The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 3

Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech.
  1. The ones who do not know the ultimate truth are attached to the body and as the prana starts withdrawing, the person tries to hold it from withdrawing and there begins a struggle. You must have seen people banging their hands and legs, which means that he is not allowing the prana to be pulled out by nature. In this struggle there will be turmoil and negative energies generated due to the agony.
  2. This is what is shown in scriptures as Yama who pulls the soul out with a rope. When the prana completely leaves the body, it becomes the astral body and the astral body thinks it is alive but if it already has the wisdom that it has to move up in the light. If this is not aware of the astral body stays there and suffers.
  3. How many will be ready if they are asked to go to Yama while being alive? Leave this, even at the time of death also no- one wants to go to Yama. In scriptures it is written that the one who is ready to go to Yama while being in the body is the biggest Yogi and Yama also cannot do anything to such a person. Yama is not the God of Death, he is the son of the Sun, he is Tej. One who comes out of myths and ignorace will be out the birth-death cycle.
  4. There are two stories mentioned in scriptures, one about Sati-Satyavan and the other about Nachiketa. Both of them had gone to Yama. Sati was a maharishi's daughter and Satyavan lived in an ashram who were to get married. Before marriage Sati was warned that after a month Satyavan had to die and to rethink over the marriage.  Sati said that he had the tapa-shakti to create her own destiny. They got married and lived in the jungle. Satyavan after cutting wood complained of headache and Sati immediately knew that it was one month. She asked him to keep his head on her lap and sleep. She went into samadhi. She saw Yama approaching and she said that he cannot take him away as he is her husband. But Yama said his time has come and put his rope around him and took him, but Sati followed Yama and kept pleading to release her husband and Yama denied. After reaching a spot, Yama warned Sati to go back and if she cross this place she cannot go back. Sati said that if she had to go back she would go back with him. This is an incident of a woman who holds the sadhana shakti of changing the destiny of her husband. He was not walking there with her legs but with the power of her sadhana shakti. At last, Yama gave up and asked her to ask for a boon and go back. Sati agreed. She asked that she be given the boon of being able to become the mother of 100 children of Satyavan. Now, it was with Sati how many years gap she would want to keep between the birth of those 100 children and that would be the life of Satyavan. Yama was baffled but he had to fulfill promise and let go of Satyavan.  
  5. There have been many siddhas who have gone to hell and roamed about in naraklok, swarglok, brahmalok, siddhalok and come back - this should be the shakti within. You also have this power within you that can be activated but to activate it, you need to pull back awareness from external miseries.
  6. In ShivYog it is always said not to predict the future as one can get very bad karma for it. The biggest fool is one who predicts future in ShivYog. This is because future can be changed. How can you predict about something that can be changed? I repeat future is changeable! Vidhi ka vidhan badla jaa saktha hai kyon ki tum hi vidhi ho aur tumhi ne voh vidhaan paida kiya tha.. 
  7. In these 9 days of shivir, I will take you in front of siddhas where you had written your destiny and you will have to tell them, "I have learnt everything and learn the secrets and now I dont want to learn with sufferings. I have learnt through my sadhana. Now, I am ready to change my destiny. Now, I want to experience the life the way I want.
  8. We also during marriage match horoscopes and see profit and loss where as marriage is a bond of minds, bond of purity, not to match profit accounts. Then it is said that the girl was good but there was some problem in the horoscope. Such comparison of profit-loss like business will have profits and loss like business.
  9. It is said till here that one who has the wisdom of Art of Dying, during the end of his life can do it's sadhana and get liberated by leaving his soul through the brahmarandhra (the highest door through which if a soul leaves, it gets liberated, located at the top of skull - at location of sahastrar chakra) The exit for here in the end and liberation and after this there is no need to come back into any form.
