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The inside and outside confusions

These writings are my own insights and own point of view. Prompted to share certain beautiful aspects of the journey of life, that be useful in some way atleast to the reader. This article has been deliberately written in a very straight forward way, so that it only help one in having the correct approach to pilgrimage. Hence, if you feel this could help in any way, please read on.  

Someone asked me, "Why do you go to certain locations when everything is inside? Why external when everything is inside?"

Me: Are you aware that your inside has the capacity to even generate food and liquid so that it can sustain itself like many evolved beings do?

He: Yes, I know it.

Me: Then why do you then eat and drink from outside?

He: Because I still have to reach that state.

Me: So till then would you stop eating and drinking?

He: Hmmmmm....

Me: What we preach, we must first experience it. How could you preach that everything is inside when you have not really experienced it? Do you do your puja at home or read scriptures or go to temple?

He: Yes.

Me: Why? Isn't it all within you?

He: I had this conviction because I read about it in many books also.

Me: Conviction comes from experience and not reading. Books also tell you that you are God. Are you?

He: I know that I am.

Me: Have you experienced it?

He: No, but I know it.

Me: You do not know it. You understand it through knowledge.

He: You mean books are of no use?

Me: I read a lot of books and have always found it very useful, but they give only guidance and lets you understand about certain things that exist beyond your understanding. Learning the existence of certain truths beyond your perception will motivate you to explore it and experience it. Without mediums to reach you certain information, you could not have known about it just by sitting that way. Without a Guru arriving to you, you wouldn't have learnt and known life's higher purposes. Everything that nature offers you to experience, to learn and to grow must be accepted and not looked down in any way. If you ask someone directions to Hyderabad and the person points you to the way to Hyderabad, will you move towards Hyderabad or catch hold of his hand that is pointing? Similarly, external books are the tools towards inner wisdom. External places of energy vortexes are openings to your inner self. They are only doorways and not the destination. But if the Oneness in everything is not perceived and is not looked at from a higher level, books and it's meanings can even confuse you.

He: You mean to achieve God everyone have to only read and visit places?

Me: As though you have achieved God just by reading and listening and doing puja.  In this case, all the sacred hubs and places around the world would have been isolated, never ever to have been visited by seekers and even great sages. These locations have different higher subtle realities than what is just seen through physical eyes. If you don't have the interest to read, you can never gain out of it. If you do not have the interest to travel, you will never gain anything out of it. Similarly, if you do not have interest in pursuing God-realization no Master, No Avatar and even God cannot help you in that pursuit.

He: I love sankirtan and my devotion to my Lord and I am sure I will achieve it.

Me: Certainly you will if that is what suits you and you feel very connected to it. But at the same time not everyone may be inclined towards the bhakti marg, so even if it works for you, it may not work for others. Same way, even a Muslim will achieve Allah and be liberated if his intention on his path is pure and intense.

He: Yeah?

Me: Yeah! All paths have had their own enlightened and liberated souls through their own methods. Creation of God is diverse and thus He has also made diverse ways to suit everyone's needs to go back home. If creation is His, everything in it is His, how can we judge the Creator itself? So stick to what you feel connected to and allow others to stick to what they feel connected to.

He: Oh, I was just briefing.....

Me: Yeah, I understand, I was just elaborating.

He: Okay buddy, take care. God bless!

Me: You too brother. Stay blessed!

This provoked me to put down my thoughts as it flowed ~

Everything what we call internal and external is all a part of Shakti. If you ignore one, it is not the nondual approach.

It is truly said everything is nothing but dust or shunya (void). It is also truly said that everything is infinite. One theory says zero and other theory says infinity. Which is correct? Both are right and both are part of the same reality. In meditation, when you withdraw yourself and go on with Neti Neti (not this, not this) you renounce everything that is not true and slowly you end up in nothingness or a void or empty space., you become nothing. But also, when you expand yourself and begin to feel you are everything and everything around is a part of you – man, animal, stone, planet, rivers, etc to be you, then you become infinite, you pervade in everything. God is everything and God is nothing. All practices, if minutely observed, will have these two properties.  Even in Shree Vidhya, both the processes are involved - the Srishti being involved with creation starting from the Bindu (which gives you Bhoga) and the Sanghar being involved with dissolution from creation back to Bindu or the point of nothingness (which gives you moksha).

