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Important Message

Message from the official ShivYog community... 

Namah shivaya... Very important message. As a regular & practicing ShivYog Shree Vidya and Shambhavi sadhak, never ever approach astrologers and tantriks. This is a very serious issue. All ShivYog sadhaks please spread this message to all. The astrologers & tantriks try to suck the meditational energy once you sit beside them or wear their tabeez and since your chakras have expanded, they sense the energy in seconds and start extracting it right away.

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Babaji's Gems - 11

These gems are from the Goa shivir - Shree Vidya level 2.  These are words of Babaji and is typed here in direct speech.  For the new reader's sake, I have added in brackets or italics.
  • If you just emotionally only acknowledge your body parts, it will get charged. Whenever free sit and only feel that body part and Shambhavi from your third eye will automatically flow there and heal.
  • Emotions are in your hand and that affects the bhaav shareer (emotion body). When bhaav shareer is pure, you can connect easily to your guru.
  • when you say "My life is a waste and I don't feel like living", etc,you are sending strong messages to your kaaran shareer (causal body) and then the kaaran shaeer starts creating the disease so that you do not live more (as per the thoughts) and then you wonder why your body is getting sick.
  • Simple way to heal. for 24 hours continue to think and feel that diseased body organ as a completely normal organ. Don't think it is healing or "going to heal" but see the body part as completely normal for that immediately starts making that part normal.
  • The phenomenon of 4th dimension is different. In 3rd dimension if you have to feel your heart, your hand goes to your chest but in the 4th dimension, you just project it in front of you and the heart appears in front of you and you heal it directly. Similarly to heal others, you would visualize their diseased part in front of you and heal directly.
  • When you want to materialize, be very specific. For example, if you say you want a "good" amount, that "good" may be something else in your subconscious mind because you are always in the prison of your intellect.
  • Where you think (focus on) energy flows there.
  • Never think of possessing or dominating anyone else's thoughts. It is vashikaran, which is maili vidya. Never do it. Someone came to me with a photo and asked me to pray so that he be able to marry that person in the photo and I refused. If you want to marry, what you need to write and visualize an ideal partner. Fixing up a person and then trying to influence is nothing but infatuation and amounts to vashikaran.
  • One who speaks harsh worlds cannot be a ShivYog sadhak. You should be graceful and sweet in words as the words you speak goes into your own kaaran shareer (causal body).
  • A ShivYog sadhak only choses things of the highest quality. So when a person is before a sadhak, the sadhak choses only the highest and best quality of that person and discards the rest. The sadhak never judges the negative qualities but relishes only his good qualities.
  • Whenever you look at anyone probe the best quality of that person and adapt it into your life. Every person, however negative, will still certainly have good points.
  • The moment you think of anything negative, you get connected to that negativity and your shakti is affected, how much ever you may look and be strong from outside.
  • A ShivYog sadhak never questions the guru in any form. If he does, it means that he has not yet put the teachings of the guru into his life.
  • As much as possible avoid using cellphones and electronic watches. Whenever you have to use cellphones avoid maximum contact to the ear by using earphones or speaker phones. Minimize it's touch on your body. Cells with more features emit more negative energy. The purpose of cellphone is only communication, so use simple phones with no heavy features.
  • Now your body is your temple. Meditate within on advait.
  • Offer salutations (namaskar) and smiles to all whom you meet.
  • When we go to a hotel out of country and when the waiter offers food, we say "thank you" and here when he keeps, we say sternly "rak" (keep!) When appearing stern from outside one can say "i am happy from within" but this is not true. If one is happy from within, it has to come out in facial and body expressions.
  • A real sadhak is one who wipes the tears of others and a real sadhak is he in whose company you can be happy.
  • A sadhak who does regular sadhana will not find obstacles coming his way.
  • Since you have come through 84 lakh yonis, you will have pashu bhaav. As a ShivYog sadhak you burn the pashu bhaav and bring the deva bhaav.
  • Many sadhaks fell I am talking to them only. Some feel that they are being scolded by me. If you feel so, I would add a disclaimer that my words don't mean what you are interpreting. I don't judge you - God promise :)
  • Value money; spend money judiciously. Never spend money lavishly for self needs. The money you get, spend a portion for - 
    • Parivar paalan (taking care of your family. Baba said accumulation is not paalan.) 
    • Reinvestment in your businesses.
    • Charity.
    • Save enough that by age 40 you would be financially independent.
  • Wealth will come and it will come in both ways - the right and wrong. You will have to chose through which medium you wish to receive.
