The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Delhi Shivir teachings

Much gratitude to Facebook Shivyog Community for the excellent write-up on Babaji's precious teachings in the recent Delhi Shivir. Namah Shivaya

The Samadhi of Nagpal Baba ji in the Markandey bhawan complex 
Namah shivay. Chattarpur is a de facto homestead of Baba ji and when the shivir is in Delhi, a land privileged to be Baba ji's physical dwelling, the description too needs to be special. In keeping with the aforesaid words, the following write up will be a veritable shivir for those who didn't attend it. For those who did, it will be a welcome recall of all of the divine Wisdom with which Baba ji graced the legion of sadhaks from not only Delhi but, foreign shores too.

As a foreword to the note, a special anecdote which Baba ji Himself narrated on the 5th day of the shivir about the establishment of Markandey Bhawan by Sant Baba Nagpal ji is being included.


Baba Nagpal was a devout worshipper of Devi. He wished to build a complex which would double up as a temple and a refuge for all those who looked to attain peace of mind by ruminating over the Goddess Herself. One day in meditation, Mahalaxmi Mata's silhouette appeared before Him. He saluted Her. The Goddess instructed Nagpal ji to cover the land he had envisaged to establish the complex on. To this Nagpal ji retorted that He didnt have the adequate resources and that whatever He had was insufficient to set up the sprawling complex which Devi had asked Him to establish. Devi then assured Him that when She was with Him, He will have all the required resources, materials, wealth, finances and the divine sanction to build it. Mahalaxmi Ma blessed Him and disappeared in thin air. The municipal authorities under the purview of which the Markandey Bhawan land fell, objected to erection of any kind of a religious or spiritual centre at the said site. They decided that if Nagpal Baba goes ahead with His project, they will take no time to bull-doze it. Meanwhile Nagpal Baba miraculously accumulated the supplies needed to build the Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth through the divine grace and gave the green signal for the construction to proceed. During the various stages of its construction, time and again the municipal authorities tried to impede and stifle the construction process only to encounter failure at each instance. Every time some or the problem other deterred them from razing the construction site. Some times, heavy rains used to start as they were readying to head to the complex, at times the chains of the bulldozers used to develop a snag, at other times some other work kept them preoccupied. Thus Markandey Bhawan or Shree Adya Katyayani Peeth as we know it today came into being. So we must thank Nagpal Baba ji too for the wonderful shivirs we have in Delhi. The lesson which Baba ji wished for us to learn from this incident is that there is a divine authority which is above all the administrative authorities of the world and so whenever a task is to be accomplished, one must seek divine refuge since the Authority of Shiv Shakti transcends every barrier and is successful in granting every wish of ours provided our consciousness is risen and intention is pure.

Miscellaneous points
  • (Baba ji commenced the shivir with this issue) Being born in the information age, humans have become slaves of modern technologies and conveniences. Not that the mod cons are less of a boon, just that efforts should be made to enjoy them by working on the inner consciousness too. Texting on the phones and constant finger twiddling on gadgets must give way to inner twiddling. There must be a balance between outer knowledge and Inner Wisdom.
  • The inner consciousness recognizes every disease and with immediate effect, begins the diagnosis, nay healing. But we have moulded ourselves such that we have become far removed from our soul and inner consciousness, consequently having to bear the brunt of disease, weakness, laziness and other such insidious maladies.
  • Familial values have all but forgotten. Dining together has given way to the decadent "personal space" which in reality is the root cause of unprecedentedly high cases of depression, reported across the globe lately. There is an alarming need to head back to the roots of our supreme Indian culture.
  • Sit together with the family. Thank Ma Annapuneshwari for the privilege that you have of getting tasty food with so much ease and happiness all through the day. Pray that may all  humans get to eat four square meals a day. Invocation of Ma Sanjeevani can also be done and the request to Ma sanjeevani to flow through the food will heighten the life force energy of the food.
  • Learn lessons from every incident. Do not repeat mistakes. The superconscious which is God residing in you, knows that committing a mistake the second time over means doing it deliberately. Seek forgiveness for your actions with a promise and vow to never repeat them. This is called taking lessons from incidents of life.
  • The Guru can only show the path. Treading on it is the prerogative of the disciple. The need to undertake short term, medium term and long term goals is immense for any sadhak aspiring to attain self realization.
  • Root cause of every disease is psychosomatic.
  • The emotions of helplessness, suppression of one's voice and deep resentment cause Arthritis. So always let others have a say. For example at times it is seen that the patriarchal head of the family doesn't allow the womenfolk to express themselves. Always sustain happiness and unconditional love.Only humans have the power to choose their emotions, so choose unconditional love and happiness.
  • The characteristic of dhyan is in us from the day we are born. Just that it is directed to the Infinite when the Guru enlightens.

