The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 2


Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech (When you read it, you can know that Baba is speaking to you).
  1. During final moments all tendencies settled within gets activated and at that time you are asked "what do you want?" Some may ask to call loved ones to have a last glimpse, some might want someone in the family to get married. What have you to do with marriage. Go blessing them saying 'My journey is over, I bless you that your marriage is well." But this does not happen due to tendencies of attachment to the family.
  2. Some with taste buds would want to have sweets as one could not eat them due to diabetes, so would have 6-7 gulab jamuns. So, remove tubes and put in gulab jamuns. This is all foolishness. The body that God has given, is destroyed with your ignorance doing what not.
  3. Some might ask for beautiful cloth and have a touch of it, some call for jewelery. Only if, one would have said, "Let me hear the sound of OM. Let my consciousness merge with God and my life will be successful, this is my last wish." But due to this not being the last wish, after leaving the body the soul begins suffering.
  4. Heaven and hell are not outside, all these are within your mind. As you had been thinking and creating your belief system while alive, you keep experiencing experiences in similar tastes.
  5. So, first and foremost it is very important to start practicing to withdraw your consciousness. Create the belief first on yourself. Do not think of yourself as you body but the soul. If you understand this in few moments all your illness and sufferings will burn down.
  6. My guru said "Shudh bhavana" (pure intentions). When your bhavana becomes shudh, you will understand that you are sat-chit-anand, you are God. Some asked my guru "They call you Bhagavan (god). Are you God? He replied, 'You are also God but the only difference is that I have realized that I am God but you have not yet realized that you are God."
  7. The spandan (vibration) that happens from that Universal soul creates this entire Universe. Aham Brahmasami. My guru used to make me do this sadhana itself. I have done many sadhana on siddhis and gained them also, but later realized all is dust... all is dust.. What is the truth then? Aham Bramhasami... And when he started making me do sadhana on this all my doubts vanished.
  8. I can give you also a lot. Earlier I was stingy when I had siddhis, did not want to give at all and keep it with myself. I had the boundaries.. I was finite. I used to think that this one does extra seva so let me give him something extra, that one does not obey, so better not to give him, but when the boundaries ended, when my guru activated within me, there were no boundaries. After that there was only one desire that these are all me and I am all these. So whatever I have achieved, you also must receive. You also have the same right over the father Shiva as much as I have. So you must get all this wisdom. Take it.. take it.. do not doubt.
  9. Create a belief that you are worthy to take it, you are worthy to go into deep meditation, create the belief that you have to experience. Just create the belief because all things are your bhaava. The moment you say you are not experiencing, you will stop yourself there. The moment you start imagining that you are not experiencing but others are experiencing you will put a stop to yourself.
  10. Bring the imagination to yourself that Shiva loves you a lot because he is not separate from you. He is not outside you. He is not far from you. Believe this. You are that Sanjeevani Shakti. You can heal yourself.
  11. First you see and feel the world wherever your attention goes, house, relatives, etc and then start withdrawing. Slowly slowly start withdrawing and create the belief that you CAN withdraw. Now, slowly pull your consciousness from your home, city, relatives, pets. (This was the starting part of the sadhana Baba made us do.)
  12. To make your sadhana successful you have to first make your body ready for it by doing at least 10 minutes of yogic kriyas, then prana kriyas. Awareness of the prana is important since the prana at the time of death starts withdrawing. So, if you cleanse the prana then life becomes easier.
  13. You have a short life. In it, love and spread happiness. Why do you fight? Why do you find time to be sad? Each and every moment of yours is valuable. Why don't you relish every moment? Why don't you experience happiness in every moment.
  14. Remember, all the experiences of suffering, all the anger and attachment you experience, makes you stuck in the form of karma and gives you suffering during life as well as during the final moments.
  15. Sabka bhala ho, mera bhi bhala ho (Let all prosper and let me also prosper).
  16. Why do you live in the fear of what is going to happen? Live every moment of your present in happiness. Every moment is flying and is not going to come back. Childhood is passing away, youth is passing away and not going to come back, enjoy it. Why fight?
  17. Old age also will pass. By the time you reach old age, you must be full of wisdom. You become the banyan tree by now under which all may rest. Don't become broken branches that you only may need  support.
