The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Art of Dying Mauritius 2011

Namah Shivaya. Much gratitude to Mila Chetty for sharing Babaji's love with all of us in the transcript form. Sharing it as it was received with some minor changes.

Pranam ,
So here we are at the last moments of the Shivir  feeling blissfully happy but at the same time will miss the physical presence of Babaji ,His incredible charm and His Love.

Babaji started the Shivir with his usual good  humour and said that he had heard that many had been frightened by the name of the Shivir and had not registered for the course. He stressed that it was important to learn about the art of ascension... we all have to die... the body dies but the soul never dies.
  • The Shiva consciousness is our own consciousness in the pure form. One has to purify and purify so as to reach to the Christ consciousness; the Buddha Consciousness; or the Shiva consciousness .
  • To attain Higher Consciousness we have to go within and attain transparency.
  • There are always 2 choices the path of illumination or the path of darkness. The vortex of illumination or the vortex of darkness.
  • If transparency is there one is automatically projected into the vortex of illumination. What you are inside is what you are outside; this is transparency.
  • There should never be any manipulation.
  • Do sadhana to find the wisdom that exists within you.
  • Always help others achieve what they want in life.
  • Never analyse Saints.
  • Babaji narrated the story of Nachiketa.
    • Nachiketa's father desires a gift from the Gods  announces that he is going to do a great yagna and that he will be giving away many cows which (which are old and useless) not much to win him anything.
    • Here Babaji explained the meaning of donation in Shivyog .You give the best of the best to make the person receiving it happy. Do not give old stuff as donation because then you are just getting rid of things and that in Shivyog is not a donation.
    • Cook plenty of good food and watch the people enjoy. Pamper the people and make them feel important; that is donation and don't go calling on every roof that I have given this or that, to boost the ego. It should be done discreetly.
    • So Nachiketa, wanting the best for his father, said, "I am yours too, so to which God will you offer me?" After being pestered thus the father in a fit of anger said, "I shall offer you to Yama (God of death). So Nachiketa went to the house of the Yama but he wasn't there but his wife was there who told him that Yama would be back in three days. Nachiketa decided to wait. He waited for three days without eating or drinking (Babaji here said that he was meditating waiting for the God of death which made his consciousness become  purer)
    • When Yama arrived he was very sorry that his guest hadn't eaten or drunk anything while waiting for him, so he told him that he would grant him 3 wishes. Nachiketa ,with an attitude of gratitude  asked for peace for his father and himself to which Yama accepted. Then, Nachiketa asked about the sacred fire sacrifice to which Yama agreed. Lastly, Nachiketa wanted to know the mystery of what comes after death. He told Yama that he had heard that in Heaven nobody was sick there was no sadness nobody dies... "I want to learn that secret" ... to which Yama was reluctant. He told Nachiketa "I can grant you many, many years of life and any material gains but don't ask this" to which the boy answered, "Then after so many thousands of years you will still come and get me. No! No other boon would do." But Nachiketa insisted that he had to know. Yama was secretly pleased with such a disciple.
    • Yama taught Nachiketa  how to perform the three yagnas of youthfulness, the 3 steps to raise consciousness where disease, sorrow and fear shall not bother and that is
      • Unconditional Love.
      • Gratitude
      • Forgiveness
    • Every misery of life comes from the lack of these three.
  • The heaven is not a place - it is a state of consciousness just as the hell is a state of consciousness.
  • However you are feeling when you are in the body these emotions are multiplied a thousand of times when you leave the body.
  • Anyone who has committed suicide because of some pain or fear will live that same pain and fear a thousand times more intensely after leaving the body.
  • In Tibet the body remains for 40 days and the priest prays and makes sure the soul finds another body  by telling the jivatma you  are a being of light and the soul will create a situation like the heaven.
  • The sanskara remains even after a person leaves the body.
  • Someone who leaves from the mooadhara and knows only the basic acts of survival such as sex,food and shelter will still be hungry in the astral body, will still need sex and so as soon as he sees a bird or an insect mate the soul is desperate and will rush to be born again and satisfy himself.
  • Below the mooladhara there are even lower realms.
