The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 4

Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech (When you read it, you can know that Baba is speaking to you).
  1. There are three types of Yoni (life form):
    1. Deva Yoni - in which the soul takes the form of gods and goddesses and experience happiness but they do not have mind. There will remain in the same yoni. If Indra wishes to become Bramha, he cannot become. To get liberated into the infinite he needs mind.
    2. Maanav yoni (human form). There are three again in this:
      1. Pavitra yoni
      2. Bhog vilas yoni
      3. Dukh bhog yoni
    3. Bhog yoni (form of only paying off karmic fruits. Eg: Animal form) In this yoni also there is no mind. One cannot think and discriminate. This is why if a tiger is hungry it kills and preys on a cow and does not accumulate karma. Cat kills hundreds of rats but does not accumulate karma. Their tendencies will remain the same as their form. Because there is no mind so there is no punya (merits) and paap (sin).
  2. Only if there is mind there one can accumulate karma through good/bad deeds. Only if there is mind one can reach and merge with the infinite. At the same time can reach the lowest realms. It is dependent on what the mind is creating - the kriyaman, which then becomes prarabdh.
  3. You have taken birth to know this kriyaman and rise above it.
  4. The ego of "I" is the negative karma. What kind of food is served to "me"? The food is not wrong, your bhaava is wrong. Have the feeling that food is Annapoorneshwari.
  5. Never react intensely negative to any situation. That irritation from your external mind moves into the inner mind and it is important to remove it out or it becomes your prarabdh bhog - be careful of this.
  6. If a mosquito bites and if you ignore it is okay but if "Oh.. a mosquito" is the reaction, this bhaava has created a sanskaar (impression) and this impression goes within for the cause and effect.
  7. Where have so many karmas comes from; they are even from such small karmas.
  8. Narada had the ego that lust cannot touch him, but he was actually working in the area where the possibility of generation of lust was minimal. With this ego, his ishta - Lord Shiva had to take the form of Lord Rama and Mahalaxmi had to take the form of Sita, and the whole Ramayana had to be enacted because of Narada's curse on Shiva. Just this small ego gave birth to such a big Ramayana.
  9. I look at all sadhaks. I am seeing there are two cars and one of the sadhak sat in one car and the other sadhak is not liking it and wants to sit in the same car and another sadhak is angry as to why sit in one car when there is another. One pushes in and the other stomps the foot and gets out. In all this episode what is the most dangerous thing is that reaction of anger and banging the foot. I wish that you save yourself from all this. These are very small things but they create karma and bring prarabdh bhog - save yourself from it!
  10. Every moment should be with a moment of gratitude. 'Oh Lord, thank you so much. I am grateful to you.' When you start getting this feeling, you will see that your life becomes more comfortable.
  11. This is the important message I wish to give you - No negative emotions and no negative reactions! Keep yourself always pure. Don't let any dirt fall.
  12. This is why all siddhas are shown to be sitting on the lotus because the lotus grows in the dirt but not a single drop of dirt can dirty the lotus. The dirt is the world of maya and the drops of dirt are all the negative things and vices. Do not let these drops of dirt fall on you. If you become the lotus you can cross the bhavasagar (ocean of cycle of life and death).
  13. Do not fall unconscious before every thought, action and reaction. If you get angry it means you have fallen unconscious. Do every karma consciously. Unconscious karma become the cause of your misery.
  14. Love the ones who are with you. They are there today and may not be there tomorrow. What will you do then? Fallen in the traps of photos and idols? That is illusion. Learn to love the living ones. Every day of yours is precious.
  15. Never compete with others but compete with yourself. What you were yesterday, you must rise above that today. Then there will be growth in life. The level of consciousness that you are in today must be higher that the level you were in yesterday.  Growth should be a continuous process. If you look externally and complete with others then you will only get sufferings.
