Friday, December 31, 2010

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 5

Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech (When you read it, you can know that Baba is speaking to you).
  1. I will tell you about the 10 doors.  When the soul is about to leave the body, then it starts rushing towards the every door and whichever door is open, the soul leave the body through that door and enters that dimension to which that door opens to.
  2. If there has not been spiritual growth then the 1st door is your mooladhara (perineum chakra) which is at the base of the spine from where the sushumna nadi begins. This door is alway open. This gate is also known as the gate of life and death. If the soul leaves through the excretory organs, then it is adhogati (moving down to lower states) and goes into the lower dimension which is lower than the earth dimension and gets into bhog yoni or preth-pishaak (lower astral beings) yoni.
  3. Leaving life from here can be due to even unfulfilled desires and vasanas (tendencies), like longing for praise but getting but having being  condemned or insulted. The tendency where one remains hungry and thirsty and is unsatisfied with food leaves through this door and searches for a form that can fulfill this desire/craving even if it is taking the form of an insects or birds of prey. Those with anger, revenge and resentment leaves from this first door and gets into either the bhog yoni or goes even below into the dimensions of lower astral beings (bhu loka).
  4. Never given anyone intense pain nor carry intense pain within oneself. One family was badly effected by lower astral beings and the whole house was in mess. The girl was given in marriage and when the bride and the items of gifts reached the boy's house, there were lot of fault-finding in the things received and the girl's father was called and insulted badly. This trauma remained in the girl's father and was filled with anger and resentment. When he died with the emotion of revenge, he entered the lower dimension and took the form of a lower astral being and started troubling the entire family.
  5. To avoid such pitrudosha, only one prayer I make - do not cause pain to anyone's mind. Take care of old people in the very same way as small children are taken care of. They also must be throwing tantrums like small kids. Look after them. If they have the emotions of peace and happiness, then there is blessings on the family. So try to keep elderly very happy.
  6. Do surely give elders this wisdom of PratiPrasav. If nothing else can be done then atleast let them do this. Meditate on light in the agya chakra and 21 times chant OM. Those who are in threat of negative radiations they also can do this papanashani kriya by doing similarly focusing on either the agya chakra (between eyebrows) or naabhi (navel).
  7. Another remedy is the Gomutra arka (distilled extract of cow urine) available in the market. This is done by boiling the cow urine and the vapor that turns to fluid is collected and is called arka. This can be taken 30 ml in the morning and night, which acts as the antidote for negative radiations and very beneficial. There are many institutions that prepare this extract, find out, buy and use.
  8. Gomutra and gobhar (cow dung) is very powerful. This can be experimented. In a place where there could an atomic blast or atomic radiations, make a hut that is plastered well with cow dung and cow urine. The radiations will be everywhere but not within the hut.
  9. Even now in villages during the solar eclipse, villages apply it's own dung to the belly of a pregnant cow to protect it from the harmful eclipse radiations that could deform the fetus in the womb.
  10. The 2nd door is swadisthan (4 fingers below the navel). All subtle nerves meet here. Those who hold on to tendencies and attachment to the family can leave through this door into bhurvaloka. Here there is also pitruloka. One who reaches here, always watches the family and becomes happy when family is happy and sad when family is sad. I wish that all ShivYog sadhaks do sadhana and with your tapobal (spiritual power) your pitrus should ascend into higher dimensions and would get a lot of blessings and grace.
  11. The 3rd door is the naabhi or manipura chakra (navel). If this door is open during death then the soul goes into swargaloka. These are those souls that have done a lot of punyas while living but along with punyas wanted name, praise and fame. This is the point of ego. The raw ego or the spiritual ego is ego itself.  So, after going into the swargaloka, they reaps the gifts of punya but when all the punyas are spent, they have to come back to the earth plane into a good family and have to do karma to liberate themselves. In the 84 lakh yonis, one karma is burnt, which means through all 84 lakh yonis, only 84 lakh karmas are burnt. The final yoni that a soul takes before taking human birth is the cow.
  12. The 4th door is the anahata chakra (heart) from where the soul enters into meharloka, where all divine beings, rishis and the place of Bramha. Here the soul remains for a very long time in peace and bliss but has to come back into human form because the cycle of birth and death is not over yet. In this dimension only the vaayu tatva (air element) is dominant and is a very subtle form.
  13. The 5th door is the vishuddhi chakra (throat) from where on enters the janaloka. The dominant form here is the akaash tatva (sky element). The soul take very divine and pure forms here and experiences bliss and sat-chit-anand for a very long period but when all punyas are done with, then the soul comes back to earth plane and is born to a very noble, pious and respectable parents and under the guidance of their parents, doing sadhana move towards the path of liberation.
  14. The 6th door is the aagya chakra (center of eyebrow) from where the soul enters into the Siddhaloka, where the soul is not linked with any karma and decides whether to come back to earth to help others or may prefer not to go back. If it goes back to earth then it is no more bound by karmas but it would be leela (play) as there is no motive behind those acts but it is for the welfare of others. When the soul leaves the body now, it has to go to the Siddhaloka or higher lokas and is out of the birth and death cycle.
  15. The 7th door is the bindu chakra (opposite to the agya chakra on the back on the head) from where the soul enters the Bramhaloka/Siddhaloka and is above all the five elements.
  16. The 8th door is the forehead chakra (a little above the agya chakra) from where the soul enters the Bramhaloka and is out of the birth and death cycle.
  17. The 9th door is the sahastrar chakra (top of the head) from where the soul enters into Shivaloka/Vaikuntaloka/Bramhaloka and becomes light (Ahambramhasami).
  18. The 10th door is above the sahastrar chakra and in the form of star and this is the dasham dwar (10th door). When this opens, you see your own self. (Aapko aaphi ke darshan hothe hai). Akaala purush. I am God. I am Shiva. Shivohum shivohum shiva swaroopam.
  19. Some people told me that it is difficult to relax during stress. In fact, deep relaxation and going into deep meditation is very easy. I will teach you how to go into deep samadhi state. When you are in samadhi state, you are very close to God. At this time, your inner mind that has all knowledge of past, present and future, and knows which error of your yours if rectified can give you relief from your suffering. In such state, ask your inner mind for the solution of your present problem. Your inner mind is connected with your guru and you will hear the voice of your guru. I speak the truth that if you follow the solution given at that time, then at that moment itself you shall get liberated from that problem.
  20. You have never come on earth alone. Every soul has their spiritual guides. These guides speak to you and this is the voice of your inner mind. As you grow, these evolved souls evolve more and as they evolve and move away, higher evolved souls come and guide you.
  21. Your guru also is guiding you every moment, stops you if your are going on a wrong path and guides you on the wrong path through your inner mind voice. If you everyday practice to go into that samadhi state, then you will easily get the guidance of your guides and guru.
  22. Command your body and mind to go into deeper relaxations. Your body and mind are ready to listen to your command. Now, as ShivYog sadhaks give command to your body to become healthy. When you repeatedly give these commands to your body then your body automatically starts healing. If you command your mind to function and think in such a manner that liberates your from sufferings, then it will start resolving those unresolved issues.
  23. A ShivYog sadhak who masters the self, will have iccha mruthyu (death with will). When he feels it is time to go, he will go into samadhi and sit in sadhana; he will not lie down! Sitting in sadhana he will withdraw his prana and draw it up to the dasham dwar (10th door) and exit his body through there. But for that you have to do sadhana everyday and practice opening the 10 doors everyday, and everyday be in the awareness that you are not this body but the Parabramha, you are the creator and not the helpless, unfortunate or the one that gives pain to others and the awareness that there is no difference between you and others and thus as you seek happiness for yourself you will seek happiness for others also.
  24. As the past impressions so the present karma and even when one goes to the guru, the thoughts go along. As I always say never judge a person, but the power of being nonjudgemental will come at that time when the negative psychic impressions are released, until then one will keep judging others, criticize others, find faults in others and continue sharing their karmas too and add on more karmas.