  • Do not open a business with the guru. In the name of guru don't demand your own seva. Doing so, many punyas get burnt. In the temple of God and Guru there should not be any business.
  • First materialize a healthy body because without that how can you experience the bhog?
  • For everything have these - 
    • Objective (an intention or goal)
    • Planning (for that objective) 
    • Implementation (of the plans)
    • Follow-up (keeping a checking and following up what has been implemented)
    • Control system (where you have control over the entire above four systems without having to personally indulge in everything. Baba mentioned how European countries have an excellent control system and operate businesses spread throughout the world sitting in their offices) 
  • Advertisements are planned and devised in such a way that the message enters your subconscious mind compelling you to buy that product. Diamonds are forever, they say. Diamonds have no resale value than gold. So, diamonds are NEVER forever :)
  • When you selflessly work for others, your fortune opens up.
  • Bring a smile on a child. The smile on the face of a child is equivalent to ashwamedha yagna!
  • If you can help someone with that which he does not have the privilege but you have the privilege of, you will have abundance - mark my words!
  • If all around you are happy, you be happy. If people around you are not happy, you still be happy. What can you do? It is their soul agenda.
  • You can get away from everyone with lies but you can't get away from yourself. The moment you lie to yourself, you inner mind will remind you with a voice "Golmaal hai.....". (it is deceptive..)
  • Never speak lies even in fun. Always speak the truth.
  • Never even think of harming anyone.
  • Even if fun never speak or think negative words.
  • Never talk any negative thing about others.
  • At home don't be a teacher, instead be a role model.
  • Don't try to purify your words, your thoughts or your actions but purify your bhaav and everything else will purify.
  • If you want to grow spiritually always check your intentions.
  • With bhog shubdh bhaavana (pure intentions) becomes sukh (happiness) and ashudh  bhaavana (impure intentions) becomes vasana (tendencies).
  • Be consistent in sadhana. Twice a day.
  • Nothing is free in this world. You have to pay for it. What comes free has a seed which can grow into a tree with fruits of misery.
  • As far as possible avoid taking gifts and if unavoidable, then repay back in some other form.
  • Never use anyone's money or you lose shakti. 
  • Husband and wife doing sadhana together is great and the relationship bonding gets excellent. Unfortunately, when two people of the opposite sex come together it is always with pashu bhaav (animal tendencies). It should be in manushya bhaav (human tendencies) and deva bhaav (god tendencies) Marriages don't last long because of pashu bhaav. Wife has to consider husband as Shiva and husband has to consider wife as Devi.
  • Jaisa anna vaisa mann (As the food, so the mind) One who cooks food transfer their energies into the food, according to what bhaav they hold at the time of cooking. Your family prepares food with love and concern for you but the cook at a hotel could be cribbing and cursing in different emotions according to his state of mind then, which he transfers into the food. This food when you consume, you will start enacting the same emotions in your life, like getting irritated or abusive because that energy has been transfered through food into you.
  • Let the women in the family chant the Shree Vidya mantra and cook food.
  • With non-vegetarian food and alcohol, one's emotions are sensitive to anger and irritation.
  • Unpolished rice and dal is the ideal Indian food, especially the South Indian food severed on banana leaf, but nowadays not much curd is used, which is ideal. The north Indian food consists of roti/paratha which is not Indian but came from out.
  • Avoid meat since when an animal is killed out of fear it secretes adrenalin which then gets into the meat that is consumed and this emotion becomes a part of you. Especially, with meat of mammals (beef/pork, etc) as while being killed the mother has great concern and fear for her young ones (and this emotion is a part of the food that is going to be consumed.) This will deplete shakti and bring on disease. Fishes have least negative energy.
  • In the start a ShivYog sadhak may have to work a little hard to discipline things but eventually he will get acquainted to it.
  • Business families fix high salaries for their children who don't even move a finger but get easy money, which leads to non-responsibility. If money needs to be given to them, then that needs to be earned otherwise with easy life, if something comes up in life, they will not be able to even stand up and handle things. Please don't give lot of fluid cash in the hands of children because with easy cash without realizing the value of money they will blow it up and easily get access to wrong things. I have seen certain families, when their children ask for a new car, they are given certain targets to be achieved and this makes them responsible and they earn that car.
  • Don't get stuck in things like whether wearing leather (animal product) is right or wrong, but rather bring simpler things into your life like speaking sweetly and not harsh words. Speaking sweet is supporting vegetarianism.