  16. One is who gets everything and amongst all that he finds a reason to cry and cries and cries and convinces his entire family how much suffering is there and narrates his story to everyone he meets and bitterly cries. And if he has become a ShivYogi, then the incident will remain the same but he will search for happiness in that and HAR HAAL MEIN VOH HASEGA AUR KHUSH HOGA (he will laugh and be happy in all situations) and give only happiness and laughter.
  17. What you do in this life will decide if you are crossing the ocean of miseries or will decide if you are going to get similar such life. You decide what you want.. TUM CHAHTHE KYA HO. You have got this human birth after going through 84 lakh bhog yonis. Babaji sings...  Ik din bandiya hai udjaana palat ke aana nahi...
  18. Every moment with every karma you are throwing a thread and whole life you are knitting your own robe (cloth) that you are going to wear in next life. The three kind of robes in your boutique:
    1. Deva yoni robe: The one who does all his life good karmas and for the welfare of others but at the same time also desires for his name. In ShivYog it is said that the right hand should not know what the left hand has done. But one wants the entire world's hands to know that you are doing punya, then there still exists a desire for praise, name and fame. Yagya are happening and it is proclaimed that so-and-so is doing the yagyas. Such souls get the Deva yoni because they want to experience praise and happiness out of even the punyas that one does. In Deva yoni, he then experiences all this in Swargaloka. When all his punya karmas are over then he has to come back into the human form because till now he has not got liberated. There was a pure kind of ego but the ego was still alive.
    2. Bhog yoni robe: One who is always burning in the fire of jealousy, lust, anger, who gives pain to others, who cannot withstand others, he suffering all the miseries of life gets into the animal form. Like if he has the feeling of taking revenge, he becomes a scorpion or other forms that bite others. Ones who are stuck in taking interest (money) get into a mosquito or forms that suck blood so that one is able to suck free blood wherever available. One who lives on other's food gets a dog form. During the period of Lord Rama, an injured dog comes with a complain. Everyone surprised as to a dog's grievance bring him to Rama. The dog says that it wanted justice as it was sleeping quietly in the corner of a street and a beggar came and hit him and injured him without any reason. The beggar was summoned and asked why he did so. The beggar said that whole day he was begging and when he did not get anything and was returning back, this dog was sleeping in my path. The beggar asked him to move but the dog wouldn't move and in anger the dog was beaten up. Lord Rama asked the dog what justice it wanted and it said that there is a big mutt (religious institution) and the head of the mutt has left his body and that the beggar be given that position. All were surprised and the beggar was happy and this wish was carried out. Beggar was bathed, robed royally, rode on the elephant and placed on the highest position. When this was done with, Rama as the dog as to why it had chosen this inspite of the beggar injuring him. The dog replied. "In my previous birth, I was doing seva with my heart and soul to the head of the same mutt and after his death I was made the head of that mutt. I was very religious and took care that dharma is followed. I was carefully handling all the property and wealth of the institution but when people came and fell at my feet I used to love it. Eventually, people started praising me and I could not resist it and accepted it all. Then, from the mutt wealth, I brought for myself different type of thrones and golden plates and silk clothes. I lived like a king on the money that came in the form of contributions for a noble cause. Slowly I degraded myself and during my last days I was still stuck with pleasures of praise and comfort. I had eaten all that which I had not earned and this life I came into this dog yoni. This beggar is full of greed, anger, ready to cause harm to others. Now, when he has become the head, he has full independence to make so many ill karmas. I will complete my bhog in this animal life and go into a sadhu yoni because of my punyas also but I do not know in how many lakhs of yonis this beggar will get stuck into.
    3. Manushya yoni robe:
      • The one who gets entangled in lust, anger, attachment, infatuation, ego and gives only sufferings to others, choses by himself the bhog yoni.
      • Another is who does good but does it only for oneself and the family and does not care for others but only his people, such one goes into pitruloka, the realm that is lower to the swargaloka and a realm higher to the pritviloka. Here his happiness and sorrow here depends on how much punya and paap his family members back on earth do as he is now etherically attached to his family and relatives. When the karmas are done with in the pitruloka, then he returns and is born back into the same family/generation.