  25. Many times i fear and tell my sadhaks, enough now, stop finding faults and criticizing others because this is a moh-maya  (attachment/illusion) and it comes into some sadhaks because they feel they are doing seva and develop ego. The moment ego comes the first change that comes within is to start criticizing others and finding faults. They stop tolerating others and then start fights. What was given to them, they drop it there and the wisdom that they received, they now disintegrate it and start speaking something else out of it and call themselves mahagyani (great learned person). Mahagyani because he is eating with forks and spoon or using western toilets. He is doing the same mistakes now also but now with these mistakes comes Namah Shivaya. Namah Shivaya is said out of love but it is used in anger statements also like putting down a phone saying "okay.. namah shivaya.. namah shivaya.. I don't want to talk to you.. namah shivaya!" It is important to understand this that you think the change has come. Even while chanting with the beads "Ram Ram..." there are talks of anger and irritation in between. So, the impurity is still within but now has worn a new outfit and held beads in the hand and continuation with finding faults.
  26. You should become like a child. All the five sheaths (kosha) of a child are merged together and every action of the child creates happiness and excitement. Watch the child in your house.
  27. A small child came into our ashram and there were many kittens. Someone picked up a kitten and the child very jovially said, "Hold it carefully, don't break it." The child meant do not hurt it but I was watching the face of that child and it still held happiness and excitement even while saying that. This happiness and excitement when you start bringing into your life, then realize that you have progressed spiritually and whatever wisdom and higher deekshas I am wanting to give you, you have become ready to receive it for further sadhana.
  28. But when you are talking ill about others, it is like in place of the child you say, "Do you know that the one whom you care about is such a bad person? He intends to hurt you." You have a frowns over your forehead. There is negative energy created now in the bhaava. This means that you have separated from the Anandamaya kosha.
  29. The Anandamaya kosha, which is your 5th sheath is attached to the atman (self/soul), which always remains in sat-chit-anand. Next is the gyanamaya kosha, which will have true knowledge or false knowledge. False knowledge is called agyan (ignorance). You think you are a sadhak but if you are a sadhak then where is the anand in your mind.
  30. If looking at someone if you have become angry or fearful, then where are you a sadhak? Some look at others and feel insecure, some look at their own family members and feel insecure and becomes angry, where are you a sadhak? You make me understand that it is about knowledge - you are talking of ignorance (smiles). If you have gained knowledge, then you are happy and whomever you talk about there will be love emanating from you. If the other person has 1000 faults and done only 5 good deeds, you will only talk about those five good deeds. If there is ignorance then even if he has done 100 good things and committed two faults, then you will see those two faults itself and try to make it 100.
  31. Ask yourself truly if speaking ill of someone creates happiness or negative energy within. It causes irritation, sadness and lowers the energy.
  32. So, if gyanmaya kosha is merged with anandmaya kosha, there is only happiness. If manomaya kosha is merged with gyanmaya kosha, then all the thoughts coming in your mind will be happy. Looking at the kitten, the child is becoming happy and when someone picked it, then also the child is happy but with very delicate bhaava says "Do not break..." If you look at his prana, there is happiness, if you look at his body, his face, there also there is happiness and happiness. This is what all Siddhas have said, "Har haal mein khushi". Do not leave the rope of that khushi (happiness).
  33. If entire life one has seen bad and thought bad, then all his five sheaths (koshas) are misaligned and body must be with ailments, his life also must be shattered, people must have left him and ran away far from him, and at that time when he looks at his life and reviews it, at that time, he is filled with anger making someone else responsible for his own sufferings when the truth is that he himself created it. His gyanamaya kosha is filled with agyaan and he cannot think right. At that time he does not think what he himself did but he will see only what others did to him. At that time he will never think what all God had given him but will think what all he did not get in life and inability to get those things, and suffers.
  34. It is seen that during negative reactions, the chakras close. The dasham dwaar is closed. At that time he does not want to die but nature does it's work. There is a struggle then as nature tries to pull out the prana and he does not want to leave it. He shouts to the doctor to sedate him due to the pain. Whole life he was unconscious and now at the last moment also he wants to become unconscious. Whole life he lived in darkness and in the last moments also wants to remain in darkness. When the prana pulls itself and the ten doors are closed, then it exits through the perineum chakra and he excretes/urinates at that time and the poor soul enters into the bhog yoni because only the soul has left the body; the mind is not dead but alive and it carries all those negative emotions. The prana has withdrawn the mind with it and whenever the mind sees a body, it is ready to throw the prana in it.
  35. Mind is attached to gyan (kosha) and in that gyana kosha is filled with agyan - all the negative emotions and karmas of innumerable births. All those emotions now become thousandfold.
  36. Now, if there was a body then he would have got another person to make him calm or make him understand or try to help him or make him happy and thus avert from causing any negative action but now there is no body, noone to stop or help. With body one could have wanted to break a television in anger, but may break a small glass and release that negative energy but without a body? Uncontrollably, he shouts in turmoil.
  37. The lower astral beings cannot be heard because they are of high frequencies, but a saintly person moving from that place will be able to detect it. So, if the jeeva (soul) gains this wisdom, why will it want to create such miseries for itself? That is why in all religions it is said that committing suicide is the biggest crime. One thinks that one can have peace after putting an end to the body but in fact it only multiples thousandfold. So this whole act is an an of a very big sin. With this tremendous suffering he creates the preth shareer and goes down the realms.
  38. In Garud Puran it is mentioned that he is taken to hell beaten and tortured by the devil. In reality, no one beats or hurts anyone. It is his own creation of inflictions and creates for himself his own hell because now there is no one to help him out and the more he suffers the more the intensity of suffering. This is called hell. At this time all those images come in front of him where he caused trouble during human life and those take the form of scary appearances. There are no forms but his own mind's projections that takes form and now scares him itself.
  39. The energies that surround such person during death will be all negative energies. I have experienced this many times with those people who have always lived for themselves, ready to anything for their gains, and when they fall sick and get bedridden, at that time the energies that are around them are of lower astral world waiting to for him to leave his body as they feel he is one amongst them.
  40. But those who do sadhana and become pure, who now do not have any insecurity, greed, who lived happily all his life (har haal mein khushi) who are contended and happy and are contended during death knowing that he has experienced all that he wanted to experience and is contended, at that time, the powers that surround him all around will be divine powers.
  41. So, heaven and hell are lived on earth itself. Some think that they have suffered all their life and after death can go to heaven and have peace. Your life is a reflection of which dimension you are going to enter after death.
  42. If you are very happy, if you are spiritual, if you are blissful, if you are helping, if you trust and believe on God that only good will happen to you, then at the time of death the powers that surround you will be divine powers.
  43. Create a belief that "God will always do only good to me and whatever is going to come into my life, I welcome it. I have infinite blessings of God." Why create bhaava of insecurity - "I don't know, there is something wrong somewhere." It will then happen, certainly happen! Because everything is your bhaava and your imagination converts into reality.
  44. FORGIVENESS: One who truly forgives is liberated. People say "I forgive" with still resentment inside. Where is the forgiveness. Forgiveness means "you are not the cause of my sorrow but my ignorance is the cause of my sorrows. If I knowingly or unknowingly have asked that bad happen to you, then I ask for forgiveness. I pray to God that everything happens only good with you. I forgive you and at the same time I pray for your well-being." This is forgiveness. This is when you get liberated from those karmic attachments.
  45. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Remember, whoever has come into your life were there with you in your last life and previous lives also. Why have you come back together again? Because in previous lives you could not resolve those issues. You thought they they had been the cause of your suffering or thought that you had been the cause of their suffering. Whoever comes into your life comes either to give you something or take away something from you. So your very purpose should be to give unconditional love to all you meet.
  46. GRATITUDE:  Unresolved issue also is nashukrana, meaning one who is thankless. He got everything, got moments of happiness but could not express gratitude. Many people come to me and say "I am very sad and now want to give divorce to my husband as he is so ungrateful." I ask, are you grateful? "What has he ever done to be grateful for?" Tell me truly, in your five years of marriage of 10 years of marriage had he not even given you 5 minutes of happiness? "Why 5 minutes, he had given happiness for many days.." So, have you offered gratitude to that person for those moments or have you forgotten? When you give gratitude you clear the debts (rhinn-mukti). Offer gratitude to all your family members and don't say "He is supposed to do this!" All those who have come into your life are a part of the soul group.