  10. There was a rishi whose son Nachiketa also was very wise. The father said he had given everything in charity and the son angered his father when he asked whom had he given his son to, as his son also came under that 'everything'.  He said he had done the yagna dishonestly. Most of the yagnas are dishonest because it is filled with rajoguna; to receive the worldly fruits. When repeatedly Nachiketa asked his father whom has he given his son in charity to, the father got angry and said, "Here then, I have given you in charity to Yama!" These stories of Upanishads are symbolic and coded; you need to decode them. While living the one who meditates and goes to the mrithyuloka can never die ever. If while living you reach Yama, then he cannot do anything to you but if he reaches you while you are living then it becomes a problem. So, better is before he comes we expand our consciousness till there. But we have heavily invested our consciousness in fear, doubt, resentment, anger, etc. Nachiketa went there to Yama and for three days he fasted and Yama gave him a blessing. Even Gautam Buddha had fasted for 40 days. Jain teertankars have fasted. All siddhas have fasted before they got wisdom. Because now there is no fear of dying.
  11. Out of the 24 hours spend some time in sadhana, some time in selfless service and some time in taking the name of the Lord.
  12. The Lord resides in that house where sankirtan and sadhana takes place.
  13. It is true that every moment we become rhini (indebted) and that is why I say to keep doing seva to clear those debts.
  14. According to Garud Puran, there are three types of debts -
    1. Debts to parents. It is important to clear this.
    2. Debts to Gods - Debts that we incur due to whatever we achieve in daily life due to Divine energies/powers.
    3. Debts to the rishis - Debts that we incur as we gain wisdom from them.
  15. If one lives in union with nature then he will move towards liberation and if not there will be difficulties.
  16. You cannot clear these debts by running away from the world but by remaining in grihastha (householder).
  17. A householder is very fortunate because he can do sadhana and whatever he earns he can do charity and contribute to the welfare of the earth and he also feeds his family with his hardwork.
  18. The best method of giving contentment to pitrus is to look after your family lovingly and feed them lovingly.
  19. Every family seeks that there be a pious/fortunate child in the family. Many families, where children will ailments or autism were born, have asked me what have these children done and why is God so merciless. Now, the cycle is such that the forthcoming child in your family come to liberate you by purifying you. So, if you have created so much of negative karma, then the child that comes into your family takes the entire family karma on them and become diseased. You tell me first that when the child was in the womb, you husband and wife used to fight or not? Wasn't there disharmony in the family or not? All were blowing their own bugles and all were trying to kill each and other emotionally, which is in scriptures known as Bramha-hatya. Every soul in the family has a consciousness (Bramha) and trying to kill that Bramha, trying to finish off their individuality, trying to cause injury and depress others every moment, using destructive words, is all Bramha-hatya. (equivalent to killing a Brahmin) This sin that we do, the future child born in the family takes upon themselves to liberate us.
  20. Even in Garud Puran it is told that one has to love and respect elders in the family because they have raised the family. If old parents are loved and taken care of, pitrus will be contented.
  21. If the newly wedded girl coming into the house is treated as Laxmi with love and without using harmful words and soul not troubled and accepted just as their own member, such families will always have great grace of  God.
  22. If these things are not taken care of and if people who are weak in the family are given trouble that family gets pitru dosha.
  23. The souls who go to Pitru loka are good souls who have done good deeds but the attachment with the family is very strong and are not able to see anything else but their family. So, if there is happiness in the family, pitrus are happy and contented and if there is sorrow in the family, the pitrus suffer there and keep going to the lower lokas and the family gets pitru dosha. 
  24. Once a young gentleman had come to me who did not have a leg. His mother had some heart problem and he brought his mother to a Pratiprasav shivir in Mumbai.  While I was making sadhaks do sadhana, I told sadhaks to give her healing. During the healing, some strange things started happening. Sadhaks came running to me and said they felt there was something in her. When I went there, there were pitrus in her body. I asked calmly who it was. Once voice came that she was her daughter-in-law and she had killed her by burning her and she wants to finish the entire family. As I mentioned before, whatever feelings with which a soul leaves that feelings grows thousandfold. Soon, there was another voice who must have been her grandmother who said to the other voice that the fire was burnt by her own self. These are conversations between the pitrus that I am mentioning. Soon, I found out that there were 22 pitrus who had gone to lower realms. One voice said that he had created that accident in the family due to which the boy was handicapped. Soon there was a fight between the pitrus among themselves, in total ignorance. I told the girl and the grandmother that I will help liberate them. They said there are 22, and to liberate every one of them. We have brought everyone with us. I started praying to the Divine that these souils were ignorants and they never got anyone who could give them this wisdom and tell them that they are all a part of you. Now they are all suffering as they have not left their anger and revenge and are yet with the desire to finish each other, please liberate them and open the doorway to light and ascend them and liberate them by which they can see the light. One by one, every soul ascending thanking and stating that they were at peace.