      • The one who does punya, welfare, follows yama/niyama, speaks the truth, who follows ashtheya, who daily practices dhyana, such a person after leaving the body gets liberated if his journey is over.
      • If journey is incomplete, then he will be born to the best of parents and cult and he in the grace and vicinity of auspicious people and situations, gets liberated.
      • The ones in whose life some paap (sins) were committed but punya (merits) are more, then such while enjoying the happiness of life are struck by some mishap at a turning point of life and at that times longs for a guru and this one finds the shelter of the guru and moves in the journey of nar se narayan (finite to infinite) and gets liberated.
  19. Now, do self-analysis as to which robe have you knitted for yourself and which robe you prefer to put on next. 
  20. During final moments, all the images of every karma and every incident comes in front. If while being alive you have been able to resolve all issues then you will not be affected at the final moments. But if it is not resolved, you will experience the same pain during those final moments and bring on the emotions of fear, revenge, anger, and if you have not been able to rise above the four ashrams (bramhacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha, sanyas) and even in old age if lust troubles you and still if taste buds are active with food delicacies, then even at the time of death all these activate.
  21. If you raise your level of consciousness in your bramhacharya ashram (celibacy) you will be able to move successfully into grihasta ashram (householder) and partners will know how to accept each other, love each other, sacrifice for each other and outgrow cunningness. As you continue raising your consciousness higher, then when you get into vanaprastha ashram (forest dweller) at this time partners will not be attracted towards each other physically but soulfully. Love will have increased. Why do people easily today get divorced and say 'I am done with it' is because the level of consciousness has not raised. The soul connection is absent. 
  22. Every day you must grow in the area of wisdom, in the area of spirituality, in the area of purity and in the area of detachment by increasing your unconditional love.
  23. When your feelings say that others are very bad and throw dirt on him but your pure bhaava will ask you 'Have you become fully purified?" When you speak with your tongue on other's doshas, you acquire doshas yourself. Are you willing to take more doshas on yourself when you already have so many?
  24. Babaji made a reference of Saint Kabir here "Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye, Jo Munn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye" (meaning - When I tried to search for bad people, I found none, but when I explored myself, there were none worse than me. It literally means that before finding faults in others, you must look at your own faults.) What right do I have to criticize other, to blame others, to complain about others?
  25. Why not I weave such a robe that is immeasurable, that has no beginning and no end and become infinite?
  26. When you enter into your body in meditation and become silent you start experiences every part of your body, bones, organs, joints. Go more deeper you start experiencing every tissues and every cell. Further you go and you will experience atoms and further when you enter into the shunyatha (nothingness/empty space) you enter in the nirguna state. Likewise, when you get into the state of nirguna, you enter into that empty space/nothingness. At this moment, you get everything. The 10 doors opens and you see/witness your own self.
  27. When I saw atoms rotating I saw the shunya state. But at the same time I saw crowd also. I'll explain about the crowd. Quantum physics says that this entire body is an empty space because all the atoms moving in this body creating cells and organs and the entire body, if are put together in one box, then the size of the body will 0.0001% which is equivalent to null. If I break the atoms further into electrons, protons and neutrons, there are no solid particles but energy. So, your body is made up of energy. But the shunya that I see is not empty but multidimensional movies are moving in it, which is actually crowded. So you are not seeing yourself but seeing scary creatures in there.
  28. How sankaars are developed? A small child is sitting in a room. His aunt who is childless comes into the room and saw noone around and gives a tight slap to the child. The child who is yet unable to speak was initially happy that her aunt is coming in but when he gets the slap he is surprised as to why did he get that. As a grown up when this child came for Pratiprasav sadhana, he used to have terrible pain on the right side of his face and that pain used to not get healed. The reason was that question mark was still remaining as to why his aunt had hit him. It remained within as a psychic trauma. Now, this traumatic incident is also one of the movies that is moving in his shunya.
  29. A child cries and say that his parents do not love him and that has become a problem with his stomach. It is a psychic impression that is rotating in his shunya. 
