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Pardeshwar Linga in Mysore

The Linga before the consecration

This article is being written with the intention of sharing some very good information about the work of the Guru through human hands. Such great tasks can only be established and put into place by the powers of a Guru. How silently yet powerfully the Divine and Guru work, which we were able to witness in this divine process of the consecration of the Paradalinga in the form of  rituals, gatherings, puja, music, havans, prayers, meditation, offerings, chants, and so many other things, done in order to bring that power within the human reach by transforming mercury into the highest possible form of the Divine! Words cannot describe everything and so i do not wish to go too much into the happenings or wonders that happened every now and then in these three days. In fact, they can be called miracles only when it seems too overwhelming for our minds - they are nothing but the way of the Divine - the most natural way the things are.

Throughout the article Amruteshwara is the Pardeshwar Linga and the Maha Meru is referred to as Amruteshwari.

We were fortunate to be a part of this wonderful event of the installation and consecration of the Amruteshwara at Mysore. 

The Divine Little

On the scheduled day - February 5th, 2011, we reached Mysore at the Railway Station and soon were in the van that was arranged by SMji. This van trip was planned to take us around all the holy places in and around Mysore beginning from the Suthur Math to Nanjundi Temple,  Jwalamukhi Tripurasundari to Chamundeshwari Temple, Nandi Temple, Shiva Caves, Laxmi Narayan Temple and few others.  By the time this scheduled visit ended it was dark and we reached at Yagneshwara/Tejeshwara Farm of SMji. It is located 35 kms from the Mysore city. Though we were travelling all day and that too after an overnight travel from home, there were no signs of exhaustion. Quickly, we were given a huge room where all of us would be together - about 18 of us. We could hear the chants coming from the top of the building and that indicated that whole day the processes were going on. We did not rest but straight away were asked to join in the functionalities. We all met each other  for the first time and soon it was a family :) That late evening we all spend our time in the processes that was already going on there throughout the day. The pandits were the same pandits who had done last year the Homam or Yagna at Mysore in Babaji's presence. 

The whole environment looked grand with lights, plantain leaves, flowers and garlands everywhere and the divine chants of the pandits in that whole space. We then had the procession of bringing the Amruteshwari (Maha Meru), 16 merus (nityas) and four small Parada Lingas to the temple. This was brought from SMji's farmhouse which is in front of this temple. The temple is built on the top above a square building that has an open space in the middle of the building. The temple that was visible from the ground level both from outside and inside was surrounded by glass and was the place chosen to install the Amruteshwara. Right above Amruteshwara is installed Amruteshwari, which makes the enhancement of energy flow very high.

The entire place around the temple has all facilities of an ashram - on the ground floor is the large dormitary spaces that can accommodate upto 200 people, the kitchen space, with washrooms on both floors. The large meditation hall is divinely cozy and warm and vibrating with peace and divine energies. Above this hall on the first floor is the temple and opposite to the temple is a large permanent space for a large homam kunda and an extension of long space for people to sit. The top floor also has space for people to have prasad (meals). i have tried to cover everything in the video in the end. After dinner we all settled down in our beds - all of us in one room, and woke up at 4 a.m. Three of us had our bath and went up and sat in front of Amruteshwara. i cannot describe how wonderful and blessed feeling it was to sit here far away from home at the divine hours of early morning in front of Amruteshwara . It was not yet consecrated but still radiated those vibrations to bring one's wandering mind to a halt. 

 Soon, it was daylight and we had our coffee. Babaji had imparted this knowledge and experience of making Amruteshwara to a fortunate blessed few, one of who was installing this Linga here in Mysore.  The whole day was involved in many processes and continuous homams and a Rudra Abhishekham. SMji told us that we were also having the Dakshinamoorthy Homam with white lotuses, which is very rarely done otherwise. The whole day passed just  being there in all those processes and i could sense  the seriousness involved in the entire procedure. Firstly, taking 10-11 months for just the physical purification of the mercury and then this divine process of consecration. 
Every now and then SMji told us many things related to the entire process and the many things that happened during these months. The second day, we got some time in the afternoon to rest, but we preferred just moving around. SMji was very kind enough to arrange separate homams for every one present there in turns from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. It was an awesome experience.