  47. Suddenly Babaji exclaimed with a smile on his face... If you don't want to get into preth/pishaas/bhog yoni and not want to become ants, insects, etc, then learn what I am teaching you or it is your wish. (laughter). Do you want to learn? Then, listen smilingly to what I am saying and don't think "I don't know what all Babaji is talking about." Then in the same line Babaji said... In fact, close to 500 sadhaks here feel I am talking only about them and am revealing their secrets. (laughter) In fact, it is nothing of the sort. Yeh ghar ghar ki kahani hai (laughter) (this is the story of every family) So don't think so. A few even fight with me after the satsang. But I have to give examples. In those examples, what is my bhaava? Kya tumne meri bhais maari hai jo mai chidh aaoo tumse? (laughter) (proverbial - have you hit my buffalo that I should get angry with you?) By the way, I don't keep buffaloes, I keep cows. I am giving these examples so that everyone understands, especially those who are still stuck. Now also some are thinking that Baba does not know how bad so and so in our family is, and if Baba would know he would not give such long talks. (laughter)
  48. No one is bad. We see our own reflection in everyone. Depending on our own tendencies we search for praise or insult in others. So it is very important that you resolve the issues with your family members. 
  49. NONJUDGMENTAL: With judging and criticizing others you not only take that one negative deed from others, but his karma and your karma mixed together now gives birth to thousand other karmas? Do you want all that? So, this is the easiest way to earn bad karmas for yourself - work less, accomplish more! Without much effort, pass a small judgement about others and take on their karmas and add it up to your karmas. Every person has their own soul agenda, their own thoughts, and does according to his sanskaar. Similarly you also are functioning on your own and it is not necessary that what you think, that person also has to think that way. If the other person is not doing the way you do it, it does not mean that he is bad. Think about your own karmas, not theirs.
  50. Jesus Christ said that it does not matter what goes into your mouth but what matters is what comes out of your mouth (speak). What you speak about others makes a difference to all your shareers (sheaths) your sanskaras, your sanchit karmas and in all dimensions. So be very careful. It will come through your mouth only after it comes to your mind. In the mind first a picture is created and a negative imagination is created and only after that it comes to your mouth.
  51. If only good and sweet words are coming out of your mouth all the time then that means that your mind also has become purified.
  52. These steps of forgiveness, unconditional love and gratitude, I have used in the Nachiketa Agni Dhyan meditation; play this CD at home for meditation or even casually and just listening to it while doing your chores will bring impact.
  53. After you have followed these steps of forgiveness, unconditional love,  gratitude and nonjudgmental  with shudh bhavana, then you  become a ShivYog sadhak. Then what has a ShivYog sadhak to do is - sadhana, nishkaam seva and sankirtan.
  54. If you get an opportunity to do seva, thank God for it and do not become egoistic. Do not say, "See how much seva we do and what did we get in return." Just doing that seva itself has released you of so many sins and received so much grace. And, when you say  "what have I got" and even if you get a medal for it, then all the benefits of seva are destroyed. Thank the Almighty for making you the medium of seva.
  55. Many times I have made people experience this to people who come for healing. I asked them to just do seva and just by doing it they have put an end to all their pains.
  56. A woman who said she could not even bend and every joint of her body ached came for healing. I told her that healing would be done later, first go and arrange the footwear of people. What difference does it make to me how the footwear were outside but I was looking at the ego within her of superiority complex and this was the reason of her pain and aches.  The feeling of rigidity makes one stiff.
  57. One sadhak who had learnt various forms of yoga from various yoga schools had a stiff neck. He said he did not know why his neck was stiff. I told him it was because he was rigid in your thoughts. He immediately defended denying it. Consciously you may not be aware but subconsciously the rigidity is there. Acceptance of every situation is needed. As the emotions so the similar type of illness.
  58. All confidence is over and no desire to do anything - knees give away with a need for knee replacement.
  59. Fear at all times, fear of the unknown - disease of the lungs. If you have ashtma and do pratiprasav rightly and release rightly with the incidence of fear, then when you come back there will be no such thing called asthma. Fear also affects the stomach, will not be able to digest well.
  60. Heart blockages are associated with anger.
  61. Cancer is due to nonforgiveness and deep resentment.
  62. Kidneys are damaged due to the feeling of victim-hood, feeling of being targeted and tricked.
  63. So, dear ShivYog sadhaks, you must do sadhana but never bring in ego. Do Seva and be thankful for it. You already sing beautifully, do sankirtan.
  64. When you leave your body, you go in front of the guru mandala and ascended masters. This state is beyond the dual states that you had on earth and nothing of human life will matter here as to who is talking bad about you or what is it with a your child or without your child. You are asked what life do you wish to experience next and you decide looking at what you have not done in your past life. "I had experienced wealth all my lives but having it I never shared it with anyone, so now I wish to experience poverty. Or, I wish to learn that lesson and experience how it feels when I become helpless and am not helped.  Or, in past lives, I snatched things from others and in this life I wish to experience how it feels when everyone takes away things from me. Or, in my last life I was healthy and did everything for myself. I never paid attention to my sick family members. Now, I wish to experience it now by myself becoming sick."
  65. So, you have yourself chosen these life incidents because you wanted to learn a lesson, but after coming here, you got entangled in maya (illusion) and forgot your purpose. Then, you blame others for all incidents and instead of learning lessons, you create more unresolved issues.
  66. You say "I am not bearing a child!' whereas you only had decided that you wanted to learn a lesson. You had ego that you cannot have craving and now when you have it, you have to outgrow it.
  67. A woman gave birth to an autistic child and came to me and asked why is God is so cruel and what has my child done? I asked her to go in samadhi and take out that index card within your memory, take it out and read it. When she did it, she saw that she was an ordinary girl in a village.  There was a temple of the deity of that village. When the prince of that area came to the temple, he saw this girl and fell in love with her and got married to her. The prince was a spiritual person and after staying with his wife for a period of time, said he was now leaving for sadhana after giving the throne and the kingdom to her. He said that he sought his wife's permission to leave without which he cannot leave for his tapas. She gave him permission and looked after the kingdom. Now, the queen developed ego and began boasting that she loved her husband so much and yet her sacrifice was so big that she gave permission to her husband. The prince grew spiritually and when he saw that his wife had developed so much of ego decided that he would be born to her as a sick child and see how much she loves her. If she truly loved him, then she would love him in any condition. Now, he was born to this woman and she used to always cry. She and her husband always fought because autistic children are very hyper. I told her not to keep feeling sad over this as he had come to ask love from her. Now you show how much you love him and how much you can sacrifice.
  68. So do not shout, cry and grumble. You must learn a lesson from every incident of your life. If you learn the lesson then you can rewrite your destiny.
  69. If you have offered your weakness/karma at your guru's feet and do not take them back, then you have learnt important lessons and now you are ready to rewrite your destiny. But only the supatra (deserving/worthy) will get it and supatra is he whose bhavana is shudh (intention is pure). Anybody with other hidden agenda is hidden and lost in that darkness. Anyone with total purity receive the grace of the ascended masters.
  70. The process that is done by nature at the time of death, if a sadhak practices daily during sadhana, then he will go beyond death while living itself.
  71. The sadhak should regularly practice the sadhana of bringing the prana to the 9th door and touching the 10th door and coming back down and along with this bring to awareness that he has forgotten himself as a human or gives description of his body or some talk about the family tree. In reality, when you are infinite and existing everywhere, you cannot have any family tree because you were never born and are not going to die, you never came from anywhere and will never go anywhere.
  72. From your consciousness, you create your own mind and this mind starts then functioning on it's own and becomes the doer and the sufferer (mann hi kartha mann hi bhogtha) and at that time you start describing yourself as happy and sad.
  73. Different siddhas have done various researches on various tantras. For all ShivYog sadhaks I ask for blessing of only one thing - what to experiment for little-little siddhis, why don't you become infinite itself? When you become infinite, when you yourself become the creator of all mantras and tantras, then why need the siddhis of those mantras and tantras?
  74. Since eight years of age, I had started my sadhana and mind used to wander in different things and attracted towards different siddhis but in reality when due to my guru's grace, when I got the wisdom that I myself am the infinite, then all the hard work I had done, I felt was useless. Now, only one hardwork you all have to do is the sadhana of the infinite, the sadhana of Parabramha.