Rise above attitude change on hearing good or bad.
Very often we wish to know who said what about us or most
of the times we are eager to find someone who sings our praises.
Baba ji says steer clear of such practices. Both of them foment ego.
जो कानों का कच्चा है, उसके अंदर मधु कैटभ नामक असुरो का वास है! अर्थात बुराई सुननें पर उदास और वा-वाही सुनें पर प्रफुल्लित होनें वाले व्यक्ति को घोर तप की आवश्यकता है!
  • Never have the intention of manipulation.
  • You can become a devta only when you become a human being first.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes. Promise and pledge not to repeat them. Only then can you become a good human. But if you do not own up your faults and continue with them, you are comparable with an animal.
  • Try to be like the flower of Lotus. Be unfettered and unrestrained. The worldly vices should not influence you.
  • Do not view the world through your prism. Just follow the Guru's advice. Help nature, unconditionally love all and accept all.
When one sails with the nature and surrenders to the Guru smile like this automatically
adorns the face and everything falls into place.
  • The flow of Bio-etheric energy in the Pran shareer is responsible for the proper functioning of the physical organs in our body. If any organ is diseased, it means there is lack of Bio-etheric energy at that point in the Pran Shareer. Sticky, black energy at this point is because of some karmic factors. Karmas in the Gyanmay shareer control the vibrations of the Manomay shareer which in turn control the energy in the Pran shareer and ultimately the physical result of this process is seen as a disease in the physical body.
  • The four stages of life as stated in our scriptures - Brahmacharya, Grehastha, Vanprastha and Sanyas. Baba ji opined that do the best irrespective of the ashram you are in. Know your duties as a student, as a husband, as a wife, as a mother, as a father, as a grandfather, etc.
  • Lead life in a flexible way. Forgiveness is the best virtue to imbibe flexibility within. For a flexible object, free fall wont be as hurtful as it would be for a stiff object. So if as a person you're stiff, a closed person, a snob, arrogant, its time that you open up and inculcate the cheer through sadhna and sewa.
  • Positive reactions to even negative situations will turn the negativity to positivity.
  • Have a strong belief within yourself that you will be successful in whatever you do.
  • Baba ji emphasized on the role of music in providing an impetus to spiritual growth. He said every individual note in the octave of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa corresponded to each chakra. He also asked those involved in music to practice this. While singing Sa, do the dhyan of Mooladhar, then Re at Swaddhisthan. So on and so forth.
Sa   -  Mooladhaar
Re   -  Swaddhisthan
Ga   -  Manipur
Ma  -  Anahat
Pa   -  Vishuddhi
Dha -  Agya
Ni   -  Sehstrasar
Sa   -  Jyotirmay chakra (Above Sehastrasar)

For an even better experience, substitute

Sa with Na
Re with Ma
Ga with Shi
Ma with Va
Pa with Ya
Dha with Om
Ni with Om
Sa with Om

Keep the tune same. Meaning the way you sing Sa, the same way sing Na.

Sa re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa

Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa

Na Ma Shi Va Ya Om Om Om

Om Om Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya

Octave and reverse octave to be sung like this:

Mooladhaar   Swaadhisthan    Manipur    Anahat    Vishuddhi    Agya    Sehstrasar    Jyotirmay
     NA                MA               SHI          VA           YA         OM         OM              OM

Jyotirmay        Sehstrasar        Agya     Vishuddhi    Anahat    Manipur  Swaadhisthan  Mooladhaar
     OM                OM               OM           NA            MA         SHI           VA               YA

Yet another method which Baba ji suggested was substituting
Sa re Ga Ma pa Dha Ni Sa with Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om Om Om

Mooladhaar   Swaadhisthan    Manipur    Anahat   Vishuddhi   Agya   Sehstrasar   Jyotirmay
    LAM                VAM            RAM       YAM        HAM       OM          OM           OM

Jyotirmay      Sehstrasar       Agya     Vishuddhi    Anahat    Manipur   Swaadhisthan  Mooladhaar
   OM                  OM           OM         HAM          YAM       RAM             VAM             LAM

Juhi Chawla like every attendee at the shivir was left spell bound by the shakti of Baba ji and the transcendental meditations. Her tweets during the shivir bore testimony to this fact. 
Juhi Chawla ‏ @iam_juhi          27 Feb
Just attended shivanand Babaji s Shivir here in delhi . It is so wonderful !! Soooooooooooooo wonderful and empowering !!!!