  • When manthan (churning out of negative qualities during sadhana) happens, Guru helps his disciple to burn the process and saves him. After this churning comes wealth and if only one remains aloof (withdrawn) from it, only then he gets the amrit (nectar).
  • Bhog (experience) the wealth. Tum bhog ko bhogo, bhog tumko na bhoge (You dominate and experience the abundance and prosperity but they should not dominate you.)
  • The outer wealth is not your real wealth, but your real wealth is your inner shakti (power), gyan (wisdom), karuna (compassion).
  • When asked about osho scriptures - His scriptures are good, you can read them but do Shree Vidya Sadhana and then read his scriptures and you will be able to take in what is right and discard the rest.
  • You can allow others to take your positivity only if you allow them to. No need to wander off anywhere to any (wrong) person. Spiritual energy can be stolen in the name of giving you powers. Whatever it is, the Guru still protects you from such incidents. You have been empowered with the highest sadhana. Know that no maili vidya (left-hand tantra or vaama tantra) can work on you.
  • Don't wear taaviz (amulet) anymore when you are already wearing a Shree Yantra. Leave the taaviz under some tree or put it into the river.
  • For knee problem, take good soil and add gomutra (cow urine) make a paste of it and apply on the knees and leave it for a while and then wash it after sometime. Do this for a week. Also, give females respect and do not treat them like cabbage, don't be dominant on them, allow them to speak. (Knee problems appears with great sense of helplessness.)
  • In the house where a female is not respected, Mother Lakshmi leaves that house.
  • Every moment you are under some karmic debts. Someone gives you love, you got to give back multitude. Gratitude is the best way of receiving love.
  • A ShivYog sadhak should bring the bhaav of being Shiva. Bhaav not from vasana and saying it with ego that "I am Shiva and you better watch out."
  • Bring the bhaav of Shiva consciousness in everything. Shiva is eating through this body. Shiva is speaking through this body. Shiva is working through this body. Also, bring this bhaav of seeing Shiva in others. Shiva is speaking through that person. Shiva is speaking angrily to me through that person. When I am in the shivir, I see Shiva in you and say, "Lord Shiva, you have all the wisdom and today you are sitting in front of me to take wisdom from me, so great is your leela!" With this kind of bhaav you there will be no ego.
  • People ask me if people can be an avtaar of God, and I say, you ALL are avtaars of God.
  • Whenever you sit for sadhana, don't sit directly on the ground or on plain cloth, use a thick woolen asana.
  • For a ShivYog sadhak, every place is a sacred place for sadhana with the right bhaav. I do yagna (advait) even in the plane and there is no jet lag also.
  • Success, abundance, prosperity comes easily to (practicing) ShivYog sadhaks along with spiritual relationships and behavioral changes. They will become soft spoken.
  • When one shouts and uses harsh words, he is not strong but he is actually feeling weak and thus ready to strike like a scorpion.
  • A spiritual person will not react to harsh things and will always be ready to help others. There will be grace in their walk, talk, dressing, expressions and will be humble and simple.
  • How to know if what you have written in your Golden Book is right or not? If you cannot visualize clearly what you have written in your Golden Book then it is not written right (or is not the thing you really want).
  • Never be dependant on anyone. Create happiness from the self and help others in happiness.
  • When you activate chakras
    • Sahastrar chakra - connects you to Shiva.
    • Anahata - connects you to the Guru.
    • Vishuddhi - connects you to Kala/voice/Maa Saraswati.
    • Manipur - controls emotions.
    • Swadishtan - controls sexual energy. When this chakra expands it builds a lot of sexual energy which has to be channelled up or else if it remains there, it will flow downwards (sexually). If pulled upwards it turns into creativity. (Baba taught the same kriya mentioned in an earlier post here.)
    • Mooladhara - (material stability).
  • As your powers are increasing, the negative aspects of negative entities are also powerful. So be very careful with negative emotions that can create negative entities. These negative entities will reduce with increase of your shakti.
  • ShivYog sadhaks make a graceful life. Check how you can become helpful to others. If you are not useful to others, then others are not going to be useful to you. When you give, you receive.
  • Someone asked Ishan bhaiya also to speak and baba said - Ishan is not speaking today because he is in the receiving mode as a disciple :)  When his time comes, he will leave me also far behind. (At this time, Ishan bhaiya offered salutations to Baba.)
  • I will keep coming and going, but I will always be there for you. If I go, I will go for you. Wherever I go, I will keep you with me and it will be helpful to you. But now, you also have to merge with me - have faith :) My only intention now is that you all attain self-realization and to make Bramharishis.
As i ended typing this post, i timely received an image from a friend.. a very, very precious moment when Babaji & Guruma came to the center end of the stage and stood for a while blessing all before he left the hall.