  75. Now the question is about the two mantras "Aham Brahmasmi" and "Om Tatvamasi" Now, when I meditated on Aham Brahmasmi that I am Parabramha (God) I started developing ego, so I thought then that meditating on the other mantra "Om Tatvamasi" also means the same but it means "I am That I am". Meditate on this mantra in the caves of your heart a thumb-sized flame that flickers in the heart at all times. When times comes to leave, then the prana starts withdrawing from all parts of the body and merges in this flame. Now, the flame of prana searches for the open door to exit.
  76. A ball when thrown up, rises to a certain point, stops, and then is pulled by gravity. That point of stop is when it is not affected by the force of the throw nor the pull of gravity. A ShivYog sadhak should be like that stop point; you should not give attention to siddhis (upward rise) nor give focus on hurting others (falling down).
  77. You have to meditate on that nirguna-nirakaar (attribute-less & formless) and when you do this sadhana and wash all your karmas, then all the riches of the world will be at your feet.
  78. So it is up to you that you run behind riches and riches keeps running further or merge with the infinite and let all the riches fall at your feet and wait for your command to immediately give you what you speak/ask of.
  79. So a ShivYog sadhak does not do sadhana on ida or pingala, but meditates on the sushumna, the sadhana that is near-extinct. The symbolism can be see as Ganga (ida) and Yamuna (pingala) and prominent but Saraswati is extinct/hidden and she moves from this place itself. The confluence of these three rivers is at Allahabad, called Sangam. It is said that those who take a dip in the Sangam are liberated. It means when the flow of cool (ida) and warm (pingala)  meet at this point, it becomes neutral (at confluence point) and there is no speed in it now, it is emptiness. Even if you go to the Sangam and see, there is one force of one Ganga river from one side and another force of Yamuna river from another side and where it meets it is neutral. This is that sushumna nadi.
  80. If you practice everyday to make your journey through this hidden nadi, then all the granthis (knots) are pierced - the knots are formed by bunches of sanskaras ignorance, ego, resentment, raag-dvesh (attraction-repulsion). These accumulate as three knots - Brahma granthi, Vishnu granthi, Rudra granthi (along the course of sushumna from below to top). The one who has done punya surely meets some saintly person (guru) in his life, who can pierce the Bramha granthi and opens up the channel for the sadhak (to begin his journey). He is blessed by the guru and who remains in the shelter of the guru, will be helped to open up the third granthi, Rudra granthi, after which the sadhak is liberated from the cycle of birth and death. (The second granthi has to be pierced by the sadhak with the efforts and fruits of his own sadhana). 
  81. These five mantras are the five mahamantras that emerged from the jyotirling swaroop of Lord Shiva:
    1. Om. The omkaar. When there was nothing before and when everything was shunya, there was the sound of Om, which is aahat naad (sound produced from a source like drug, vocal, etc). But as you go deep into your heart chakra and when it opens then sadhaks hear this naad, which is the anahat naad (the unstruck sound). The first spandan (vibration) formed the Sri Chakra and when that energy pattern of Sri Chakra started rotating, the Universe was formed. So were you formed with this OM. When you breath do not feel the OM as separate from you but bring the bhaava during inhalation and exhalation that "This OM is me, myself . I am the anahat naad."
    2. Om Tatvamasi.
    3. Gayatri Mantra - Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha, Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat. People only recite this mantra but ShivYog says not this way, but bring a bhaava within you. Bring the bhaava that all your five sheaths (kosha) are reciting the Gayatri Mantra because you yourself are the Gayatri Mantra. Now, don't sit and search where are your sheaths. This happens when your awareness is outside, take your awareness within and feel it.
    4. Aham Brahmhasami.
    5. Om Namah Shivaya.
  82.  Become a sadhak. Do not carry knowledge already and try to take knowledge. If there is something (own knowledge) then what I am giving you will not be able to receive. So you cannot do sadhana being a buddhi-jeevi (the intelligent), you have to do sadhana being a sadhak.
  83. When a soul comes into human birth, it carries the karmas of it's past. It also takes in the father's and mother's karma and it becomes it's karmas, what in English we call as hereditary. The child takes on the father's and mother's sanskaras and thoughts.
  84. A woman met me here at the door and her child was very strangely irritated. She asked, "Babaji what happens to my child?" I looked at her and noticed that more than the irritation the child had on it's face, she carried thousand more times more irritation on her face. She asked me, "What does he have?" I replied, "He has you!" So, if you want to see your child peaceful, first you learn to become calm. When you say that the child suddenly becomes troubled, do you remain troubled all 24 hours? Then, the child also becomes troubled sometimes. If you want to see your child healthy, it is important you first become peaceful.
  85. Also, I have mentioned that whenever I give deeksha to anyone, then the grace that I have from Lord Mahamruthunjaya, that is, the Sanjeevani Shakti, I connect you all with that power. Your hands are emitting that Sanjeevani Shakti. When the child is sleeping, keep both your hands under the feet of the child and give Sanjeevani by reciting the mantra and bring the bhaava that the child is becoming well. Now, why does the child not become healthy, it is because parents project their bhaava of helplessness and that whether this illness can be cured. The child who has an open aura accepts what you are projecting.
  86. There was once a nest of Hawk (a bird of prey) up on a tree and it had laid eggs in the nest. One day one egg fell from the nest and fell through the leaves and thus did not break as it fell on the ground. It tumbled into the eggs of a hen and the hen sat on the eggs to hatch it. After few days, the eggs hatched and the odd hawk also hatched. The little hawk used to also run behind the mother hen as the other chickens ran behind her. It also pecked grains. The little hawk completely forgot about itself that it is an hawk and can fly at great heights in the sky because it never knew it from birth and grew up in this way. Once, the hawk's mother was flying high and suddenly spotted this little hawk and identified it as it's own. It observed that it's little one was moving around in strange manner, pecking worms and grains and doing strange behavior. The hawk came down and told the little hawk, "Child, I am your mother." The hens and it's chickens saw the hawk and ran away and so ran the little hawk.  The mother hawk kept saying to the little one, "You are my child. You place is not here on the ground but to fly high." But it kept running and the mother was running behind it. The farmer in whose place the birds lived had a gun and came out and fired a shot at the hawk. It missed the mother hawk and it flew away. But due to the explosive sound of the gun, the little hawk jerked and instinctively flew up in the sky and flew up high. As it flew, it looked down and saw the chickens moving on the ground. Similar situation is also of a human being. We have infinite powers within us that can create anything.  We have the power to heal anything but coming into this world and living in different hen barns and keep doing those things that the society does. The same superstitions, ignorance, etc. Growing up, he comes walking in eating an ice-cream and mother asks who gave him that. He replies that aunty has given it. Mother slaps the child and scold him for eating from that aunty and stating that she is a bad person and could have mixed something in that ice-cream and given. Now, the child is relishing the ice-cream and does not even know that such thing can even happen. He cries and one programing is done to the mind that the aunty can do something bad to him. In reality, that aunty had bought ice-creams for her children also and had bought for him also. One programing is done. Next, the child is playing with his friends and father comes and slaps him hard and shouts at him for playing with the children of servants and that he should play with big people. A new programing has been done that he is superior and others are inferior. Then, he goes to school and brings good marks and shares it with his mother. Mother asks what rank and he says 95 and she insists what rank have you come in the class. He replies second and gets a slap from his mother who asks why not first? Now a programing of jealousy has been created against the person who has come 1st rank. For him not it is that if this person comes 1st, he will get a slap and he feels bad against the one who is coming first. This is the first time he is learning what is jealously. Thus we keep teaching the child the worldly ignorance and make him a chicken, whereas he has the power to fly high. If he has anything mother asks to hide it any keep or someone will take it. He is not taught to hide things from others, when the truth is that there is abundance for everyone in this Universe.
  87. If you create so much of divinity within yourself then any soul that comes in your presence will become loving. (Babaji then narrated the story of Angulimal, the story of the saint who asked the wild bear to move aside and it obeys, and also about the cat that gave birth on his lap and about monkeys who share his eatables calmly.) You may find it interesting to read a similar article published on this blog Siddhas and Animals.)
  88. Who can snatch anything from you? No one can snatch your good deeds from you but it is your good deeds that protect you.