  18. All of you have come on earth to do some or the other divine work. You took up this body to do something special and have got stuck in infatuation and attachment. Sometimes making enemies, sometimes in resentment, sometimes becoming victims, sometimes helpless. Become the opposite of all these.
  19. Happiness is a state of mind. Imagine that happiness. Create that happiness.
  20. Tell yourself that you will experience only what you want to experience.
  21. Know your'self'; recognize your'self'.
  22. To realize and experience that one happiness, you need one not many. Why in ignorance do you seek happiness from others? Close your eyes and sit and there is no other who is happier than you. Create that happiness from within.
  23. Where do you have the time to be unhappy and to fear? At least keep faith in Him.
  24. Present is truth. What you are experience right now is true. What has happened is dead and false. What is feared to come that is not born and thus is also false. What you have right now is truth. What do you have right now with you? Your self, your mind, your body, your emotions, your imaginations. Now, do you have time to imagine dirty things or bring negative emotions?
  25. What is going to happen will be seen. The one who has given the beak will give the grains too. Which bird goes for a job? Which snake is recruited in territorial army? They all roam freely. Everything is there for everyone. It is humans who have created ignorance out of wisdom and created a prison from himself. Break free the prisons.
  26. How funny is it when I keep saying do sadhana, merge with the infinite, do some good karmas, do seva and burn negative karmas, but instead fights begin in the morning and fight for hours and then sit in the corners and sulk. 24 hours spent in fighting and sulking, instead 1 hour of sadhana, an hour of seva, an hour of taking His name, your life would have just been successful.
  27. Do you have time to flare and puff smoke like a bull? Do you have time to growl like a doggie? These are all the tendencies of your past pashu (animal) yoni that is coming up. But why do you forget that before that yoni you were a part of that divine? So, do not fight.
  28. Har haal mein khushi. Jis vidhi raakhe us vidhi rahiye. Karmas are getting destroyed. Don't try to create a vidhi for yourself but be with total surrender.
  29. This time Ishan bhaiya explained beautifully the Garud Puran in a way the modern generation understands and Babaji also simplified the vedic language into simple terms.
  30. There was humor in many sessions. In one session Ishan bhaiya said, "I have always seen on thing with Babaji. Whenever he moves, he does not move alone. It is like Shiva's marriage ceremony. When Babaji's vehicle door opens, dogs come out from somewhere, cats come out somewhere, we come out from somewhere. Babaji accepts everything."
  31. Ishan Bhaiya continued, "Babaji is very modern, very techno-savvy. Just a few days back he came to me and asked which laptop am I using? My MAC PC has some problem. I exclaimed MAC PC?! I myself am years back using Windows 95. Then Babaji said if not MAC tell me something about my iPad. I said I dont have an iPhone and you are mentioning about iPad? Babaji then said, if nothing, tell me how to synchronize iPad and MAC PC. Looking at all this it feels that he accepts everything. Babaji interrupted and said, "What does an illiterate know what is windows and what is MAC. What was given to me first I understood that and learnt from there. My guru has told me that until you you do not experience yourself first, do not talk about it."
  32. Babaji continued on the same line, "So, if I tell you to use modern equipments, then it is important to connect with ancient wisdom. So, someone can tell me that ancient wisdom from you is okay but can ask me what I know about modern equipments. So let me also experience it myself and see it. But one thing is sure, if you open my laptop then both it's side are stuck with Sri Yantra and my iPad has four stickers on it because it is important to neutralize the negative radiations. I liked that instead of taking huge books of granths, you can scan and take it in a small file and is convenient. I am not opposing modernization, but I am neither ready to leave my roots because shakti and nourishment I get from my sadhana and from the wisdom rishis have gathered. With these my life is very happy and I wish that you also follow it. What I have gained that you all also should gain."
  33. Ishan Bhaiya continued, "Babaji's words have to be listened in depth and only then it's real meaning will be understood. If you listened closely to what he said, then he has accepted everything. He accepted the laptop, the iPad and all the technologies given to him but he is using what is important for him. This is what I wish to convey that there is a thing which is given to us and gets binded with us and the other is only using that thing."