Juhi Chawla ‏ @iam_juhi          27 Feb
I highly recommend it !! Annnyyyoonne out thee struggling with absolutely aannnnnnnnyyyy issues questions doubts in life !! PLEASE go  And you will bless me for it later !!!! Enrol NOW !!!!

Juhi Chawla ‏ @iam_juhi          27 Feb   
Babaji explains energy simply !!! We the so called books ..and overlook the knowledge and wisdom passed down by our sages !!

Juhi Chawla ‏ @iam_juhi          27 Feb
Learning never ends ... It should never end ... I have only just begun ... There may be a long way to go .. But at least I am on the path ..

गुरू वाणी, उन्हीं की ज़बानी

  • गुरू पूजन है आत्म पूजन! संसारिक विधि विधान में मत लगना! स्वयं को पूजना!
  • सब में उस शिव को देखना! पशुओं में भी!
  • हर हाल में खुशी! अब रोना धोना नहीं! यह नहीं कहना "I am fed up and disgusted. Bring the happiness from within. Outer happiness is only a way of expressing the inner joy so use it that way."
  • तुम्हारे emotions तुम्हे इस शरीर के माध्यम से उस परब्रह्म को अनुभव करने के लिए दिए हैं, उस सद्चितानंद को अनुभव करने के लिए दिए हैं इन्हें ग़लत दिशा में नही लगाना! Direct your feelings and emotions towards God and not towards animal tendencies of lust, fear, anger, resentment, hate, jealousy. पशुओं की भाँति Alpha male नहीं बनना! दादागिरी नहीं करना! नहीं तो स्थूल शरीर में ही अटके रह जाओगे और चौरासी लाख बार पीड़ित होगे!
  • Create for yourself and leave jealousy. दूसरे की खुशी से तनाव और ईर्ष्या करने वालों के विचार एक ट्रक के पीछे पढ़े मैने! उस पर लिखा था "मैं सुखी तू परेशन मेरा भारत महान"
  • श्रद्धा, भक्ति और विश्वास तुम्हारी धारणा शक्ति को प्रबल करेंगे! श्रद्धा, भक्ति और विश्वास अपने आप पर, अपने गुरु पर और उस परमेश्वर पर जो तुम्हें सभी कुछ देने में सक्षम है!
  • उर्ध्वरेता ही सिद्ध्मार्ग पर चलने का सुपात्र होता है! अपने कर्जों से मुक्त हो लेना! कर्ज़ यानी ऋण जो तुम्हारे माता पिता के प्रति है, जो तुम्हारी भाई बंधुओं के प्रति है, और हर उस व्यक्ति के प्रति है जिसने तुम्हारे लिए कुछ किया! इस ऋण मुक्ति की प्रक्रिया को अपने से ही शुरू कर देना! तुम्हारे पाँच शरीरों के तुम ऋणी हो! दिन प्रति दिन वो दिव्य उर्जा को तुम्हारे लिए एकत्रित करके उसका संचार करते हैं! इसलिए उनकी पुष्टि करना भी तुम्हारा ही उत्तर्दाइत्व है! प्राण क्रियाएँ प्रति दिन करके अपने प्राण शरीर के कर्ज़ से मुक्त होना और साधना करके अपने बाकी के शरीरों की ऋण मुक्ति करना! आत्म साक्षात्कार को प्राप्त करना है, तो सबसे पहले अपने पाँचों शरीरों की ऋण मुक्ति कर लेना नही तो सब बेकार है!
  • अपने जीवन में नियम बनाओ और वो नियम ही तुम्हें उन्नत बना देंगे! साधना का नियम,सेवा का नियम, संकीर्तन का नियम, व्यवहार का नियम, भोजन का नियम! हर चीज़ नियंपूर्वक करो तब बतलाओ अपने को शिव योगी!
  • जीवन में खुशहाली चाहते हो तो सत्य का संग करो और सत्य क्या है? वह शिव ही सत्य है बाकी सब मिथ्या है! इसलिए उसका गुणगान करना!
  • Work less accomplish more. जीवन में हर कार्य निपुणता से करने का प्रयास करना और जैसे जैसे साधना करोगे, काम अपने आप ही बननें लगेंगे! किसी भी कार्य में हाथ डालोगे, झट से सफलतापूर्वक पूर्ण हो जाएगा! जब चेतना निच्च की होगी तो हर काम में ज़्यादा ज़्यादा समय लगेगा और कोई guarantee नहीं की वे काम सही से हो जाएगा!
  • इच्छा करना पर ये कभी नही कहना "उनके पास तो सब कुछ है मुझे भी वो सब चाहिए!" This is not creating but complaining and a Shiv Yogi never complains but creates.
  • ज्ञानमय शरीर से जब संचित कर्म साधना के द्वारा भस्म हो जाते हैं तो ब्रह्मज्ञान, नौ निधियां और अष्ट सिद्धियाँ अपने आप साधक के पीछे दौड़ती हैं!
  • गुरू कोई बाहर नहीं है! वह तुम्हारे भीतर बैठा है! उसे जानो! उसकी आवाज़ सुनो! 'गु' मतलब अंधकार और "रू" मतलब प्रकाश! भीषण अज्ञान के अंधकार में जो ज्ञान से प्रकाशित कर दे वह गुरु है! अपने जीवन में गुरु अवश्य बनाना! एक आदर्श ज़रूर बनाना! इससे तुम्हारी उर्जा को एक दिशा मिलेगी की मुझे ऐसा बनना है!