Try connecting to this pic to feel the vibes. Om Guru Namo Namaha!

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Also sharing an important video where Babaji shares his first out-of-body death experience

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goa Shivir Moments - 2

Namah Shivaya,

It is Guru aadesh (guru's order) not to share anything about sadhana nor even discuss amongst each other and thus nothing pertaining to it is being shared (the blog has otherwise also never shared any sadhana or kriyas, but just the teachings) Baba also added that anyone trying to attempt it without this deeksha, can bring in damage to themselves/family badly. So, to avoid karmic implications, he requested that the CD pertaining to it or sadhana in any form be kept strictly to sadhaks receiving the deeksha only.
This image is not of the Goa shivir

The divine air at BITs Pilani, Goa has been great for more than a week now. i had the opportunity of meeting so many wonderful souls and i am sure that Baba has surely built a strong army of divine beings on earth called Shivyog Sadhaks. The energies have been intense here due to Baba's presence and also Sree Vidya sadhaks all spread around emitting these high energies. It felt like having had a trip to one of the higher dimensions. Whenever i looked around, i had a picture of how the 4D world maybe going to look like. With sadhaks spread all over the world, it looks so sure that things are working at all ends as Babaji works through his sadhaks for the human ascension process. This shivir looked like a gathering of the sacred mission :) Whenever i interacted with sadhaks, this time a common experience seemed to come from everyone. It was about feeling certain energies even before coming for the shivir. Some felt it at home itself, some during journeys and some as they landed in Goa. Many of them spoke of experiences that brought them there through unexpected conditions. Many spoke of miracles that happened and getting their seats or money when it all seemed impossible. A sadhak whose registration was not fulfilled was looking curious at the entrance but she told me with firmness that she would sit in front of Baba, and she did so for entire shivir as she got a seat in there! Something happened with me too as my train ticket was booked for May 20th only to realize at midnight in the railway station that the date should have been booked as May 21st. As i was planning to leave back home and catch a bus next morning, a person in the station told me to buy a general ticket and meet the TC. Mysteriously i was guided to a person in F4 compartment who sat on his luggage at the entrance, who possibly seemed to have had no place too. I asked him and he said he also was waiting for the TC. The TC came in and after charging the necessary amount from me and him, took us both to one place and made us sit on a seat and asked that we wait. As the train moved with everyone around sleeping in darkness, this person asked me if i was going to Goa as it was his first time to Goa and he looked pretty disturbed. He shared that he had missed this same train earlier. He overpaid an auto to hurry him to the next station only to find that as he reached the station, the train was moving. He jumped into the moving train in spite of the TC in the train scolding him not to. He then innocently asked me if i knew where BITs Pilani was in Vasco and i smiled and said "namah shivaya" to him. He just jumped in joy of having found another sadhak and shared loudly his story amongst the sleeping passengers. i was willing to take it from the disturbed passengers than wanting to stop listening to his excited story. He said his name was Suresh and that he did not have a room registration and that he knew that Baba was helping him but didn't know why with all these troubles. i told him, these all seem like troubles, but he does what is best for us and told him that even my ticket was accidently booked for previous day and that now i had lost my reservation. i would have boarded another compartment if the ticket was right! The TC then came and gave us a berth each and i went off to sleep on my upper berth. Early next morning as i woke up, all people had woken up around and all i could hear there was words like "prati prasav", "shivir", "Babaji", etc. This person, Suresh , a very simple person from Sangli, Maharashtra became one of my best friends as he shared my room for the next 7 days :) After the shivir's last day, me and Suresh were thinking how to go out of the campus to move to Panjim as we exited the hostel and a taxi came up right in front with a sadhak whom i had met in this shivir who was going towards Panjim and he dropped us there only to find our respective buses waiting there to take us home. This sadhak happened to be one who took deeksha from Baba after reading this blog and we had exchanged mails before that. We both were happy to meet each other. In the taxi , he shared with me of how when he was in total bed rest with a slip disc, Baba gave him Sanjeevani regularly. He also heard Babaji chanting in crystal clear voice in his ears in the mornings the Shiv Panchakshara mantra and the Shambhavi beej mantra. His registration was rejected for this shivir but later he got a floor seat. He was worried of how would he sit on the floor after having just recently recovered from the slip disc, on reaching the hall he was pleasantly surprised of getting a seat which was of someone who could not attend the shivir and this seat was ahead of those who even booked earlier. He mentioned these things to Baba in the shivir also.

On one another day as Ishan Bhaiya provoked Baba to sing and as the rhythm picked up, Baba sprang out of his chair enthusiastically singing "Jab koi baat bigad jaaye" and this time it was a rocking performance. It looks like Baba is fully geared for the "Rhythm of Universe". The most significant thing about the performance this time was Babaji's dance step. It is eye widening to see Baba dance to such glory! He added a few dance steps, especially a signature dance step that roared the crowd with claps and laughter. He just jumped and tossed in all around the stage - have never ever seen Baba in such energy! Baba has mentioned that he will be fully on the move now a year from now before going into his sadhana. Babaji has been seeming quite serious and firm about his sadhana decision and all his rigorous activities for the year shows clearly that Baba wants to initiate the maximum number of people. Our guru has been assuring at all times that he shall be at all times with his devotees and to learn to connect to him and "call". i must add that experiences of Baba's presence with sadhaks in their lives during moments when a sadhak calls, has been evidently getting stronger and stronger as per the sharings from so many sadhaks i am interacting with. i must very, very strongly add that Baba has been with all and will be with all, whether this may be known or not acknowledged due to whatever our limitations are, but Baba is fully out for his sadhaks and doing everything to increase his presence with sadhaks at all times and it looks it is only increasing, irrespective of whatever decision Baba takes - for it would be for the benefit of us and humanity. He knows it all and knows what is right and thus we must support his mission with the greatest guru seva that Baba says is by bringing his teachings into practical life and adhering to it in completeness without any contamination. Sadhana, seva, sankirtan as Baba says will work miracles for sadhaks.

Babaji said he would be giving higher deekshas soon. All the things look pretty quick and happening at lightening speed, it is sure that Baba knows it best how things should be done during this crucial period of ascension. Baba has asked to spread it all as much as possible if it can help someone, except to refrain from sharing any sadhana, not just higher levels but all other levels of sadhana too.

Many spoke of so many instances where Babaji's love and protection was felt and experienced even during dangerous experiences in life. It was quite evident that Babaji is making himself very much available to all sadhaks, which he always says, "I will come but it is you who has to call." Babaji would surely enhance this presence even more with his future sadhanas he wishes to undertake in the near future. i personally had experiences during the travel where mysterious things have happened. So, overall, this time so many sadhaks conveying his presence is some way or the other a clear indication of our guru's promise. So much of power, a God-being walking on earth as a guru, yet when in the shivir, one can easily overlook his godliness with his calm, shattering humility, child-like innocence and playfulness, detached serenity, and his unmatched patience with mistakes and ignorance of anything and everything around. He does anything and everything for his sadhaks and pretends as though he knows nothing about it!