There have been great masters and souls and there still are, who never ever travelled anywhere, did anything external and were always turned inward and they liberated. At the same time, there have been great masters and souls and there still are, who have travelled to sacred places, done external practices, but with inwardness in their outward doings and have liberated. It is just a matter of choice and preferences. But doing neither of these and commenting or judging someone else's practices just with knowledge is not going to get anyone anywhere. Going to places may certainly not be important but neither is sitting in one place and imagining everything will happen also going to do any good.  In either way, one has to do what has to be done.  But most important in both doings, is doing what one is doing with the right understanding.

If one travels to places hoping to see God or get miracles, I am pretty sure nothing would happen, because the frame of mind is something else. But if one knows the importance of certain places and how they can boost your practices or if one can understand the value of energy vortexes and making good use of it, to realize the subtleties of divine souls or higher dimensions in those locations, then it certainly helps. There are so many masters and great sages who have chosen certain external locations to do sadhana and there are so many narrations of the vivid experiences that they have had in those locations which shows how it helps. There are also masters who travelled extensively, did sadhana in various places and later settled down at one place and later turned totally within. At the same time, there are so many masters (like Ramana Maharishi) who never bugged an inch right from the start and found everything inwardly. It must be remembered that these great souls have had previous lifetimes where lot of things were done by them, until they reached a time where they did not need it anymore. So, even the stage of evolution of the soul matters. Everything does not just happen in this life. What you are today is after being through thousands of births and experiences, rise and downfall, after which you stand today wherever you are at the stage of your soul evolution.

So, stating that something will be achieved only by going to a certain place or meeting people is not true. At the same time saying nothing will be achieved by these activities also is untrue. One must go with one’s inner feeling and guidance and not by other’s experiences.  I never encourage people to travel just because it's my flair, but always love to share everything about people and places and books that i have come across just with the intention that it helps those who need it. Not everything is for everybody. Not everyone eats pineapple but those who love pineapple will seek it. To such a person an apple may not be a good fruit, but that literally does not make apple a bad fruit for all. What is good for me may not be good for you and vice-versa.

Everyone you meet in life is not a coincidence.  Everyone, including your family and friends have been associated with you in the past and that is why you have connections with them and experiences with them, all part of your past karma with them. Similarly, places also have connections linked to your past. I have strongly experienced it. I have also seen how people always keep meeting new people in various ways all the time and there is always something relevant in their lives with that person or place.  It is not required to know what and how but just allowing that experience to happen itself is unwinding of your karma. What you do after meeting them is your entanglement or further karma but if you are witnessing things and passing through those events and people, then the very purpose of your meeting with that person, place or thing has been done with.

There are two ways - Pravriti and Nivriti. Pravriti is when you are engaged in action and Nivriti is when you retire from action. A karma Yogi is in the state of Praviti and a recluse or a tapasvi is in the state of Nivriti. We all are in both states all the time, because of the dual nature. In day you are in Pravriti and in night you are in Nivriti. A grihastha, when in the world is in Pravriti and when meditating is in Nivriti. When a bhogi he is in Pravriti and when a Yogi, in Nivritri. When in the world you are bound to be in action - household chores, office, puja, pilgrimages, reciting hymns, doing seva, doing exercises, etc are all states of Pravriti. Similarly, maintaining silence, aloofness, meditativeness, resting, yog nidra, contemplation, are all activities of nonaction. How to be in Nivriti while being in Pravriti is what Babaji teaches us - with the gift of the drishta bhaav - where you know that you are not the doer but the grace of the Guru and the Divine does everything, even your sadhana is the grace of the Guru and all kriyas and everything that happens during sadhna is the Shakti working on you, you are not the doer of that sadhana, you are only a mere witness to all that happens in everything. You can only take the initiate for sadhana, the decision to do the sadhana, rest is done by Shakti.