  25. You all are born together in one family are part of the soul group. It is possible that you may have fought and battled each other in previous lives, but now nature puts you all together with the intention that you all live together and resolve all the unresolved issues by loving each other which had not been possible before and thus liberate your forthcoming generations and past generations.
  26. That is why I on and often say if there is one ShivYogi in a family then his pitrus of 7 generations get liberated and forthcoming 7 generations get liberated, because a ShivYogi is an embodiment of unconditional love, who can never pain another soul, who will not try to gain what is not his (astheya) and will be positive.
  27. So this is a message, that if you want to liberate your family keep a close bond between each other and love each other. It is a horrible feeling to get into arguments, fights and resentments. 
  28. What will you do when people in the home get angry or do not listen to you? A wise man will say to make them understand and if still does not understand to hit, but I say just one thing - JUST GIVE LOVE. If someone says, the other person has become very disobedient or wicked, then in such a case what you have to do is - JUST GIVE LOVE (laughs). If someone says that the other person has come under the influence of someone and not has started acting weird, then for that what you will have to do I will tell you, that is - JUST GIVE LOVE. (laughs)
  29. Do not try to get tit-for-tat because this is the cycle of cause and effect, which will never end unless one of you break this cycle by just giving love.
  30. But with this I don't mean the elders of the house should not growl. Growling (being strict) is also important. It's like the story of the snake who lived where Buddha lived. It heard always of non-violence and the snake became non-violent. One day Buddha saw the snake lying injured and asked what happened. The snake replied that I stopped biting and scaring people and look how people have stoned me. Buddha said that he had asked him not to bite but never said it should not hiss! So just give love and at the same time you do "grrr.......   "
  31. The beginning of spirituality begins with clearing the debts to parents. Along with that running the family rightly clears debts to pitrus. A household with his earnings can do shraadh or feed the hungry also.
  32. Keep doing the act of feeding the hungry every year remembering your ancestors as an act of gratitude for being the tool for you to come on earth. Do not fall into too much of formalities, just feed the hungry in their name.
  33. When you do puja, mantra chanting, yagna, the Gods are contended. Your good deeds are the food of divine beings. Your bad deeds are the food of darker beings.
  34. The house is which there is a meditation room, lamps and incense sticks, morning and night meditation, sankirtan, and people get together and share love in such houses the divine beings shower their blessings and you get liberated from the debts to Gods (Deva-rhinn)
  35. Do not waste your early morning time sleeping. The sleep which feels very pleasant is the time for Deva karma due to which your life is going to shine much brighter, ensure that you are not wasting it with sleep.
  36. Day time you do sakaam karma (occupation) and nishkaam seva (selfless service) and at night do shanti karma (time with family). Why are you earning and saving, so that your family is happy. For that you are the biggest factor. When you return home get everyone together and feel the happiness of togetherness and love. Your family will always be blessed by Shiv-Shiva.
  37. Happiness is a state of mind and even one who has everything can still find ways to be unhappy. Har haal mein khushi. Create happiness within in all situations and make this your sankalp (affirmation). Imagine that whatever is happy is to make you happy.
  38. Whatever karma you do in life. Karma means any task - meeting someone, talking to someone, doing a task. If you don't want any bad karma to be resulted in these daily karmas, then behind every karma your bhavana (intention) should always be pure. Very important this is.
  39. Secondly, nirmal mann (pure mind). Don't let the mind become impure by allowing it to gossip about other's faults, judge another. Accept everyone the way they are because all have their own soul agenda.