  89. This name of mine that I take is not mine. My robes and how I speak is not my recognition. I am that I am. When I am asked where am I from, I tell them from everywhere. Where are your parents from? I tell them that they too are from everywhere (looking up). When were you born? I tell them I was never born. Where is your ashram? I tell wherever I take ashreya (shelter) that is my ashram. Right now my ashram is in Kurukshetra because I have taken shelter here.
  90. In fact, if a whichever place a siddha sits for about a month, all around a new world itself will be created. Because the jyoti (flame) of the divine and Sri Chakra are rotating all th e time and even if I go to a jungle, at least a small village will form. Your introduction also is the same - I am that I am.
  91. But, the fact is that you keep saying "I am of high caste." "I belong to so and so." "We are of higher status." "My so and so was a big officer." All this is illusion and attachment to the body.
  92. Once I got to to meet a diety of lower realms. In families people create siddhis and this has to be put around someone's neck (passed on to) and thus is given to the children itself. In south India, some great grandfather had done a siddhi and that was coming down through generations. They had made siddh a deity of lower realm. With this, they could tell with the eyes close who is behind the wall also. People were very impressed and would go to them for checking what is there in their house. He used to point out to small things lying in their houses stating it to be the reason for their miseries and to get it removed. When they used to check coming back home they would be happy to find it true. Once during Pratiprasav sadhana, his friend who was a doctor brought him also to the shivir. During Pratiprasav sadhana if anything is stuck anywhere, it comes out because it gets disturbed as it is a very pure energy. When divine energies are generated, the lower realm beings feel they are doing to die. In reality, it is not death that would happen but even they get transformed/liberated. He started wriggling and when I came out people pointed to me to see what was happening. I went and sat there. That moment he said, "So you have finally come!" I saw that it was not him now but someone else. He continued, "So you think you are very powerful?" I said, "Who is not powerful?" He said, "Okay, you want me to show you? You don't know who I am!" I said, "Why should I know that?" He said, "So you won't understand! I'll show you who I am." He continued threatening me. I meditated on my guru and Bhole Baba. I prayed that I do not know since how many years and generations he is showing juggler's tricks. Please liberate him. He shouted, "What are you doing to me?! You do not know who I am!" I said, "I know who you are but the pity is that you yourself don't know who you are! If you know who you will immediately drop  all these petty tricks because you are much much bigger than all this.. Now do not disturbed me. I am praying so that you get liberated." I started my meditation with mantra, from the energies of which he could be released from the karmic ties. He became silent. After a while I asked him is it enough. He shouted, "No, don't stop, don't stop. I pray.. don't stop." There was a sudden transformation and he started weeping loudly, "I do not know for how many generations I was tied up with this mantra. I was stuck in my ego, the fruits of which is this that I received. It was due to ego in my sadhana that I became the god of lower realm. I am very grateful that you are getting me liberated." After a while he said, "I am very very thankful. I am being liberated. Now I can rise to the light." He ascended to light but the doctor's friend's siddhi vanished that day.
  93. I am mentioning all this to you because - do not identify yourself so low and cheap. You identity is just one - You are parabrahma, you are light, you are the creator, you were one with that flame which created this universe and after you were created you forgot your identity. Just like the little hawk, who fell among hens. One gun blast did it all. Similarly, in everyone's life some or the other saint (guru) comes and does one blast and from then you start flying in the higher skies.
  94. Upanishads says again and again "mann hi kartha mann hi bhogtha". Mind is the creator and mind is the one who experiences." You were creating till now, but that was in ignorance. Now create consciously.
  95. Like someone said that his illness in medical science has no cure. His mind has caught that belief. He gets cured with Sanjeevani but then again his mind creates "how can you be well?" The disease reoccurs. Then he does sadhana and gives sanjeevani and gets healed. Then his mind says "this is incurable." You believe only in the Self, that is infinite.
  96. Remember, the disease has not come from space into your body. You only had created it, but unknowingly in ignorance... had created karmic debts. Everyone has to pay karmic debts but find out the fasted way of repaying the debts. That fastest way is sadhana - seva - sankirtan. This is the only fastest way.
  97. Now leave all this magic and tricks and one who does them. If you look at their face, you will see there is no peace. The one whom you go to for help, just look into his eyes, face and lips. Is there peace in his eyes, face and lips? Because face is the mirror of what is within. When he is not at peace what solution can he give you? Believe in the Self.
  98. Sound creates. OM is divine energy and it will create divinity. When you speak ill, it creates asuras (demons). Since so many births, so many demons have been created by speaking bad. Now you have reverse the whole process with the sound of OM that comes from Shiva. This is the mantra that burns your karmas.
  99. Other mantras give you benefits but do not take off karmas; the mishap or problem is only postponed. It is just like a bankrupt person takes loan from the bank and feels he has become wealthy. He is not wealthy but he has to repay the loan and on it, the interest also is mounting. These small mantras are just that. You are to burn your karmas.
  100. It takes hard work to do sadhana. It had also taken hard work to create karmas, do do bad things, now do some hard work in doing good :) or are you going to ask for quick methods? Wealth in 5 minutes, health in 5 minutes, happy married life in 5 minutes, happy studies in 5 minutes? It cannot happen that way, right? You have to do tapas.
~ End of Kurukshetra Shivir notes ~

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A tamil song sung in the praise of Maa Lalita Tripura Sundari.. 

Amma Amma Taaye. Amma Amma Taaye, Akhilandeshwari Niye. Raja Rajeshwari Taaye, Oh Adiparashakti Niye.... Ammama!

Amma/Taaye = Mother

Akhilandeshwari = Akhila + Anda + Ishwari
The word Akhilam means ‘All’. Andam means Egg. This usually denotes the egg in the Golden Womb (Hiranya (Gold) Garbham (womb)) of Ambal which gave birth to the entire Universe. Ishwari means absolute Controller.

Niye = You

Raja Rajeshwari = Name of Maa Lalita Tripursundari

Adiparashakti = "One Mother, One Humanity", means the whole human race is one and all the human beings who inhibit this vast earth are children of Mother Goddess and therefore there is no distinction amongst the human beings on any basis, be it religion, race, creed, community, caste or even gender.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 4

Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech (When you read it, you can know that Baba is speaking to you).
  1. There are three types of Yoni (life form):
    1. Deva Yoni - in which the soul takes the form of gods and goddesses and experience happiness but they do not have mind. There will remain in the same yoni. If Indra wishes to become Bramha, he cannot become. To get liberated into the infinite he needs mind.
    2. Maanav yoni (human form). There are three again in this:
      1. Pavitra yoni
      2. Bhog vilas yoni
      3. Dukh bhog yoni
    3. Bhog yoni (form of only paying off karmic fruits. Eg: Animal form) In this yoni also there is no mind. One cannot think and discriminate. This is why if a tiger is hungry it kills and preys on a cow and does not accumulate karma. Cat kills hundreds of rats but does not accumulate karma. Their tendencies will remain the same as their form. Because there is no mind so there is no punya (merits) and paap (sin).
  2. Only if there is mind there one can accumulate karma through good/bad deeds. Only if there is mind one can reach and merge with the infinite. At the same time can reach the lowest realms. It is dependent on what the mind is creating - the kriyaman, which then becomes prarabdh.
  3. You have taken birth to know this kriyaman and rise above it.
  4. The ego of "I" is the negative karma. What kind of food is served to "me"? The food is not wrong, your bhaava is wrong. Have the feeling that food is Annapoorneshwari.
  5. Never react intensely negative to any situation. That irritation from your external mind moves into the inner mind and it is important to remove it out or it becomes your prarabdh bhog - be careful of this.
  6. If a mosquito bites and if you ignore it is okay but if "Oh.. a mosquito" is the reaction, this bhaava has created a sanskaar (impression) and this impression goes within for the cause and effect.
  7. Where have so many karmas comes from; they are even from such small karmas.
  8. Narada had the ego that lust cannot touch him, but he was actually working in the area where the possibility of generation of lust was minimal. With this ego, his ishta - Lord Shiva had to take the form of Lord Rama and Mahalaxmi had to take the form of Sita, and the whole Ramayana had to be enacted because of Narada's curse on Shiva. Just this small ego gave birth to such a big Ramayana.