So, while visiting places, without just being in the state of Pravriti (seeing, touching, worshipping) but if you can also be in the state of Nivriti (withdrawn, detached, witnessing, connected) it would help you, otherwise, it is more of entanglements or just mere time pass. Similarly, even in all worldly activities. Thus, when it comes to reading books or not reading books, it is again dependent on your own stuff and how you relate to it. If you feel inclined read if not then don’t. There are no rules as such.  Everyone reads but who gets what depends on what one is seeking.  Everyone travels but what one gets again depends on what one is seeking.

Let me share an experience of books with you. About four years back I was reading a powerful book written by a certain Saint who is alive today, whose name or book I would not want to mention. He had deliberately written this book and charged it with potent energies.  That is what all Masters do as a matter of fact.

So, the book I meditated upon was so powerful that it brought intense states of meditativeness. It was so powerful that the same night I had intense shaktipat from that Saint at 2 a.m. Not just that, within a week, I found myself landing up in the places that he was intensely involved in, of course, the opportunities for going to those locations came as something else. That ‘something else’ I realized was only an opportunity to lead me to those places to further give experiences to whatever was required. I was so excited about it that i mentioned about the book and suggested many to read it but nothing really happened. It was then i realized that what is use to one may not be of use to another. All the great books of our ancient sages have potent energies and potent hidden secrets in them. How one decodes them or connects to them depends on one’s state of Chitta. Some great books have been written and coded in such a way that if one’s consciousness is not pure enough, it will never ever open up, irrespective of whatever the reader tries to do to dig it out. That is why these books are meditated upon, not read. (read the previous article "reading secrets") Same way, the physical locations on earth have to be experienced and not visited. It all depends on the inner states of whatever you do irrespective of where you do and how you do. The bhaav that Babaji emphasizes so much upon; it all shrinks down just to that.

So, with that experience there was nothing external to receive from that place or from that Saint, but it clearly demonstrated that the spirit of oneness of Divinity is so profound that you connect through anything, in any form, in any place, you are connecting to that pool of Divinity, and that will present itself to you, in it’s own way, not in our way.  That is why I was mentioning earlier that we do nothing; we only feel we are doing things.  The doer is somebody else. If you can identify with this truth, then whatever external you do, it does not matter.

Just like to do your sadhana you would first need an external device to go internal. Even though our Advait Shree Vidya sadhana is nondual, it begins with external. It begins with a Meru and other processes until one gradually starts seeping within.  Of course, after being helped with all the external gifts of nature like places, books, guides, idols, rituals, etc, eventually a time has to come where one starts experiencing everything within, otherwise everything can be considered nonfutile. Babaji does not need a Meru or incense sticks or dhoop or lamp or idol or photo to do sadhana - to reach to elevated state of consciousness but we, as learners, need.

So as seekers evolve, there will be a stage where one does not need to go anywhere, read anything, do anything, but every action and word and deed is done in unison with Divinity. At that stage, from that point of view, where one has realized the truth, one says from the core that "everything is within" or "God is everywhere" or "I am God" or "Everything is maya" and so on. When these come from Masters, they are experiential expression from that state and never a by-hearted statement or a statement stated like a quote. Till such ecstatic states are reached, it is only preaching bookish knowledge.  One must be careful not to wander off from the truths behind the Divine words of wisdom.

Just like the story Ishan bhaiya mentions about the man who hears that one must see God in everything. With that prideful knowledge he moves around seeing God in everything or rather trying to see God in everything. At one place, he sees people running towards his direction shouting "Elephant! Elephant!" But the man full of knowledge keeps moving ahead while two to three people warn him, but in the proclaimed state he says "God is in everything, so why fear? Can't you see this truth?" People leave him with his truth and run. When the man reaches near the elephant, the elephant unable to see God within this man, picks him up and trashes him on the ground and moves on. Bewildered internally and externally, he angrily questions the Saint who had said that God is in everything. The Master replied, "True, God is in everything. If you had realized that why couldn't you see God in the people who warned you about the mad elephant?" 
Siddha Pulipani, Palani
This is what gathered knowledge can do, if it is not linked with experience or true realization of any teachings or the word of God. It is true though that there are such states where in one's vicinity wild animals also become calm. This is the Ahimsa Siddhi, where one's each cell reverberates with pure non-violence that he has becomes naturally gifted with no fear for anything. Lord Buddha had naturally developed the Ahimsa Siddhi with his deep practice of compassion and non-violence. In His presence not only wild animals but even the dreaded killer Angulimala who came to kill Buddha, lost his ferocity and dropped all his wickedness then and there itself and followed him. Without being a Buddha, that is, without practising and realizing the quality of Ahimsa in totality, what else could happen when one talked about seeing God in a mad elephant?