Babaji in almost all the days of shivir hinted about his mission. As the earlier message (click to read) Babaji wishes to go into seclusion for his own higher missions and for all his sadhaks and humanity. Babaji had mentioned in Chennai shivir that he will do two to three shivirs a year to fund the ashram and other 5-day shivirs will be free to the world. One thing that is misunderstood is the word 'samadhi'. Being in samadhi and taking samadhi are entirely two different things :) Babaji mentioned many times about these things indirectly as siddhas never speak anything directly but it is up to us how we decipher every message from the guru, and that should never be hasty or sudden reflexes. They should be contemplated upon for the depth of their words. Babaji also mentioned that he has empowered Ishan bhaiya with the shakti and that Ishan bhaiya would (also) continue the mission of uplifting humanity. Whatever Babaji's mission and plans, we must know that it is for nothing less than the best for devotees and evolution, for they never work anything for themselves. With this, anything that the Guru mentions or does should be taken as Guru Vaakyam Param Vakyam. It can never be that a guru would take any hasty or meaningless decision. Babaji said, "In every moment, keep the trust and know that your Baba is with you."

However, Baba's excellent teachings and love continued pouring for all his sadhaks spread all over the world when he spoke, expressed, sang, danced and prayed for all. This shivir even though was for Sree Vidya higher level, but Baba spoke to all sadhaks in general. Will post soon the teachings and musings from Baba in the next post, that is coming very soon.

Some of the forthcoming programs announced during the shivir:

  • May 30th - Rhythm of Universe (Mumbai)
  • May 31st to June 4th - Shivmahapuran (Mumbai)
  • June 13th to 17th - Shree Vidya Sadhana (Lucknow) 6:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • July 1st to 7th - Full 9-day Shivir (South Africa)
  • July 13th to 21st - Full 9-day Shivir (London)
  • July 29th to Aug 3rd - Art of Dying & Pratiprasav (Mauritius)
  • Aug 25th to Sep 2nd - Art of Dying & Pratiprasav (Malaysia)
  • Dec 24th to Jan 1st - Shree Vidya Advanced Level 2 (Singapore)
Babaji also stated that advanced Shree Vidya sadhana level 3 would be conducted in the same place within a year. He also mentioned that after level 2 sadhaks continuing to crib about their illnesses and problems would not be eligible for level 3. He said that this is the highest level of sadhana that is being given to sadhaks for the benefit of humanity upon the instructions of the rishi mandala and so it must be taken with respect and seriousness. He said, "This deeksha was given in earlier times from a guru to disciple in the jungle or other natural habitats under extreme conditions after the student reached preparedness after spending years to be eligible to receive the deeksha and today it is given so easily and at such comforts due to the blessings of the rishi mandala." A huge roar of gratitude and salutations arose in the hall when he said, "In this world, there is only one living Guru giving deeksha for these levels of Shree Vidya Advait Sadhana and he is sitting in front of you."

Gratitude to Babaji and Guruma... namah shivaya..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goa Shivir Moments - 1

Some of the things Babaji said to all Sree Vidya sadhaks commonly during this session:
  • Love your family and accept them as they are.
  • Do not judge them and just to give love at all times.
  • Parents should accept children as they are.
  • Parents should be role models rather than teachers for their children.
  • Children should respect their parents and know that whatever they do, they do it for their good.
  • Nothing is free in the world. Everything comes with a price. If you don't pay for it, nature will take it anyways. What comes free always has a seed that can grow into a tree of fruits of misery.
  • Never use someone else's money. Doing so, one dissipates shakti that one accumulates.
  • Avoid even taking gifts since it makes one indebted. Even if one receives in unavoidable conditions, it may be repaid in some other form. 
  • Do not accumulate wealth for the self and use it is the service of others. He said usually with extra money that comes in one loves to settle for a costly wrist watch or diamond; rather to use that money for others. The more you give the more comes back.
  • "Tum bhog ko bhogo, Bhog tumko na bhoge" meaning you experience all the prosperity that comes to you but let not that wealth/prosperity/comfort dominate your life.
  • Real wealth is not the glitter of outer wealth but your inner shakti (spiritual power), gyan (wisdom), karuna (compassion).
  • To live a Deva Jeevan (godly life) and never a pashu jeevan animal life, (dominated by animal instincts of food, sex and shelter)
  • Watch everything with total purity - food, charity, seva, sadhana.
  • Check how your life can become useful and helpful to others. If you are not useful to others, others are not going to be useful to you, as the law of nature.
  • In the start of sadhana, manthan will happen and all the vish (poison) comes out. Eventually, the gems will come.
An important question that has been coming up generally among sadhaks is asking what to do when travelling or not being at home and whether sadhana can be done without meru at such times and on quiery of a sadhak, Babaji said that one can certainly do sadhana at such times without the Meru.

Babaji said that now he will be doing nonstop "Shiv Mahapurans" all across and Rhythm of Universe. Next will be in Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi and many many other places. Sadhaks were requesting and Baba was saying he will be doing in many many cities now. He also added that he would be doing so without a break now and that his this journey has begun now from Goa. He mentioned that he has empowerd Ishan Bhaiya with the shakti and he would continue with the same. He said that the mission of uplifing humanity must continue. Saying so he sang out "Ik din bandiya hai ud jana..." and asked everyone to love their family for there is no use putting up photos after someone has left.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sadhana - No time!

This is a guest article by Shruti Sethi.. was pending since some time and yesterday Baba talked of some Yam-Niyam (spiritual disciplines) and i thought probably it should published.. namah shivaya..
This article is specially written for those sadhaks who have received the divine grace from Babaji and not meditating/ not meditating regularly because TIME NAHI MILTA.