Then we all had our dinner together and came back to our room. Here a few of us sat on our beddings on the floor, talking about Nityananda Baba and our Babaji and by the time we went to sleep it was 2 a.m. After two hours of sleep three of us woke up and got ready by 4:30 and went up to the temple. The energies were getting broader. This time i had experiences very difficult to explain; it was like a kind of disorientation.

View of temple from inside the building
Then, as usual we had our tea and later breakfast and soon were ready for the final process of the consecration - the Shanti Homam and the Purna Ahuthi. This went on from morning through afternoon. Finally, we all had the pradakshina with the Kalash around the entire building and offering it to the priest back in the temple. SMji along with the main priest did the final part of the process and by 3 p.m. everything was done. SMji told that we could visit into the temple for one last time after which it would be closed. Soon we had lunch and after lunch we went into the temple. It was just a powerful place by now. Rest is unexplainable.
Shitalji from Goa is an admirable being
We then all went back and packed our bags as we had to leave this evening. In an hour two vans came up and we were all leaving this beautiful place. Some stayed back and planned to leave the next day and we bid each other goodbye; we had to catch our trains this night. i could not thank enough Siva Moorthyji for everything that he did for us and is doing for many and that he continues to do with this noble work under the grace, instructions and blessings of Babaji. We literally pulled SMji into a group photo near the farms. 
Final moments before leaving
It was a wonderful family come together for a divine purpose. Thank you for your lovely company - Satishji, Shitalji, Joshiji, Kartikeyanji, Swaminathanji, Ravishankarji, Guruji, Selvaji, Mureshji and their wonderful families, Punit, Ravi, Prabhat, Abhishek, Deepti, Jayanthi aunty, Naren, Gayatri di, and last but not the least Lalitha akka and all the little ones! It felt exactly like our soul agendas on earth - come together, meet many, live together, love, laughter, work, fun, and learn and grow together, and once the roles are played, disperse back! Life on earth is so much similar... 

Some more updated images (Jan 2013)

 A video of the consecration

More information about the place

From Mysore city it is about 30 kms towards Hunsur-Gaddige Road.

Bustop: Yagneshwara Farm Bus Stop (which is right in front of the gate. 

By road it takes around 45 mins to reach.

Can accommodate up to: 200 people with bedding. Take your own bedsheets/blankets.

Any number of sadhaks from 1 to 200 can go there to do sadhana and stay for any number of days. 

Contact Person: Satish Moorthy (09945685900)

You will only need to contact Satishji and inform him at least a week before that that he can make necessary arrangements.

Address:Thejeshwara Farm, 
                Farm Gate,
                Bogadi- Gaddige Road,
                Hunsur Taluk,
                Mysore Dist

Song for Lord Ayyappa

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa!

Higher audio/video quality are available in below links
To download this audio click here
To download this video click here

Ayyappa is known as "Hariharan Puthiran" because he is the son of Hari (Vishnu) and Haran (Shiva). His most common name is Manikanta because when the king of Pandalam found him, there was a mani (gem) tied around his neck.

    The asura princess Mahishi was burning up with anger at the trick the gods had pulled on her brother, the asura king Mahishasura. As Mahishasura was blessed with invulnerability to all men, the gods had sent goddess Durga, to fight and kill him. Thus, Mahishi began performing a fearsome set of austerities, and pleased the creator god Brahma. He granted her the boon of ruling the universe and being invulnerable except to a being that had not been born from a Woman's womb. Since such a person did not exist, she thought she was safe and began conquering and plundering the world.

    The gods implored Shiva and Vishnu to save them from this catastrophe. Vishnu found a possible solution to the problem. When Vishnu had taken on the Kurma Avatar, he also had to manifest himself as Mohini, the enchantress, to save the nectar of immortality (ambrosia or amrit) from the demons who were not willing to share it with the gods. If he became Mohini again, then the female Mohini and the male Shiva could have the divine child who would combine their powers and beat Mahishi.