Comprehending the value of a "Gu"-"ru" in their lives are the sadhaks listening to Baba ji keenly.
  • शरीर के किसी भी organ में या किसी भी part में अगर दर्द है, तो ये इसको indicate करता है की the organs are seeking love. तुम अपने शरीर के प्रति जग्रुक ही तब होते हो जब दर्द होता है या चोट लग जाती है! अपने शरीर से प्रेम करना सीखो! Love energy अपने शरीर में revolve किया करो! Charity begins from home. Unconditional love पहले स्वयं से करना सीखो!

 Happy to see His children a reformed lot

A Shivyogi never laments his fate. There is no whining or moaning the fate which befalls us. Everything is attributable to us. We are 100% responsible for whatever happens in our lives. As Shivyogis we cannot curse others for our predicament or rue our own actions. As Shiv Yogis we write down every trait and every circumstance of our lives. From our behaviour to how events unfold for us, the Golden book is our Janam patri. We create excellence for ourselves. We have the power to choose and we choose the best.

There are 2 kinds of actions that we can execute
  1. Conscious action
  2. Reflex action

The former is under our control but the latter is the instant response to a stimulus such as the automatic removal of the finger upon touching a hot object. Reflex action is generally known to be involuntary. Baba ji said that we can also manoeuvre the reflex action. When we follow an action continuously everyday, it comes to us automatically. We don't have to put in an effort to perform it. An example is driving a car. 
The mechanism of Reflex action

Baba ji dwelt on the fact that practicing something good everyday acclimatizes the body to perform that action automatically. The electrical impulses in the brain get stimulated towards the action as it is performed every day making a reflex action of conscious actions.

Marshal arts like Judo, Taekwando and Karate often involve the same punching and kicking exercises everyday. Sports persons, be it cricket football, table tennis or those in any other sport too practice daily. Ideally one would believe that those who have accomplished great feats in their respective sports should not practice because they know how to play. But Baba ji said this is not how it is. The practice is done daily so that the actions enter the subconscious by formation of a neuropathway so that a conscious action of perfection becomes a reflex action. So every time the need arises, the brain will send impulses of the action which has been fed to it and on the physical level, the correct action will automatically be performed.

Similarly, maansik mantra jaap creates neuro-pathway on the physical as well as etheric level and as the Shree Vidya mantra is installed in the subtle bodies, things start falling in place. Therefore, the rule of sadhna is to be made and followed devotedly. Same time and same place everyday.