  40. As you keep doing sadhana your mind gets purified but now consciously keep a check whether behind every action the mind and intention is pure or not.
  41. In Garud Mahapuran it is mentioned that whichever Ishta we worship, we reach that form itself in the end of the physical journey. Whatever intention we live our life with, same intention we reach at the end of life.
  42. It does not mean that if one is doing the sadhana of Lord Shiva you will reach Lord Shiva but it is equally important with what intention one does it. If sadhana is done to cause harm to someone then nature will reach one in the similar form.
  43. So do sadhana with the intention that you also benefit and others also benefit everything. Never do any such sadhana in which there is harm to others.
  44. I have seen people at high levels doing sadhana to destroy enemies. Leave this and do sadhana destroy one's sanchit karmas.
  45. Which sadhana is better? The one in which you run behind petty gains or the sadhana in which you gain so much power that you can create anything and everything from within you?
  46. The ones who practice tantrik, maili vidya (dirty practices like black magic) and practice with darker forces, at the last moments of life fall prey to these forces. So be careful not to get into all these.
  47. Many sadhaks who are doing good sadhana and rising up, they destroy their business and get into all these acts and display of powers. 
  48. Without doing all these show-offs one should only become a sadhak - a humble sadhak. Humility is very, very important.
  49. ShivYog says that just the way you keep your wealth locked in the lockers and safes, keep your tapasya (fruits of sadhana) hidden and use it with total humbleness for the benefit of others.
  50. I have taught you healing. One is healing with vinamrata (simplicity) and one is healing becoming an avataar (Babaji raised his right hand to show the blessing gesture) The avataar person destroys himself and Vinamra person gets punya (merits) and receives Guru kripa and he prospers spiritually.
  51. So, do not get into any other sadhana other than the sadhana of Parabramha, as mentioned by siddhas and saints, and you will receive everything. It will take hard work but you will receive everything.
  52. Whenever you feel low, angry or sad, sit down quietly and sing "Bhajlo ji hanuman......." and close your eyes and imagine he and he will be there.
  53. What has to happen will happy, why do you imagine so much. Even if a good person comes to you and you say "He will harm" then the moment he comes into your aura will cause you harm.
  54. When you are calm, you breath is very deep, when you are angry it is different and so it is when one is sad, fearful, lustful, infatuation, greed, ego. The breath is different in all emotions. So every emotions enters into the subconscious through the conscious and become sanchit karmas. When we do rightful breathing and with Sanjeevani shakti, those emotions and karmas come out. As they start coming out, the problems start reducing.
  55. What you are experiencing today is due to your past psychic impressions, either of this life or past, which are controlling your thinking and reactions. So it is important to release these negative psychic impressions.
  56. We have indriyas (sense organs) - eyes (sight), ears (hearing), nose (smell), tongue (taste), skin (touch). These are external. You are looking at me now, hearing me - it is external. Now, if after two days I ask you to remember today's incident, then also you will see me and hear me but at that time it will not be external sight and voice like what you see and hear now, but that time it will be internal sight and internal sound. The food that you ate three days back you had seen and smelled and tasted with external organs. Now, if I ask you to see, smell, touch and taste the food of that day, you will do it, but it will now be with internal senses.
  57. You must have died thousands of time but you do not remember it but the experiences of death are stored in your consciousness. You must have lived thousands of lives, sometimes being happy and sometimes sufferings. Those experiences of suffering are stored in your consciousness. The only thing is that your inner senses are not powerful anymore. You will learn how to feel all these with your inner senses. You have been doing it though, but unknowingly by imagining ignorantly with your inner senses. ShivYog is knowingly. Now, consciousness you start practicing seeing, hearing, feeling and imagining only what you want. During sadhana, we will bring out all those impressions which are not good for us.  While doing sadhana we will learn our lessons.