Babaji in one of his discourses said that there are three categories of sadhaks:
  • Category 1 - Who come attend the shivir go back home and don’t practice. They ll get some benefit as a lot of karmas are shed in the shivir.
  • Category 2 – Who attend shivir and observe the principles and meditate. They meditate for themselves. They perform well and grow both spiritually and materialistically.
  • Category 3 – Who attend shivir. Meditate for themselves and for their family members and others. They are the best category. One might think why should I meditate on behalf of my family members? How will I benefit. Basic rule is “What you give to others, comes back to you” or put it differently “what you sow is what you reap”. He also gave an example of a lady who was a homemaker. She used to do her meditation and used to pray on behalf of rest of the family members. The family as a whole was doing amazing well in all aspects of life.
Which category are we? Category 1, please continue reading. Others too, if they wish can carry on...

Now let’s do some self analysis. How do we spend time in an ordinary day?

Ask yourself how much time you spend on following activities:
  • Lazing around – Wake up in the morning after snoozing many times. Then pushing yourself from bed and again laziness strikes. Good reason to have TEA.  There comes the newspaper or a magazine in your hand to read. What do you feed in your mind by reading that? Watch what is that you read? The politics, horoscope, the murders, the rape cases, or some scandals? Now lets think - is knowing each and every detail of the above stated thinks going to help you? Well, you might sound really aware in group discussions. Putting all these things in your mind puts a lot of negative thoughts which means negative karma. The rule says discussing and thinking about such things adds to the negativity in the collective consciousness.  What is one putting in to the mind during the time one is supposed to meditate. After doing all this one realizes no time left for the exercise and sadhana. Get ready to carry on your routine activities with that garbage in your mind. (I’m not being against reading news papers, but there are positive things too. One needs to check what things which are being continuously read and fed into the consciousness.) Secondly, things need to be done at the right time. Morning time Babaji says is the time for Dev Karma.
  • Phone calls and other conversations – Analyse what kind conversations you are having. Personal experience when I hear people talking it’s more of the routine stuff. (I admit I too have done it many times in past, and at times still fall for it), gossiping, discussing past events again and again with multiple people and in the process again creating them, talking about some X person whom you are least concerned with, talking about the weather, talking what one had in lunch or dinner, etc, etc.. Osho said 95% of your conversations are not required. Talking too much is the cause of many misunderstandings and also consumes a lot of energy. As Babaji says, whenever you find little time try to connect. He gave example like if you are waiting for a bus or train, or in a coffee shop waiting for your date. He said call me and ask me to connect you to Lord. What generally happens? The moment one gets time – a phone call J
Facebook/ orkut/ other social networking sites - How much time do you spend on viewing some friend’s friend’s pics? How much time do you spend in reading any X,Y, Z’s status or profile? (just by thinking about other person and getting really engrossed in other creates karmic connections) How much time do you spend in using the so called interesting applications on these sites? Is it really necessary? Aren’t we ignoring your loved ones at home for this unreal world? Aren’t we ignoring our meditation because of all this? Isn’t the cost too high?? Can this time be really cut short so that only the positive impacts of these sites remain?
  • Television and movies - What do you watch - movies, daily soaps, reality shows, news channels, spiritual channels? TV is an entertainment for most of us. Whatever we watch has a very deep impact on our minds. Have seen this practice very common - if one is feeling low or depressed watch a movie or something on TV. What does this do? I heard BK Shivani (Of Bramhakumaris) explaining this. Lets say a person is having a problem, that person is having a lot of negative thoughts and is willing to get rid off them. That person randomly starts watching TV or a movie. What happens is that instead generating your own thoughts you lend the thoughts which are being displayed on TV for the time you are watching. Once the show is over and TV is off, your own thoughts come back. Its really important to monitor what kind of programs are you watching, as they have a very deep impact on the subconscious mind.  Babaji says that whenever you are low or some negative incidence has happened in your life, don’t waste your time in thinking about it and talking about it as this will add to the already negative situation. Simply invoke Sanjivani shakti, connect and heal the incidence. That is the only way issues can be resolved at the root. “Jab koi baat bigad jaye, jab koi mushkil aa jaye, tum lena Shiv ka naam, Namah Shivay. Namah Shivay, Namah Shivay , Namah Shivay, Namah Shivay, Om Namah Shivay, Namah shivay J
In Delhi Shivir 2011, Babaji said that the outer technology has developed at a very high pace. Whatever inventions are happening outside comes from inner technology. But in this world we are so engrossed in outer technology and the focus to develop the inner technology is not there. The proportion of development of outer technology is higher than the development of inner technology. This is the reason why we are becoming slaves of technology, whereas we should be the masters. So what should we do? We need to awaken ourselves. This is can happen by meditation.

Disclaimer: Babaji says that you will listen according to your own perception and level of consciousness. Therefore, in writing this article my understanding and perceptions do come into play. Namah Shivay!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Create the New World

As the earth is increasing it's vibrations to ascend to a higher dimension, there are simultaneous darker forces creating much havoc, unrest, disease, turmoil, and other negative influences. Humanity and all living beings are being affected in some or the other way during this transition period.