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa worshiped the form of Ma Kali so intensely that he even fed the idol and talked to the idol even though He was already a great elevated soul. Eventually, He realized the formless form of the form – Ma Kali, which was possible due to His Guru Totapuri ji, who made him cut the image of Kali in an experience. (read this real story) So the form and the formless are both one aspect.  That is why all paths must be respected. Every path or tradition or cult or Guru or religion is all the diverse form of that Supreme One. Until this is realized, there will always be dos and donts in everything you touch or everything you look at and that is enough to prevent you from looking further. Just like even in sadhana, as Babaji says, if you get stuck in the dos and donts like having bath and other formalities, you will be stuck with that itself and not get to go further. Baba further states that when you are in divine places, instead of running behind pushing around for darshans or prasad or artis, rather find a secluded corner and connect to that place or idol from within and experience oneness with it. This connects one to the subtlety. A real Master will never bind you with formalities like these that the world is busy producing infinitely and maintaining also. Likewise, even if you are stuck in fear and greed based factors like washing your feet, taking off shirts, folding the lower crease of trousers, covering your head, hailing praises, worrying about bathing, etc, etc, the real essence of it is gone. But doing these things with utter devotion and knowing the significance or science behind these or of circumambulation, breaking coconuts, etc, then it is a different thing altogether.

So, if one goes anywhere but with the right understanding of what one is doing, it helps rather than building up further ignorance. For eons of time period all Masters have been telling that God is within. Though this is the ultimate truth, even if one only believes this, how many have experienced it?  By reading you don’t get God, by travelling you don’t get God, by understanding about God you don’t get God, but by knowing you know God, by experiencing you experience God. To get to that, one must work upon oneself, karmas have to be got ridden off, self-defeating patterns have to be changed and that is where a Guru enters in life to show us certain ways and sadhana, that help clear off that dust which is creating all these differences.  Guru comes to give experience not preachings. Guru comes to give wisdom not knowledge. In this path of Shaktipat, everything is experience. This path does not deal with knowledge only, it simultaneously gives seekers experiences to relate with the teachings of the Guru and everyone's experience is totally different. Not two people can have the exact same experience. So, why compare? Why judge?

Some truths about our travels: 
Spiritual travels are not the same as casual relaxing or sight-seeing travels nor is it a darshan-based travel neither it is a treasure hunt for something :) It is not a crowded picnic. No antakshari is played.... lol... That is why there are hardly any people in our travels. So many write to us so that they can be intimated for visiting places, but my experiences say that it does not work that way. But surely all attempts are made to share about these places and people, and if there is intensity one will surely go there with the right spirit and also receive what has to be received. These travels are more over focussed on spiritual connections and involves no idle chats or unwanted discussions neither any members keep exchanging their experiences during sadhana there. They are more of aloof activities. They are more intense because of continuous and spontaneous activities. It is not like you climb up and down a hill and want to rest for an hour or want to sit under a tree's shade or want to have a cold drink. It is also not like you spend some time in contemplation in the mornings, rest in the afternoon, and visit a beach in the evening. There are times when we have walked for hours, climbed peaks in the remotest places only to find no proper place to stay or eat and then having to spend the night on bare floor in cold or heat and then early morning descent down for hours by foot and then get on to a bus and travel again for hours. There are times we may have to sleep at 1 a.m. and get up at 3 a.m. At times there are no toilets or bathrooms and at times there are no other options but to use the dirtiest public toilets. Food choices and delicacies are almost nil. All these are deliberate choices but most of the time the places are such that we don't have to make such choices but they most naturally present themselves. We never choose AC or comfort rooms for nights. Luggage is squeezed to the most minimum of one bag pack, to make it light. A thorough study is made of the place most of the time before reaching there and many a times many unexpected places have turned up for which we rely on google or talking to people. So, these trips are total involvement in what it is meant to be. This makes it meaningful and fulfilling or rewarding, though it is not primarily made for this purpose. Moreover, since it is not a fun trip, many things are not required like clothing and shoes and slippers and night dresses and day dresses and make-up kits and bathroom kits and soaps and detergents and iron boxes and meditation chairs and tiffin boxes and eatables and games... lol.. With all these definitely God cannot be found but pleasure and delights and fun can be. Masters mention how the essence of real pilgrimages have fallen in Kaliyuga. Earlier pilgrimages would be bare-footed, all by walk, sustaining on bhiksha, carrying nothing but pair of clothes and going through everything the journey has to offer - harsh conditions to praise to insult to hunger to hardships to discomfort. Pilgrimage was always penance unlike it is today. We may not be able to match completely to that but the least dependency on comfort and more on intense involvement can be made.

