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Blissful Chennai Shivir

This time Babaji also shared a recipe for BP, cholesterol and blood-related disorders. The other common teachings that have already been shared in the Gems are not repeated here. Also, the blog will not be posting much on higher sadhana shivirs, except if there are any common/general teachings. It is however recommended that you join the official community on Facebook that will be giving important teachings and messages that the institution deems right. Create a Facebook account if you do not have one, and to join the group click here.

Here are the few teachings that could be noted and also the recipe:
  • The thumb rules to indicate a sadhak is on the right path:
    • First thumb rule - Good health.
    • Second thumb rule - Emotional stability. If one does not have this, then one is not doing SV sadhana.
    • Third thumb rule - Wonderful relationships. If one is still having issues, then something is going wrong.
    • Fourth thumb rule - Prosperity. Prosperity must flow easily. One will not have to bother about finance. If one says that there are financial problems then he is deviating from sadhana.
  • A ShivYog sadhak has to first master his physical body (sthool shareer). This sthool shareer becomes Yog Shareer when the 7 chakras and 5 bodies are merged. And, when one has a Yog Shareer, there cannot be even an iota of disease but longevity.
  • I want all to attain that kind of longevity (kaya kalp). You will not find a ShivYog sadhak being hospitalized or being operated upon.
  • When you raise your vibrations many things happen. Your 3% DNA activates more and then you have the power to produce antidotes.
  • The process of transformation:
    • From the sthool shareer it transforms to Yog shareer, where all chakras and bodies merge. Then it transforms to Siddha shareer, where one acquires powers. Then it transforms to Naad shareer, that is made up of sound/mantra/naad/vibration. Then it transforms to Divya shareer, that is now made up of light.
    • Sthool Shareer => Yog Shareer => Siddha Shareer => Naad Shareer => Divya Shareer
  • Whatever you envision, reject what you don't want and accept only what you want and that will happen, because what you believe in - will materialize.
  • It is actually difficult and takes many years of hard work to create disturbance or problems in life but it takes only a moment of grace to heal that problem.
  • There are three paths of Rasa Vigyan:
    1. Atma siddhi (becoming body of light)
    2. Deh siddhi (longevity or kaya kalp)
    3. Maya siddhi (turning mercury to gold)
    • The path I am teaching you is the first two.
  • There are four types of sadhaks:
    1. Who have achieved everything in this world and now want spiritual growth.
    2. Who have faced problems in life and now want to overcome problems and genuinely grow with sadhana.
    3. Who want to cure little things like toothaches and headaches.
    4. Who want to learn and brag around.
    • I am happy here we have the first two types.
  • Do not sell or buy a Pardeshwara Linga. This is because you cannot buy a baby. Pardeshwara Linga is a live Shiva. I want you to learn this and make it with your own hands. It is my wish that HAR HAR MAHADEV now become GHAR GHAR MAHADEV.
  • The science of Ras Vigyan and making the Pardeshwara Linga is sacred and bestowed to only those blessed to receive it. You will receive a lot of blessings when you make one yourself.
  • As you prepare a Pardeshwara Linga and the impurities are dissolved, it also dissolves your own physical bodies' impurities. That is why it has to be made with pure intentions and devotion. If someone makes it with impure consciousness then the karmic consequences passes on with the Linga. That is why I am asking not to buy or sell a Pardeshwara Linga.
  • The root cause of every problem in life is only these three:
    1. Nonforgiveness.
    2. Nonacceptance.
    3. Hatred - towards community, religion, people, etc.
    • In Pratiprasav, you will see/experience from these three.
  • Every problem in life is due to impurities in oneself.
  • This is advait (nonduality) sadhana - sadhana of shoonya (nothingness) - sadhana of jyoti (light). Worship Him (pointing upwards) and worship nothing else.
