Happy GuruPurnima 2020 - Go take a sip of that bliss within....

The Master is everyone's but yet nobody's. Once Swami Rama's disciple said to his master that He was so fortunate to have spent so many years with his master, Bengali Baba, to which Swami Rama disapprovingly answered, "How can one be with someone who has no time for anyone but God?" Meaning, that even though Swami Rama was physically with his master all the time, His master was elsewhere all the time - with the Divine. The Master is nothing different. Those who meet Him soon get to know that He belongs to noone but the Lord himself. Before one can settle into the feeling of 'He is mine', He has already skipped elsewhere catering to someone's need and before they can understand that He cannot be caught under rules and tradition, He has moved elsewhere to the next and before one can make Him settle into the comforts of riches and luxury, He is already in some other place. While he was actively teaching, he was like the wind, moving from one place to the…

Guru Purnima 2010

On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, let us all gather and do sadhana and connect with our gurus. Babaji has himself conveyed that 7 days before and 7 days after the Guru Purnima all the powers of the guru are activated. To get maximum benefit connect to the Guru during these days and do sadhana.  This is the day Guru shares their power with the disciples.

Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheswara
Guru Saaksaat Param Brahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha

Download a bigger image of this and look into the eyes of closeup picture of Babaji for it does emit energy.

download the bigger image
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  1. Happy Guru Purnima to all my friend...

  2. Really Nice Picture... thanks Jacob!

    Article on Guru Purnima -



  3. All I have to say what a divine experience!!!Excellent pic. Jacobji.Namay shivay!!!!

  4. Jacob bhai...Thanks a ton...Love you dear...namah Shivay


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