So, be it books, be it travel, be it ritual or any external activity…. They are all just certain external gadgets but the main tool is sadhana. With sadhana, all these gadgets can enhance your journey. Without sadhana, all these gadgets become sources of ignorance and/or waste of time.  Moreover, these are all my hobbies, which many feel is awkward and crazy. They find my earlier hobbies cool. I believe my today’s hobbies are much better than the earlier ones - boozing, smoking, watching movies, chilling out with friends, attending marriages, parties and functions, chit-chatting, ‘seeing’ great places, eat-outs, discussions of world reforms, knowing the latest news, television serials, discussing other's life, etc. Being a learner, with travels, i get more opportunities to learn so many things from the diversities of the Creator's world. People ask how do i get so much of time for these activities such as sadhana, travel, reading, writing, and music. I say when you replace all those 20 horrid hobbies with just these few hobbies, there is time and only time all the time :)

Divine Love and Light..

If you like to read on the divine travels you can, at (more will be updated soon) where all efforts have been made to describe about the importance of the place and it's relevance with Masters, Saints and the Divine so that you may receive what you seek.

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Understanding Attachment

These writings are my own insights and own point of view. Hence, it is closed to any debates or arguments, but am sharing it with the only intention that what i experience and share of life, that be useful in some way atleast to the reader. Hence, if you feel this could help in any way, please read on.

We often talk about attachment and detachment, but how far are we experiencing it and living through it. Many agree to it's impending challenges in the birth and death cycle, but are not able to fully be through it or to live it practically. There are many reasons to it. By mere reading or agreeing will not reach to the core of uprooting the root causes of attachments. These understandings have to be allowed to seep deep within and allowed to be experimented in daily life so that they start bearing fruits.

Detachment can be understood by living, by often reminding oneself of the temporary status of one's stay on earth as well as of others and our stay with them. Simultaneously sadhana does a great deal to keep erasing the prints of these impressions of bonding between each other. Contemplating at every opportunity of incidents between each other as to what the root cause of that incident is will take one to understand eventually what caused that impression rather than trying to just forget the incident superficially. Having no expectation from anyone other than God/Guru helps a great deal in curbing further attachments. All attachments arise from past give and take stuff, so at every opportunity focus only on give rather than the take to finish off pending "takes". Lack of expectations helps curbing out dependency out of which íone can remain hooked to another.

Guru's teaching of acceptance, forgiveness, unconditionality in all aspects creates unconditional love too that will not matter if there is nothing. given back. Practising to only give in all aspects, is the key. Gradually, you will start seeing decline in attachments and start developing vairagya. To completely uproot, time, sadhana, self-efforts in initiating these acts will help. Normally, the attachments are so strong that one will always tend to ignore these things when opportunities to do this comes. Excuses pour in all manners from stating about other's dependency over the seeker or the seeker's responsibility towards them. Mind plays games and this inability to face this fact is the root cause of procrastination and postponement only hits the nail of attachment deeper. Facing the fact, understanding   what the game of relationship is all about helps. Contemplation on how temporary it is all going to be and how one or the other day everyone will be tested in their attachments to family, friends, relations, money, property, vehicles, etc, will help keep in check unnecessary attachments.

