Why it can be difficult to heal oneself and loved ones

The Master once said, "Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ourselves the cause of the illness of our loved ones."This is a very deep astounding statement, for many times the loved ones, may be completely dependent on the individual and may not really approve of the ways of the individual but in vain suppress helplessly, it order to avoid external conflicts and in the due course develop illnesses, since almost every disease is psychosomatic. Even good healers can suffer from it, for they may easily heal others but find it hard when it comes to healing themselves or loved ones due to this entanglement called attachment, that again roots from the strong karmic debts.Many times healers try to heal their loved ones without being fully reflective or aware if they are themselves in some way contributing to that problem of the loved one, where the healer is desperately trying to heal. Shift into awareness and check. 💛✨

Babaji's Gems - 6

These are the excerpts from the Lucknow Shivir May 2010 Special Telecast on Aastha channel, in which Babaji revealed many secrets. As usual, Babaji did not reveal it all directly but there are so many gems hidden in the words as hints and secrets. I am putting here the direct translation of Babaji's spoken words  that I took down while watching the program, with the only changes made in English grammar. Whatever is in brackets I have tried to additionally add my words, which might help. 

Note: Most of the writings on this page might not look as secrets. Deep contemplation on these words of Babaji opens up great mysteries of success in one's spiritual path.
  1. There are two important mudras:

    • Shambhavi – This will slowly happen in ShivYog sadhana.  This is when both eyes turn upwards to point at the third eye. 
    • Kechari – This is when the tongue rolls inward and amrit (ambrosial nectar) flows from the pineal gland (from behind the third eye under the brain)
  2. When one is totally connected and does any karma then it becomes leela.
  3. Babaji mentioned about a Goan lady who met him after the Goa Shivir and thanked Babaji for making her experience the teachings of Christianity. She further said that she would inform the Bishop that Babaji teaches this well and to arrange for something like this.  (I, being a Christian by birth totally agree with this and that is what made my smooth transition to practice ShivYog.  I had made a mention of this in a previous article on Jesus Christ’s two main teachings of unconditional love and forgiveness that he practiced himself.)
  4. Become a blessing machine.  Go on blessing anything and everything around you (from the heart).
    Maa (Divine Mother) says, “Mujhe jis roop mein dhyaoge, mai us roop mein tumhare paas aaoongi.”  Whatever your emotions, so the energy, so the shakti and so Maa’s presence to you in that form.
  5. All lokas (planes) are within; all is within – Indra, devatha, asur….
  6. Advait ki sadhana – Sathya ki sadhana.
  7. Follow nonduality at all times.  Nonduality means one.  Choose only one emotion at all times – happiness, peace, love, etc.
  8. I am asking you to be nondual by asking you to be in the present always and you are instead being not in duality but triality – past, present and future.
  9. ShivYog is saam marg (only positivity).  Choose saam marg and not vaam marg.
  10. Choose one and always stick with it – irrespective of what people say.
  11. When you exercise the power to choose in everything from selecting clothes to food why don’t you exercise your power to choose between good and bad?
  12. Once you choose what you want, refuse to believe what you don’t want – reject it!
  13. Refuse to believe that God or guru is angry with you for something; they can never be because to become angry one needs to become negative first!
  14. A secret – When someone has a health problem, say for example, a problem in the heart, ask that person to just think lovingly about the heart and it will start healing.
  15. The moment one thinks of causing damage to someone, lots of punyas (good karma) gets burnt.
    The people with whom you have problem with and are unable to forgive, they will be born in next life with your as brother-sister, mother-son, father-son, daughter-mother, etc.
  16. Good and bad are your definitions.  Witness everything and relish happiness in everything.  If you are drinking tea relish it’s taste – good, refreshing, spicy, bad – even if it is bad, relish in happiness and say “what a horrible tea!”.
  17. You are in ShivYog school.  In the start there will be problems and failures but ShivYogis never give up!
  18. If you are persistent in your sadhana and in burning your negative karmas then a day will come when everything suddenly opens up and your path will be clear and quicker.  Sometimes people quit when there are just very close to the goal.