  9. I look at all sadhaks. I am seeing there are two cars and one of the sadhak sat in one car and the other sadhak is not liking it and wants to sit in the same car and another sadhak is angry as to why sit in one car when there is another. One pushes in and the other stomps the foot and gets out. In all this episode what is the most dangerous thing is that reaction of anger and banging the foot. I wish that you save yourself from all this. These are very small things but they create karma and bring prarabdh bhog - save yourself from it!
  10. Every moment should be with a moment of gratitude. 'Oh Lord, thank you so much. I am grateful to you.' When you start getting this feeling, you will see that your life becomes more comfortable.
  11. This is the important message I wish to give you - No negative emotions and no negative reactions! Keep yourself always pure. Don't let any dirt fall.
  12. This is why all siddhas are shown to be sitting on the lotus because the lotus grows in the dirt but not a single drop of dirt can dirty the lotus. The dirt is the world of maya and the drops of dirt are all the negative things and vices. Do not let these drops of dirt fall on you. If you become the lotus you can cross the bhavasagar (ocean of cycle of life and death).
  13. Do not fall unconscious before every thought, action and reaction. If you get angry it means you have fallen unconscious. Do every karma consciously. Unconscious karma become the cause of your misery.
  14. Love the ones who are with you. They are there today and may not be there tomorrow. What will you do then? Fallen in the traps of photos and idols? That is illusion. Learn to love the living ones. Every day of yours is precious.
  15. Never compete with others but compete with yourself. What you were yesterday, you must rise above that today. Then there will be growth in life. The level of consciousness that you are in today must be higher that the level you were in yesterday.  Growth should be a continuous process. If you look externally and complete with others then you will only get sufferings.
  16. One is who gets everything and amongst all that he finds a reason to cry and cries and cries and convinces his entire family how much suffering is there and narrates his story to everyone he meets and bitterly cries. And if he has become a ShivYogi, then the incident will remain the same but he will search for happiness in that and HAR HAAL MEIN VOH HASEGA AUR KHUSH HOGA (he will laugh and be happy in all situations) and give only happiness and laughter.
  17. What you do in this life will decide if you are crossing the ocean of miseries or will decide if you are going to get similar such life. You decide what you want.. TUM CHAHTHE KYA HO. You have got this human birth after going through 84 lakh bhog yonis. Babaji sings...  Ik din bandiya hai udjaana palat ke aana nahi...
  18. Every moment with every karma you are throwing a thread and whole life you are knitting your own robe (cloth) that you are going to wear in next life. The three kind of robes in your boutique:
    1. Deva yoni robe: The one who does all his life good karmas and for the welfare of others but at the same time also desires for his name. In ShivYog it is said that the right hand should not know what the left hand has done. But one wants the entire world's hands to know that you are doing punya, then there still exists a desire for praise, name and fame. Yagya are happening and it is proclaimed that so-and-so is doing the yagyas. Such souls get the Deva yoni because they want to experience praise and happiness out of even the punyas that one does. In Deva yoni, he then experiences all this in Swargaloka. When all his punya karmas are over then he has to come back into the human form because till now he has not got liberated. There was a pure kind of ego but the ego was still alive.
    2. Bhog yoni robe: One who is always burning in the fire of jealousy, lust, anger, who gives pain to others, who cannot withstand others, he suffering all the miseries of life gets into the animal form. Like if he has the feeling of taking revenge, he becomes a scorpion or other forms that bite others. Ones who are stuck in taking interest (money) get into a mosquito or forms that suck blood so that one is able to suck free blood wherever available. One who lives on other's food gets a dog form. During the period of Lord Rama, an injured dog comes with a complain. Everyone surprised as to a dog's grievance bring him to Rama. The dog says that it wanted justice as it was sleeping quietly in the corner of a street and a beggar came and hit him and injured him without any reason. The beggar was summoned and asked why he did so. The beggar said that whole day he was begging and when he did not get anything and was returning back, this dog was sleeping in my path. The beggar asked him to move but the dog wouldn't move and in anger the dog was beaten up. Lord Rama asked the dog what justice it wanted and it said that there is a big mutt (religious institution) and the head of the mutt has left his body and that the beggar be given that position. All were surprised and the beggar was happy and this wish was carried out. Beggar was bathed, robed royally, rode on the elephant and placed on the highest position. When this was done with, Rama as the dog as to why it had chosen this inspite of the beggar injuring him. The dog replied. "In my previous birth, I was doing seva with my heart and soul to the head of the same mutt and after his death I was made the head of that mutt. I was very religious and took care that dharma is followed. I was carefully handling all the property and wealth of the institution but when people came and fell at my feet I used to love it. Eventually, people started praising me and I could not resist it and accepted it all. Then, from the mutt wealth, I brought for myself different type of thrones and golden plates and silk clothes. I lived like a king on the money that came in the form of contributions for a noble cause. Slowly I degraded myself and during my last days I was still stuck with pleasures of praise and comfort. I had eaten all that which I had not earned and this life I came into this dog yoni. This beggar is full of greed, anger, ready to cause harm to others. Now, when he has become the head, he has full independence to make so many ill karmas. I will complete my bhog in this animal life and go into a sadhu yoni because of my punyas also but I do not know in how many lakhs of yonis this beggar will get stuck into.
    3. Manushya yoni robe:
      • The one who gets entangled in lust, anger, attachment, infatuation, ego and gives only sufferings to others, choses by himself the bhog yoni.
      • Another is who does good but does it only for oneself and the family and does not care for others but only his people, such one goes into pitruloka, the realm that is lower to the swargaloka and a realm higher to the pritviloka. Here his happiness and sorrow here depends on how much punya and paap his family members back on earth do as he is now etherically attached to his family and relatives. When the karmas are done with in the pitruloka, then he returns and is born back into the same family/generation.
      • The one who does punya, welfare, follows yama/niyama, speaks the truth, who follows ashtheya, who daily practices dhyana, such a person after leaving the body gets liberated if his journey is over.
      • If journey is incomplete, then he will be born to the best of parents and cult and he in the grace and vicinity of auspicious people and situations, gets liberated.
      • The ones in whose life some paap (sins) were committed but punya (merits) are more, then such while enjoying the happiness of life are struck by some mishap at a turning point of life and at that times longs for a guru and this one finds the shelter of the guru and moves in the journey of nar se narayan (finite to infinite) and gets liberated.
  19. Now, do self-analysis as to which robe have you knitted for yourself and which robe you prefer to put on next. 
  20. During final moments, all the images of every karma and every incident comes in front. If while being alive you have been able to resolve all issues then you will not be affected at the final moments. But if it is not resolved, you will experience the same pain during those final moments and bring on the emotions of fear, revenge, anger, and if you have not been able to rise above the four ashrams (bramhacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha, sanyas) and even in old age if lust troubles you and still if taste buds are active with food delicacies, then even at the time of death all these activate.
  21. If you raise your level of consciousness in your bramhacharya ashram (celibacy) you will be able to move successfully into grihasta ashram (householder) and partners will know how to accept each other, love each other, sacrifice for each other and outgrow cunningness. As you continue raising your consciousness higher, then when you get into vanaprastha ashram (forest dweller) at this time partners will not be attracted towards each other physically but soulfully. Love will have increased. Why do people easily today get divorced and say 'I am done with it' is because the level of consciousness has not raised. The soul connection is absent. 
  22. Every day you must grow in the area of wisdom, in the area of spirituality, in the area of purity and in the area of detachment by increasing your unconditional love.
  23. When your feelings say that others are very bad and throw dirt on him but your pure bhaava will ask you 'Have you become fully purified?" When you speak with your tongue on other's doshas, you acquire doshas yourself. Are you willing to take more doshas on yourself when you already have so many?
  24. Babaji made a reference of Saint Kabir here "Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye, Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye" (meaning - When I tried to search for bad people, I found none, but when I explored myself, there were none worse than me. It literally means that before finding faults in others, you must look at your own faults.) What right do I have to criticize other, to blame others, to complain about others?
  25. Why not I weave such a robe that is immeasurable, that has no beginning and no end and become infinite?
  26. When you enter into your body in meditation and become silent you start experiences every part of your body, bones, organs, joints. Go more deeper you start experiencing every tissues and every cell. Further you go and you will experience atoms and further when you enter into the shunyatha (nothingness/empty space) you enter in the nirguna state. Likewise, when you get into the state of nirguna, you enter into that empty space/nothingness. At this moment, you get everything. The 10 doors opens and you see/witness your own self.
