The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Babaji's Gems - 8

These are notes from the Bangalore Shivir (August 2010)

As usual this shivir also came up with interesting and newer methods of sadhana.  Babaji also gave the Varalakshmi mantra deeksha.  Babaji also asked to send articles and experiences of sadhaks to the ashram as Babaji plans to make CDs and books available for future. Something that I noticed this time is that Babaji made all do a lot of sadhana some days we spent almost 11 hours in the shivir. More of spontaneous direct healing also was seen in this shivir with Babaji addressing lot of public queries and giving direct healings.  This shivir's theme was ASCENSION. 

There were a group of doctors also present this time and they volunteered specifically to do studies on 30 volunteer sadhaks. All the medical reports done on modern medical equipments before and after the shivir were read out by the doctor on the last day, that showed healing and progress in all reports.
  • Ascension means rising to the light.
  • Grace is always there after deeksha; if it stops anytime, attend the shivir and blast off that karma that is blocking and you will be able to continue again.
  • Do not put conditions during sadhana that I do no see the Sri Chakra, etc. Bring only the bhaav and do sadhana.
  • Like from reverse gear to go to higher gears you have to come to neutral you first have to clear karmas and bring it to neutral and then you will be able to raise higher.
  • Every time you sing or chant you ascend.
  • Every time you sing or chant do not do it physically but with mind and soul.
  • Whenever there is dark energy within, sing it out or dance it out.
  • Shivyog is a lifestyle how to live.Religions may be different but bring this lifestyle into your religion.
  • When any problems come, do not take tension or worry, but do invocation and send sanjeevani to the incident.
  • Do not accept negativity but create.
  • Create internally first – health, happiness, abundance and then start working externally.
  • Have dreams (desire) until you reach the state where there is no desire.  He (God) has no desires because he only fulfills other’s desires and when you become Him, you will have no desires because you will then be the fulfiller.
  • Energy always flows from higher level to energy of lower level.  Connect with the higher energies like the holy siddhas tap higher energies.
  • Mritsanjeevani can remove doshas (impurities).
  • ShivYogi is the richest person because he/she carries the Sanjeevani Shakthi.
  • All karmic debts can be cleared with sanjeevani.
  • It is not that “I have done ShivYog and all miseries will go away.”  You will have to clear the karmic debts by sadhana. You will have to clear it, others cannot do it for you.
  • If hurdles are not immediately going off, then a true sadhak will understand that he/she has karmic debts to clear and they need to do more sadhana.
  • Anyone bringing problems or hurdles in your life means you have karmic debts to clear with that person.
  • If you become an instrument in releasing your ancestors (pitru mukthi) they bless you.
  • Shradh means giving gratitude to deceased ancestors and feeding the hungry on their day brings contentment to them.
  • In ShivYog there is no shubh muhurtham (auspicious day).  Everything is planned by Shiva.
  • We are not supposed to mention anything directly.  Listen carefully to my words, do not take it vaguely.
  • When there is a complication, do not give logic strength to it.  God is bigger than science.  Science will grow but it cannot reach God.
  • Someone said that he does a lot of charity to the people from his wife’s side.  That is not charity because charity is done without expectations.  Charity is giving to someone you do not know because there is no expectation then.
  • When you want any solution when stuck in some situation put on the TV, CD, etc, and I shall speak to you.  You may say how is it possible as the telecast is prerecorded.  These are your ideas.  It is your idea of time and date.
  • Believe in Sanjeevani; it can give you everything you seek.
  • Always have shudh bhavana (pure intentions) no manipulations.
  • Process of ascension begins when your intentions are pure.
  • Even when sitting to meditate have the intention “I am getting purified.  I will call the guru and he will come.  God exists and when he comes I shall go into turiya avastha.
  • Have no contradictions in the mind.
  • The moment you think (good or bad) it immediately materializes in the astral body which will come down into physical reality depending on karmas.
  • Do not think anything unnecessarily.  Do not create any wish unknowingly.
  • Even fear is a desire.  The moment you fear you wish for that because it comes with emotions.
  • Babaji mentioned about a sadhak's experience with OBE (out-of-body experience) One person's soul was out of the body and finds another soul coming to help ascend to light. On asking who he is, the good soul who came to assist says that it is another soul like him. To this, he now develops ego and moves away thinking why should he listen or obey another human soul. Due to his ego he moves rather away from light and drifts towards darkness. The good soul that came to assist him keeps asking him to think of good things and create love, but he drifts away from that good soul. Then he descends into a gloomy looking village where he sees people who are equally gloomy and now starts judging. This time again the good soul again remind him to stop judging as like energy attracts like energy and that he could thus end up with them. Then he realizes and changes and now starts moving upwards. He now asks why can't he see the good soul and only hear it to which the good soul replies that it is right in front of him and that he cannot see it because it is vibrating much higher than he is and because he is full of desires and other negativities. Then, this person expressed gratitude to the soul and he slowly starts seeing him in light. He is then told that since he is now purified so much that he does not have to die and thus he comes back into his body.