  • Somebody (pointing to Himself) who has become one with Him has only come to connect you to Him. No human worship. No other God/deity worship. Everything has come from Him.
  • A Guru becomes the Guru when he merges with Shiva, so worship Shiva not the Guru. The Guru has merged with Him. Everything is there in the Shree Chakra. Keeping a Guru's photo separately means that you are agreeing that He has not become one with Shiva. 
  • Certainly, you offer gratitude to the Guru but worship only the one with whom he has merged - Shiva. That is why (charan) padukas are used as a symbol of gratitude to the feet that walked on the path, which now you are walking, following his footsteps. This is all symbolic and this must enter into your heart.
  • Use Paduka and not the photo of the Guru with the Meru and Paradalinga. Do not keep the guru's photo in your pooja/meditation room. If you like your guru, you may use his image in other rooms but not in the pooja/meditation room.
  • The paduka has to be kept a step lower than the Meru/Linga.
  • Babaji joked - "Are you with me? Or have you gone into deep meditation. If you have gone into meditation, then - slowly come back, move your fingers, rub your palms and open your eyes."
  • Do not try to bypass anything and become lazy. When you say you have detached see what you have achieved first that you can detach with. You cannot bypass anything and reach shoonya.
  • Being in the egg do not try to fly like a butterfly. First come out of the egg, then the larva, then pupa, then caterpillar, and then only the butterfly.
  • Have no ego. One is not able to release because of the ego. The more humble you become, the more you will grow.
  • Ego and laziness are the two diseases on the path that you should get infected by.
  • Before attempting to become God, first become a human being. Write the first thing in your Golden Book - "I am a human being."
  • In Maa Shakti are the three forms - Mahakali (power), Mahasaraswati (wisdom) and Mahalaxmi (wealth). Wealth is not bad, but how it comes and how it goes from your hands is what matters.
  • One does not see the world the way it is but sees it the way one is.
  • You become what you think about all day long.
  • The three major granthis -
    1. Bramha granthi - Ignorance of the body.
    2. Vishnu granthi - Emotional impurity, ego.
    3. Rudra granthi - Spiritual ego, the "I".
    • Three things to break the Rudra granthi - sadhana/seva/sankirtan
  • After doing SV sadhana don't run behind gods/dieties. Worship only Shiva/Shakti because that is the ultimate sadhana.
  • People instead of writing in their Golden Books, write to me letters of miseries that is opposite to what they want.
  • I receive a lot of letters on sickness which are all foolish letters. I pray to God to make such persons worthy of SV sadhana.
  • Don't do SV sadhana and remain in manipulative ways in the world, being untruthful, with ego and other petty things.
  • I can assure you that if you regularly practice SV sadhana, all your sufferings will go, but there should not be ego but only pure intentions. I have seen a few sadhaks leaving the practice, being picked up by devilish energies because they had ego. 
  • The sookshma shareer (subtle body) is made up of 17 elements:
    • 5 karmendriyas (motor faculties or the organs of action)
    • 5 jnanendriyas (sensory faculties or the sense organs)
  • Good/bad health is due to the causal body (kaaran shareer). You have to reach a level where the sookshma shareer (subtle body) merges into the kaaran shareer (causal body).
  • When a SV sadhak does a lot of sadhana, the subtle body is purified and there the causal body merges with the subtle body and is connected to thoughts. This is when that when one speaks it becomes true. Thus the mind becomes a cosmic mind.
  • All religions are taught by self-realized souls, so respect all religions.
  • If you have harmed somebody please repay back by sending positive energies; no ego.
  • Higher level deeksha energies are very high energies which you will not be able to tolerate. So you will have to practice what i am giving you. Until you are ready, I do not want to hurry with higher deekshas. Practice, purify. Only those who are regularly practicing SV sadhana will be able to do higher levels because the energy levels get more intense and intolerable with higher deekshas.