    Some versions give a slightly more detailed version of the union of Shiva with Vishnu. One version tells that the asura Bhasmasura had so pleased Lord Shiva with his austerities that Shiva gave him a boon of anything he wished. So Bhasmasura asked for the ability to burn to ashes anything which he placed his hand over. No sooner had Shiva granted this, than Bhasmasura ran after the god, threatening to turn him to ashes.

    Shiva called to Lord Vishnu for help. He hid himself in a peepal tree as Bhasmasura ran here and there searching for the god. Vishnu became aware of the events, and decided that he would take the female form Mohini, "the Enchanting", and try to trump the asura's powers. When Bhasmasura saw Vishnu in this form, he was bewitched by her beauty. He earnestly tried to court her. So Vishnu instructed Bhasmasura to hold his hand over his head, and vow fidelity. With this act, Bhasmasura was reduced to ashes.

    Vishnu found Shiva and explained the whole affair to him. Shiva asked if he too could see Vishnu in this female form. When Vishnu appeared thus, Shiva was overcome with passion, and united with her. The two gods thus became "Harihara Murthi", that is a composite form of Shiva and Vishnu as one god.

    From this union, Lord Sree Dharma Sastha was born. He combined in himself the powers of Vishnu and Shiva.Lord Ayyappan is a incarnation of Lord Sree Dharma Sastha and Lord Ayyappan is a visible embodiment of their essential identity. Lord Vishnu gifted the new-born deity with a little bejeweled bell necklace, so this god is called Manikanthan Swamy. He is also called as Shasthappan by most South Indian communities.
    • Ayyappa lived in the Pandalam Palace as the son/savior of the King.
    • He had super-human or divine knowledge, wisdom, and courage and loved the King and his people.
    • He protected the King and the kingdom from the attacks of enemies.
    • At the end of His life in Pandalam, He vanished into the forests and is ever since worshiped at the Sabarimala temple.
    • As per Saint Agasthya's advice, King Rajasekara laid the foundation stone for the Sabarimala Shrine and completed the construction of the temple, with eighteen steps leading to it.
    To read the complete story with pictures click here.
     For complete information click here.

    Diabetes & Food - The solution

    With gratitude Babaji and to Shruti Seth for this very informative guest article.

    Diabetes – The Major Reasons And The Cure.
    (Delhi Shivyog Shivir 2011)

    In Delhi shivir (Jan 2011), a new medical research was undertaken by Dr. Chaudhary and his team with Babaji’s consent. This time the focus of research was on diabetes. India has the most number of diabetic patients. The study goes like this - Sample size of 100 people were taken divided into 4 sub samples – 25 people who are diabetic and non shivyogis, 25 people who are healthy shivyogis, 25 people who are diabetic and taking regular medicines (shivyogi) and the fourth one 25 people who are diabetic and not taking medicines and handling it only by diet control and other methods (shivyogis).

    The blood samples of these groups were taken on the first day of shivir and 8th day of shivir. This study will continue for 6 months. Babaji in mass healing requested only those people to come forward who are committed that they will practice shivyog as the blood samples will be taken again (as the duration of the study is 6 months). This study will continue in Mumbai shivir as well. The result as expected was really positive. 66% diabetic patients showed significant improvement in their condition. 

    Babaji in one of the sessions very lovingly explained the reasons behind diabetes and why it is more prevalent in India. The emotions of jealousy and judging others too much are the major emotional reasons behind the same. Other than this, important factor is food habits of Indians and lack of sleep.