External factors and living and social conditions do affect our physical, mental and emotional health. At the same time what is much unknown is that our own condition of mind and body affects everything around us. Man has the power to create what he wants within his own self and that is what he has been doing till date, most of the time unconsciously creating his life with the power of his thoughts.  What is ME today is nothing but a manifestation of MY own bundle of thoughts and emotions. What we see around is nothing a collective manifestation of the collective bundle of thoughts and emotions. We create ourselves. We create the world. Time to (re) create the new world that we desire to see. But it can never begin with an attempt to change things outside us, no matter how advanced we become. To change everything around us, the change must first begin within. When more of such changed individuals come together and focus on one common goal for the self and others, that collective thought becomes collective prayer and that collective prayer becomes more powerful to manifest that collective thought or prayer in REALITY. Let us heal humanity by first healing ourselves. Let us begin with us. Let us introspect ourselves. Let us re-frame our thoughts. Let ME create the new world by creating the new ME.

A video attempted on similar line of thought. Music credit: A. R. Rahman

Download video
Download audio

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Higher Sri Vidya Shivir - Goa

Updated on May 19, 2011, 1:55 p.m.

Any new updates on this page will have the image 


Some sadhaks who are reaching on May 20th are willing to be of some help to you in case you need some information and assistance. Please note that the following sadhaks have nothing to do with accommodation or shivir registration. Contact on following numbers:
  • Ritesh Davda - 09824224860
  • Arun Sharma - 09592300270
  • Cheishta Katyal - 09838202075

 For those arriving at Panjim or Margao
If you are not taking taxi, and prefer bus then........

Vasco is nearest point to BITS Pilani (shivir venue). If you are coming to Panjim, then you take a bus directly to Vasco and from Vasco there are buses every 10 mins that pass from BITS Pilani...

If you are coming to Margao, the directly take a bus to Vasco via BITS Pilani..

Best thing is that anywhere you want to go, there are buses every few minutes that connect you anywhere in Goa.. 

 For those arriving at Dabolim airport
Take a taxi (fare around Rs. 120)

 For those arriving at Vasco railway station
Right opposite to the railway station is the place where Government and local shuttle buses leave towards other parts of the city. Take a bus that will pass through BITS Pilani. Ask the people there and they will guide you to the right bus. Almost every 10 minutes there is a bus that passes BITS.

For those travelling alone, nothing to worry, for you are not travelling alone, Baba is with you :)

Date: 21st May to 28th May 2011

Venue: BITS Pilani, Zuari Nagar, Goa

Eligibility: Registration Closed

Entry Card Distribution 21st May - 11:00 am to 04:00 pm

Divine Satsang & Mass Healing21st May - 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Shree Vidya Higher Level II
22nd May to 28th May - 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

For more info please visit official website

To have a look at the entrance of the campus click here

To have a look at the canteen (mess) click here.

To have a look at the hostel click here.

To have a look at the shopping center click here.

To have a look the auditorium from outside click here (B-dome)

Hotel Accommodation Details at GOA
 Note: This blog has no direct control over any bookings or information provided here, but is an effort to put up the closest information for your convenience. Please call up the hotels directly for further information and booking.


Sr. No.
(From BITS Pilani)
Contact No
Vasco Residency
Near Railway Station
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 1000/-
+ 3% Tax
Double Bed – Rs. 1475/-
+ 5% Tax       
Non A/c
Four Bed – Rs. 1200/-
+ 5% Tax
Non A/c
Six Bed – Rs. 1700/-
+ 5% Tax
A/c Deluxe
Double Bed – Rs. 1255/-
A/c Deluxe 
Three Bed – Rs. 1645/- 
Approx. 10 kms.
0832-2513119 / 2511002
Website: goatourism.com
Hotel Karma Plaza
Near Railway Station,
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Double Bed- Rs. 1899/-
Non A/c
Double Bed – Rs. 1499/-
Approx. 10 kms.
0832-2518928 / 2513776
Hotel Citadel
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Non A/c
Double Bed – Rs. 840/-
+ 5% Tax
Double Bed – Rs. 1284/-
+ 5% Tax
Approx. 10 kms
0832-2513190 / 2512222
Hotel Maharaja
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 850/-
+ 15% Tax
Double Bed – Rs. 2000/-
+ 15% Tax      
Approx. 10 kms.
0832-2514075/ 78
Hotel Bogmalo Resort,
Vasco da Gama, Goa.

Cottage single – Rs. 5000/-
Collage double – Rs. 4200/-
Superior Delux
Single – Rs.   4800/-
Double – Rs. 7700/-
+ 10% Luxury Taxes and upto 15% Discount for Shivyog Sadak.
Approx. 6 kms.
0832-2538222 / 35
09923600611 – Jijesh

Hotel Kesarval,
Verna, Goa.
Non - A/c.
Double Bed – Rs. 4899/-
Double Bed – Rs. 3749/-
Single Bed –  Rs. 3249/-
Plus 10% Luxury Tax,
Upto 40% Discount for Shivyog Sadak.
Approx. 6 kms.
0832-2783377 / 2783344