  • If your fear cannot materialize in this life, it will in the next life and then one ends up crying and asking, "What wrong have I done?"
  • Think of people who have no clothes, no food, no roof, laborers. Thank God for all that you have. This will help you in ascension.
  • Offer gratitude before meals, when you use a washroom, to a waiter, to an autodriver, etc, etc.
  • You will always get what you are destined to get but with purity only you will deserve to get more. But when you fight for more than whatever you are destined (like in property share), you will be in trouble.
  • Never talk ill about the father or your will affect the ancestors.  Be grateful to him for giving you the physical body (without him which is not possible).  He worked so that you can learn.  He worked to provide you good food.  He has made you capable for making your ready to create what you want. Do not worry about what he gives to your sibling - that is only dust! What you create is gold!
  • Guru mandala says, "We are willing to give you everything you want, just purify yourself."
  • Practice astheya (not longing for what is not one's own by one's own earning). Create for yourself. If you ever have to ask, ask your guru, ask God, not anyone else.
  • Seek in turiya avastha (samadhi state) and it will come to you.
  • Whenever the Mahalakshmi mantra is chanted thrice, goddess Lakshmi will come and bless you.
  • Every Friday saadhaks together put kumkum on Sri Chakra while chanting the Lakshmi mantra - the more the sadhaks the better for prosperity.
  • During the three days of Sri Vidya sadhana in the shivir, speak as little as possible. Whatever little you speak also let it be something that brings happiness only to others.
  • Soundarya Lahari is the highest in tantra sadhana which has all the secrets of the Universe.
  • Real powers come with real guru bhakti and shallow powers come with shallow guru bhakti.
  • A Sri Vidya sadhak who wants grace of the Mother should be careful with ego first.  Secondly, should be careful in petty vested interests. Aim for higher - for the infinite.
  • You are very lucky to get the Sri Vidya deeksha so easily as I had to get it after a lot of hard work.
  • Anyone who is performing the Sri Vidya sadhana are respected by all Gods. Even the lower realm beings run away.
  • You get vak siddhi and sankalp siddhi.
  • One receives the blessings even with the chanting of the mantra with devotion.
  • With good aacharan (behavior/conduct) if you invoke Sri Vidya shakthi, Mother blesses the sadhak.
  • Saraswati starts flowing in every word one speaks.
  • Abundance and prosperity prevails and karmic layers are destroyed and thus one purifies and ascends.
  • One remains in the same lower consciousness for so many lifetimes wasting one's life.
  • Don't judge/critisize/gossip. It is funny that just for a little fun and some moments of entertainment one prohibits one's own raise of consciousness.
  • ShivYogis dnt like to talk much because 90% of the talks of the past about others.
  • Family members of ShivYogis worry why the sadhak has become silent and that he is not good anymore as he has become silent and does not talk or gossip anymore.
  • ShivYogis will talk but not gossip.
  • When you start living in the present, the talking will stop.
  • Ego stops even ascension of a soul after a certain level.
  • Siddhis of lower vibrations in our (siddhas) language is called curse.
  • If you cannot forgive your are not in the present but in the past. People come to me asking for blessing. Even to receive my blessing you will have to come back into the present.
  • Do not get stuck in the memory of the past which is not good for you. Forgive!
  • You ask your mother to cook and never again and again interfere after that and keep checking if she is cooking properly. If you continue that after some time she will throw you out and also throw what is being prepared.  God also is similar.  Once you fill in "Tum chahthe kya ho" don't keep doubting again and again and interfere into what is manifesting.
  • For every creation mother becomes the creator and father becomes the kaaran (reason).
  • It can be proved that one can live on only light if for 21 days I train him in closed envoironment to live on light. After that all organs will become 100% healthy like that of a 10-year-old.
  • In the shivirs when shakti rises people start doing different kriyas including very difficult yogic kriyas like sheershasan (raising the body and legs straight with head on the floor) and people wonder why Baba does not worry about them. Shakti takes care of it without any injury.
  • Whenever you ask, ask in a very simple way. No Shakespere language.. no "Thee, thy, thou" only say "Dey do" (in hindi). There was huge laughter.
  • I have met yogis who in their 30's and 40's were diseased and could barely walk but now are great yogis.  They created it for themselves.
  • You will have to pay the price for this - price is 2 hours of sadhana everyday and rest 22 hours enjoy your life.
  • Jyotirlinga is illumination - light.
  • When something goes wrong, don't run around, don't complain, just sit and meditate. (Dont accuse, dont cry).
  • In whatever situation you are in, in whichever age, you can still reach any situation.
  • I know of a 95-year-old who learnt karate in that age.  Normally, a 95-year-old will say he is weak, can't see/hear, etc and a young one looking at him will wonder how at this age when one is ready to get into the grave learn karate. Why does he have to die??
  • When you get up do deva karma (holistic)
  • During the daytime do sakaam karma (workdly karma/actions).
  • During the nighttime do shanti karma (spend time with your family in peace).
  • Give gratitude to everything - to house, people, etc.
  • Everyday mother sits with the 16 nityas. Offer gratitude to the day's diety and pray for a great day.
  • When someone in the family is in trouble or sad, sit down and send Sanjeevani to their manipur, anahat and agya chakra.
  • Why work in NASA to see galaxies; work within. There are many sadhaks who visit different dimensions and plants.
