The External Guru & Internal Guru | Outer Technology to Inner Technology

There have always been this question of "multiple Gurus'. This video talks on the understanding of Deeksha Guru and Sheeksha Guru and where and why certain lines are needed to be drawn, of course, without discriminating anyone as high of low. The video also tries to explain the External & Internal Guru and how one stops with the dependency on outer technology and find it difficult to navigate when the outer technology fails, hence the need to learn to attune to the inner technology eventually.
Divine Love and Light...

Sadhak's way of reading

Books are no doubt the carrier of great wisdom and are the best and most convenient means of sharing knowledge and learning.  Great scriptures were written by great yogis of ancient times, who received information on the secrets of the Universe in deep sadhna. These were transferred by Yogis through books. Down the time, even great masters and saints used books as great tools to record and share their insights and experiences for the benefit of others.

However, everyone from every field, literally has been using this medium for sharing and gradually this means also became a great commercial means to earn money. Thus, the market is flooded with information on anything and everything in the human dimensions and beyond. Everything that is written is a transfer of energy from the author's consciousness into the word form which the reader picks up into the reader's consciousness.  Hence, for a sadhak or seeker it becomes very important to select the right kind of books. Right kind of books means the right author. The quality of the content of any book is directly related with the author's level of consciousness. The more higher the author's level, the more the reliability.

To absorb the contents of a book Ínto your consciousness try this: Whenever you open the book, connect to the consciousness of the author by simply looking at his picture or bringing his thought in mind or simply making a sincere intention that you connect with him. Ask in bhaav "Whatever you have written, let it enter into my consciousness in it's truest form of consciousness and energy, bless me. Thank you.“ As you read, keep focus on only what you read and keep focus on the visualzation/imagination of what you read. Just be engrossed and enjoy the read and the transfer its wisdom and deeper meanings will start seaping into you. Do it as a sadhana. As you read keep the bhaav that the writer or the subject in the book is speaking to you directly via the book. Eg: If you are reading Bhagwat Gita, Lord Kishna is the subject that is speaking to you. --- is the writer who is speaking to you via the book. Everytime you close the book, do not forget to thank them for this opportunity and for their blessings. Do it with utmost bhaav and respect.
Doing this, makes you absorb the essence of the writings in subtle form straight into your consciousness in its purest form without the mind adulterating or altering its true meaning. This is real contemplation in the wisdom that you seek and what you truly seek you truly receive.
Books that are written by great masters, siddhas, yogis, rishis all have great potent energies lying hidden in the subtle form. Most of them lie locked to protect it and reach only those who deserve it. To deserve it the only option is pure intentions as Babaji teaches. If the bhaav is not honest and sÍncere or true no matter how much one tries to apply this method nothing will happen because the pure intention cannot be faked.  Many masters even lock their writings or books with such sankalpas. But if one reads it with utmost sincerity and with alertness of absorbing into one's consciousness watch out what happens even while reading it :)


  1. the guru, it is said, comes in many forms. For me he has done through my mother's words and through this blog and your writings. Babaji bless you.Namah shivaya


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