  30. When someone wants to destroy someone, this emotion becomes a psychic impressions and is moving in the form of a holographic movie in his shunya.
  31. To see, one can see the physical body - legs, hands, etc.. but so many incidents of so many lifetimes are moving within this physical body. More data is in even more minute form in the prana shareer.
  32. When one with unresolved issues is going the leave the body, he sees scary forms and appearances in the form of ghost and spirits. Some come to cut him, to kill him and he gets scared but in reality those forms are not true but the projections of his mind. This is why siddhas say "Nirmal Mann."
  33. A sadhak's message came that Rs.5000/- was stolen from his wife's purse because he is all the time in the thoughts and doubts of trouble. Those thoughts create. I am not saying this to hurt anyone but saying this to show you the truth. We ourselves create mishaps, we create robbery for ourselves, we create accidents, we create disease. And, in the end of life those frightening forms come and scare and attack. But if by doing ShivYog sadhana and/or Pratiprasav sadhana one by one all issues are resolved, those lakhs and crores of multidimentional movies start releasing from your empty space and what is left in the end is YOU - the light.
  34. Aham Bramhasami (I am That/God) but instead of this we have created for ourselves:
    • Aham ahankar (ego)
    • Aham krodh (anger)
    • Aham peeda (agony)
    • Aham dukh (sadness)
    • Aham bechara (self-pity)
    • Aham durbhagyashali (unfortunate)
    • Aham saadesathi ka maara hua (periods of back luck)
    • Aham kaal sarpa dosh (wrong planetary position in horoscope)
    • Aham manglik (wrong planetary position in horoscope)
  35. So all these negative beliefs are born out of a negative experience/incident. We are not able to release this and we fall trap to wrong practices of mantras/rituals/totems and program more of such absurd things within us.
  36. Buddists read Bardo to the dead stating, "Many frightening forms will come to scare you and so do not be afraid. They are all the reflections of your own mind. The reflections of those thoughts that you continuously thought about all your life. Now after leaving your body they have taken various frightening forms and attacking you."
  37. People sometimes tell me that others take advantage of them. I tell them that they are very fortunate. Others do not have anything to give and you have something to give and so they take from you :) They then tell me that they do not give back anything when they are in need of something from them. I tell them God-willingly let there be not such a situation where you will have to need something from them :) What you need ask from your Guru, ask from you Shiva because they have infinite to give you. So, don't give others so that you can ask but give because you can give. And, when you give thank Almighty that he has given you the capacity to give. Also thank the one you are giving as he is giving you an opportunity to do punya. Then forget the person whom you have given with no expectations.
  38. It is said that the soul is taken to Chitragupt who has all the accounts of the souls karmas. Chitra means reflection and gupt means secret/hidden. These are hidden reflections in your hidden mind that cannot be seen by your conscious mind. While one leaves the body all those hidden reflections comes in front. This is what I mean by "God may forgive you of all your sins but your central nervous system may not." This central nervous system is the Chitragupt, which is watching all that I am doing.
  39. I used to meditate on my guru's words - shudh bhavana and always reflect after every karma (deed) on whether my bhavana was shudh or not. In the start I used to get feedbacks that it was half pure and half impure with contamination. Then I used to get the feedback that it was pure but even in that pure intention there was a hidden impure intention.
  40. Yudhishthira was a truthful person. It is said that he was so truthful that his feet and his chariot's wheels never touched the ground. Bhima killed an elephant named Ashwathama, and loudly proclaimed that Ashwathama was dead. Drona, knowing that only Yudhisthira, with his firm adherence to the truth, could tell him for sure if his son had died, approached Yudhisthira for confirmation. Yudhisthira told him: "Ashwathama has died". Yudhisthira, who could not make himself tell a lie, then added: "Praha kunjara ha", which means he is not sure whether elephant or man had died. The moment he did this the charriot wheels struck the ground.  What Yudhisthira told was the truth but his hidden intention was impure.