  • Never do any higher level sadhana of Shree Vidya in groups, even in family. Do individually only because these are very sacred sadhanas. For group meditation, you may do the Bala Tripurasundari one.
  • Treat this sadhana and what you get more precious than your life.
  • Make some habits about food:
    • Take simple food everyday. The most scientific food is the South Indian food comprising of the rice and sambhar.
    • Avoid junk food as they have lesser life force energies.
    • Avoid variety in food; don't eat many things at one time.
    • As much as possible eat raw food, atleast 20%.
    • Audumbar fruit (figs) is very good.
  • Babaji joked about once being in a hotel and given a list of trendy foods. Baba said, "Who knows what they do to the food? When they do not know what they do to the food, the food will not know what it is going to do to me." :D
  • Bilva patra, tulsi, pudina, neem, dhathura were my food when i used to travel for long periods.
  • If you want to go into deep sadhana eat simple and less food.
  • How to know which food is best? The food that takes lesser time to cook is the best food.
  • The food cooked and consumed within one hour is Tejomaya food. The food which is consumed after 5-6 hours has decreased life force energy.
  • Avoid astra-prahaar (cutting food). A fruit that is rather broken by hand or wood retains its life force energies. A cucumber that is broken by hand or wood can never turn bitter.
  • When the food is cooked on cowdung cakes, the food energy becomes enormous.
  • Microwave food is not slow poison but immediate poison! The heating process happens by destroying atoms. (read more facts)
  • In 2012 the energy is going to increase enormously and there are changes that electricity may not work since the electrons will not be able to tolerate the high energies of the photon belt.
  • Earth is entering into the 4th dimension that has much higher frequencies than the 3rd dimension.
  • Anything that produces negative energy will vanish.
  • Those who are moving and growing will have lot of opportunities to spiritual growth.
  • People often mention that depression and pain is a normal part of spirituality. When the Guru makes you do sadhana, it is the halahal vish (deadly poisons) that comes out and this should not be misinterpretted with depression/pain.
  • When the ego comes up, the spirituality goes down.
  • Growing up spiritually is a fast process but so is going down with ego; it can nose-dive. The subtlest of ego can bring you to the grossest level.
  • Ego remains both at gross and subtle levels till realization or shoonya level. Babaji then told how the vices persist subtly at different levels:
    • Sthool Shareer === > Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar
    • Yog Shareer =====> Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar
    • Siddha Shareer  == > Moh, Ahankaar
    • Mantra Shareer ===> Ahankaar
    • Divya Shareer ====> None
  • When the mind merges with the soul, ego disappears - this is the stage of self-realization.
  • Masters have said that you should not have desires but that is after one has reached that stage where there can be no desire. Desire can cease to exist only when you reach the final stage of ascension. So you need to seek and desire till you reach that stage where you have no desires. So, I always ask "Tum Chahte Kya Ho?" but I never ask "Tum Chahthe Kyon Ho?"
  • Always have shraddha (faith) and bhakti (devotion) on the Divine.
  • You can keep photos or name stickers between two Mahamruthunjaya yantras for healing, litigation, etc. They can also be used in cars, kitchen, grain vessels, etc. You can keep photo or name stickers between two Shree Yantras for abundance and safety. Do not crowd it with many photos. One photo/name per two yantras. You can also stick name stickers on each chakra card that will activate the healing of that chakra.
  • You have to learn the difference between love and caring love. A monkey loved a little kitten so much that it carried it everywhere keeping it tightly hugged all the time. The kitten was hungry and thirsty but the monkey loved it so much that it held it close to itself. The kitten was suffocated but the monkey had so much of love for it that it kept it tightly hugged. The kitten died. This is not love. Love should be love with care.
Recipe for BP, cholesterol and blood-related illnesses