To elucidate better, Baba ji cited two instances from His own life.
    A gutter ball - when the ball does not roll down the alley,
    rather taking the course of the "gutter"
  1. Ishan ji and others had gone out to a Bowling alley. As everyone took turns to direct their shot in the alley, Baba ji watched in appreciation. He wished to try His hand at it. So Baba ji was explained the technique of rolling the bowling ball down the alley. At first try the ball was a "gutter ball" meaning it was a very wayward try and the ball instead of rolling down the bowling floor went astray. This happened twice. Then Baba ji went back and closed His eyes. He visualized a perfect throw with the perfect technique. He created an instantaneous neuropathway. Such is His materialization and concentration power that this time when he slid the ball down the bowling alley, the ball took down all the 12 bowling pins resulting in a "Strike" only to leave all other players gasping in amazement of seeing a first timer hitting a strike in the third try itself when the previous two had gone so horribly wrong. From then on, all of Baba ji's rolls were "Strikes".
After the creation of a Neuro pathway, every time Baba ji struck gold

2.  Watching two table tennis players slugging it out, Baba ji wished to join. One of them handed over the racquet to Baba ji. As the opponent served, Baba ji couldn't play and missed the point. Next, Baba ji was given to serve the ball. He tried but it was a very wayward and lackadaisical attempt. The return hit from Baba ji went off the table. Encountering this poor show, Baba ji excused Himself for a minute. He imagined Himself turning the ball like a professional, serving the ball right and hitting returns like a professional, thus creating a neuropathway. He then held the racquet and asked the boy to start again. This time Baba ji returned with the ball taking an unbelievable spin, a hallmark of a professional Table tennis player. His serve too swerved a high degree leaving the boy shell shocked. Baba ji who was barely managing to keep the ball on the table, had suddenly developed a knack for astonishing plays. 

Through the aforementioned incidents Baba ji's intention was not to narrate miracles that He had sprung up. Rather He wanted the sadhaks to understand that through sadhna, the brain power can be made so strong that neuropathways can be created at the drop of a hat. For years on end, Baba ji has developed the practice of creating neuropathways by sitting for meditation daily at fixed timings and directing His energies towards a particular task every day. This has developed the Central Nervous system so much that it has become attuned and ready to perform any task to perfection with just a visualization needed. This explains work less accomplish more. And in His words, "और मज़े की बात तो ये है की श्री विद्या साधना तुम्हारे Central Nervous System यानी Spinal cord और Brain को इतना तीव्र और कुशल बना देगी की किसी भी कार्य में तुम हाथ डालोगे तो वह सफल होना ही है, बेशक उस कार्य की जाच तुम्हें पहले से आती हो या ना आती हो!" 
  • WHEN THE BODY SINGS आ........ अब ....लौट चलें
Dwelling on the fact that when we emote negatively, bringing to the fore emotions like, I hate my life, I'm so sad, I'm so depressed, I am a subject of ridicule, I can't do anything right, etc. the message that we send to the subconscious is that the inner consciousness must wind up. The desire to live is reducing with every passing day. In such cases, the ageing process will start pretty early.
Surrendering to the Guru helps transcend and cross the limitations of the negative vibrations. The sanchit karmas firmly hold the mind such that it doesn't wish to rid itself of the hatred, anger, resentment and jealousy towards others. The ego doesn't let any kind of surrender to take place. This is yet another form of ego which prompts individuals to refrain  "I will not forgive so and so/myself". This "I" is the false ego. In reality you are not this "I". You are the soul which is purest form of energy connected to Shiva.  
Baba ji said that certain notions and ideas become so entrenched in us that we refuse to believe anything other than them. In certain experiments in the US, the span of survival of cancer patients was expanded by just telling them that they can be cured. The mind is a very powerful tool. Believe in your actions. Do not believe the antecedents or history of the family or past experiences. A usual folly is to paint the entire family with a disease. For example - Knowing of a failed marriage or two in the family, we start believing that we shall inherit this misfortune. As a Shiv Yogi shun this irrationality and unreasonable conduct. 
  • जिस पर कृपा होगी, उसके भीतर साधना का अनंत भाव और सेवा करने की अत्यंत इच्छा स्वतः ही जागृत होगी!

Baba ji contended that the mere opportunity to perform service to all is granted by nature when the blessing of the divine is there. He added that there is nothing like a "good sewa" or "bad sewa", "oonchi sewa" or "neenchi sewa". In his words, "सेवा तो सेवा है! इसमें कोई ऊँच नींच नही होती! वह मूर्ख है जो एक सेवा को छोटी और दूसरी को बड़ी बताता है! आश्रम में तो सभी परमात्मा के बंदे हो जाते हैं! सब साथ में मिलकर सेवा करते हैं! चाहे वो आर्थिक रूप से अमीर हो या कोई आर्थिक रूप से ग़रीब!"

