel you need to increase your vibrations and thus expand your consciousness.

Song (lyrics) for you fellow-traveler on the path of ShivYog

To listen, watch and download creations from this blog click here.


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    Me and my sister are shivyog sadhaks . One day she was listening the songs of bhole baba... Suddenly she connected with any soul.. .She said to everyone you are my childrens . I bless you , I love you..... she gives u lot of blessings..... but when i said to him we the childrens of bhole baba.....she says shut up and only listen to me......i love you..... Tell me Jacob Plz what this incident means ????? and what i have to do ??????


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