Jamun seeds (Indian black plum)

Dry Karela (bitter gourd)

Methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds)

Amala (Indian gooseberry)

Tulsi leaves (Holy Basil)

Bilva patra leaves (leaf of bel)

Haldi (turmeric)

Pudina (mint)

Preparation: Grind the below together and make a fine powder.
100 gm of dry seed of jamun (Indian black plum)
100 gm of dry karela (bitter gourd)
100 gm of methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds)
100 gm of dry amala (Indian gooseberry)
50 gm of tulsi leaves (Holy Basil)
50 gm of dry bilva patra leaves (leaf of bel)
50 gm of dry haldi (turmeric)
50 gm of pudina (mint)

Usage: 1 teaspoon with water
  • 1st teaspoon  - empty stomach in the morning
  • 2nd teaspoon - after lunch 
  • 3rd teaspoon  -  before sleep

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Wallpaper/Calendar - Dec 2011

Namah Shivaya. Babaji has strongly stated not to worship anything else than the infinite - the mother - the Shiv-Shiva. Baba says not to go behind the physical form but merge with the tatva. Since the Guru is already merged with Shiv-Shiva, the disciple has to merge with the Shiv-Shiva. Hence, changes in the wallpapers and calendars and will eventually fade out anything pertaining to the dual forms. Never-the-less the attitude of gratitude need be there for the guru who came in the physical form to be the cause of one's first step to the journey towards liberation. Babaji mentioned that the Holy paduka represents the Guru tatva and comprises of the entire Guru Mandala. If one has to worship, worship the Padukas that is symbol to the feet of the Guru who has already walked the path, on which He now makes the disciples walk too. 

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 Download: Medium size (800 x 600)
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Jeeva Samadhis

Note: All views are entirely the personal views of the author and is an open expression of sharing the information on Siddha Jeeva Samadhis with those who wish to connect with the essence of what is written. This article is all about Siddhas including Babaji and thus i am incompetent to talk about anything from those heights but my sincere attempt  here is to share whatever is in my capacity. If any errors or short-comings, they are entirely mine. Namah Shivaya.

What is a Jeeva Samadhi? Jeeva or Sajeeva Samadhi means "becoming one" with the universal consciousness or merging with God or Divine or Light. It has different terms and is used as different words in different religions. Buddhists call it Nirvana and Christians call it ecstasy or 'merging with the spirit'. In samadhi one remains immersed in infinite bliss and the time one can remain in samadhi  ranges from few minutes to time infinite. There are many types of Samadhis but right now the focus would be only on Jeeva Samadhi. After a divine person takes samadhi there are various ways of preserving or disposing the physical body or the sthula shareera. It may be:
  • Earth burial is Bhoo Samadhi
  • Water burial is Jal Samadhi
  • Fire cremation is Agni Samadhi or Agni Dah
  • The ancient times also followed other three methods of -  
    • The body being consumed by birds or wild beasts (followed by Parsis)
    • Being preserved in the caves.
    • Mummifying (As in the Egyptian pyramids) 
Much higher than this is when a Siddha just vanishes into thin air or becomes light. There are few Siddhas who became light or who just vanished along with their physical bodies. Babaji often speaks about them in shivirs. We had the blessed opportunity this time to visit one of the Siddha who transmuted into light that Babaji speaks of. It was the shrine of Vallalar Ramalinga Swami at Vadalur, Tamilnadu, who dematerialized his physical body into light. Last year, there was an entire article that was shared by a pleasantly surprised sadhak from Europe, who after the Bangalore shivir last year (Babaji had spoken much on the Siddha) on his way back to Pondicherry was guided to this great Siddha's shrine. (read it) Will be posting more on my visit to this divine place in the upcoming posts. 
Mahavtar Babaji is also one of such great masters who can materialize and de-materialize the physical body at will. Sri Yuktheswar Giri, guru of Yogananda Paramahamsa after leaving His body one day just appeared in physical form in the hotel room in Mumbai where Yoganandji was staying. Yoganandji was missing his guru and He literally appeared in physical form to Him, allowed him to even touch Him and then He explained a lot of things about the esoteric world which later Yoganandji wrote in the 43rd Chapter 'Resurection of Sri Yukteshwar' of his famous book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Our Babaji mentions in many shivirs this incident. This reminds me of Babaji's words that he said when lot of commotion was going about His samadhi a few months back. Babaji mentioned that His higher sadhana was for us sadhaks itself so that He could achieve that state where He could keep coming and going to His sadhaks, even after He was physically gone. This would be such a great gift and blessings to all sadhaks.