  19. I did intense sadhana and got siddhis but later I realized that the power of unconditional love is the greatest power before which siddhis are nothing.  Even bhoot/preths started calming down with unconditional love.
  20. My guru always said, “Sadhana mein bhatakna nahi” (Do not wander off in your spiritual practice).  In the start he deliberately allowed me to wander off and when I asked him why did he allow me to wander off at times, he said he wanted me to learn what is maya (illusion).
  21. Collective consciousness (collective consciousness in family, society, countries) has to be healed because even if one percent of the consciousness is suffering, a percentage of that is passed on to the rest of the consciousness and all suffer somewhere or the other.
  22. When a ShivYog sadhak does sadhana a certain percentage of the sadhana passes on to the rest of the percentage (family, society, population).
  23. Why does success not happen? Because of the mind creating fluctuating neuropathways – one moment it creates positive neuropathways and the other moment negative neuropathways.  Choose one always – nonduality.
  24. Focus all your energies in one direction (instead of scattering it everywhere) like a convex lens on a piece of paper under the sun. (where it takes in scattered sunlight and focuses it on one point where it gets so intense with heat that it catches fire).
  25. Focus on sadhana and nishkaam seva to burn your negative karmas.
  26. ShivYog sadhana is not only for 30 minutes and then forgotten about.  ShivYog sadhana has to be put into every moment of your life.
  27. Don’t let the 5 vices get you:

    • Kaam (lust):  Kaam is not bad until it is not excessive, like agni (fire) is not bad until it is used for cooking.  If excessive, it goes haywire it burns the person using fire.  If you channel it urdvaretha (upwards) it turns into creativity otherwise it flows down like when there are holes in a bucket even the amrit seeps out and gets mixed in the soil.  Again, choose (nonduality) creativity.
    • Krodh (anger): Don’t try to “destroy” any of these 5 vices because destroy means negative.  Again, choose peace.
    • Lobh (greed):  Choose contentment.
    • Moh (infatuation): Choose detachment (nonexpectation) and unconditional love.  Moh is always conditional – if someone says he/she loves you it is fine but the moment he/she says “I don’t love you anymore” then your love turns into hate or anger.  That is conditional.  Choose the opposite - unconditional love.
    • Ahankaar (ego):  Choose vinamratha (humility).
  28. You have come to see the “cinema” of the world.  Watch (witness) the film like how you watch the film in a multiplex.  If the movie is only of one emotion it will get boring, it has all emotions, you watch it as a spectator.
  29. Why do you only bathe your physical body and why not bathe your real self? Bathe your koshas with the amrit (nectar) from above.
  30. Whenever any ShivYog sadhak goes into the intoxicated state (kind of sleepy state) the pineal gland starts releasing hormones (amrit) and that is what makes you feel in peace and bliss.
  31. I am giving this shakti to you only for good things.  If you use it for anything negative, the shakti will come back to me.  This is my sankalp! Use it only for your good and the good of others.
    A ShivYogi never complains but creates!
  32. You are giving happiness because that is what you have.  You are giving sorrow because that is what you have.  You can give only what you have.
  33. You can achieve anything you want in life if you help others achieve what they want in life.
  34. Your existence itself should be a cause for everyone’s happiness and love – that is a ShivYog sadhak.
  35. Every religion has something or the other to teach.  All religions have the God and Devil.  Do not avert from anybody’s teachings.  The names are different but the aim and goal of every religion is the very same.  Learn from all religions.
  36. I don’t mean you should change your religion.  If you leave one religion and get into another then your consciousness will always poke you.
  37. Whatever happens here, do not react and run to the hospital; you are detoxifying.  You can have many symptoms from loose motions to headaches and vomiting.
  38. Guru is important for Sri Vidya sadhana and it has to be done under the guidance of a guru, one who has gained siddhi in 10 mahavidya. (here, under guru's guidance does not mean one-to-one guidance) 
  39. The 10 mahavidya was earlier compressed into three main vidyas - Haadi vidya, kaadi vidya and saadi vidya.  Later on since it was found that it was difficult to attain siddhi on these vidyas in one lifetime, it was compressed to one vidya - Sri Vidya.
