Friday, February 24, 2012

Important - Shree Vidya III

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Namah shivay. A very, very important announcement of which all sadhaks must take note and take the pains also to inform those who are not on facebook. The Shree Vidya 3 registration form that is now available on the website has to be filled and submitted along with the demand draft. In the case the form is rejected by Baba ji, the amount of the demand draft will be duly returned to the sadhak. Also, please fill all the details in the Shree Vidya 3 form honestly. Diseases and problems, if any must be written without hesitation. A special message on Maha Shivratri by Ishan ji tomorrow evening. Some special videos on Shivratri on Monday morning. Everything right here on the official fan page of Shiv Yog. Please spread this message. Thank you. Blessings.

Ideally, Baba ji would have wanted that the purification be in his words, a "sehaj" process. For orientations for Shree Vidya level 3, He believed would have allowed to bless all with higher shakti, but with energy and vibrations of the planet Earth growing at a rapid pace, He believes the time is right for Shree Vidya 3. As a consequence, in GOA in late May and early June, two shivirs of Shree vidya 3 will be held. One being in English and one in Hindi. Prati Prasav shivirs for those who attend them will be the implicit orientations. For those unable to attend any shivirs in the coming times before Shree Vidya 3, start getting regular in the morning and evening Shree Vidya sadhnas. All information regarding this Shivir will be uploaded on the website. . No further clarifications and/or further elaboration, just the announcement over here. Blessings.

नमः शिवाय सभी साधकों को एक बहुत बहुत महत्वपूर्ण घोषणा से सूचित करना है और निवेदन है की जो 

फसेबूक पर नहीं कर रहे हैं कृपा कर उन्हे सूचित करने का कष्ट करें. श्री विद्या 3 पंजीकरण फार्म जो अब 

वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध है, उसे भरने के साथ ही डिमांड ड्राफ्ट भी जमा कराएँ! अगर बाबा जी, भरा हुआ फॉर्म 

को नही स्वीकार करते, उस स्थीति में जमा की हुई पूरी राशि साधकों को लौटा डी जाएगी!  श्री विद्या 3 का 

फॉर्म ईमानदारी से भरें तथा रोगों और समस्याओं को बेझिझक लिखें महा शिवरात्रि पर इशान जी कल 

शाम को एक विशेष संदेश भेजेंगे और सोमवार को इसी फसेबूक पेज पर कुछ विशेष वीडियो. 

कृपया इस संदेश को फ़ैलाएँ! धन्यवाद.

~ ShivYog Foundation on Facebook

Shree Vidya (English): 24th May to 3rd Jun 2012 

Shree Vidya (Hindi): 5th June to 13th Jun 2012   

Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Venue: Goa

PREREQUISITE: Shiv Yog Shree Vidya Level I and Advance Level II is absolutely necessary before Shree Vidya Advance Level III.

ADVISABLE: It is advisable to do the Prati Prasav Sadhna shivir before the Shree Vidya Advance Level III, in order to be able to receive the Higher Initiation and gain maximum benefit.

Babaji will personally see all the applications.

It is only after Babaji’s approval that the confirmation will be sent to the sadhak. Please note that any incomplete form will not be considered.

Attach a recent colour photograph to the application. 

The Last Date for registration is 31st March. Prior registration is a must. No on-the-spot registration.

For more details on official site click here


  1. how could i join this classes from starting

  2. Thanks for this precious information.

    Namah Shivay !!!

  3. namah shivay thanks for the information but we required the information about the donation amount for draft category wise so pls inform as early possible

  4. 15k is the amt. namah shivaya

  5. what is the minimum amount for registration of shri vidya level 3 in goa in june 2012.. namah shivaya


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