What happens in a Jeeva Samadhi?
Jeeva Samadhi is entirely different than the types of samadhis mentioned above in this article. Jeeva Samadhi can be achieved by only great yogis. This is a state where Siddhas enters live in to the samadhi state at their own will after completion of Their mission on earth and Their mind remaining fixed on the Divine, They stop the functioning of the body by will. 
This state can be done by them either after being enclosed or before enclosure, as They chose and as per the instructions They give to Their disciples/followers. Stopping the body functions, the Siddha ensures by His spiritual achievement that the life does not go out of the body. This body will never decay for thousands of years because the magnetic force in the body now acts as the life force (prana) in this body. In this state of suspended animation the breathing and blood circulation completely stops but the pranic forces keep the body cells nourished and alive. Then as invisible forces, They continue guiding mankind towards spiritual upliftment.  There is a possibility that the Siddha can dematerialize his body from the tomb and materialize it elsewhere in some different location and carry out the mission for another span of years! Babaji mentions about the great Siddha Goraknath having multiple Jeeva Samadhis. In Jeeva Samadhi, the physical body of the Siddha remains intact and alive for thousands of years. When a spiritual aspirant goes in the vicinity of the Jeeva Samadhi, he receives blessings and guidance from the Siddha emitting his divine energies. This is one of the ways of communicating with Siddhas. Now, the Jeeva Samadhi are nothing but energy fields and in the vicinity of the high energy fields, the seeker's consciousness also rises. Actually it is a very old custom in India that when one starts his spiritual journey within, he/she visits all saints and samadhis of saints and also the holy temples. There is a saying that if one even gets a glance of saints his sins would get burnt and thus he would be purified. 
Every Siddha before taking Jeeva Samadhi gives specific instructions on how the tomb should be made and how their bodies must be placed and other instructions to that they can benefit the maximum to the world. In Ganeshpuri, when Shaligram Swami, one of the very close and young disciple of Bhagwan Nityanand wished to take Jeeva Samadhi before Bade Baba himself, Baba finally granted permission and instructed to devotees, "Shaligram is Mahayogi. He wishes Jeeva Samadhi. Construct a good tomb.  Place his body facing south. He is Agni, the Fire God. Do not break open his head for He shall be at the service of devotees for the next 500 years."  Some Siddhas have different instructions specific for the kind of rituals to be done on the samadhi like using certain mantras there, poojas, offering dhoop (thick smoke), feeding the poor in those locations, worship during certain days and time, etc. i learnt about a Siddha who instructed His body to be placed in such a way that when abhishekham was done on the idol the theertham would touch his body, which could then be offered to devotees!

Who gets benefited?
The point is that just going and visiting the Jeeva Samadhi will not be of any help. It is only when one is open and receptive that things happen. One has to approach with pure intentions and love for the Siddhas and to what they have to offer, then only the connection and grace would flow within. Sometimes i feel this is such a beautiful way for Siddhas to lock the energies or avoid misuse. 
Everywhere the principle is the same. Like Babaji says that if one is not open and accept His grace, there is no way He can force it through one. Thus He always advises trust, faith and surrender. This works everywhere - even if one had to walk into a temple or a theerha sthan (sacred place). Meditating at Jeeva Samadhis in the 'right' way with the 'right' approach brings in the desired results and much beyond. It is better to spend atleast a minimum of 20-30 minutes at a Jeeva Samadhi in meditation. Knowing by now how the Siddhas work it would be foolish to say that one has to go to the physical vicinity of Jeeva Samadhis to receive their energies but one can even connect from wherever they are. As i love travelling it has become a part of me to visit Jeeva Samadhis and do sadhana there. However, the main intent of sharing on Jeeva Samadhi is so that even if you ever come across one, you would not want to miss spending some time there and connecting to the Siddha and their loving and powerful energies. The best way to connect is to first sit there calm and invoke Babaji or your Guru and request to help connect with the Siddha world. Babaji himself had mentioned once about this method and it works wonders :)

