Why it can be difficult to heal oneself and loved ones

The Master once said, "Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we are ourselves the cause of the illness of our loved ones."This is a very deep astounding statement, for many times the loved ones, may be completely dependent on the individual and may not really approve of the ways of the individual but in vain suppress helplessly, it order to avoid external conflicts and in the due course develop illnesses, since almost every disease is psychosomatic. Even good healers can suffer from it, for they may easily heal others but find it hard when it comes to healing themselves or loved ones due to this entanglement called attachment, that again roots from the strong karmic debts.Many times healers try to heal their loved ones without being fully reflective or aware if they are themselves in some way contributing to that problem of the loved one, where the healer is desperately trying to heal. Shift into awareness and check. 💛✨

Message - On Japan Calamity

Namah Shivaya,

Dear sadhaks, kindly spread this message to as many people as you know...

Message from Ishan bhaiya through facebook..

All life as we know is based upon a balance----- Balance of the energies. It is this equilibrium which brings peace and divinity ,prosperity and happiness in the world. Ever since the beginning of time, Shiv yogis have been meditating in the Himalayas ,the caves and the forests to maintain the balance. Whenever there is hate, they shower love , whenever there is negativity they invoke healing , and whenever there is darkness , they invoke the light of Shiva to illuminate the path of mankind.

Every life has a purpose on planet Earth and as a Shiv yogi, Babaji says our purpose and our responsibility is to help mankind, in ways guided by our beloved Guru and the Holy siddhas.

We all come from that universal energy, from the common divine mother and father, making the whole world our home and all the people our family.

It is very unfortunate that our brothers in Japan had to face this terrible disaster. Japan was struck per se but all humanity felt that pain.

It is time for all the Shiv yogis to come together and pray for the healing of all who have had to suffer in the time of this calamity.

The female energy of the planet has become angry and violent and Babaji says Shree vidya must be practised by all Shree Vidya sadhaks to calm this energy , and once again bring the balance back to this planet .

Many powerful Shree Vidya homas have been started in the ashrams to bring peace and healing to the world.

It is Babaji's message that all Shiv yogis must sit and practice a Mass Sadhna daily at 9 pm IST and send healing to the people of Japan.

It is at this time when our beloved Babaji will also sit in mediation invoking the Rishi mandala and connecting with us all to once again tip the scale towards positivity , healing and unconditional love.

Lots of blessings from Babaji and Ma

Namah shivay

Ishan Shivanandji


  1. seva dene ke liy dhanywad, babaji. dhan dhan sat-chit-anand.

  2. thank u so much i love u so much . many happy returns of the day my dearest babaji i love u very very very much.


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