Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goa Shivir Moments - 1

Some of the things Babaji said to all Sree Vidya sadhaks commonly during this session:
  • Love your family and accept them as they are.
  • Do not judge them and just to give love at all times.
  • Parents should accept children as they are.
  • Parents should be role models rather than teachers for their children.
  • Children should respect their parents and know that whatever they do, they do it for their good.
  • Nothing is free in the world. Everything comes with a price. If you don't pay for it, nature will take it anyways. What comes free always has a seed that can grow into a tree of fruits of misery.
  • Never use someone else's money. Doing so, one dissipates shakti that one accumulates.
  • Avoid even taking gifts since it makes one indebted. Even if one receives in unavoidable conditions, it may be repaid in some other form. 
  • Do not accumulate wealth for the self and use it is the service of others. He said usually with extra money that comes in one loves to settle for a costly wrist watch or diamond; rather to use that money for others. The more you give the more comes back.
  • "Tum bhog ko bhogo, Bhog tumko na bhoge" meaning you experience all the prosperity that comes to you but let not that wealth/prosperity/comfort dominate your life.
  • Real wealth is not the glitter of outer wealth but your inner shakti (spiritual power), gyan (wisdom), karuna (compassion).
  • To live a Deva Jeevan (godly life) and never a pashu jeevan animal life, (dominated by animal instincts of food, sex and shelter)
  • Watch everything with total purity - food, charity, seva, sadhana.
  • Check how your life can become useful and helpful to others. If you are not useful to others, others are not going to be useful to you, as the law of nature.
  • In the start of sadhana, manthan will happen and all the vish (poison) comes out. Eventually, the gems will come.
An important question that has been coming up generally among sadhaks is asking what to do when travelling or not being at home and whether sadhana can be done without meru at such times and on quiery of a sadhak, Babaji said that one can certainly do sadhana at such times without the Meru.

Babaji said that now he will be doing nonstop "Shiv Mahapurans" all across and Rhythm of Universe. Next will be in Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi and many many other places. Sadhaks were requesting and Baba was saying he will be doing in many many cities now. He also added that he would be doing so without a break now and that his this journey has begun now from Goa. He mentioned that he has empowerd Ishan Bhaiya with the shakti and he would continue with the same. He said that the mission of uplifing humanity must continue. Saying so he sang out "Ik din bandiya hai ud jana..." and asked everyone to love their family for there is no use putting up photos after someone has left.


  1. namah shivaye jacob bhai for sharing so preciou moments from the Goa shivir. By reading these I felt like I am attending the shivir :-)
    -Bhoopendra Singh

  2. Thank u Mr.Jacob, ur indeed doin a gr8 service by posting the shivir moments, n help others like me who r not able to attend the shivir get babaji's
    messages.Thanks a lot


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