Where are Jeeva Samadhis found?
It is easier for sadhaks to locate them because sadhaks are energy-sensitive. However, there are many Jeeva Samadhis all over India. i personally feel there are larger numbers in South India. I was so pleasantly surprised to find hundreds of them in just one location! The places in Guruvan, Kanhangad, was the samadhi place of many great Siddhas long before Nityanand Baba came to Guruvan, which Bade Baba only has mentioned. On one of our tour to Tiruvanamalai i realized this holy hill also is a samadhi place for hundreds of Siddhas. There are many such locations and places where Siddhas are still there since thousands of years either in their physical or astral forms.
Similarly, there are other places we could visit in North Karnataka, beginning from Anand Ashram, Bevinkoppa itself, which has Siddha Samadhis and many Jeeva Samadhis are there in the that belt. Many holy hills have large number of Siddhas in their astral form working towards the upliftment of human race. Babaji often speaks about these dimensions. Few such hills that i know of and have been able to visit are Ganeshpuri, Guruvan, Thiruvanamalai, Siddhar Beta (Hill of Siddhas) Siddhar Beta is situated in Tumkur and known as the abode of 9000 Siddhas. This is the place where astounding number of Siddhas once mediated together and even today are there in astral forms. If one can raise their vibrations high enough one can come across such divine beings even in person, but it is very difficult to see them through the logic mind because the logic mind easily judges based on looks, personality, form, etc. 

Jeeva Samadhis are energy spots or energy banks supplying infinite amount of energy at all times. Such is Their compassion for all that they are alive only for others who silently work for the well being of the creation. Babaji says that had it not been for these Holy Siddhas who are spread all around the world in the form of Shree Chakra, the world would have moved by now rapidly towards doom. It is only due to their constant and silent efforts in the background that things are kept in balance. They have also averted many such dooms in the past created by human's ignorance. Jeeva Samadhi is one such way by them to create energy pockets at different locations. In all my travels i was amazed to see Siddhas and Jeeva Samadhis in the most least expected locations, from remote villages to places of filth, crime and mishaps to the most modern cities. The reason why They choose such locations, only They know.

i noticed that Tamilnadu had one very intelligent way of making use of Jeeva Samadhis. Almost all holy and ancient temples in Tamilnadu HAS to have a Jeeva Samadhi! Interesting? We got so accustomed to this that whenever we saw a very ancient temple we were sure there is a Siddha in there in a Jeeva Samadhi! Now the intelligent way people of Tamilnadu have worked it out is that they built temples around the Jeeva Samadhis. People going to these temples are benefited when they go to pray to the deity there and many report feeling relief, peace, spiritual upliftment and their prayers being answered. The main powerhouse of energy here are the Jeeva Samadhis. Normally, it is thought that Siddhas took Jeeva Samadhi in temples, but in fact it is the other way round - temples were built where Siddhas took Jeeva Samadhi :) Ancient temples you can find in every nook and corner of Tamilnadu including Chennai City. There are close to about 300 Jeeva Samadhis in Tamilnadu itself.