  40. There are two forms of Sri Vidya from Sri Adi Shankaracharya:
    • Sri Vidya Upasana - Which has karm kaand involving havan, puja, rituals, muhurath, direction, etc. This Vidya was given to Brahmans which was passed down in the Brahman generations. In this dualistic practice, you achieve things but karmas are not burnt and there is no purification.  There is also asathi (attachment, greed, fear, etc) thus no liberation.
    • Sri Vidya Sadhana - The Advait (nondualistic) sadhana which was given to Siddhas and it passed down in the guru-shishya parampara. In this practice there is materialization as well as destruction of karma and purification. It enables one for bhoga and moksha.
  41. Sri Vidya – Sri Chakra or Sanghaar Chakra.  Once you fully get the wisdom of Sri Vidya you start materializing and once you fully get the wisdom of Sanghaar chakra you will be able to destroy; not external destruction but internal destruction of negativities.
  42. Mantra of Sri Vidya is not enough but the mantra has to be combined with sadhana or results.
    It is not a simple Vidya that is whey there are 11 deekshas in Sri Vidya.  This sadhana was done by all great rishis and siddhas.
  43. Reading the Lalita Sahasranam is not as fulfilling as when read after getting the Sri Vidya deeksha.
    The Soundarya Lahari, Lalita Sahasranam and other materials will be made available soon (in the Divine shop) for those who want to practice this also.
  44. Sri Vidya sadhaks can be called anything - Vaishnav (followers of Vishnu) , Shaiv (followers of Shiva) or Shaak (followers of Shakti) because Sri Vidya sadhana is sadhana of all.
  45. Initially when I gave deeksha, I had to face many physical problems and it was difficult and so I stopped giving deeksha, but then after permission from the Divine, I again started giving deeksha because I wanted to share this almost-extinct knowledge with all for the benefit of all.
  46. Whoever has a guru and have come here, please continue under your guru because it is due to them that you have come here and got this deeksha.
  47. All will experience from the first day itself, but make sure you keep only shudh bhavana (pure intentions)  Even little impurities in bhavana will pull back the shakti.
  48. Keep away from ahankar (ego) and only practice forgiveness and unconditional love along with being nonjudgemental.
  49. Detachment comes with unconditional love.
  50. Choose only one thing - the pure one. Some ask me "Till when should I keep choosing this good?" I say 'Till you get moksha, and even beyond; even after that at the sookshm (subtle) level. So, start practicing now itself.
  51. Don't ask me how many lifetimes it would take to get moksha. TUM CHAHTHE KYA HO? Why don't you want it in this lifetime?
  52. You have to choose only one - upwards.  If the energy is only in one direction (positive) then the Sri Chakra will start rotating in that direction only, otherwise there will be dissonance.
  53. Don't take this sadhana lightly and for granted. When you gain in this sadhana, lakhs will be benefited from you, kai preth mukth ho jayenge, 7 generations are freed, where you sit there will be no bhumi dosha, people around you start getting relief, the entire Universe benefits from you.
  54. Nak (toenails) se shika (scalp hair) tak sadh lena sadhana hoti hai.
  55. I'll not call you sadhak but shishya now (First time I ever heard this from Babaji).
  56. In you every life activity there should be only one - positivity at all times.
  57. Don't keep fluctuating in positivity and negativity. It is like taking 2 steps forward and taking 3 steps backward and instead of gradually moving ahead (upwards) you move backward (downwards). Then it is still better not to walk at all :)