  41. Give more importance to the bhaava behind every motive of yours. 
  42. All these reflections stay within us and we in ignorance keep questioning during troubles of life as to "I do not know who is giving troubles." But it is these secret/hidden reflections that we have programmed within me that are causing trouble. These have to be released by tapas.
  43. When you enter the gyanamaya kosha, there will be seen mountains of sanchit karma there. Once a siddha gave deeksha to his disciple and asked him to do ShivYog sadhana. As the disciple did sadhana and got more purified, his third eye opened and now he saw mountains of sanchit karmas. He became disappointed and thought to himself "I wonder how many lives will this take to get released from these sanchit karmas?" At that moment his guru came and laughed.  He asked the disciple to gather garbage. This was done and there were soon huges mountains (heaps) of garbage. Now, he asked the disciple to clean it. It took the disciple a whole day just to clean a little portion of one of the heap. He was tired. Now, his guru asked him to take the matches and light the garbage. After lighting fire, within few moments all the impossible-looking mountains of garbage burnt down and turned to ashes. The guru said, "This is Shiva-agni, Guru-agni. When you do pratiprasav sadhana with total surrender at that time do not bring any kind of doubt or thoughts and do with total surrender and this is how those heaps will burn down.
  44. When you do sadhana, the visualizations that you see are not like what you see with external eyes but are internal visualizations and sounds with inner vision and inner hearing. In the start it may erupt as a bubble of thought. You have to catch that bubble and proceed. Do not discard it just as a thought and do not discard it just an an imagination. Imagination is not as cheap as you think, everything is imagination. So, catch that thought and enter into it, experience it and release it. As I guide you and take you to different levels, do not doubt and let it happen. After sadhana you will feel very light and that is because karmas are heavy and when they are released you start feeling light.
  45. Sharing an incident of a sadhak in Spain when I had been there. I saw one thing that everyone there are very healthy, especially in Europe. They told me that the people there cross over 100 years and even continue living beyond that. When I told them this is good they denied and said that it was a big problem for the Government as they have to provide pensions. I told them that there has to be research done on this.
  46. Then they told me that in the month of August they all go for vacations and they do not work and just relax. They mentioned to me about a lady who worked for them. They asked this lady not to go on vacations and that she would be paid not one but two month's salary in one month. She refused. When further told that 3 month's salary would be given, she said that she works the whole year so that one month she can live in total detachment and at that time she had to her experience her mind, body and soul. They may not be knowing all this in detail but unknowingly they heal their body, mind, and soul and that is why they stay healthy.
  47. I would like to mention to Indians that we are bound with so much of attachments that we feel we are going to live with those attachments for lakhs of years. "There is no servant in the house and so I have to leave the vacations and go home because I take care of my house. What will happen to my cow? What will happen to my dog? What will happen to the cleaning of my house?" For even 10 days one is not able to detach oneself. It feels like one is going to live forever and so the house. With so much of attachment the soul remains attached to these things.
  48. If there is happiness in the house, one is happy and if there is some unrest or quarrels one gets disturbed. This should not happen. You have come into this world, do what you have come here to do. When your people had not come into this world then also the world was functioning, when you are in the world also the world is functioning, when you go away from this world also the world will function. The world does not function due to your presence and the world will not stop with your absence.
  49. Raja Bhoja was young when his father died. Before death, his father had made his own brother the heir to the throne stating that when Bhoja grows up he should be given the throne. The brother became greedy and was insecure of his nephew and planned to kill him. He asked his minister to take his nephew to the forest and kill him. He was taken to the forest and before killing was asked for his last wish. The child said that he wanted to give a letter to his uncle. He drew out his sword and wrote in blood on a leaf "Lord Rama came on this earth and when his time came to leave, he went alone. Lord Krishna also came on this earth and while leaving did not take the entire world with him but left alone. My dear uncle, I believe that when you go, you have the courage to take along with you this entire kingdom and earth." This was a very big message. When this message reached the king, he deeply contemplated on this message and he asked the minister if the boy was killed. The minister said that he was waiting for the king's reply and had hidden the child. The king asked him to be brought and with lot of love his was brought up and he went on to become King Bhoja.
