Friday, February 24, 2012

Important - Shree Vidya III

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Namah shivay. A very, very important announcement of which all sadhaks must take note and take the pains also to inform those who are not on facebook. The Shree Vidya 3 registration form that is now available on the website has to be filled and submitted along with the demand draft. In the case the form is rejected by Baba ji, the amount of the demand draft will be duly returned to the sadhak. Also, please fill all the details in the Shree Vidya 3 form honestly. Diseases and problems, if any must be written without hesitation. A special message on Maha Shivratri by Ishan ji tomorrow evening. Some special videos on Shivratri on Monday morning. Everything right here on the official fan page of Shiv Yog. Please spread this message. Thank you. Blessings.

Ideally, Baba ji would have wanted that the purification be in his words, a "sehaj" process. For orientations for Shree Vidya level 3, He believed would have allowed to bless all with higher shakti, but with energy and vibrations of the planet Earth growing at a rapid pace, He believes the time is right for Shree Vidya 3. As a consequence, in GOA in late May and early June, two shivirs of Shree vidya 3 will be held. One being in English and one in Hindi. Prati Prasav shivirs for those who attend them will be the implicit orientations. For those unable to attend any shivirs in the coming times before Shree Vidya 3, start getting regular in the morning and evening Shree Vidya sadhnas. All information regarding this Shivir will be uploaded on the website. . No further clarifications and/or further elaboration, just the announcement over here. Blessings.

नमः शिवाय सभी साधकों को एक बहुत बहुत महत्वपूर्ण घोषणा से सूचित करना है और निवेदन है की जो 

फसेबूक पर नहीं कर रहे हैं कृपा कर उन्हे सूचित करने का कष्ट करें. श्री विद्या 3 पंजीकरण फार्म जो अब 

वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध है, उसे भरने के साथ ही डिमांड ड्राफ्ट भी जमा कराएँ! अगर बाबा जी, भरा हुआ फॉर्म 

को नही स्वीकार करते, उस स्थीति में जमा की हुई पूरी राशि साधकों को लौटा डी जाएगी!  श्री विद्या 3 का 

फॉर्म ईमानदारी से भरें तथा रोगों और समस्याओं को बेझिझक लिखें महा शिवरात्रि पर इशान जी कल 

शाम को एक विशेष संदेश भेजेंगे और सोमवार को इसी फसेबूक पेज पर कुछ विशेष वीडियो. 

कृपया इस संदेश को फ़ैलाएँ! धन्यवाद.

~ ShivYog Foundation on Facebook

Shree Vidya (English): 24th May to 3rd Jun 2012 

Shree Vidya (Hindi): 5th June to 13th Jun 2012   

Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Venue: Goa

PREREQUISITE: Shiv Yog Shree Vidya Level I and Advance Level II is absolutely necessary before Shree Vidya Advance Level III.

ADVISABLE: It is advisable to do the Prati Prasav Sadhna shivir before the Shree Vidya Advance Level III, in order to be able to receive the Higher Initiation and gain maximum benefit.

Babaji will personally see all the applications.

It is only after Babaji’s approval that the confirmation will be sent to the sadhak. Please note that any incomplete form will not be considered.

Attach a recent colour photograph to the application. 

The Last Date for registration is 31st March. Prior registration is a must. No on-the-spot registration.

For more details on official site click here

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mahashivratri Messages


Namah shivay

Dear sadhaks,

I asked Babaji, "What is Shivratri? " He explained to me that initially when there was no Universe, there was only  the NIRAKAR, the NIRGUN, form-less, quality-less, attribute-less Shunya (Paratpar Shiv)

And then from that Nirakar came the Akar, ie charcterizied by having a definite form. When there is the form, there has to be Gunas (Sattvic Rajsic Tamsic ) and whenever there are gunas there has to be the ego.

So  from the formless the form originated , and came ego with gunas. These characteristics were first observed in  lord Vishnu and lord Brahma. They started fighting for supremacy and it was then that lord Shiva appeared in the JYOTIRLING and proclaimed that one can merge with Him only when one does tapa,sadhna or dhyan. "I cant be experienced until one purifies oneself." And it was then that lord Shiva gave them the diksha and showed them the path to the procedure of tapa.

So the time when lord Shiva gave the diksha , the time when all His energies are at their peak , the time when all the gunas are most powerful , ready for tapa , is known as Shivratri.

The stories and fables are many, but this is what I was told by Baba ji .