He also said that Sewa, charity and donation must be done with a feeling of gratitude.
Another key point on Sewa which he emphatically pointed out was, "सेवा की वाह-वाही कभी नहीं करवाना! इससे तुम्हारा पुण्य क्षीण हो जाएगा! सेवा के पुण्य तुम्हारी अध्यात्मिक उन्नति में काम आएँगे! इन्हें encash नहीं करना!"

Baba ji had this to tell all Shiv sadhaks who might still be in the thrall of addictions:

"बाबा की बात मानकर" Substitute-

1. Gutka with Amla candy. The candy of the WONDERFRUIT- Amla
2. Alcohol with ice cream soda
Substituting alcohol was never this appealing.

3. Tea with Tomato soup
The good old home made tomato soup should supersede "bad tea"

4. Cocktail with mocktail involving Nimbu paani or orange juice. (Baba ji called this "Orange juice on the rocks")
 Baba ji said make Lemon mocktail and if possible attach a cut Lemon 
on the glass for the complete experience

Also Baba ji said,"अन्न दान बच्चों को भी करना! बच्चे नारायण रूप होते हैं! सभी बच्चों को बिठा के एक एक करके भोजन बाँटना और भोजन देते समय कहना "बाबा जी ये लो"! क्योंकि बाबा हर उस बच्चे में व्यप्त होगा जिसको तुम भर पेट खिलाओगे! सो बाबा को खिलाना है तो नारायण सेवा करो!"

Baba ji said that in order to purify the body at all levels and at all koshas it is essential that all Shivyogis fast or perform upwaas. He elaborated that upwaas didnt mean stuffing up with food and staying hungry afterwards. The real meaning of upwaas is ऊपर वाले के साथ वास or residing with the Almighty. When we eat copiously, all the vasnas or desires in us get activated and aroused. But when we fast, the senses are ready to be directed as guided. The senses need something or the other to work on all the time and so during the fast when the senses are not engaged in any desire,they can be easily directed to the divine.

"उपवास में उस शिव के न्यारे प्यारे बन के रहना और परिवार को भी इसका हिस्सा बनाना! उपवास वाले दिन यह गाना नहीं घाना "इन्ही लोगों ने.......इन्ही लोगों ने....इन्हीं लोगों नें ले लिया......", Baba ji said.

Fasting of the 4 bodies must be done daily through praan kriyas and sadhna and that of all the 5 bodies once a week. On the day of the fast of 5 bodies, this routine should be followed:
  1. Quietening the mind
  2. Having only live food like raw fruits and raw vegetables throughout the day.
  3. 3-4 cycles of: Pran kriyas followed by Shree Vidya sadhna and then chanting.
  4. Spending the whole day listening only to bhajans, mantras and watching Baba ji's videos and following the cycles.

Once a week if this routine is followed, it would result in the detoxification of the body,mind and soul. Healing will automatically start. At first, aches and pains will come to the surface but resist them, tolerate them. If this stage is crossed, spiritual growth will result and that too exponentially so. Involve the family in this "fasting celebration".

Such a fast will be successful in curing all ailments, unaccomplished tasks and problems. If done for a week this would be like attending a shivir.

Baba ji cited the case of a politician in Bhuj who had liver cancer and who lived on a natural diet comprising milk (fresh milk extracted from a cow on the spot), pure cheese (made from the same milk) and Gau mutra or Cow urine for 3 complete months. His cancer was cured. That is the power one gains on eating natural foods.

"I did not attend the shivir. How can I directly benefit?"