  58. In all human beings, there comes a turning point. If one's sanchit karmas are good, then the turning point comes in happiness and joy and if one's sanchit karmas are mixed with good and bad, then some suffering comes and then comes the turning point. For example, there is a young person whose father made everything and he is enjoying all pleasures of life and an aspiring sportsman. But with these he is also moving far from the Truth. Nature and your spiritual guides want that you move towards the path of truth. Then the young person says that he was going to become a National level player, but now has bad luck as he now met with an accident and injured his spine and unable to play. For him, it is a misery. But during the one year he could not play, where he would not have turned at all to spirituality, in this one year he turned towards spirituality and made attempts to learn the truths of life which he would have otherwise never known. Now in his life there has come a balance of spirituality and wordly life.
  59. Every incident in your life comes into your life to teach you a lesson. If you accept it you have learned your lesson and if you keep getting sad for it, then you have yet to learn another lesson.
  60. I was in the West and there in a Law firm, there was a chief lawyer who had met with an accident. He was following some other religion but he was told that ShivYog accepts all religions and to go there. He came to the shivir and he experienced many things. He got healed but at the same time he received the wisdom of the truth. He met me once and said that the accident was very bad for him but now I know that it was a blessing indeed because he was such a workaholic that he was not taking care of his family, let alone spirituality. He said that he used to work late nights in office, come home and sleep for a few hours and then again get back to work and lived a machine life. But now, I give lot of time to my family and the bliss I get in sadhana I would have never got. Now, I know that my life has become complete and living my both internal and external life fully.
  61. Do not get stuck in petty things of life. Daughters-in-law spend their entire life being negative towards their mothers-in-law. Mothers-in-law waste their entire life not just making the lives of the daughters-in-law bad but their own lives and the lives of their family members. You have not got married to the girl, your son has; why are you demanding? Let them both demand with each other. The girl has not married the mother-in-law, so why is all her energy wasted in fighting? Understand the fact that this is all action-reply of what you have done in your past life. It is being replayed so that you can outgrow from that nonsense in which you are stuck. This is some karma that has surfaced up. You must learn the lesson and let go. Do you want to bring happiness in the family or miseries? You become the glue that sticks everyone together and not the hard stone that breaks everyone.
  62. Atma-chintan (self-analysis) is very important. Every thought that comes up within you, is it going towards light or darkness?
  63. Truth is what you find in sadhana, everything else is your imagination. All that is happening around is your imagination, your creation. If you do not want to continue creating this, change it, recreate, do sadhana. Do sadhana so much that the sanchit karmas are burst. Release all negative feelings and bring only the feeling of unconditional love within you.
  64. You might say that others are troubling you but again, happiness is the state of mind. Even if good people are around, the one who wants to be sad will be sad and if externally how much ever there is disharmony and chaos one who wants to be in bliss will remain in bliss only. 
  65. Even in adverse situations imagine within that you are happy. When you start creating divinity and happiness within, you will start radiating divinity and happiness to others outside. But if you have storm within you, then you will bring storm to all who comes around you. Change yourself within.

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The series of Garud Puran as explained by Ishan Bhaiya in today's language and understanding will be covered separately in one piece after all the notes of the Kurukshetra shivir are published here.

Let us always offer deep gratitude to our Guru for making us known such precious wisdom through so many resources with such ease and accessibility.

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike Sharanye Trayambike Gauri Narayani Namostute..

Om Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadra Kali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shivaa Dhaatri Svaha Svadha Namostute.

Karpoora Gauram Karunavataram Samsara Saram Bhujagendra Haram Sada Vasantam Hridayaravinde Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami...Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami...

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo. Maheshwara. Guru Sakshat Parabrahmah Tasmai Shree Guruveh Namah..

Akhanda Mandalakaram Vyaptam Yena Chraracharam Tatpadam Darsitam Yena Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah...

Hari Om...Hari Om...Hari Om...

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi...

remaining part... yet to come.. namah shivaya..


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