Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You cannot FIGHT for PEACE

~ Babaji in recent Chennai shivir said..... There is corruption around, but it is the outcome of mass consciousness. Think and see if you would do corruption if you had an opporunty. Somewhere deep down everybody is corrupt and that reflects in group consciousness, which is the creation of the mass and the mass is creation of individual consciousness.

I do not understand the meaning of "Kranti" till now. Kranti is meant to be an attempt to forcefully bring a change in the society. Everyone is try to bring a change in others but does not want to change himself/herself.

You cannot FIGHT for peace because FIGHT is not the energy of PEACE. You can grow only mangoes with the seed of mango; you can only grow wheat with the seed of wheat and FIGHT is certainly not a postive seed. If you want to transform the society, YOU have to transform first and the society will change.

A ShivYogi only focusses on changing himself/herself and never others.

The first positive change a Shivyogi will notice with the energies of sadhana after self-transformation is in the family and when it expands further, it expands to the society. Thousands of such Shivyogis will bring an impact on the world."


  1. I have a question! What if majority people are non corrupted true citizens but the society compels them to take the negative results of the corrupt govt? Action has higher value than un-action says Gita. We need to raise a voice rite? Corruption was handed over by the Brit to destroy India through the Congress. So we are only changing the scenario for the total betterment of India. I pray that Divine is with us in this mission..

  2. The point in the Babaji's words in the post yet awaits to be received in it's truest sense. Namah shivaya..


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