  58. Don't complain - create! Because in complaining you spend precious energy and waste it.
  59. Your present is the outcome of your past which right now is in front of you. Refuse to believe anything that is negative and choose to remain happy and peaceful at all times. With this you are creating a positive outcome in your mind and that will soon manifest. (This is the most important point Babaji kept emphasizing again and again - the power to chose)
  60. THE POWER TO CHOOSE: Let me tell you a story of Buddha (in short). A man once walks to Buddha who was walking along with his disciples and starts abusing him with bad words. When Buddha does not react he even gets more wild and uses filthy words against him. The disciples are furious and ask Buddha to just say a word and they would trash him fully. Buddha asks to remain quiet. The man now is in such a rage that he is trembling and frothing while yelling abuses at Buddha. Buddha stands still. Finally the man totally drained of his energy drags himself away weakly from there. The disciples are shocked and angry and ask Buddha why did he have to bear all that and why didn't he give them permission to stop that man, to which Buddha replies, "He has done what he had to do and I have done what I have to do. He has thrown abuses. I have not accepted it." Then Buddha asks the disciples what will they do if Buddha had to come for a meal to their home. They replied that they would prepare the best meal for him. Buddha asks them what would they do if he never turned up for the meal and they reply that they would have no other option but to eat the meal themselves. Buddha then said, "When I did not accept what that man had to offer, he had to eat all those abuses himself and was affected by it and left." .................So exercise always the power to choose.
  61. Don't give others the power to choose for you. Don't ask, "How do I look today?" You are very beautiful, why ask others? Why let others choose for you?
  62. You do not stay in your house actually, you stay in your body. You clean your house regularly, when will you clean yourself internally? When there is power failure in your home, you light up a candle, when will you light up the darkness within?
  63. There are 72 lakh nadis out of which 72,000 nadis are important. Out of these 3 nadis are important - Ida , Pingala and Sushumna.
    • In the lower part of the sushmna is stored the tamoguna (greed, anger, fear, etc)
    • In the middle part of the sushumna is stored the rajoguna (dominance, lust, etc)
    • In the upper part of the sushumna is stored the satoguna (pure, positive)
    • All past karmas are stored in the base of the sushumna.
  64. After rudragranti is opened (by the guru) all the three gunas (satoguna, tamoguna, rajoguna) vanish and one then reaches the nirguna.
  65. Beej mantras should never be written down anywhere or verbally shared with anybody.
  66. With sadhana there is clearance of all len-den (karmic debts) from everywhere because in some or the other lifetime we would have been in any of the 14 dimensions.
  67. The earth is entering into 4th dimension after which the planet gets closer to the 10 suns. Sadhaks start getting siddhis, mahividyas and with purification experiences Lalita Tripurasundari.
  68. Meru (Sri Chakra) attracts abundance. It has within it all the secrets of shakti and materialization. Once activated it gives immense results in abundance.
  69. Always do sadhana in front of the Sri Chakra. Slowly a vortex of high energy is created from the chakra that will connect to the Universe.
  70. Keep the Sri Chakra covered with red cloth and take if off with respect only during sadhana and at all other times keep it closed from anyone's view.
  71. Before starting Sri Vidya sadhana, do dhyan on the guru paduka and pranam to guru, then pranam to Shiva and pranam to Shakti and then continue your sadhana.
  72. There will be no negative incidents in your life once you learn the lessons from them.
  73. Bodies are turning into crystalline by the coming of 2012 to 2028.
  74. Do sadhana regularly along with nishkam seva and sankirtan.
  75. The golden lights or other colors seen during sadhana indicate that purification is happening.
  76. Everything in nature is ascending including planets and even the lokas (dimensions). The higher dimension had been once in the lower dimension and gradually it has ascended to the higher dimension.
  77. 2012 is not something to worry about but it is the ascension of the planet from 3rd dimension to 4th dimension. It will further ascend to 5th and 6th. You can ascend into 4th dimension along with your physical body.
  78. All children born recently are divine. Today's kids are strong, they don't cry for long like previous babies, they are divine and when they look into your eyes they can pierce into your eyes as though saying "I know what is the truth".
  79. In today's period, even one day's sadhana will gives results equivalent to previous year's of sadhana. Self realization will be easier.
  80. What I am giving you today used to take lifetimes of sadhana before.
  81. It will not be a great deal if in the next 10 years there would be ShivYog sadhaks who are walking Buddhas.
  82. The Lemurian and Atlantis civilization were very very advanced and evolved than the current human civilization. Our today's achievements were a fraction to their advancement. When their civilizations were getting destroyed, the people were worried about preserving the secrets for future generations but were worried about these secrets getting into wrong hands.  Sphatik was used to embed these secrets.
