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The External Guru & Internal Guru | Outer Technology to Inner Technology

There have always been this question of "multiple Gurus'. This video talks on the understanding of Deeksha Guru and Sheeksha Guru and where and why certain lines are needed to be drawn, of course, without discriminating anyone as high of low. The video also tries to explain the External & Internal Guru and how one stops with the dependency on outer technology and find it difficult to navigate when the outer technology fails, hence the need to learn to attune to the inner technology eventually.
Divine Love and Light...

You cannot FIGHT for PEACE

~ Babaji in recent Chennai shivir said..... There is corruption around, but it is the outcome of mass consciousness. Think and see if you would do corruption if you had an opporunty. Somewhere deep down everybody is corrupt and that reflects in group consciousness, which is the creation of the mass and the mass is creation of individual consciousness.
I do not understand the meaning of "Kranti" till now. Kranti is meant to be an attempt to forcefully bring a change in the society. Everyone is try to bring a change in others but does not want to change himself/herself.
You cannot FIGHT for peace because FIGHT is not the energy of PEACE. You can grow only mangoes with the seed of mango; you can only grow wheat with the seed of wheat and FIGHT is certainly not a postive seed. If you want to transform the society, YOU have to transform first and the society will change.
A ShivYogi only focusses on changing himself/herself and never others.
The first positive change a Shivyogi will n…

Art of Dying Mauritius 2011

Namah Shivaya. Much gratitude to Mila Chetty for sharing Babaji's love with all of us in the transcript form. Sharing it as it was received with some minor changes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Pranam , So here we are at the last moments of the Shivir  feeling blissfully happy but at the same time will miss the physical presence of Babaji ,His incredible charm and His Love.

Babaji started the Shivir with his usual good  humour and said that he had heard that many had been frightened by the name of the Shivir and had not registered for the course. He stressed that it was important to learn about the art of ascension... we all have to die... the body dies but the soul never dies.
The Shiva consciousness is our own consciousness in the pure form. One has to purify and purify so as to reach to the Christ consciousness; the Buddha Consciousness; or the Shiva consciousness .To attain Higher Consciousness we have to go within and attain transparency.There ar…

Wallpaper/Calendar - Aug 2011

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