What to expect while visiting a Jeeva Samadhi.
  • Unfortunately many samadhis are have poor maintenance or no maintenance at all.
  • Some are maintained by followers, some by the Trust or some foundation, some by the ones who own that piece of land and some by none or you may say are 'abandoned'.
  • Most of the time many do not know what it is. Sometimes they are just worshiped as temples. i have seen Jeeva Samadhis in very bad physical condition. At one place there was renovation going on and there were planks and paper and paint boxes dumped on the Samadhi itself. However, when we sat to meditate there it was very powerful!
  • In many places the priests also were not aware that it is a Jeeva Samadhi unless we showed them the details to which they would mention that they do not know about it.
  • At some places, the samadhis are kept in very good condition and maintained very well and thus given it's due attention and respect.
  • In some samadhis, we found were strictly maintained under the supervision of the priest or trustees.
  • Some samadhis have 'rules' where one is not allowed in at certain timings or unless men take off their shirts. Most of the samadhis/temples do not allow short pants, T-shirts, Caps or anything that does not on Indian tradition. i remember in our visit to Thiruvanamalai one of us was wearing the 3/4th shorts and was not allowed entry into the famous Arunachaleshwara temple. These have to be adhered to so that the sanctity and respects to their sentiments are maintained.
  • Some samadhis have restricted entry only to the point that you can see them, sometimes beyond locked netted gates and sometimes entry allowed to the point where you can even touch them.
  • At some samadhis photography and video is strictly prohibited but at some samadhis we were encouraged to take photographs and spread the message.
  • Some samadhis are very prominent and can be known from a distance but some will deceive the eyes. They can be huge tomb built on it or it might be just one small Shivalinga on the ground and nothing else around. Some may even be just a small stone. It is a boon for a ShivYog sadhak as a sadhak is energy-sensitive and can detect and connect to it easily.
  • Most of the samadhis/temples remain closed from 12 pm to 4 pm and some till 6 pm. They open at 6 a.m. and close by 8 p.m. No entry is allowed in closed timings. However, there happened some miracles with this also in our recent travel, which i will share in the upcoming posts.
  • One can be easily misguided at samadhi locations by people around due to lack of awareness on their part, incomplete or wrong information they  have known or for some vested interests. It is important to only connect with the samadhi. However, at some places we have got the best of information from very genuine people that led to more of further connections with that Siddha and his work around. But it is better not to judge anyone because one will never know who comes in what form :)
Some of the major Jeeva Samadhi locations of the foremost 18 great Siddhas:
 Note: The below sequence is listed on the number of years each Holy Siddha lived and not on the order of which They came on Earth.

Place of Samadhi
Siddha Pathanjali

5 Yugas 7 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Agasthiar or Kumba-Muni

4 Yugas 48 Days
Siddha Kamalamuni

4000 Years 48 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Thirumoolar

3000 Years 13 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Kudambai

800 Years 16 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Gorakhnathar or Gorakshnath

880 Years 11 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Dhanvandri

800 Years 32 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Sundaranandar

800 Years 28 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Konkanavar

800 Years 16 Days
(Andhra Pradesh)
Siddha Sattai Muni 

800 Years 14 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Vaanmeegar or Valmiki

700 Years 32 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Ramadevar or Jacob

700 Years 06 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Nandhi-Devar
or Nandeeswarar

700 Years 03 Days
Kashi (Benaras)
(Uttar Pradesh)
Siddha Edaikkadar

600 Years 18 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Machamuni

300 Years 62 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Karuvoorar

300 Years 42 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Bhoganathar or Bogar

300 Years 18 Days
(Tamil Nadu)
Siddha Pambatti

123 Years 14 Days
(Tamil Nadu)

Want to know more about the ever-loving & ever-compassionate Siddhas?
If one starts connecting to Them, it is such a great feeling to know that you are never alone. Indeed They are there all the time with us but will not interfere unless we seek for Them. It is our initiative to call out to them otherwise They would never interfere with the Laws of the Universe or Law of Karma. Siddhas are omnipresent beings who are merged with the Universal Consciousness and when we connect to the Universal consciousness, we get help and guidance from them. All omnipresent divine beings can be connected without physical contact.
May the blessings of Baba and all Holy Siddhas be bestowed upon you. Let us offer our sincere gratitude to our Guru and to all Holy Siddhas for everything that they silently do for us every moment.
Click here to download locations of about 300 Jeeva Samadhis in Tamilnadu

~ Namo Siddhanam ~

God stands by you

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