Hotel Antique Mardol
Double Bed – Rs. 1100/-
Including all 10% Taxes.
Approx. 7 kms
09822121947 – Pradeep Shet
Hotel Maharaja,
Verna, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 800/-
Double Bed – Rs. 600/-
Including all taxes.
Approx. 7 kms
Lapaz Hotel
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Single Occupancy– Rs.2100/-
+ 17% Tax
Double occupancy–Rs.2600/- + 20% Tax
Discount of 15% 
Approx. 10 kms.
0832-2512121 / 26
Hotel Manish
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Non A/c 
Double Bed – Rs. 500/-
Double Bed – Rs. 800/-
Non A/c
Three Bed – Rs. 600/-
Approx. 8 kms
0832- 2511178
Hotel Coconut Creek
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Non A/c
Double Bed – Rs. 2500/-
Double Bed – Rs. 3400/-
Approx. 7 kms.
Hotel Annapurna
Vasco-da-Gama, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 315/-
Double Bed – Rs. 473/-       
A/c Deluxe
Double Bed – Rs. 1177/-
A/c Deluxe 
Three Bed – Rs.  1545/- 
Approx 10 kms.
(0832) 2513375

Hotel Bogmalo,
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 350/-
Double Bed – Rs. 1000/-       
Approx. 10 kms.

Silk Cotton Resort
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
A/c Deluxe Room
Double  Bed – Rs. 2500/-

Approx. 6 kms.

Hotel Nagina,
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 450/-
Approx. 10 kms
0832-2511670 / 2501093
Hotel Atish, Farmagudi, Ponda, Goa
Double Bed – Rs. 800/-
Double Bed – Rs. 1000/-       
Approx. 22 kms.
09822589590 / 09823316617

Hotel Supreme,
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Single Bed – Rs. 2139/-
Double Bed – Rs. 2674/-
Inclusive of taxes and free breakfast
Approx. 10
0832 - 2500430 / 33
Head Quarters 
Vasco  da Gama, Goa.
Single Bed – Rs. 6500/-
Double Bed – Rs. 7500/-
+ 12% Tax
Approx. 10
0832 – 2500015 / 18
Rukmini Hotel
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Approx. 10
0832 – 2512350 / 2511784
Goa Marine Resort
Vasco da Gama, Goa.
Double Bed – Rs. 3500/-
Approx. 5
0832 – 6481928
ATHI Resorts,
Bogmalo Road, Vasco
 - Rs. 1200/- (Rs. 1000 for Single occupancy) NonAC-Rs. 800/- (Rs.600/- for single occupancy) 
Approx. 5

Raj Resorts, Bogmalo Beach, Vasco
Standard room Ac Room - Published tariff Rs 2000 Special tariff Rs 1350.
Premium AC Room- Published tariff Rs 2500 Special tariff Rs 1650.
Deluxe AC Room - Published tariff Rs 3000 Special tariff Rs 2000.
We have 18 very spacious rooms all airconditioned with Attached Bath, TV, Refrigerator, Tea/Coffee maker, Telephone, Internet etc.
Near to Dabolim airport.
Phone : Cell +91 9823233525 Landline +91 (832) 2538177 ~ 2538688
website www.rajresorts-goa.com.

Queen Hotel , per day 1000/- per head on twin sharing basis, 3 km from the venue, with transport and breakfast facility.
Toilet preferences:
Contact number: 

 Some more hotels closer to venue: 
Hotel Name and Location
Telephone No.
(STD code 0832)
Hotel Vasco, Vasco
Hotel Gladstone, Vasco
Hotel Urvashi, Vasco
Hotel Westend, Vasco
Hotel Milan, Margao
City Central Hotel, Margao
Hotel Divine, Margao
Hotel Hill View, Margao
Hotel Green View, Margao
Woodlands Hotel, Margao
2705121, 2715521
Panaji Residency, Panjim
2227103, 2223396
Patto Tourist Home, Panaji
Ambika Hotel, Panjim
Hotel Neptune, Panjim
Tourist Home, Panjim
Hotel Imperial, Margao
Jyoti Plaza, Margao
Hotel Kadam Plaza, Margao
Nanutel, Margao
Hotel Check Inn, Panjim
Hotel Summit, Panjim
La Pas gardens, Vasco
2512121, 2512126
Hotel Delmon, Panjim

  For more budget hotels click below: 
Please check the distance of hotels close to the venue using google maps

 For information on Star Hotel accommodation, it is updated that Star hotels are ready to give discounts for bulk room bookings. NRI sadhaks who would want to come in groups and wish to avail discounts, you may please call one of the sadhak in seva for availing discounts on 09822102731 (Star Hotels only).

Approximate distances from BITS Pilani Goa campus to:
Verna   :   07 Km
Vasco   :   09 Km
Margao :   20 Km
Panjim :   25 Km

To calculate the distance from your place to Vasco, Goa click here

Taxi Rates:
From Vasco : Rs. 150/- to Rs. 200/-
From Margao: Rs. 300/- to Rs. 350/-
From Panjim: Rs. 250/- to Rs. 300/-

Taxi Services
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Autorickshaw Rates:
From Vasco: Rs. 80/- to Rs. 100/-

For train information click here 

Goa climate in May: Min 26°C - Max 33°C 

click on image for larger image

The Meaning of Guru Paduka Stotram

Most of the time, we are charmed by the ancient texts and scripts and also the stotrams. Adoration is one thing and following it in prac...