  34. We react to different situations in different ways and stored them into our consciousness. Reaction can be of lust, anger, infatuation, attachment, jealously, etc. One true incident about a person who had a factory near the highway and had everything. Due to his past life good deeds life was very pleasant and he was experiencing the fruits of that life. Every evening drinking alcohol and eating. It is mentioned in the Garud Puran that even the taste buds takes us to some direction. All intoxications of life take us somewhere during life and even after life. So, this man did not have any pity towards anyone and lived his own life. Doing for one's own self is pashu bhaava (animal tendency) and doing for everyone is manushya bhaava (human tendency), deva bhaava (God tendency). He was only concerned with his own taste and own enjoyments. While going in a vehicle, there happened an accident and the vehicle was smashed. He stood out and was looking at his vehicle being destroyed. Looking at himself he felt happy that he was safe and not a scratch on him. Suddenly he noticed his body lying in blood and he was surprised as to how this can happen when he is fine. He wondered if it was a dream. Suddenly, there was some light from above and he rose up. There he saw that many souls were living in their own created hell according to the tendencies they had accumulated. Suddenly a voice was heard "No, his time is not yet up and so send him back into his body." Immediately, he was in the injured body and he immediately experienced pain and shouted. People took him to the hospital and was saved. But after this incident he completely changed. He never took to the bottle and whatever he was earning he started giving a percentage of it to the needy. Now he never hurt anyone and became pure.
  35. While living one who has resentment carried it during his death too. The bhava that is held on to during the life and made strong, will increase thousandfold during death. If one has food craving then after death that craving increases thousandfold. But then, to fulfill all cravings you need a body. Now, there is no body. Now, thousandfold increase in the cravings for thirst, hunger, sex, anger, jealousy, etc. Now, to fulfill those cravings, the preth (unsatisfied soul) runs and wanders for a body of any type. Now, if the soul spots a bird or animal fulfilling the sexual craving, then it tries to get into that egg. At that time, it is not aware that it was in the human body and should go to a higher evolved body/dimension. But if it is hungry and sees grains, then it will immediately desire for that bird body to fulfill its desire. If the tendency is anger and to kill and destroy then it will crave to get into a scorpion's body. Who is not a ShivYogi will have a lot of attachments with their body and even if the body melts or burns, he will still wander around that body.
  36. In Buddhism, this intermediate state (between death and next life) is called as Bardo. After death, buddhist monk guides and reminds the soul that it has to go into a human form and not to be hurried. Like in Hinduism it is said that there is heaven and hell similarly they say that there will be many scary forms that will come to scare you. This is nothing to be scared of. These are the projections of your mind itself. In the living state itself people get phobias, depression, auditory and visual hallucinations (hearing voices or seeing things). People say it is evil possession, but I say it is your creation.
  37. A yogi had told that whenever you commit a sin, God and Guru is eager to forgive you but your central nervous system (conscience) does not forgive you. How much ever we try and manipulate, our inner self is seeing everything and the message of manipulation and sin will get stuck in the inner self.  In moments of death everything is remembered. Why do we say to meditate - because when you meditate at that time also you remember these and at that time what you remember you are able to release it with ShivYog sadhana. Those who do not do sadhana, at the final moments, those memories surface up and it is late by then because the soul was not able to release them. The soul cries and regrets on all the sins committed and after leaving the body those tendencies increase manifold. This is why it is said that one must do sadhana and while alive itself dissolve all these impressions. Your mind will become pure. My guru first taught me "shudh bhavana" and after that second lesson was "nirmal mann".
  38. Let all impurities of the mind be washed. Those impurities are filled in our mind when I have given pain to someone or when someone has pained me. Whether others have pained me or not is an imagination and attached with maya (illusion). These are all impurities. With shudh bhavana when you do sadhana, do make your mind nirmal to ensure there is no impurity because these impurities will otherwise show up at death and increase manifold.  
  39. There is no death, only transformation. Like after a garment is torn, a new one is worn. Similarly after leaving the body the soul will go to a shop with similar sankaras where it can get a good body or a bad body. Death is for the ignorant but the only who has gained the wisdom that death is transformation is totally transformed.