  • There are 3 knots that have to be pierced for the soul to leave through the higher  chakras.The  Rudra granti, the vishnu granti and the Brahma granti.
  • The God will forgive all your sins but your central nervous  system will not.
  • When you want to receive God never say that you are a sinner. Due to ignorance you might have done many mistakes but you are always forgiven.
  • Meditation is not a ceremonial thing. Wherever you are get connected. 
  • Always  two choices in life the illumination and the darkness.
    • Gratitude - always concentrate on the vortex of illumination and think of only the good that the other has done.
    • Forgiveness - Liberation of collective karma, collective miseries. When yo are not forgiving you are stuck with that person. Animosity starts when there are expectations. True forgiveness is to be able to pray for the well being of that person who has hurt us.
  • It is the mind that decides and thus enters into a contract with the soul  to make things happen.
  • The guru whether dead or alive always come to meet you when you die and he shows you the light by reassuring you.
  • Yama is the teacher .Yama is not the reality but only Shiva is the reality.
  • When you become Shiva there is no death.
  • Rituals for the dead do not help them but the best way to make them happy and ascend is to cook plenty of food once a year and have it distributed to the poor and none of the family members should have this food.
  • 365 days is equal to one day in the astral plane so its like you are giving food to them everyday.
  • Artificial respiration doesn't help the soul but keeps it attached to the  body.
  • A dying person should either have the Mahamritunjaya mantra ,the Gayatri mantra or the Hanuman  chalisa recited so that he can leave in peace  and this peace is multiplied a thousand of times when he is out of the physical body. Then he will easily rise to the light.
  • Do not curse anyone for anything. If a swindler takes money from you just be happy that you have repaid a karmic debt and forget about the situation otherwise the curse comes back to you many times.
  • Purify the mind from anger, jealousy and all unresolved issues.
  • Every incident happens so that we can learn a lesson so if we take it with a good state of mind that "Yes, I have learnt a lesson and have a good reaction to the incident then there is no accumulated karma.
  • No one saves us but ourselves.
  • Give love to all around you - Animals, plants, people.
  • The physical world has three gunas .
    •  Satoguna.
    •  Rajoguna.
    •  Tamoguna 
  • Tamoguna originates from ignorance which leads to extremes slothfulness and inertia. Death in tamoguna gives birth among animals.
  • Rajoguna originates from desires and attachments which leads to anticipation and attachments to results and uncontrolled passions. Death in rajoguna gives birth among people.
  • Satoguna originates when pure knowledge illuminates that person. It leads to peace and happiness. Death in satoguna gives birth to higher dimensions.
  • With nondual mind, one who is full of devotion towards God soon crosses these three gunas.
  • We exist in multidimensional plane.
  • Depending on our level of purity ,our level of consciousness our higher self also reaches into higher realms and each time we shift to the vortex of darkness  our higher self moves further down  and when we are happy, forgiving, doing seva and good work our higher self also moves further up towards the Gods.
  • Planets are an illusion everything is within us. We have to learn to tap into the knowledge from within.
  • All who are born highly in society with all comforts were higher beings. If they add on to puniya karma as they do a lot of good work their higher selves move further up in the higher realms but on the contrary if they use their position crush others their higher selves move down. That is the 'descending ' process and the Self can move up or down. Never judge anybody, only give Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude.
  • Being born is very tricky because we forget that we came back to learn a lesson and if we earn bad karma we go down.
  • Only human beings can decide. Even Gods and the spiritual guides cannot decide.
  • If a divine being is born he will take birth in a very good environment where spirituality prevails and with a lot of comfort.
  • If a divine being starts acting as a spiritual guide his evolution will only depend on the the good work that the one he is guiding is doing.
  • As the person being guided progresses  more evolved beings help the person towards spiritual growth which help in worldly growth.
  • The person listening to gut feeling is always guided by higher beings.
  • Grand parents often act as spiritual guides and they ascend depending on the evolution of the human.
  • In Shivyog the guru becomes the spiritual guide because  his higher self is there.
  • If a person lives life 200% that is 100% spiritual life and 100% worldly life the consciousness reaches the swadhistan.