A serious seeker who has begun the process of the journey back home will always keep these things in check and even keep working hard over every small thing that can cause him attachment to anything around and is careful not to create more of unnecessary attachments that only builds up more karmic ties. But at the same time the seeker also knows that detachment does not mean arrogance towards family members or acting like a stone to them. In fact, this behavior can only leave back resentment from both sides and thus strengthen the attachment. Detachment does not mean just strong love but even strong hate is attachment. Anything that keeps you glued to the person or thing or feeling is attachment. That quality that glues one is what has to be destroyed. This comes in through the sadhana and the Guru's teaching of the consistent practice of accepting everyone the way they are, forgiving everyone unconditionally. These two qualities if practised will automatically start producing unconditional love. Accepting everyone the way they are stops expectations and everything that folllows post expectations. The pride feeling of being responsible for others and the false feeling of being the doer will be squashed. You will start knowing that there is something higher that is taking care of everything and not you. You were only given the responsibility of bringing someone into the world and not the master of their lives just as your parents only played the role of bringing you in here and taking care of your well being to a certain point of time, after that even you will not like being a 'slave' to them. Also, keeping in mind always helps that the attachment itself has created your birth and the birth of everyone linked with you together and it is an opportunity that you sought before taking birth to finish off this bond of attachment by repaying it through the acts that finish off the debts. Very importantly it has to be kept in mind that in the process no further debts are created that can only strengthen the attachments.

From the great masters of Shaktipath tradition, I learnt a real incident of a lady saint in Kashmir. Before her actually becoming a saint, she lived a 'normal' life and married and gave birth to a boy child. After birth, after some days, something strikes within her and in the presence of the priest, she tells the priest that she has to go somewhere and that he will know about her relationship with her son later. Asking him to remember this conversation, she leaves her body (dies). Life goes on and lifetimes pass. After six different lives, destiny brings her back to this same village in Kashmir and she is again born as a girl in the same Brahmin family that she was born into earlier. When she grows up and her marriage is fixed and the day the bridegroom arrives, the priest who accompanies the groom's people is the same priest who was there with her in the previous life episode. She looks at the priest and asks him if he remembers anything. To this the priest is stunned for a moment and recollects the earlier life conversation and episode. She then says, "The boy who was the child in that life time where i had left the body after telling you, is the boy who is standing here today in marriage. The husband of my that lifetime is my father-in-law in this life."

Later, she, who now has a divine vision due to her spiritual advancement is unable to live to this dilemma that the prarabdh has created for her. Her husband who is a worldly person fails to recognize this and expects his wife to be his wife, while she sees her current role as well as her past connection as a mother. Thus, she avoid him all the time. Unable to understand this, her husband begins to get irritated and she tries hard to cope up with the situation, but her mystical powers keep revealing life's real condition. She always remained in meditative states and once while she went to fetch water, she spent more time in her meditative state and thus returned back home late. This aroused suspicion in the family members that she might be seeing someone else and her husband also was doubting now since she never showed any physical interest in him. When she enters the home with the water pot on her head, furious with anger, the husband takes a stick and asking whom was she seeing strikes the pot to which something extraordinary happens. The pot breaks but the water remains still there to which all remained dazed. This episode revealed to all that she was not an ordinary human being. After this episode, seeing that it was not possible to chose between one relationship, that of a mother or a wife, she leaves home and moves about in a forest in high ecstatic states. One day, husband on coming to know that she was in a certain part of a forest, takes the priest along with him and goes to her and asks for pardon that he was unable to recognize her divinity, but he also reminds her that as a wife it is her duty to serve the husband and she should come back home. At this time, she tells him the truth of their past connections. She asks the priest to reveal it and the priest tells him the truth of that episode. The husband rubbishes it all and at that time she asks him to close his eyes and she grants him the divine vision of the previous life episode. The man totally stunned with this revelation cries for a while and then coming back to this senses falls at her feet, now with the changed feeling of seeing the mother in her. After this she goes ahead to become one of the most pure saints of those days wandering about alone in the jungles totally devoid even of her own body and it's protection. Later, she is blessed by her Guru who grants her the further path and one day, she simply disappears with her physical body to avoid her followers, who were both hindus and muslims, who were to fight on burying her or burning her as per their beliefs. To avoid this, she simply disappears from the place and even today remains in samadhi at a different realm. She did not want publicity in any manner, hence this remained hidden from the world.

