Why it can be difficult to heal oneself and loved ones

The Master once said, "Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ourselves the cause of the illness of our loved ones."This is a very deep astounding statement, for many times the loved ones, may be completely dependent on the individual and may not really approve of the ways of the individual but in vain suppress helplessly, it order to avoid external conflicts and in the due course develop illnesses, since almost every disease is psychosomatic. Even good healers can suffer from it, for they may easily heal others but find it hard when it comes to healing themselves or loved ones due to this entanglement called attachment, that again roots from the strong karmic debts.Many times healers try to heal their loved ones without being fully reflective or aware if they are themselves in some way contributing to that problem of the loved one, where the healer is desperately trying to heal. Shift into awareness and check. 💛✨

...and I thought...

Just sharing my views in a different format so that it becomes interesting to read. Trying here to share what I thought before I met Babaji, which if looked upon carefully, has a message in every sentence; and that is my intention to convey through here. 

The "I" used in this article is a representation of an individual.

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Here I am in binding with the one truth that Babaji teaches, but before coming here I had some foolish thoughts and myths. Before coming here...
  • I thought I would always be discriminated on religion, caste, creed, color, position and status.
  • I thought I had to learn and read scriptures and prayers because it was enforced on me.
  • I thought I had to compromise on ethical values to live in the world.
  • I thought through books or stories that saints and pure people only lived in the past.
  • I thought Christ's healing powers, miracles, unconditional love, forgiveness was only reserved for saints.
  • I thought that I was doomed with whatever came to me in the name of fate and destiny.
  • I thought that God would be only found after I die.
  • I thought that I must fear God because he is powerful and judgmental!
  • I thought I was at the mercy of religious leaders.
  • I thought I was helpless and alone in this huge world.
  • I thought everything had to be manipulated in order to survive.
  • I thought it was necessary to have God's darshan to be blessed.
  • I thought only doctors could heal an ailment.
  • I thought I had to convince everyone by force to make others understand.
  • I thought for peace of mind one had to go to a temple, church or mosque.
  • I thought I was a poor soul tormented by everyone with no fault of mine.
  • I thought my ego, arrogance and anger were my power.
  • I thought that total spirituality was supposed to be only in old age.
  • I thought I would offend one God if I thought about or liked another God (before knowing that God is one).
  • I thought all religions had their own Gods.
  • I thought other religion people were foolish in what they practiced.
  • I thought that I always had priority over animals and plants and could do whatever I pleased with them.
  • I thought it was okay to feel victimized and brood in self-pity.
  • I thought saints, masters and renunciates lived a pitiful life.
  • I thought unconditional love was love without knowing that it was actually acceptance and forgiveness.
  • I thought only the modern music could bring me happiness and enjoyment.
  • I thought all spiritual people are of the same mentality and understanding.
  • I thought everybody under the same guru or religion practiced exactly what they were supposed to and thus were all in the same level of understanding and consciousness.
  • I thought it was okay to preach what you know even if I did not follow it at that moment.
  • I thought that people and circumstances were responsible for my mood and happiness or sorrow.
  • I thought the only way of being alive was to eat food.
  • I thought God was out, that he sat in heaven or in temples and churches.
  • I thought the more the age the more one is evolved spiritually.
  • I thought children had lot to be taught good things since they did not know anything.
  • I thought the beauty of people was in external appearance.
  • I thought the more I read books, the more wisdom I will have.
  • I thought only females cry; that it was wrong to cry, especially if one was a male.
  • I thought nonvegetarian food was the tastiest food to relish.
  • I thought even if I ate nonveg food I was not contributing to killing it because somebody else had killed it.
  • I thought I should expect to see Jesus in church and a hindu god in temples and never viceversa.
  • I thought by just thinking positive and reading about the same could change my thinking permanently.
  • I thought forgiving my past sins was only in the hands of God and this was somewhere after the end of physical life.
  • I thought idols and statues were God.
  • I thought meditation was only for peace of mind.
  • I thought it was the duty of my parents to take care of all my needs and mistakes.
  • I thought pranayama was done only to fill lungs with more oxygen.
  • I thought it was okay to worry because that was my way of planning and take measures for the future.
  • I thought for every ailment doctor and medicines were the only way out.
  • I thought a guru was just another preacher or a representative of a religion.
  • I thought it was the world or other people who were bad and not the reflection of the flaws in me.
  • I thought it was me who was doing everything.
Whatever I thought, I never thought that I would one day write what I thought about the things that I thought :)
(just a pinch of humor....lol)



  1. I thought I am a practical man and religion and spirituality are way too idealistic for me...

  2. i thought this is wat iam born for.thisiswat my soulwants. this is wat my gurudev bapuji want meto todo.wenin chandigarh baba ji let usto siddhalok , i saw my gurdev smiling at me.......few months back he and babaji appeared in my dreamat thesame tym........and avdhoot babaji said
    { apkabachha bahut pyaara hai
    }.......my gurdev sniled n here iam in lap of gurusz.......iam blessed n we r blessed jacob......frget wat mindsaid or its saying , its existence is only coz of us.......om namashivay.....na ma .......no {i}.......just shiva........jai gurdevdev jai babajiki ..jaihosabhi shivyogiyoki nam shivayyyyyy

  3. new hopes new doors......all is one.very true jacob bhaiya. you are gem and the god is send you to this world to be medium of good things to spread in the man kind.i am fortunate to meet you in this divine path...god bless you. om namah shivaya.

  4. I thought Religion,prayer and god are created by weak peoples and for weak peoples (just Like Amithab Bcchan is doing in movie "Deewar" hehehe, how foolish I was)

  5. jesus learned form india for 15+ years.so he is also no different then us.many books were burned down by constantine which depicted the life of jesus in india and secret teachings.



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