In Shastras, it is written that 'Just minutes of meditation. on Shivratri is  equivalent to years of meditation and the person who meditates in all the 8 pehars , attains great healing and divinity.

But 8 pehar puja is not going and ringing the bells, lighting the agarbattis , it is rather meditating on Shiva in a profound state. From the first pehar start meditating and continue his smaran till the last pehar.
Be in the meditative state throughout; that is do the Sanjeevani/Shree Vidya sadhna with the Beej mantra as taught by Babaji in every pehar.
Eat amrit bhojan that is raw fruits and vegetables.

The first pehar will start from early in the morning at 7:00 am and there is a pehar after a gap of every three hours. Pehar meaning when the energies are at the peak.

Babaji will be meditating throughout for all sadhaks.
Lots of blessings from Baba ji and ma
Namah shivay
Ishan Shivanand

The folklore and significance behind Shivratri is explained below on this pious day of Mahashivratri 2012.

Once there was a dispute between Lord Brahma and lord Vishnu. Both claimed that they were superior. As the quarrel worsened, the universe started to lose its balance. Just then, a Jyotirling appeared before them. It was huge and appeared as if it had no beginning and no end. Divine chants reverberated from within the Linga .At that time, both the gods decided that  the one who would find the source of the ling would be superior .So lord Vishnu took the form of a wild boar and started to look for the base of the ling. Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and flew to find the head of the ling.

But as infinity has no beginning or end , their search was in vain. For many eons, they searched but could not find the source. Lord Brahma, tired and enervated, one day saw a flower falling down and asked whether it fell from the top of the lingam.

The flower as we know today as ‘Ketaky’ replied, “I do not know. From the beginning of time I have been falling." At that time, the Lord decided to cheat. Brahma asked the flower to tell Vishnu that it was procured from atop the ling by him and that the flower itself was witness to this. The Ketaky flower readily agreed. They both thus, went to Lord Vishnu, boasted about their prowess, bragged about how Lord Brahma had reached the source of origination of the Linga i.e. the head of the ling and how Ketaky was the witness to this achievement. Lord Vishnu accepted defeat and bowed down to Lord Brahma but no sooner he did bow than Lord Shiva appeared. Furious at Lord Brahma's deception, he cursed Lord Brahma that he shall never be worshiped in temples and cursed the flower “you shall never be used for my prayers”. At the same time pleased with Lord Vishnu’s simplicity, Lord Shiva blessed him that from this day, Hari and Hara will be seen as one.

But Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva, to douse the anger and bless all. Lord Vishnu prayed for wisdom. it is at this point that Lord Shiva was pleased and exclaimed, “Whenever the physical form is taken, with it come the gunas --- the Satvik guna, the Rajasik guna and the Tamsik guna. You fought because of the Rajasik guna, hence if the physical form is achieved, you must strive to purify it of all the Gunas through tapa (sustained meditation).”

Next, to usher purification in both Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, he gave diksha to them through his breath.

At the time of diksha:
The first chant to come out was Aum
The second to come out was the Panchakshari  mantra 
The third was the Mahamrityunjya mantra
The forth was the Gayatri mantra
The fifth was Tatva masi – i am that infinite

The day when Lord Shiva through his breath gave the diksha is known as Shivaratri and any sadhak who on this day connects his breath with Lord Shiva, will receive the grace, the diksha and the divinity of Lord Shiva. The message of Shivratri thus is that with this physical body, come the Tamsik the Rajasik qualities and one must purify oneself  of all negativity through sadhna .All Shivyogis must raise their level of consciousness to the level of Supreme Consciousness. It is the day when the pace of transfer of energy from the divinity is at its peak and one must strive to connect and get the most of the blessings from Lord Shiva and one’s Guru. For that, Babaji says all Shivyogis must have Amrit Bhojan which is raw fruits and water or else, if possible pure milk.

There are eight pehars i.e. the time when the energy is most powerful
  7 am - 10 am
10 am -   1 pm  
  1 pm -  4 pm
  4 pm -  7 pm
  7 pm - 10 pm
10 pm -   1 am
  1 am -  4 am

At these times, Babaji says a Shivyogi must meditate, and read the Swadhyay....

Shiv Panchakshari strotra, Rudrasthtam, Lingasthkam followed by the chanting of Aum Namah Shivay.
The whole day you will experience great healing as Babaji Himself will be in deep meditation, connecting with the Source, blessing and healing all Shiv yogis. 

Lots of blessings from Babaji and Ma
Namah shivay
On behalf of Baba ji,
Ishan Shivanand

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