  40. One who experiences while living in the physical body that he himself is Param Brahma and all his issues are resolved and there is no pain within him, no resentment, no attachment, gets the brahmagyan and becomes a siddha. We have seen siddhas who playfully have left along with their body itself. In Tamilnadu, there is a jeeva samadhi which had great energy there. It was told that there once lived a siddha there who loved children and was playing hide-and-seek with them. He hid himself under a huge hen basket and when they lifted it up, he was gone. That also is a transition.
  41. One transition is lying in the hospital lying with ventilator and lot of banging going on and the man who is in semi-conscious state during death has his third-eye opened and then he sees many souls in the ICU who are stuck there; some sitting in the corner of the hospital. This is one and the other is the one who knows that there is nothing called death.
  42. I am mentioning these incidents to you so that you believe that the consciousness in this body is you and you are not this body and even when this body falls off, still you exist. 
  43. All siddhas love children and they love to be with them and play and dance with them because that is the reality. The more you become stiff and stuck in the illusion of wealth, attachment, name, the more you move away from divinity. Those who are simple as a child, they are truly closer to God.
  44. According to the karmas itself the soul enters into particular dimensions. So while in the body one has to get rid of the negative sanskaras.
  45. All siddhas and saints have come and told us something or the other, gave wisdom. Guru Nanakji mentioned that the that earning is true, the percentage of which you put into welfare of others. "Wand Khao they khand khao" meaning that whatever you share that is yours, it becomes very sweet.
  46. Another incident is about a person who was crossing the road and saw a truck speeding towards him. He ran at full speed to the other end and exclaimed happily on missing the truck hitting him and thus being safe. He kept running even after crossing the road and then after some distance being relieved of being saved turned back and saw that the truck was stationary and he was lying under the truck. The truck had hit him and he had died instantly. Now he was confused if he was dead. This person's time was not yet right and he realized that he is full of pain and that he has come back into his body. He then recovered.
  47. Those who do not have this knowledge and at death when the light comes at that time one does not understand the light and remains stuck there itself. One who is attached a lot with the family, when the light appears instead of rising to the light, one will feel that he is okay and why does he have to go anywhere. The door remains opened till it has to remain open and finally it closes and that soul gets stuck there itself with that family and starts drawing the life force energy of family members who start becoming ill and weak. The families then undergo hardships also.
  48. Another incident of the West where a person was at a place where there was bombing. An airplane dropped a bomb that fell close to here is where he was sitting. He was thrown up and as he was thrown up he was aware that that he flying up but then he saw that he was was continuing to fly even above the buildings around. He wondered how could he fly so high and when he looked down his body was fallen down injured. He looked and wondered "There is so much of blood. Hope I don't die." This he wondered even when he had died. Suddenly, he came back into the body, attachment to the body and there was pain and he survived.
  49. Another incident when a woman was having some heart problem. At this moment a nurse shouted looking at the cardiac monitor that she is dead as there is no heat beat. The woman saw that she is besides the bed and many people came in and were trying to resuscitate and revive her. After  a moment a power came and pushed her into her body. She narrated to everyone every incident that she had seen happening in the room  and all were surprised.
  50. I would like to share an incident of my life. We had a very huge haveli (mansion) and everyone had left it and I used to live alone there. I would do my sadhana there and once in sadhana I experienced that I am sitting in sadhana. I wondered which place is this and then I saw it was the same room in which I was meditating. Looking clearly I saw that I am wearing the same clothes I wore while I sat there. It was a confusing state that I am sitting and I am standing in front of me and I am looking at myself sitting. Slowly I moved away from my body and moved to all corners of the room and from every corner I looked at myself that I am sitting calmly. Then I realized that who is sitting is not me but my body and I am out of my body. Then I realized that on wish I could move out of the room also and I am moving through the wall. I was going wherever my thoughts went. I am telling you this because when you die, you exit your body.
  51. You have five bodies. First, this physical body. Second, prana body. Third mann body. Fourth gyan body. Fifth anand body. I am not all these five. All these five bodies have tamo guna, rajo guna, sato guna. I am beyond the five bodies and three gunas. I am nirguna and formless.
  52. Preth yonis and dev yonis have form and the form is similar to the physical body. But, the moment I become nirguna and niraakar, I do not have any form. Gunas come with attachment.
  53. With nirguna you become like the sun. There is flow of unconditional love but no expectations in return. Till the time all these three gunas remain, then the soul remains imprisoned in bodies. That is why such soul is called jeevatma or jeeva.