  • Science knows atomic science, now they are studying subatomic science and yet to go deeper to learn the science of consciousness.
  • I can show if you have equipments to show that just with words (speech) one can change the atomic configuration.
  • Become real sadhaks; don't fall into rituals.
  • If one connects to Sri Chakra he creates the type of abundance he wants - health, wealth, etc.
  • To undo what you have creatd you must work for weeks together - 40 days anushtaan.
  • Whatever science thinks of the future to create, you can create it now itself.
  • Doctor is the most important person after God to a patient, so the doctor's every action should be holistic.  He must seek that the patient must get cured.  Request Sanjeevani every morning to heal patients.
  • Doctors should always speak positive words to the patients. By telling them the negative consequences beforehand, the patient can actually create that complication by fear and worry.
  • Anything chemically induced produces negative energy.
  • Doctor should start telling that cure for every disease already exists.  The opposites are always available on planet earth.
  • In Himalayas there is a herb that causes terrible pain if rubbed or crushed between fingers. Just next to these herbs grow another herb that if rubbed gives relief to that pain.
  • Invoke Sanjeevani into medicine/tablets.
  • Your body produces chemicals (antidotes) to fight against disease when you are happy.
  • Have a meditation altar for Sri Vidya sadhana and keep the meru, shivalinga/diety. Lighting a lamp is important and burn some inscense sticks. Do not use the black incense sticks that are made of chemicals but use the ones made from herbs.  Use gugulu. Tiny divine beings from the smoke start clearing the atmosphere. Keep asana (woolen blanket or shawl).  Make ambience of the meditation room.  Dirty pooja rooms and temple in kitchen, etc show impure intentions.  We expect so much from God but we are not willing to pay the price.  You are dealing with energies and it should be positive.  Don't keep photos of deceased because after they have merged with five elements. Why bring the prithvi tatva (earth element) back.  Don't keep a diety and neglect as it will then emit negative energy. Anything not used for more than two years will emit negative energy.  Don't make racks for pooja room.  When you build pooja rooms or meditation rooms build it bigger than your bathroom atleast.  You will feel positive because of the created positive vibrations in your meditation room.  Let mantra chants go on always in this room.  Do not use the electronic chips (found in market that go on playing the loop). These chips have broken sound of mantras, play it from a CD. Write your prayers/wish and keep it under the Sri Chakra so that it always gets the divine energy 24 hours.  Start with prana kriyas which will attract prana and store in your room. (After this follow the procedures taught to you in shivirs).
  • The more you recite the deeksha mantra the better (ajapa japa). One who recites this deeksha mantra at all times will not need much effort to bring in the changes.
  • Healing takes longer time for people who don't do nishkam seva.
  • Seva helps in clearing karmic debts.
  • Wherever you are, in whichever position you are in, you can still catch the rope and climb ladder of ShivYog.
  • A sadhak should not go to another sadhak and ask for healing because the moment one sadhak asks another for healing, he becomes not a sadhak but a patient. Become a sadhak and not a patient.
  • First and foremost for a sadhak, release the past (forgive) and live in the present.
  • Anything not good for your ultimate good should be released.
  • Memory of the person not good for your ultimate good should be released.
  • A husband and wife (sadhaks) came to me. Wife was an older sadhak and husband was new but followed ShivYog in totality. The wife once prayed for her brother's child's marriage and soon it got fixed. But she was very upset because after it got fixed she got the news only on a postcard invitation. She was holding on to the ego and then said that she is sending them blessings. What kind of blessings is that?
  • Neki kar kuay mein daal (Do a positive deed and throw it into the well meaning perform a selfless act).
  • The moment you help someone some of your negative karmas are released. After help, leave it there and don't turn back.
  • When praises come create the feeling "I have not done anything but it is God who did it. I am grateful for having the opportunity and I don't want to hear about it."
  • Don't bathe only the physical body but also the soul.  Mother's grace will not be received without internal purification.
  • Everyday practice forgiveness, gratitude and unconditional love.
  • Whenever you go to a new soil, new venture, offer gratitude to that soil/venture.  Send unconditional love to all humans, animals, plants and other astral beings with the feeling, "I am coming to your place and sending you love."
  • Make Nachiketan Agni Dhyan as a way of life.
  • When you get up emit unconditional love in all directions and expand your aura in unconditional love.
  • No-one simply comes into your life.  They only come to clear karmic debts with you.
  • Problems come in life because we only think of getting but not giving.
  • People say "But his words are hurting and they pierce me." It pierces your false ego that you carry with yourself. The moment you finish off the false ego there will be nothing within you and the arrows of hurt/insult will pass through you and you will remain unaffected.
  • All negativity and psychic impressions are stored in the intracellular memory, chakras and sushumna nadi.
    • Lower sushumna stores the tamoguni (strong negative impresions of hatred, fear, guilt)
    • Middle part of sushumna stores the rajoguni (ego, anger, etc)
    • Upper sushumna stores the satoguni (pure impressions)
      • A Shivyogi must rise above these and attain nirguna (formless, attributeless, mega-soul, or spirit-only)
Babaji's song in this shivir that was repeated throughout was -
Jab koi bath bigad jaaye,
Jab koi mushkil pad jaaye
Tum lena shiv ka naam, namah shivaya!

