Thursday, September 26, 2013

The greatness of a Guru

In total love, gratitude and reverence to Babaji, from whom i have learnt and am learning through His subtle presence as the guiding force, light and wisdom throughout my experiences on the journey back to light.

A Guru is a teacher and guide who comes into your life only when you are ready, never otherwise, even though the reasons or circumstances in which a Guru appears in your life might seem totally away from this fact.  Only at a certain stage when the evolution of the soul is ripe enough for higher escalation, the Guru appears. An omnipresent Guru will know every aspect of the seekers much before the seeker even has seen or known the Guru. It is not important that it is known to all about this but if one knows it is much better for it enhances one's relationship with the Guru.

Baba appeared in many people's life in strange ways and at even the most unexpected circumstances. That is the proof of the the Divine's love for you, for it arranges for a mediator to reach you back home. A Guru is like a mediator or language interpreter that acts as a perfect medium of communication between two people speaking two different language but the interpreter knows both language. At one end speaking a language is God or Supreme and the other end is you, speaking another language. Language can be a metaphor for vibrations. Two different vibrations.  A Guru is a must here for the meeting between a disciple and God to happen. The human body is the circuit of a 440-volt home or a lower voltage seeker. A huge difference in voltage (vibrations or frequency). What happens if you plug in anything at home into the high voltage; it simply burns up.
Hence, a transformer becomes a must, and the transformer is the Guru, who regulates the high voltage, who can withstand that high voltage, for He is that voltage itself, receiving high voltage on one end and on the other end steps-down the voltage to a tolerable level to light up the home and make it functional. That's His job assigned by the Divine. He teaches you to raise your tolerance capacity to withstand higher voltages until you finally become that frequency. Sometimes stabilizers act as a support system to the periodic voltage fluctuations. Fluctuations are the problems or challenges in life. Stabilizer is faith and perseverance. With this you remain stabilized or stable on the path. Without this your fuse will blow out. Sometimes there are dark patches of life just like power cuts. These dark patches are karmic influences or the prarabdh. Dark patches or power cuts are due to one's own karmas but how one handles these dark patches is a choice one can make wisely. You may wish to 'on' the generator and the generator represents the Guru's wisdom or teaching. This will lighten up your darkness till you are able to establish back the connection. All power-cuts are of different duration every time and thus your fuel to the generator are the practices that you can put into action. Some may wish to simply fix an inverter and the inverter is nothing but your sadhna. Just like an inverter, the sadhna also stores up power or energies that come handy during the power-cuts. 
This is one of the most powerful because the seeker has an abundance of the resource of energies that cannot darken the seeker's life even during power cuts because the inverter automatically switches on without interrupting the power mainting the continuity of light and functionality of the home or human life. But the inverter needs to be charged daily. How much the inverter can give a backup depends on how much it is charged with power by sadhna. The lesser one charges, the lesser amount of time it can be used. When using the inverter it becomes wiser to use the it sparingly during the dark patches by switching off unwanted lamps, fans and gadgets which can be the metaphor for withdrawing from unwanted loss of energies from any kind of negative influencers, people or situations. What about a poor person who cannot have both, neither the generator nor the inverter? A poor person here indicates indeed a "poor" person who does not invest in cultivating energies nor in deciphering the true wisdom of the Guru, but it is not an unfortunate situation because even this poor person can have the most precious source to lighten up the darkness - by lighting up a candle. A candle denotes hope and patience with simplicity and pure intentions. The act of burning a candle is always linked as a simple but powerful way of prayers of strong hope in total patience. The candle is linked with light and wisdom. This is how you share the wisdom and light of the Guru by burning the lamps of other souls who are in darkness. This candle light can be perceived as a great hope for them. This is "Jyot se Jyot Jagao".

In all this entire scenario you can see that the transformer is there, doing it's duty, unconditionally. If you put off your main switch, it doesn't go away. Main switch is your free will. The transformer stays there patiently 24 x 7, and connects back the moment you 'on' your main switch. All this while the transformer is only teaching you how to handle life with power-cuts, with the fluctuations of low and high voltages; the transformer is teaching you to transform, for that is the key function of this transformer - to transform. Only those who have themselves transformed and have the power to hold high voltages at one end and on the other end brighten innumerable homes, can act as a transformer. He withstands His being there as a protection and as a nourisher.  Yes, He even looks as simple as a transformer, overlooked is His capacity to protect and even burn itself out, only to protect the home it supplies it's power of love and compassion. Wrong people can also mistake it for being a just a harmless transformer due to it's nature of unconditional support, but it can also burn up things, something that it hardly even intends, but yes it can.