  83. Spahtik (crystals) have consciousness. There is no much difference in your mind and the mind of the sphatik, it can think the same way you think.- the only difference is that you have will and sphatik does not have a will. It will follow what you ask it and it can be programmed.  I wish that sadhaks learn to communicate with crystals.
  84. When I was doing my sadhana long ago, I realized that I have limitations but crystals do not have limitations because they have not created karma. So, I thought of activating the crystal and connecting it with the infinite and whenever they would get connected to the infinite, I would get connected to them and indirectly I was helped to get into deeper meditation.
  85. All angels and divine beings programmed it into crystals in such a way that whose ever consciousness level rises above a certain level, only those will be able to decode it.
  86. When you are deeper levels of meditation and you connect with the crystals and touch them vision opens up and you can experience many things.
  87. The vibration energy of the earth is increasing as it is ascending and if you are able to vibrate at that level or more than that level, then transition phase of 4th dimension after 2012 will be very comfortable for you and those who cannot raise their vibrations it can be difficult for them.  Raising of vibration through - unconditional love, purity, higher spiritual level (not high religious level)
  88. If you want to make your sadhana a success, then it is important that you give attention to your daily life activities and conduct with self-analysis and self-purification.
  89. Seva is important because this is not a sadhana of siddhi but to activate the powers within us.
  90. Create the situation in your mind, stop trying to convince others. Do not think negative. Create.
  91. Whenever someone creates wealth in wrong ways and get stuck, how much ever I pray it goes into the well. So I say do not do it this way. Astheya (not taking what is not one's own) has to be maintained.
  92. You must do charity because with it abundance increases. I have seen in sadhana when certain sadhaks are not doing seva and when I asked them to do seva and charity, abundance started flowing to them.
  93. If there are no results after doing sadhana it means there are some changes to be done, some truths to be brought into your life. At that time, you have to self-contemplate truthfully and walk on the path of what answer you get during the contemplation.
  94. One sadhak who used to do lot of healings was very disappointed when she saw that she was not getting healed and her body became stiff. She once asked me to heal her and that she had tried everything but it did not work. When I looked at her, I saw that her progress in sadhana was held by her ahankar (ego) and for this reason she never used to do any seva, not even wanting to give a glass of water or serve food to anyone thinking that she was very superior. She did sadhana but this held her back. I asked her if she can do seva and she replied she was willing. I sent her out to arrange all footwear properly that was lying around outside the ashram.  She went out and after half hour came back and said she did everything. I asked her what do you want and she asked to heal her pains. I asked her where is the pain. She stood thinking and could not find any pain. I asked her how was she able to bend and do that work? She was surprised to recollect that she could bend and do the work.
  95. Whatever you want give first. If you want love, give love. If you want cooperation give cooperation, many will come to assist you. If you want money, give money, a portion of your money.
  96. There was a person in the South who used to do some land business and was in financial crisis. He had a Maruti 800 car. He had lot of faith but and insisted that he would drive me wherever I wanted to go. I later came to know that he used to borrow Rs.100/- daily morning from someone for the petrol and take me around. I told him that I would teach him Sri Vidya sadhana. When I started doing it, I saw many ugly entities coming and standing between him and Sri Chakra. I felt that there are too many karmic factors. I asked him if he did anything unethical in his land business and he looked down and said he had to do it. I asked him if he did any charity and replied he had not. I asked him to do bal bhojan. He thought and replied that he did not have money at all. I asked him if he can take out Rs.10/- everyday? He said yes. I asked him to buy 10 paav (bread) and go for a walk in the morning and wherever he sees poor children, give it to them.  I came to Pune later and then I got a message within two days from him, "Babaji, I have recieved your blessings. I have got Rs.10 lakhs." He came to me tearfully and I told him to do sadhana but along with sadhana also practice nishkaam seva. Do physical and financial seva to people who work with you. Whatever I told him, he still does it today. In a few months he told me that he is buying a building worth crores. He became a successful land developer. One day he said that he wanted to do something for me. I asked him to make an ashram for me. ILand was very costly there and so in a few months he came back and said that he is ready to do the ashram. I told him that your bhaav (intention) has come and that is enough. I have received it. I am very happy and blessing you. Always practice the attitude of giving not attitude of receiving. When you bring the bhaav (intention) of giving in your mind, then the Divine brings the intention of giving you.  When you bring the bhaav (intention) of taking from the world, in your mind, then the Divine assumes that you will anyways take it, why should I interfere?