Namah shivay. These were certain teachings during the shivir, which all sadhaks must follow. So present or absent, this section holds equal importance for you. 
  1. "जब जीवन में बहुत कष्ट आने लगें, तो अपने से प्रश्‍न करना कितने घंटे मैं उस शिव को complain करता हूँ और कितने घंटे मैं उसका धन्यवाद करता हूँ!"
  2. Feelings are a direct function of the Mind body (Manomay kosha). Whenever you feel sad or low, play any of Baba ji's chantings. Listen to it for sometime and then chant along with it.
  3. Waste packets, cartons, if you encounter,
    take the initiative to pick them up and throw in the bins.
  4. Swadhyay stimulates bhakti (devotion) which leads to showering of kripa (blessings) which in turn triggers happiness.
  5. Do your bit for Mother Earth. Do not blame the government or any administration. Do not throw garbage here and there. 
  6. Ego is the mother of all vices. Abandon the ego.
  7. Steer clear of anger, sex and greed.
  8. When beginning Shree Vidya, request Ma Lalita to cull all devils within you.
  9. Prioritize sadhna before food and any 'necessary' chore.
  10. "गुरु के द्वारे आओ, गुरु के होकर जाओ!"! Meaning when you visit the Ashram, leave all your impurities at the feet of the Guru and leave being a changed person, as how your Guru wishes you to be.
  11. Good and bad deeds are not based on the physical actions but the intention behind those deeds.
  12. Whenever you wish to create success in your life, switch to the channel of happiness.
  13. During day time ie the time for Sakaam karma, put your body,mind and soul into your work. Persevere hard to earn your bread and butter. Remember you get paid for your work and so you're indebted to your organization. If you work less, it would add to your debts.
  14. Harbour an attitude of gratitude towards all. Nature too should be thanked.Just a small thank you can clear debts. Nishkam sewa expedites clearing of debts. Also never judge anyone.
  15. Wear a smile on your face always. It helps attract happiness and creates a neuro pathway of ecstasy.
  16. Showing the way to sporting a smile always
  17. Thoughts towards others is actually a reflection of your own self.
  18. Sign to know whether you're lucky in life = if you are a human. "बड़े भाग मानुष तन पावा!" Baba ji says that the mere prospect that you have got a human body is reason enough to rejoice. The human body has been given to you to clear the unresolved issues by forgiving enemies and all who might haveve inflicted pain on you earlier. Just let them go. Pray for their well being. Do not talk ill of them. Do not wish bad for them. All this is maya and nature's way of balancing. This birth should be used to end all animosity, misgiving and misunderstanding with one and all. Parameter to gauge whether you've really forgiven someone = You wish the best for the person whom you had a grudge with earlier.
  19. Accept everyone the way they are. Start with yourself. Nature has made everyone unique. Respect everyone's soul agenda. Respect the difference in all. Do not try to change things. Acceptance means agreeing to the behaviour of all. "सभी को स्वीकार करो जैसे भी सब हैं! अब कोई आके बोलेगा बाबा जी अगर मेरा पति खाने में नखरे करता है तो भी ? मैं कहता हूँ  yes  तो भी! घीया,भिंडी,टमाटर को स्वीकार करते हो की नहीं ? ये थोड़ी बोलते हो टमाटर काश तू सखत होता त्रिभुज आकार में होता ! सृष्टि की रचना का आदर करो! उसको नमन करो! उसको नमश्कार करो! उसको निहारो!"
  20. Unconditionally love all. Be it your mother in law or your daughter in law. No condition in love. "यह नहीं कहना मेरी सास मुझे आदेश ही देती रहती है खुद तो कुछ करती नहीं इसलिए मैं उसे प्रेम नही करूँगा! सूर्य से कुछ सीखो! वह सबको सम्यक रूप से रोशनी प्रदान करता है! ये थोरी कहता है की फलाना मनुष्य मेरे को गाली देता है तो मेरी रोशनी उस पर कम पड़ेगी! प्यार के सागर बनो! अनंत हो जाओ! तू प्यार का सागर है.............."
  21. Abstain from listening to songs with negative lyrics like "Bhag DK Bose". They send a wrong message to the sub conscious.
  22. To achieve any goal in life, raise your vibrations more than the goal. Meaning that through sadhna become worthy of accomplishments.
  23. Do not let situations influence you. A person on encountering failure develops the feeling that He is going to be  failure every time. A sour relationship makes one believe that every time things will go awry. A failed business venture resulting in a loss results in the pre conceived notion that loss is the norm. We seal our fates our own selves. No one else is to be blamed for the misery in our lives. We jump to conclusions and judgements all too soon. Baba ji says never judge. Take failure as a stepping stone. Moreover why talk about failure ? Doing regular Shree Vidya sadhna and writing the Golden book can never result in success eluding you.
This was all what Baba ji spoke. Although a shivir can never be re-created or simulated in any which way, this is the best and nearest one can get to experiencing the shivir as it unfolded. Gratitude to Baba ji for these pearls of wisdom. Go through them every time you need to send out a stark reminder to your mind.


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