The most reliable way of receiving energy and light is to be ethically connected with your transformer (Guru). Short-cuts are like cheap ways of stealing electricity directly from live wires, which endangers not just one's life but also those connected with them. Stealing through such wrong connections also mean the wires one plugs into multiple Gurus, multiple paths, multiple methods, etc, and thus ending being burnt up. Beware of any such schemes or ideas or messengers that offer you lucratively to plug into such short-cuts, which one often succumbs due to greed or impatience. No one can do anything on your behalf for that is invasion into you, which is a strict no-no in the spiritual world.  All Gurus can only guide their disciples for they are only the guiding light and a source of inspiration or reflection of that Divine that the aspirant is aspiring to be. So, one has to walk the path. Beware of anyone who says, "You give me so and so and I will give you enlightenment." or anyone who says "I can grant you moksha or enlightenment "... Even if that so and so means something as simple as your time, your attention, your seva for the person. No one can eat for you and make you hunger-free. But someone can teach you how to earn or make your own food or even offer the food to you, but it is you who have to eat it. A true master will guide you and teach you self-mastery, you have to walk the path, He will walk WITH you, He will not walk FOR you. For if He walks FOR you He will only walk ahead alone with you sitting back alone but when He walks WITH you, both walk together. He has no destination to go to, for He has already been there but has returned back only for you. His mission is to hold your hands, walk with you and put you in the lap of the Mother, lap of God, lap of the Divine and He is happy with that. He is assigned with that task - to walk WITH you. He has no permission to walk FOR you.
The Guru joins you when you "awaken" at your mooladhara, your first step into Divinity, holding your Guru's hand. It's a long journey from here till the Agna chakra or the Guru chakra. You can NEVER bypass any chakras to travel upward, that is an illusion of the ego. With time, practice and walking hand in hand with your Guru, a time comes when the home circuit or human body learns to tap electricity directly from the source by using the solar electricity. A Guru is very happy to see this situation for He has done His job and this is the scenario where He has literally walked with you from the Mooladhara till the Agna. As you near this place, you would have learnt to use the solar equipments. The transition of the shift of mass human consciousness from turning from carbon to crystalline through the period of 2012 to 2028 is just this process of the consciousness learning to rewire their circuits to adapt to higher frequencies and tap directly from the source. The agna chakra is where the Guru opens your final knot of ignorance - the rudra granthi, and your journey continues upward. This is the time the Guru "leaves" your hand, for now He has taken you across the bhavsagar to this safe location for you to take your final steps to your final destination - the Sahasrar. From here, you walk alone a few steps ahead. Your Guru's love is so overwhelming and unconditional that He does not even want you to get attached to Him because if you do, then these final steps from here to your final destination can become an hindrance. What more can you speak of a such a love that even right from the journey itself He ensures that you are not stuck with any kind of attachment to Him. This is one of the most important reason why Baba does not want anyone to get attached to his body or physical presence and hence never encourages personal meetings and avoidance of physical contacts, which is many times misunderstood. His love cannot be measured by our limited senses or in physical dimensions, which fail to see deeper and higher things. 

You may not have control over the power cuts directly, but you sure have all the tools to stay out of darkness. 

Lol.... All this makes me feel like an electrical engineer by now, but fine as far i can be an engineer of my own life.... and i am learning, watching the transformer of my life... :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Filling my cup first...

It is true that as a human being we have qualities of compassion and the urge to help the creation which is the most beautiful quality given by the Creator. But, in order to help, we must first be filled in with the quality we wish to give. We must behold it first to give it to others. We are the cup placed in the creation of the Creator. The cup MUST be filled first to overflow and reach into the creation. To give anything out, be it love, hatred, peace, joy, fear, etc, i must first hold that quality fully, only then i can reach out to others. If i wish to give love, it cannot reach others until i am full with it and likewise if i wish to give fear and hatred to others, i cannot be giving it until i am myself first filled with it. So, to help others, i must help myself first.

Sadhna on oneself first is what Baba always teaches. All are concerns of the world cannot be dealt with in the same coin. Babaji's teachings never teach eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Hatred cannot be dealt with hatred. Crime cannot be dealt by day and night focusing about crime. Our vibrations matter. What we think and worry vibrates and sends out similar vibrations out into the Universe that only ends up adding to the misery. Here is when Baba says Tum Chahte Kya Ho, meaning focusing on what you want and not focusing on what you don't want. He says for disease, focus on health; for hatred focus on love, which is a prayer in itself that will send vibrations of this energy to counter-act with the negative energy. This is what healing is all about. If i focus on the ugliness of something i am no less responsible than being another additional cause to that ugliness.