  50. So the message is that you have come alone and will leave alone. Do not create unnecessary stress in your life. It is also true that the higher dimensions are more illuminated and blissful and many times more beautiful and splendid. Why remain stuck here.
  51. Here every moment whatever you get, experience it. We say we have got stuck in bhog but it is not that but we have got stuck in collecting the things of bhog. One has not experienced it yet. When one has good digestion power, one has not eaten the food because one was busy gathering food. Now when food is in front, one does not have the power to digest. That time also you could not eat and now also you have gathered everything you cannot eat because now the next fear is that if you eat you will die (disease). So experience all that you have got or you will remain unsatisfied and you will have to come again.
  52. I learnt something in Spain and that was "Tranquilo" (chill out) and I like this word and this is a big mahamantra meaning "remaining blissful" Live your life 200%. This is possible when you live in the moment. Experience the world with this body and at the same time remain always connected to the divine so that cosmic energy/intelligence is always generated in you.
  53. Experience and enjoy every morsel of food. We have become so scientific that we check out in every piece of food how much calories, if anything in it is harmful, etc... everything negative, negative, negative. I am saying the truth that your body has all the power to get accustomed. Eskimos also live in minus temperatures because they have accustomed their bodies and they do not feel cold. There are people who live in very hot climates as they have also accustomed themselves. It is right that you must eat good, pure foods but whatever you eat at that moment do not bring doubt. Enjoy that food and your body will get accustomed/acclimatized and digest every food. If you doubt and eat anything at that moment your body will take in same message what you think and create trouble.
  54. I completely agree and respect what science has told, but there is a science beyond that science and even beyond that there is a science. Your mind, body and prana mechanism is much far ahead than science. God or the invisible forces are the science that is far ahead of modern science. That science says that whatever you want, if you so desire with full faith and total belief it shall happen. So I again and again ask you do decide Tum Chahthe kya ho?
  55. Many people come here in satsang leaving their business and they have full faith that they have spent enough time in their business and now it is time for some spirituality and Baba will take care of their business and the reality is that when they went back they have seen that their business during these days were much better than the days they had their own presence there.
  56. When they say this, why don't you also say that Baba will get your house cleaned, take care of your cow and dog? Believe at least in this :) He is there everything and is omnipresent and He is ready to take care of all your needs; you just have to have faith, belief and purity in your mind. Do this and all the powers of Shiva and Siddhas will always be with you.
  57. People say "I am a bhogi" and I say only if.... only if... you were a bhogi. He is not a bhogi but gathering the materials of bhog. He has not entered the house that he is building, not slept on the wonderful bed that he made for himself, not had bath in that elegant bathroom, not eaten the food that he has gathered, not shared two sweet words with the huge family he has created. It is useless. How can he be a bhogi?
  58. ShivYog is a path of bhog and moksha. Only the one who has had bhog will be able to understand later that there is nothing in that bhog he has experienced when compared to the fruits of sadhana and spiritual growth. Only he can rise. If the one who has not experienced go to whichever heights in spirituality, his mind will be on the wordly things he has not experienced.
  59. Do not think your work as a burden. Enjoy your work. If you grumble over work as a burden then slowly that job will go away from you. Feel your work as sadhana. Students should take their studies as sadhana.
  60. When daughter-in-law comes into your home maintain "har haal mein khushi" Don't say "I am sweeping and she is not." Don't get stressed out and if you are sweeping it is good, you will remain healthy. Before this also you were sweeping; what's new in that? You must have grown daughters. So, this is another daughter who has come. Change the positioning of your mind. This is why blood sugars increase, blood pressures increase, you fall sick. Don't do all this. If children are happy, be happy looking at them. "I make round fulkas (puffed wheat bread) and she makes crooked ones" Be happy eating the crooked ones :) One or the other day she will make it. The end result of the round fulka and crooked fulka is the same :) (laughs)  Har haal mein khushi! Her soul agenda is hers and your soul agenda is yours. Decide what is your soul agenda - happiness or irritation? 