Na koi tha na koi hai, mere Shiv ke siva
Tum lena shiv ka naam, namah shivaya!

Namah shivaya!  namah shivaya! namah shivaya! namah shivaya!
Om namah shivaya! namah shivaya!

To see the video of this song click here.

Sanjeevani Churna for detoxification of the body/nadis
100 gm tulsi, preferably Shyama tulsi (Holy Basil)
100 gm dry pudina (mint)
100 gm dry amla (Indian gooseberry)
100 gm haldi (turmeric) - ground at home not from market.
100 gm bilva patra (leaf of bel)
100 gm neem
100 gm arjun saal (bark of Terminalia arjuna tree)

shyama tulsi - holy basil
pudina - mint
amla - Indian gooseberry
haldi - turmeric
bilva patra
arjun saal - terminalia arjun
Ground all the above into powder and keep in container.  Every morning and before sleeping at night 2 teaspoons in 50 ml water.  At first it might be a little difficult in taking but eventually it will be adjusted by the body. Make this a daily habit and all impurities stuck to the intestines will get flushed out and other toxins will be thrown out.


  1. Nice coverage of the Shivir... The whole essence is here, so if someone wants to recollect their experience at the shivir, this is the right place for a shivyogi to visit,,,,Jacob Om Namo Shivaye..

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  5. Dear Sadhaks,Please take note that the "SULPHER" which is mentioned in the above points is a purified Sulpher which we get after performing Sudhikaran Samskara by cow ghee and cow milk.Babaji has emphasised on the point that a normal Sulpher is a poison.It becomes a divine nector after performing the Samskara which is based on the theory of Alchamy.I will again request all of you that do not use normal Sulpher it is a poison.

    Jacob Bhai I will request you to please mention it clearly otherwise people will use it and will create health issues.Kindly do it immediately.Moreover nice details as usual.

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  6. Dear Jacob, Excellent post. Thank you. Namah Shivaya..Vishwa

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    Ashutosh, thanks for your input but I would prefer not to put that here right now. Babaji is keen that everyone learn this and so has asked that if anyone wants to know more about preparation of this to contact sadhaks like Shri. Shivmoorthyji (Chennai) and Shri. Pradip Simhaji (Bangalore) to whom he has taught it. Namah Shivaya.

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