  97.  People say I have wisdom and I should keep it to myself. Long back even I had got this thought that I have received this grace and wisdom through so much of intense sadhana and why should I just distribute it. Then I self-contemplated what would happen if I do not give it and what would happen if I give it. If I do not give it then the world might not be able to be happy but if I give they will become happy. There is nothing I lose but atleast others will gain. So I started sharing whatever wisdom  I received with others and it was only after that I realized that the more I used to share, the more Siddha gurus used to come and give their grace.
  98. I realized that there is infinite for everyone, how much you can take you should have that much strength to take.
  99. Thus my intention is that the wisdom of ShivYog reach as much people as possible due to which their lives can become worthwhile.
  100. Whoever has come in the path of ShivYog says their lives have become worthwhile.  ShivYog has wisdom and is scientific. There are no magics in it. Whatever miracles happen here are not miracles, it is very advanced science.
  101. So sit and do sadhana and heal yourself of everything of the past in this life. If it does not heal there is some connection with past lives, do Prati Prasav sadhana. Prati Prasav sadhana releases all past karmic connections.  Where for 12 years a family has not sat and had meals together suddenly within seconds release the karma and are together and happy. Who has released this? You or me?
  102. If someone is not loving me or taking care of me, who will have to be changed, that person or myself? It is only myself.
  103. I'll tell a very good test to find out if your sadhana is working or not. Visualize all the incidents that happened in your life right from childhood till now. Look at it and if it was any negative incidents. If you used to think about it you would feel suffering and negative. Now try to feel it and if you still have suffering and negativity, then there is more sadhana to do. If you feel that the suffering has reduced, then it is good. Now, if thinking of old incidents after, which you used to feel fear or sorrow, and now if you feel you only witness it (drishta bhaav) and it has no effects on you, that means you have grown spiritually.
  104. This is God's leela that He made someone or something stand before you so that you can look at that experience and learn
  105. We talk about vegetarianism. Are we not cruel in our behavior that we keep killing our own family members? So what vegetarian food do I talk about? Food vegetarianism or behavioral vegetarianism? There a poor animal goes and here a family member is going, who is being killed everyday. First, improvise on this and later we will talk if we should eat fish or not.  Bring this into awareness if we are not killing someone in the family with our hands.  Killing once is still okay but everyday killing and dying bit by bit is not good, right? Let this wisdom dawn upon you. Also, the one who is victimized is not innocent. He also is a killer. Because he has been given the physical body and he also is torturing and killing his own body. People are killing him and he is also killing himself. If he rejects it, then nothing can happen to him. If he reacts, then everything will happen to him. Now, tell me, will you leave non-vegetarianism or not? Stop killing family members and stop killing your own self. We are are so messed up in these things about garlic and onions, etc, etc, and we feel we our great souls! Bringing purity is very very important.
  106. Learn to have the courage to face who you are.  Learn to have the courage to bring a change in your life.
  107. When two vessels bang against each other, then it is not just a family's secret drama, the whole world see it and any viewer can comment anything on it. After that don't create another drama. Learn a lesson.  To receive love give love first. Until you sow the seed you will not get the fruit. A ShivYogi practices only giving not taking. Then everything just comes to you.
  108. What is yours noone can take it away from you. What is not yours, how much ever you struggle and do anything you cannot snatch from anyone.
  109. If what you have is incomplete, then increase your good deeds, increase your sadhana to complete it. Do not feel jealous that others got more and I did not get.  Whatever is in your fate and your parent's fate, becomes your total summary of your fate. Whatever they have made, they have made, now the rest you can expand with your good karmas. Do not encash, create.
  110. What you do not like release and what you want create.
  111. Bring into your life passion, love and care.
I have only noted what I felt was important and if you wish to listen to the entire discourses you may download it here. A million thanks to Saurabh for all his efforts in recording and uploading the files for us.


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