  54. The mind is a wall between the soul and the consciousness. The moment the mind dissolves into the soul and soul merges into the consciousness. This is called aatma-sakshathkar (self-realization).
  55. In Garud Puran, God explains to the garud that at the time of death all the tenancies open up one by one. All the debit and credit of karmic balance sheet comes up. If one has given trouble to someone, at that moment, he does not manipulate.  If someone has hurt him and he is constantly thinking of it, if the dying person has not done sadhana or got a guru who could give him the wisdom, then it is possible that at that moment he gets very angry on everyone who gave him trouble. If he leaves his body with this anger, then this anger multiplies. That is why it is said to forgive everyone while you are alive. Whatever is happening in your life are the fruits of your own karmas.
  56. Remember, apart from one's prarabdh karma, one cannot gain anything extra. You receive what you are destined for. That does not mean that you sit without doing anything stating that everything will happen according to your destiny. In ShivYog, it is taught that you are the creator of your own destiny. If you are not happy with what you already have, then do more positive karmas, give more unconditional love to all, do not hurt others, purify yourself and then change what is written in your destiny. Expand what you are destined to get and receive more and more grace. This is upon you. Changing your destiny to higher evolution also means you are resolving issues.  So never blame others for your condition.
  57. Everything comes in front while dying, incidents from childhood, etc. One person used to get terrible pain in the neck. After healing it used to get alright but again recur. In pratiprasav he realized that he had been hung to death in some life and during death the emotion of suffering that he carried, he brought it to the next life and that used to bother him.
  58. Siddhas will show past life to only those who are ready to see their past and have resolved all issues of life. This is because if one has not been able to resolve current life issues and then sees issues from the past, that will add up to his misery.
  59. One who has been doing sadhana and has purified will be able to see. Those who are in the transition of purity will experience in the form of vibrations or may witness shooting pain in the troublesome organ and get released but this all depends.
  60. We (siddhas) have only one intention that you prosper and our (siddhas) purpose is not to show you scenes of past life. You become ready, you resolve all your current life issues, you come to the understanding and knowledge that everything is illusion and then you will see everything. But if you still feel everything around is reality and with this reality if you wish to see, then you will not see anything. The purpose is that all your tendencies burn out and all the 10 doors that are closed due to your ignorance opens up by which all the paths of life and moksha open up. 
  61. So, if you ask me why that person saw and why not me, then I will say, resolve all your issues of this life and accelerate your spiritual progress and you will be able to see past lives. It will take me only a moment to show you all that but I do not wish that you get entangled in those incidents.
  62. Even leaving the body is a state of sadhana. There should be total peace during this time. A dying person starts withdrawing his consciousness and it is sad to see that we do not allow him to do that by shouting, crying and yelling. Now a day, more gruesome is when a person has to leave in peace, he is left in the ICU with all kinds of equipments. We feel that we are saving his life but I think we are prolonging their suffering and nothing else. So it is important that the environment is calm and peaceful and the sound of OM or whichever mantra of the ishta the person is acquainted to, should be played.
  63. Slowly all his five bodies start leaving his body just the way it happens while sleep. When one reaches the dream state, even at that point his subtle body leaves the physical body and travels into those dimensions where his memories and connections lie in his inner mind. That is why it is said that one should have sweet dreams. That is why it is said that at night a Sri Vidya sadhak should certainly do Sri Vidya sadhana so that so much of divine energy is produced that during dream state he enters only into higher dimensions and stays in those dimensions and wakes up with those divine energies. But if one sleeps being sad, then he visits all the darker places which is embedded in this inner mind. He remains in darker places and brings back similar energies while waking up and makes his day more miserable. 
  64. What is the difference between dream and death? Similarity is that the subtle body leaves the physical body during both death and dream but a  small difference is that during dream a thin etheric silver cord is connected from the navel. During dream the subtle body visits dimensions and this cord keeps it attached to the physical body but during death the silver cord gets disconnected.
A beautiful video of high-energy sankirtan
and a message in the end from Baba to you. 

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Let us always offer deep gratitude to our Guru for making us known such precious wisdom through so many resources with such ease and accessibility.


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