  27. When I saw atoms rotating I saw the shunya state. But at the same time I saw crowd also. I'll explain about the crowd. Quantum physics says that this entire body is an empty space because all the atoms moving in this body creating cells and organs and the entire body, if are put together in one box, then the size of the body will 0.0001% which is equivalent to null. If I break the atoms further into electrons, protons and neutrons, there are no solid particles but energy. So, your body is made up of energy. But the shunya that I see is not empty but multidimensional movies are moving in it, which is actually crowded. So you are not seeing yourself but seeing scary creatures in there.
  28. How sankaars are developed? A small child is sitting in a room. His aunt who is childless comes into the room and saw noone around and gives a tight slap to the child. The child who is yet unable to speak was initially happy that her aunt is coming in but when he gets the slap he is surprised as to why did he get that. As a grown up when this child came for Pratiprasav sadhana, he used to have terrible pain on the right side of his face and that pain used to not get healed. The reason was that question mark was still remaining as to why his aunt had hit him. It remained within as a psychic trauma. Now, this traumatic incident is also one of the movies that is moving in his shunya.
  29. A child cries and say that his parents do not love him and that has become a problem with his stomach. It is a psychic impression that is rotating in his shunya. 
  30. When someone wants to destroy someone, this emotion becomes a psychic impressions and is moving in the form of a holographic movie in his shunya.
  31. To see, one can see the physical body - legs, hands, etc.. but so many incidents of so many lifetimes are moving within this physical body. More data is in even more minute form in the prana shareer.
  32. When one with unresolved issues is going the leave the body, he sees scary forms and appearances in the form of ghost and spirits. Some come to cut him, to kill him and he gets scared but in reality those forms are not true but the projections of his mind. This is why siddhas say "Nirmal Mann."
  33. A sadhak's message came that Rs.5000/- was stolen from his wife's purse because he is all the time in the thoughts and doubts of trouble. Those thoughts create. I am not saying this to hurt anyone but saying this to show you the truth. We ourselves create mishaps, we create robbery for ourselves, we create accidents, we create disease. And, in the end of life those frightening forms come and scare and attack. But if by doing ShivYog sadhana and/or Pratiprasav sadhana one by one all issues are resolved, those lakhs and crores of multidimentional movies start releasing from your empty space and what is left in the end is YOU - the light.
  34. Aham Bramhasami (I am That/God) but instead of this we have created for ourselves:
    • Aham ahankar (ego)
    • Aham krodh (anger)
    • Aham peeda (agony)
    • Aham dukh (sadness)
    • Aham bechara (self-pity)
    • Aham durbhagyashali (unfortunate)
    • Aham saadesathi ka maara hua (periods of back luck)
    • Aham kaal sarpa dosh (wrong planetary position in horoscope)
    • Aham manglik (wrong planetary position in horoscope)
  35. So all these negative beliefs are born out of a negative experience/incident. We are not able to release this and we fall trap to wrong practices of mantras/rituals/totems and program more of such absurd things within us.
  36. Buddists read Bardo to the dead stating, "Many frightening forms will come to scare you and so do not be afraid. They are all the reflections of your own mind. The reflections of those thoughts that you continuously thought about all your life. Now after leaving your body they have taken various frightening forms and attacking you."
  37. People sometimes tell me that others take advantage of them. I tell them that they are very fortunate. Others do not have anything to give and you have something to give and so they take from you :) They then tell me that they do not give back anything when they are in need of something from them. I tell them God-willingly let there be not such a situation where you will have to need something from them :) What you need ask from your Guru, ask from you Shiva because they have infinite to give you. So, don't give others so that you can ask but give because you can give. And, when you give thank Almighty that he has given you the capacity to give. Also thank the one you are giving as he is giving you an opportunity to do punya. Then forget the person whom you have given with no expectations.
  38. It is said that the soul is taken to Chitragupt who has all the accounts of the souls karmas. Chitra means reflection and gupt means secret/hidden. These are hidden reflections in your hidden mind that cannot be seen by your conscious mind. While one leaves the body all those hidden reflections comes in front. This is what I mean by "God may forgive you of all your sins but your central nervous system may not." This central nervous system is the Chitragupt, which is watching all that I am doing.
  39. I used to meditate on my guru's words - shudh bhavana and always reflect after every karma (deed) on whether my bhavana was shudh or not. In the start I used to get feedbacks that it was half pure and half impure with contamination. Then I used to get the feedback that it was pure but even in that pure intention there was a hidden impure intention.
  40. Yudhishthira was a truthful person. It is said that he was so truthful that his feet and his chariot's wheels never touched the ground. Bhima killed an elephant named Ashwathama, and loudly proclaimed that Ashwathama was dead. Drona, knowing that only Yudhisthira, with his firm adherence to the truth, could tell him for sure if his son had died, approached Yudhisthira for confirmation. Yudhisthira told him: "Ashwathama has died". Yudhisthira, who could not make himself tell a lie, then added: "Praha kunjara ha", which means he is not sure whether elephant or man had died. The moment he did this the charriot wheels struck the ground.  What Yudhisthira told was the truth but his hidden intention was impure.
  41. Give more importance to the bhaava behind every motive of yours. 
  42. All these reflections stay within us and we in ignorance keep questioning during troubles of life as to "I do not know who is giving troubles." But it is these secret/hidden reflections that we have programmed within me that are causing trouble. These have to be released by tapas.
  43. When you enter the gyanamaya kosha, there will be seen mountains of sanchit karma there. Once a siddha gave deeksha to his disciple and asked him to do ShivYog sadhana. As the disciple did sadhana and got more purified, his third eye opened and now he saw mountains of sanchit karmas. He became disappointed and thought to himself "I wonder how many lives will this take to get released from these sanchit karmas?" At that moment his guru came and laughed.  He asked the disciple to gather garbage. This was done and there were soon huges mountains (heaps) of garbage. Now, he asked the disciple to clean it. It took the disciple a whole day just to clean a little portion of one of the heap. He was tired. Now, his guru asked him to take the matches and light the garbage. After lighting fire, within few moments all the impossible-looking mountains of garbage burnt down and turned to ashes. The guru said, "This is Shiva-agni, Guru-agni. When you do pratiprasav sadhana with total surrender at that time do not bring any kind of doubt or thoughts and do with total surrender and this is how those heaps will burn down.
  44. When you do sadhana, the visualizations that you see are not like what you see with external eyes but are internal visualizations and sounds with inner vision and inner hearing. In the start it may erupt as a bubble of thought. You have to catch that bubble and proceed. Do not discard it just as a thought and do not discard it just an an imagination. Imagination is not as cheap as you think, everything is imagination. So, catch that thought and enter into it, experience it and release it. As I guide you and take you to different levels, do not doubt and let it happen. After sadhana you will feel very light and that is because karmas are heavy and when they are released you start feeling light.
  45. Sharing an incident of a sadhak in Spain when I had been there. I saw one thing that everyone there are very healthy, especially in Europe. They told me that the people there cross over 100 years and even continue living beyond that. When I told them this is good they denied and said that it was a big problem for the Government as they have to provide pensions. I told them that there has to be research done on this.
  46. Then they told me that in the month of August they all go for vacations and they do not work and just relax. They mentioned to me about a lady who worked for them. They asked this lady not to go on vacations and that she would be paid not one but two month's salary in one month. She refused. When further told that 3 month's salary would be given, she said that she works the whole year so that one month she can live in total detachment and at that time she had to her experience her mind, body and soul. They may not be knowing all this in detail but unknowingly they heal their body, mind, and soul and that is why they stay healthy.
  47. I would like to mention to Indians that we are bound with so much of attachments that we feel we are going to live with those attachments for lakhs of years. "There is no servant in the house and so I have to leave the vacations and go home because I take care of my house. What will happen to my cow? What will happen to my dog? What will happen to the cleaning of my house?" For even 10 days one is not able to detach oneself. It feels like one is going to live forever and so the house. With so much of attachment the soul remains attached to these things.
  48. If there is happiness in the house, one is happy and if there is some unrest or quarrels one gets disturbed. This should not happen. You have come into this world, do what you have come here to do. When your people had not come into this world then also the world was functioning, when you are in the world also the world is functioning, when you go away from this world also the world will function. The world does not function due to your presence and the world will not stop with your absence.