Mother Theresa, one of the greatest Messiahs of peace, unconditional love and nishkaam seva, was invited to join for the a rally against war. Now, this looks very meaningful and purposeful to have a messiah of peace to fight violence, and it must have seemed to be the need of the hour. Mother's calm and prompt reply was, "I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me." Her work shows the overwhelming success she achieved in what she wanted to do. She was very clear with her Tum Chahte Kya Ho. So, is Babaji. Very clear with this principle of focusing on what He wants. But for one to being that way it may be very difficult, especially in testing times and in times where there is so much of confusion, doubts, fear and many question marks. Why is it that some are able to focus clearly on the good aspects or opposite qualities of the negative and why is it that some though knowing about it is unable to do anything about it and end up in focusing and unknowingly fueling the negative state?
One word -impurities. Impurities within oneself to stay focused. To cleanse it means to purify it and that comes from tapas, with sadhna, by working on oneself, on cleaning my own cup. Only when i can clean my cup will i be able to fill. Only when i fill myself to the brim can i overflow with what i am filled with and be able to overflow it to others. Only then, will help be of use. Otherwise, it is like... i am penniless and i wish to do charity for the poor. The "charity to the poor" might sound a clean word and even justifying to my purpose of moving towards that good action, but ignorantly i will be nothing more than miserable because i want to genuinely help the poor but i am not able to. Then i get frustrated, confused, angry and begin blaming everything around me. i would blame the government, the system and even if more miserable end up blaming God. In the process, i have only unknowingly added to the world's poverty.

By crying out rape, murder, war, injustice.... i only end up sending similar negative waves into the already jumbled energy patterns. Bringing awareness of what is happening around is surely a need but it must always be done without letting of the focus of what outcome you desire. This can be very easily seen with the results that it brings whenever the newspapers or social media platforms put out the negative words to the world. It is always noted that immediately there will be a rise in similar crimes. The more the group 'effort' to curb it in that wrong way, the more similar crimes are seen to rise.  This can influence anyone who is repeatedly being exposed other's opinions about others.  When you repeatedly become exposed to any negative stimuli from outside, you unknowingly start absorbing it and making it a living truth for you. What i had written just a few days about "Any lie can become your truth".
This is where workers of light make a difference. This is how the great holy Siddha's over all the eras contributed to raising the human consciousness. Silently, from behind the scene. The world might not even know what kind of deadly disasters and afflictions awaiting humans have been averted due to the compassion of these great souls due to their selfless work, healing and prayers, but it matters nothing for them and they always have been and always will be doing their work in silence. If one wants to work for the noble causes of the Siddha tradition, it will always be in silence. Silence is not weakness. Silence is power because the mind is now more focused on what it wants without unwanted distractions. Silence also is working behind the scene which comes out of selflessness. Babaji has often mentioned that when one becomes selfless, nature blesses that person abundantly and prayers and healing are quicker because there is no selfish agendas in it. Moreover, there are unwanted debates, arguments, conflicts and other distractions which can stagger the focused mind. Again, to have a focused mind, it would need sadhna. If that is still not achieved then one should quietly focus on sadhna. Working on the self first. If i am getting disturbed and distressed and depressed it is because of my own dirt. So, first step is to clean that and become the vessel to hold, fill and overflow. Until that filling happens, it should be only working my very own self. That is what is meant by "God helps those who help themselves." By helping ourselves, we are helping humanity in ways beyond our understanding!

So as a student of life if i ask myself what can i do to the situations around me, i would say as a learner that till i master my energies and life, i would not want to focus on the outside but focus more to the inside. So, focus again turns inward to master that and avoid anything and everything distracting... be it visual, audio, text, gossip, that only fuels my negativeness and thus bringing down my own consciousness. It's like what Babaji says - walking two steps forward and taking three steps backward.
So the ultimate solution to anything and everything we don't like or even the causes we like to help, the solution begins by helping ourselves first. Once, our cups are filled, we can distribute all that was filled and overflowing and in the process of distributing, never become devoid of it. If we move around with empty cups to fill other cups, we only end up pouring what we have and then left with nothing to be only more miserable, but If i myself have no energies in me how can i raise someone's energies? If i myself have unwanted karma to work on, how can i help someone with their karmas. It may satisfy the ego that i have done something for someone or am doing something for others, but in the process i am only hurting myself. At such times, it is important to practice drustha bhaav or the witnessing attitude for that will give us an astonishing revelation that "everything is not in my hands" and that "the creation does not function according to my will". If one fails to do this, one will notice that after all the chaos and adverse energies and thoughts that the mind creates, in the end one only remains agitated, frustrated and depressed. Thus, as students this is very important to know it is always first my dirty cup, my unfilled cup. Until then, let those who have mastered their energies handle it wisely, while we dedicate ourselves to self-perfection and self-purification. This act tremendously helps the Masters we are connected to. First by being a student. First, self-mastery. It is only then a student can truly assist the teacher in their noble missions. Amen.

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