    Babaji explained all this again with great humor. He said in India the thing is the families are closely knit. He told that one of the sadhaks said that if we invite our close family members, the number goes upto 250 or so (4-5 real brother sisters, their spouses, their kids, their kid’s spouses, their spouses family, etc, etc). When you meet and you see what all they have, what all have others achieved in their lives, then the emotion of jealousy arises. Babaji said “A woman came to me, who was worried that there was a stagnancy in her growth.  I asked here what happened. She said 'We have Mercedes car but my brothers-in-law have BMW. My husband gives lot of money to his sisters and we are not growing." I asked here, "Do you get sleep at night?' She said, "No Babaji.' I then asked her, 'You must surely be having diabetes.' She said, 'Yes Babaji.'” :)

    Dr. Chaudhary also mentioned that lack of sleep too is one of the reasons behind it. So Babaji to this responded to do Sri Vidya Sadhna before sleeping, to read the golden book and say to yourself repeatedly "I REWARD MY SELF WITH DEEP AND SOUND SLEEP" (say this with feeling and soon you will feel that you are going in that deep sleep) and then sleep. This way you will be in deep relaxation and your higher bodies will be in higher dimensions when you sleep.

    The more you look at other people and get jealous you are inviting diabetes for you. (comes Babaji’s one of the favorite dialogues “uski kameez meri kameez se safed kaise”) Everybody gets things according to their karma (Babaji says “usda karm ude naal, te mera karm mere naal”). He also explained that this emotion of jealousy is unconsciously put into us from childhood. From the very beginning parents put pressure on their children to come first in the class. Now there are 40 students in the class, all cant come first. If the child has not come first, he/she looks at the other child who came first and feels jealous. Instead of focusing on your self and studying, the focus is uske mere se zyaada marks na aa jaye. Earlier the exams used to happen annually so one time jealousy in year. Now a unit test every week. “Why don’t we teach our children to set targets such as - I'll bring 95%. Why coming first in the class is the target?” This unconsciously-fed behavior grows. Solution to this obviously is purify your self with meditation, FOCUS on SELF and Back to basics – TUM CHAHTE KYA HO?

    Now coming to the food habits. He explained by example. There is a car. The petrol tank is full with petrol. I drive that car for 1 km and again go to the petrol pump to refill it. What will happen – the petrol will overflow. If it will not drop out of the car then it will overflow inside and spoil the seats and other parts of the car. This is what we do with our bodies. We eat and stuff our stomach. No physical movement, no work and again eat and overflow our stomach with food. Stomach is a small organ. Half of it is needed to be filled with food, one fourth with water and one fourth with air. Whenever food comes in front of you always ask “have I earned this food?” “Have I done the physical exercise, praan kriyas and sadhna today to earn it?” (by earning it means through physical efforts and not monetarily earning it). Babaji said that in the breakfast break they brought bread pakora for me to eat and he did not eat that. Subah se kiya hi kya hai (what have I done since morning), I am  sitting here. In order to earn a bread pakora I need to take 6 to 7 rounds of this hall.

    Another problem which is specific to Indians – the Indian ladies (mothers and wives), their aim seems to make their family eat. “O ji aadhi roti aur kha lo”. (Have another half bread) Yahan pet (stomach) already overflow ho raha hai and they want you to eat more. Secondly, we are too attached to the cooked food and there is too much variety in food.  He specifically said eat well but don’t add too much of variety in one meal. If you are eating subzi and roti, don’t eat rice with it. If you are having daal and rice, don’t add roti to it. This will improve digestion. When he was in ashram, there used to be three sessions of praan kriyas and meditation. There was no concept of breakfast. If at all he had to eat he had fruits. Lunch was around 12 noon and last meal of the day around 5 pm.

    In Tatva shudhi (CD available in divine shop), Babaji explained that “it is your belief system that cooked food is good. Why don’t you create a new belief system that amrit bhojan is good for you.” If one eats light and easy to digest food, then less energy is consumed in digestion, digestion improves and it gets easier to go in deep dhyaan.  Babaji also added that if you want to have tea, have Jasmine tea once a day.


    Disclaimer: This article is written to share the major teachings imparted by Babaji in Delhi shivir. Babaji says that you will listen according to your own perception and level of consciousness. Therefore, in writing this article my understanding and perceptions do come into play. Namah Shivaya J

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    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    Doing everything with feelings

    A short guest article from Shruti Sethi about the recent Delhi Shivir (Jan 2011).... read on...