  61. If you practice being happy or findings ways to be happy in all situations your happiness goes cell-deep and you cannot have sufferings in your life. Learn to smile and learn to laugh.
  62. Sadhaks comes to do seva in our ashram and one sadhak came and told "Another sadhak is stressed out. I told her to come at 10 a.m. and not at 6 a.m. but she still continues to come that early and do all the work and get stressed out." I told, "Do you know that everyone wants to come at 6 a.m. because they do not want to come to get stressed out but to relax. The 6 a.m. time is the time for dhyaan (meditation). Who can come and do dhyaan at 9 a.m.? 6 to 8 is the time for dhyaan. Then meeting everyone else. Then there is breakfast and then after that starts the seva. Do not think of sadhana and breakfast as stress..... and never ever think of seva as stress.
  63. Whoever does seva taking it as a grace gets bestowed with a lot of grace. So, whatever you do, do it in happiness. Do not say, "He does great seva, so give him some extra facilities. Baba makes ashram for you. You go there everyday; Baba doesn't go there for long long periods of time because that ashram is made for you for your spiritual progress. In the world, you do it for others because others do if for you but in ashram never weaken anyone's seva by saying "He does a great seva" What Baba has to give he will give but nothing separately or extra. The extra may be in the world but when you ever go to the guru go with the request of him  clearing your ego, weaknesses, stress, grief and fill in the light within and help experience the Self.
  64. Unconditional love - there should be no conditions to the entire world. I was in one place and one person offered to take me in the car. Other retaliated saying that it was unfair as all the seva was done by them and this person is never seen and today he has come with his car when Baba has come. Here, you are judging. Never, never judge anyone.... and Guru atleast never judge. In whose vehicle does he sit, whose he does not sit, or he prefers to walk. He is totally detached but he loves you only unconditionally and when you put a condition, that unconditional love is stopped from reaching you. Same approach should be towards the world and in your family... never, never, never, never judge anyone. Let you only emit unconditional love. 
  65. If I take seva from you, I take it for the only reason that more punyas get credited to your account. Like parents, who feed the weakest child more food. Same way, Baba takes more seva from those whom he feels are weaker. He takes from those whom he (Baba) needs to give more. But Indra maharaj will play his game for sure and the thought some or the other time will come into the mind that "I do so much of seva and where is my tail?" Do not wish for the tail but grace.
  66. If you have to ask Baba do not ask Baba the world but ask to redeem your karmas because if karmas are redeemed then all the miseries that came with it will also go away and what you wanted to ask you will receive that and much more too.
  67. My guru used to say "I have come to give so much, but people ask the same 2-3 things - wealth, child, marriage.. and nothing else." If you have to ever ask, then ask that all your negative karmas and weakness are destroyed.
  68. Now, do not waste your time in kaam (lust), krodh (anger), lobh (greed), moh (attachment), ahankar (ego). Let every moment of your life become precious to earth. Wherever you go let there be only one voice "We have become blessed." Become such ShivYogis.
  69. Understand and realize your real self. Do not seek anything out. Everything is within you. Activate it and instead of searching outside, distribute it outside as much as you can.
  70.  Let your presence itself become the reason for other's happiness, become the reason of erasing other's suffering. This blessing I give you all. I pray to Lord Shiva for the same. Namah Shivaya.

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Let us always offer deep gratitude to our Guru for making us known such precious wisdom through so many resources with such ease and accessibility.

more pearls of wisdom from Baba yet to come... namah shivaya..


  1. Heartfelt, Sincere gratitude!!!! Jacobji God Bless u may all your aspirations be fulfilled with Babaji's grace. Just reading I felt so much within that I can't explain. Namay Shivay


  2. Brother NMS...its my daily routine to come to this blog...

    Love u for being there...

  3. it was amazing article as always..Babaji rocks :)

    Namah Shivay!


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