The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Babaji's Gems - 10

These are words of Babaji and is typed here in direct speech.  For the new reader's sake, I have added in brackets or italics.
  1. If we do Kriyas (yoga/excercise) before Sadhana then it really helps in concentration while doing Sadhana.
  2. While Healing anybody, do not  use word "healing" as it brings ego. Use the word "pray" instead. Say, "I will pray for you."
  3. Enjoy life! Laugh/smile as much as you can as it will attract positive energy.
  4. Let's say we get 100 units of energy from God. Now, when we think in negative direction like jealousy, anger, fear, etc. some amount of energy gets utilized. Let's say 20 units are utilized in anger, 40 units are utilized in jealousy and remaining 40 in fear. When energy reaches 0 unit, our body takes some energy from our health. When we keep on going in same negative direction, body takes energy from other healthy body parts. After some time, it will take energy from our wealth, relations, etc. and so will make them weak. When we move in positive direction,  laugh, do seva, etc, we add more positive energy in our account. and that makes our health, wealth and relations strong.
  5. Read Swadhyay every day. keep some extra Swadhyay books so that others can read as well. Bring as many people as possible. Start with your family members. After Swadhyay, distribute some prasad. Also Prasad should be as per your wish; it may be anything. Only your feelings (bhaav) should be there. If you do this daily, one day I will come to your place.  :)
  6. Even if you know the complete Swadhyay by-heart, still you should read it out from the Swadhyay  book.
  7. Anna-daan karo (donate food), bachho ko khilone do (give toys to children), bachho ko maaro ya danto nahi (do not scold or beat children), unko pyar karo (love them).
  8. Invoke spiritual guides often and spend time with holy Siddhas. Ask your guides to help connect wih the siddhas/masters.
  9. Watch your reaction to every situation, be aware.
  10. Keep doing sadhana and purify. In time, you will experience turiya avastha.
  11. Practice gratitude at all times to -
    1. Body.
    2. Prana shareera and other shareeras
    3. The Self (I am that I am)
    4. All guides, ascended masters - the invisible helpers.
  12. All negative incidents were pre-decided to learn. Learn that even in that negative incident 'I can given love'. Incidents can be changed but it will change when you say 'I have learnt a lesson.'
  13. Never pass judgement nor hold resentment on anyone you come across.
  14. Key to fast self-realization is to witness every incident with the drishta bhaav. Be aware of every moment of being detached from the body. Attachments and infatuations will reduce.
  15. Communicate with children coming down to their level.
  16. Until you can make others experience do not share what you see in sadhana.
Below are few notes from Raipur Shivir (April 2011) shared by Nisha.
  1. Babaji told one of the sadhak how to heal his own eyes.  After doing sadhana request Shiv-Shiva, stating that that 'Maa Sanjivini is yours, these hands are also yours, please heal my eyes fully.. Mere aankhon ko purna savasth kardo" and a day will come when Lord Shiv-Shiva will heal him completely.
  2. Babaji  gave a good example of Saint Kabir. He was a weaver by occupation. It is symbolic. We all do the same. We weave the whole day our thoughts just as Kabir Das weaves the cloth. As he is always in Dyan Yog, praising the almighty always, we should also do the same, we should weave good thoughts and be in 'dhyan avastha' the whole day and praise the Almighty.
  3. Babaji talked about the three bhaav - Pashu bhaav, Manushya Bhaav and Deva Bhaav. Pashu bhaav is to snatch something from others. Manushya bhaav is offering gratitude and sharing, ask that God give enough. To keep doing self-analysis to ask yourself whether you giving 1% back to Him. Always offer gratitude, offer seva. Deva Bhaav means combination of Deva bhaav and Asur Bhav - giving something to others but at the same time having ego for it. Deva bhaav of the egoistic feeling of having done something for others will also descend you. Only Manushya bhaav is the successful way and you have to be away from all other bhaavs.. Pare hona hai har bhav seShudh bhavna , Nirmal mann , Nischal Mann.
  4. Kisi ko kasht dena hinsa hai (Giving anyone suffering is violence.)
  5. Babaji said mantra have 'namah' in it and that is the reason why he asks everyone to chant the mantra as much as you can because namah means offering gratitude to the universe and the 'namah' mantra brings the emotion of gratitude.
  6. Babaji asked not to become Rhinni (indebted) but to become Shivyogis. The 3 rhinns - Rishi rhinn (indebted to Sages for their grace), Maata-pita rhinn (indebted to parents for having brought you in this word) and universe rhinn (indebted to the Unvierse). To release these rhinns, every moment offer gratitude , do niskam seva.
  7. There are 5 roles that Shiv-Shiva plays - Becomes Brahma and creates, Becomes Narayan and sustains, Becomes Rudra and destroys karna, Becomes Guru and gives deeksha (initiation) and Becomes Sadashiva and merges one into Himself when one purifies.
  8. Babaji said that when one is born as a human, his/her spiritual guides are already fixed and as one progresses by finishing karmas, the spiritual guides keep changing and one day into his/her life comes a Sadguru who leads him/her towards liberation.
  9. Babaji said in this world there is pain and pleasure. One will have to come out of this. A Shivyogi rises above the pain-pleasure.
  10. Before giving Srividya diksha Babaji asked everyone to take an oath not to talk ill to any woman, never to insult her, and consider her as the form of Adyashakti. To do Shanti karma at night and Deva karma in the morning.
  11. Babaji suggested that if both the wife and husband do Srividya Sadhana together, it would bring lot of prosperity.
  12. Sadhaks can do Mritsanjeevini sadhana with Srividya beej mantra also in morning.
  13. Any break in Srividya would be considered as fresh Srividya sadhana for that sadhak. Eg: If one has been doing Srividya sadhana last 2 years and then if there is one day break, from the next day he/she would be considered as fresh Srividya sadhak.
  14. Geetanjali didi and Babaji sang this beautiful song. Tu Prabhu Data Daan mat Pura, Hum Thare Bhikari Jiyo (We are beggars in front of you Lord Shiv-Shiva, You are infinite and gave us everything.) Mai kya maangu , kuch thir na raha, Bus Dije naam pyare Jiyo (What should I ask? Nothing is constant, Bless us with your lovely name).
  15. On occasion of Babaji's Brithday (26th March) Babaji gave all the gyan (wisdom) that every one has three births and three deaths. Birth and death is a continuous process.  Every moment that is gone is death and every moment that one is living is birth.
    1. The first birth happens when when the soul takes on a body depending on it's previous birth's karmas, sanchit karma and it's parent's karmas.
    2. The second birth happens when one's previous punya karma (merits) activates and when a Sadguru comes into one's life. The Sadguru comes and activates the chiti sakti and along with living life, spiritual growth also begins. Guru makes him/her realize death. In reality, when death comes it is a state of union with the universal consciousness and the Guru makes one realize this while still alive. Guru takes him/her to a Siddhaguru and makes realize the Art of Dying. When one realizes this, he/she gets liberated.
    3. Third birth is when one leaves the body and takes another birth.
  16. Have an ideal, not idea because ideas come from the logic mind. Babaji chose his Sadguru as his ideal and now he became ideal for others. Baba asked that all choose their own ideals. He added "Our lives are worth if we become ideal for others."


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