    One of the major focuses in Delhi Shivyog shivir was on doing things in totality. When I say totality, it means when your body, mind and soul are in sync.

    Babaji in mass healing session said swadhaya is a sound therapy. The vibrations which comes out the mantra chanting heals the body and mind and helps in connecting with your higher self. When you chant NAMAH SHIVAY, it leads to purification of the five tatvas (earth, water, fire, air and sky) of which the body is made.

    If the tatvas are impure they lead to many disturbances in life. If we talk in terms of health, then if earth element is impure then a person would be having muscular and bones related problems. Impurities in the water element leads to reproductive problems and the kidney related problems. If agni tatva is imbalanced then a person would have digestion problems. Impurities in the air element would lead to respiratory and heart problems. Throat problems, ear problems and confusions are related to the imbalances in the akaash tatva. He said don’t take mantra chanting lightly. Don’t think "How backward." "How can I chant namah shivaya? What will people say?" Don’t think "My voice is not nice." Just chant. It is very very scientific. It is soon going to be a trend very soon.

    Now the point is how to chant? Don’t be mechanical. Totte (parrot) ke ram ram japne se use moksha nahi milta. Do it with emotions. Emotions are the biggest assets given to you. It is the bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. Be happy and do it with an inner smile. Involve each cell of the body. Involve all your five bodies and the higher self and then chant. Let your each cell of the body chant. Babaji made us practice the chanting in this way everyday.

    This is to be done for every moment in your life. When you speak bring the feelings first. Don’t just speak. Speak with feelings. When you practice this it will bring you closer to your higher self. People now are highly disconnected with their higher self as there is no sync between their feelings and words.

    I heard Brahmakumari Shivani speaking on this. She very well explained this. She said the thought has the energy and your words have the energy. When you speak something and think something there is a conflict in energy. The listener will listen to your words, but the thought energy is also transmitted to the other person, which the subconscious mind records. In a relationship if you keep on saying something through your logic mind and feel something else, the inner conflict leads to problems in a relationship.

    So when you speak be A GENUINE SPEAKER (involve your feelings and speak). Don’t just speak mechanically. Babaji gave an example, "If there is a person who has a lot of knowledge but speaks without feelings then the listener will not feel good, might even feel irritated. And if there is a person who may not be have immense knowledge but speaks with full emotions then that person will definitely touch the listener’s heart. He said speak slowly. Bring in your feelings.  People who speak fast, the feelings are missing, If you practice this every time, you will stop making mistakes. When your focus will be on feelings then you will be able to listen to the inner wisdom which is always there to guide you. If you are going to speak bad, the inner wisdom will stop you. Babaji also explained there are two things: logic and inner wisdom. Real Shivyogi always follows the inner wisdom and not the logic.

    Same principle applies in other things as well. When you laugh, laugh completely. Let your each cell laugh. (Babaji explained this by imitating and showing how people laugh superficially, and the way he just did that was super-duper hilarious). Whatever you do, do in totality. When you write, write with feelings (time to recheck whether I am writing with feelings or not J).  When you meditate, bring in the emotions of Shradha and Bhakti. This emotion will open you up and connect you to the higher dimensions. Do your sadhna with emotions and the results will be miraculous. He emphasized that do the invocation with deep feeling of gratitude as this energy is being given to you out of the sheer unconditional love of the Siddhas. You have not done tapasya to receive it.

    Gratitude to Babaji for imparting all this knowledge to us in such a simple manner.

    Disclaimer: This article is written to share the major teachings imparted by Babaji in Delhi shivir. Babaji says that you will listen according to your own perception and level of consciousness. Therefore, in writing this article my understanding and perceptions do come into play. Namah Shivaya J

    The Meaning of Guru Paduka Stotram

    Most of the time, we are charmed by the ancient texts and scripts and also the stotrams. Adoration is one thing and following it in prac...