  • Divide the day into 3 categories:
    • Deva karma. Purification of the consciousness giving light to the soul.(Early morning meditation).
    • Sakam karma. Work hard. Give 100% of yourself and when you achieve do the punya in the outside world as selfless service.
    • Shanti karma. Night time spend happy moments with the family.
  • Your family is the soul group which has reincarnated and they have to learn a lesson together to resolve issues of many life times.
  • Keep checking the thermostat whether you are in the vortex of illumination or the vortex of darkness.
  • You will keep going to the vortex of darkness but now you know that you have to learn a lesson and jump back into the vortex of illumination.
  • The trick to erase anger is to sing (here Babaji sang the song Jab koi baat bibad jaaye, jab koi mushkil aa jaaye, Tum lena Shiv ka naam ... Namah shivay. Na koi tha na koi hai, mere Shive ke Shiva, Tum lena Shiv ka naam...  Namah Shivay)
  • Nothing gives you happiness it is just an illusion.
  • My guru always told me to listen to the voice of silence.
  • Puniya karma is when you are doing something good. Your higher self ascends and your spiritual guides ascend as well. At the same time you earn a lot of blessing and everything you think of is given unto you more and more higher beings get attracted to you and you remain in the vortex of illumination.
  • Do the self-analysis everyday.
  • You are not to become a factory of  pain and sorrow.
  • When an incident happens you must learn to release it  by forgiving and giving a lot of love. It is when it is stored that it makes the person react negatively to every situation.
  • Always remain in a state of Nirguna (the world is only relatively real but the real self is not affected by it.)
  • The conscious mind is aware of good, bad, happiness, unhappiness that is the superficial mind.
  • The subconscious mind is deep inside, an extension of the soul.
  • Whatever you want will come to you but you must be ready to pay the price - 125%
  • It is the involvement of the time spent in making the project successful, how you are visualizing and then it is the physical action.
  • Here Babaji gives the  example of a professor who has to deliver a course the next day. He opens the book on the eve looks at the course he has to deliver then goes to sleep and deliver to his students the next day. (This babaji says is only giving 20%).
  • If on the contrary he opens the text, visualizes his students, finds ways to deliver the course so that a maximum of students can benefit from the course then deliver the to the students it is a 125% involvement.
  • Karma yogi does not delegate. Before delivering a project you have to be inside of yourself, take a feel of it and then deliver. Choice is yours either you take a project and make it 125% one or you don't take it at all.
  • Most people  do things at 20% this is why there are more mediocre people around.
  • A Shivyogi has to decide what kind of creator he wants to be. Visualize how much benefit you are going to deliver and make sure the person get a maximum of benefit from what you are giving.
  • No work is small.
  • Have no ego, no dependency.
  • Everybody has the same time but stride is different.
  • Whatever you are doing take it with a very very high stride.
  • We know that there are 3 states of existence. The beginning (Brahma), The sustainance  (Vishnu) and the destruction (Rudra).
  • Only the physical aspect is destroyed but consciousness always remains.
  • A Shivyogi believes in 2 more states; then no death occurs:
    •  Ascension that reaches the higher beings.
    • Ascension that reaches towards Gods.
  • In raising consciousness a Shivyogi continues raising his consciousness until the 5 bodies merge at the same frequency. That happens only when you live in the present moment, only purification is there, total detachment is there and helping others unconditionally is there. Then the Sada Shiva helps for self realization to occur and you merge into the light. If lessons remain unlearned you have to go back. 
CELEBRATE LIFE: A Shivyogi does everything with consciousness. When eating be conscious of every morsel, of taste texture everything. While going to sleep say consciously that I am going to have a very, very deep relaxing sleep and that I will wake up at 5 o'clock. Maintain consciousness (awareness) at all times.

Namah shivaya.


  1. Thank you very much for posting this!
    I really appreciate it, as I don't have much access where I live!
    Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay!

  2. Prity from MauritiusAugust 15, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    Infinite thanks and unconditional love to holy Avdhoot Baba Shivanand ji for His divine grace on me and my family.

    Hearty thanks a lots to the Self Realization Gurus for showing us the true path of God..(^_^)


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