  49. Raja Bhoja was young when his father died. Before death, his father had made his own brother the heir to the throne stating that when Bhoja grows up he should be given the throne. The brother became greedy and was insecure of his nephew and planned to kill him. He asked his minister to take his nephew to the forest and kill him. He was taken to the forest and before killing was asked for his last wish. The child said that he wanted to give a letter to his uncle. He drew out his sword and wrote in blood on a leaf "Lord Rama came on this earth and when his time came to leave, he went alone. Lord Krishna also came on this earth and while leaving did not take the entire world with him but left alone. My dear uncle, I believe that when you go, you have the courage to take along with you this entire kingdom and earth." This was a very big message. When this message reached the king, he deeply contemplated on this message and he asked the minister if the boy was killed. The minister said that he was waiting for the king's reply and had hidden the child. The king asked him to be brought and with lot of love his was brought up and he went on to become King Bhoja.
  50. So the message is that you have come alone and will leave alone. Do not create unnecessary stress in your life. It is also true that the higher dimensions are more illuminated and blissful and many times more beautiful and splendid. Why remain stuck here.
  51. Here every moment whatever you get, experience it. We say we have got stuck in bhog but it is not that but we have got stuck in collecting the things of bhog. One has not experienced it yet. When one has good digestion power, one has not eaten the food because one was busy gathering food. Now when food is in front, one does not have the power to digest. That time also you could not eat and now also you have gathered everything you cannot eat because now the next fear is that if you eat you will die (disease). So experience all that you have got or you will remain unsatisfied and you will have to come again.
  52. I learnt something in Spain and that was "Tranquilo" (chill out) and I like this word and this is a big mahamantra meaning "remaining blissful" Live your life 200%. This is possible when you live in the moment. Experience the world with this body and at the same time remain always connected to the divine so that cosmic energy/intelligence is always generated in you.
  53. Experience and enjoy every morsel of food. We have become so scientific that we check out in every piece of food how much calories, if anything in it is harmful, etc... everything negative, negative, negative. I am saying the truth that your body has all the power to get accustomed. Eskimos also live in minus temperatures because they have accustomed their bodies and they do not feel cold. There are people who live in very hot climates as they have also accustomed themselves. It is right that you must eat good, pure foods but whatever you eat at that moment do not bring doubt. Enjoy that food and your body will get accustomed/acclimatized and digest every food. If you doubt and eat anything at that moment your body will take in same message what you think and create trouble.
  54. I completely agree and respect what science has told, but there is a science beyond that science and even beyond that there is a science. Your mind, body and prana mechanism is much far ahead than science. God or the invisible forces are the science that is far ahead of modern science. That science says that whatever you want, if you so desire with full faith and total belief it shall happen. So I again and again ask you do decide Tum Chahthe kya ho?
  55. Many people come here in satsang leaving their business and they have full faith that they have spent enough time in their business and now it is time for some spirituality and Baba will take care of their business and the reality is that when they went back they have seen that their business during these days were much better than the days they had their own presence there.
  56. When they say this, why don't you also say that Baba will get your house cleaned, take care of your cow and dog? Believe at least in this :) He is there everything and is omnipresent and He is ready to take care of all your needs; you just have to have faith, belief and purity in your mind. Do this and all the powers of Shiva and Siddhas will always be with you.
  57. People say "I am a bhogi" and I say only if.... only if... you were a bhogi. He is not a bhogi but gathering the materials of bhog. He has not entered the house that he is building, not slept on the wonderful bed that he made for himself, not had bath in that elegant bathroom, not eaten the food that he has gathered, not shared two sweet words with the huge family he has created. It is useless. How can he be a bhogi?
  58. ShivYog is a path of bhog and moksha. Only the one who has had bhog will be able to understand later that there is nothing in that bhog he has experienced when compared to the fruits of sadhana and spiritual growth. Only he can rise. If the one who has not experienced go to whichever heights in spirituality, his mind will be on the wordly things he has not experienced.
  59. Do not think your work as a burden. Enjoy your work. If you grumble over work as a burden then slowly that job will go away from you. Feel your work as sadhana. Students should take their studies as sadhana.
  60. When daughter-in-law comes into your home maintain "har haal mein khushi" Don't say "I am sweeping and she is not." Don't get stressed out and if you are sweeping it is good, you will remain healthy. Before this also you were sweeping; what's new in that? You must have grown daughters. So, this is another daughter who has come. Change the positioning of your mind. This is why blood sugars increase, blood pressures increase, you fall sick. Don't do all this. If children are happy, be happy looking at them. "I make round fulkas (puffed wheat bread) and she makes crooked ones" Be happy eating the crooked ones :) One or the other day she will make it. The end result of the round fulka and crooked fulka is the same :) (laughs)  Har haal mein khushi! Her soul agenda is hers and your soul agenda is yours. Decide what is your soul agenda - happiness or irritation? 
  61. If you practice being happy or findings ways to be happy in all situations your happiness goes cell-deep and you cannot have sufferings in your life. Learn to smile and learn to laugh.
  62. Sadhaks comes to do seva in our ashram and one sadhak came and told "Another sadhak is stressed out. I told her to come at 10 a.m. and not at 6 a.m. but she still continues to come that early and do all the work and get stressed out." I told, "Do you know that everyone wants to come at 6 a.m. because they do not want to come to get stressed out but to relax. The 6 a.m. time is the time for dhyaan (meditation). Who can come and do dhyaan at 9 a.m.? 6 to 8 is the time for dhyaan. Then meeting everyone else. Then there is breakfast and then after that starts the seva. Do not think of sadhana and breakfast as stress..... and never ever think of seva as stress.
  63. Whoever does seva taking it as a grace gets bestowed with a lot of grace. So, whatever you do, do it in happiness. Do not say, "He does great seva, so give him some extra facilities. Baba makes ashram for you. You go there everyday; Baba doesn't go there for long long periods of time because that ashram is made for you for your spiritual progress. In the world, you do it for others because others do if for you but in ashram never weaken anyone's seva by saying "He does a great seva" What Baba has to give he will give but nothing separately or extra. The extra may be in the world but when you ever go to the guru go with the request of him  clearing your ego, weaknesses, stress, grief and fill in the light within and help experience the Self.
  64. Unconditional love - there should be no conditions to the entire world. I was in one place and one person offered to take me in the car. Other retaliated saying that it was unfair as all the seva was done by them and this person is never seen and today he has come with his car when Baba has come. Here, you are judging. Never, never judge anyone.... and Guru atleast never judge. In whose vehicle does he sit, whose he does not sit, or he prefers to walk. He is totally detached but he loves you only unconditionally and when you put a condition, that unconditional love is stopped from reaching you. Same approach should be towards the world and in your family... never, never, never, never judge anyone. Let you only emit unconditional love. 
  65. If I take seva from you, I take it for the only reason that more punyas get credited to your account. Like parents, who feed the weakest child more food. Same way, Baba takes more seva from those whom he feels are weaker. He takes from those whom he (Baba) needs to give more. But Indra maharaj will play his game for sure and the thought some or the other time will come into the mind that "I do so much of seva and where is my tail?" Do not wish for the tail but grace.
  66. If you have to ask Baba do not ask Baba the world but ask to redeem your karmas because if karmas are redeemed then all the miseries that came with it will also go away and what you wanted to ask you will receive that and much more too.
  67. My guru used to say "I have come to give so much, but people ask the same 2-3 things - wealth, child, marriage.. and nothing else." If you have to ever ask, then ask that all your negative karmas and weakness are destroyed.
  68. Now, do not waste your time in kaam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), ahankar (ego). Let every moment of your life become precious to earth. Wherever you go let there be only one voice "We have become blessed." Become such ShivYogis.
  69. Understand and realize your real self. Do not seek anything out. Everything is within you. Activate it and instead of searching outside, distribute it outside as much as you can.
  70.  Let your presence itself become the reason for other's happiness, become the reason of erasing other's suffering. This blessing I give you all. I pray to Lord Shiva for the same. Namah Shivaya.

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Let us always offer deep gratitude to our Guru for making us known such precious wisdom through so many resources with such ease and accessibility.

more pearls of wisdom from Baba yet to come... namah shivaya..

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