Friday, December 13, 2013

Giving and taking advice

I was watching people coming to a holy person for infinite solutions for their infinite problems with the world they were miserably entangled with. One person came to him with folded hands and told him he had come seeking for an answer to the question that was bothering him. The holy man answered "No one in this world can give you an answer. Everybody can only give their opinion to that question but the answer lies within you and only you can find that answer."

Baba always said "Meditate on it" whenever someone went to Him for straight answers. No quick solutions were given. So true that we give our advise and suggestions to people, thinking we are helping. The advice, is something out of our own experience which need not be true for that person. A single situation can have 10 different meanings and 10 different experiences for 10 different people, and the same situation can have 10 different solutions, depending on so many factors of the individual. Giving free advices or suggestions can amount to karmic interference unless someone is requesting for that help. But even in this case saints still advice them to find the solution themselves if they are spiritual seekers as a part of their spiritual training. Saints know that seeking free advice and giving free advice is lazy business. They would prefer the seeker to do "Tapas" on it. Only if the person is dumb enough some closest solutions may be offered, which are nothing but again only pointers to working their own way out to the solution. In very extraordinary cases do saints who can look into other's karmic bundles, offer a direct solution, but then that is pure grace of the questioner and the saint very well knows how to handle that karmic situation by taking responsibility for it. Responsibility, because every act has a consequence. When we offer solutions to others we are partaking responsibility because when someone follows that advice the results of that action from the solution given, good or bad, is also shared by the advice giver. Spiritual masters can handle it, probably not learners. Moreover, the advices, suggestions and 'help' we give to others are out of our personal experiences or most of the time bookish (incomplete) knowledge. What may have been good for me from a particular experience, need not necessarily produce the same result for everyone.

Baba always meditates on whatever He wants and never seeks it from anywhere else other than the Supreme One. He teaches the same to all "If you have to seek, seek from Him, if you have to ask, ask from Him and not the world."

So, when I seek a solution for myself I need not ask others for the solution. Our own perception, intuition, faith, contemplation and meditation will surface everything, if not immediately, when the time is right. Masters and the Gurumandala sometimes waits for the 'fruit' to ripen to provide with answers at the right time. So, everything comes at the right time. Till then a seeker learns to find independent solutions by depending less on the outside world and more on the inner world, that is connected directly unto your Guru and the entire Gurumandala. Divine Love and Light...

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  1. I offer my gratitude to you for writing such a nice articles and sharing with everyone.


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