Great masters quoted her life as examples to what happens to every one of us. This is the story that keeps repeating in different lives in different roles. It is not the roles that matter, but it is the attachment to that role that keeps giving different forms and relations so that the law of karma can be dealt with, so that the give and take finishes off. Till all the give and takes are over, one cannot escape rebirth. That is why our Guru stresses on unconditional approach in everything - acceptance, forgiveness and love. No conditions attached means detached. No conditions means no give and take, no contracts. This is where the drishta bhaav or the witness attitude plays a great roles while one is undergoing the prarabdh under different roles. Witnessing as an observer will not soil one's hands with further karmic connections or creating further sanskars of the give and take. It just finishes off with that karma. Thus, detachment is CERTAINLY NOT being cold-blooded to family members or relatives. It is learning to understand this fact from a higher point of view and the maturity to understand and be patient with the way others are towards you. If this is done properly, there will not be any sign of hatred or ill-feeling or guilt while detachment is practised towards others. If there is, then it is not the correct way. More sadhna has to be done. For best results, you may wish to practice the "Nachiketa Agni Dhyan" of Babaji, which can be bought from the Divine shop.

These facts can help one understand why one should accept everyone the way they are, because they are also undergoing their karmic unknowingly and they are doing that unto you which you have done unto them. It's something that is happening tit-for-tat. This understanding gives more strength to know why to forgive. Nonforgiveness amounts to the blame game where the blame is still resting on the other person without me not taking responsibility for my own karma. Thus, this becomes an impression and i have to come back to give or take. Understanding all this begins to sprout the flower of unconditional love. Love that has not conditions, it is okay if you don't love me, that must be your karmic influence, but i now understand the karmic game and thus love you for what you are. Now the love starts becoming even purer and true.

It may not be easy, but repeatedly when one lives in these truths of life, one can slowly start practising it and living it. It is not easy because even after knowing all this, the sanskaras are so strong, that the Guru has to keep stressing and reiterating to forgive and let go. His greatness, His patience, His compassion that He stay hammering with this all the time, but yet so difficult to get into our ego non-acceptability. Sadhana is very, very, very, very crucial in this as this deep-rooted flaw towards liberation cannot be dawned or understood by reading or understanding.

Also, to understand our attachments and detachment it is necessary to understand the life game of karma. Atleast that should put some light on our lives and that should open up new horizons of understanding of our actual life purposes. In divine gratitude to my Gurudev and to all the great Masters who live blessing their ignorant children, divine love and light.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ik Onkar - Our Identity

At a place where Babaji was offered to autograph His own photograph, Baba wrote His true identity ~ "Ik Onkar, Satnaam" meaning "God is One, His true name."

A beautiful rendition of the entire of the Mool Mantra sung by Sikhs, which is the opening phrase of the "Guru Granth Sahib" - the first composition of Guru Nanak.

If Baba's identify is that, what are we?
We are one with Him. We are one with that One. We are One.

Below is the entire script with it's English meaning
along a beautiful video of this looped sacred chant.

God is One

sat naam
His name is True

kartaa purakh
He is the Creator

He is without fear

He is inimical to none

akaal moorat
He never dies

He is beyond births and deaths

He is self illuminated

gur parsaad
He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru

Repeat His Name

aad sach jugaad sach
He is True in the beginning, before the anything universe existed

hai bhee sach 
He is also True now

naanak hosee bhee sach
Satguru Nanak says that he will be certainly True in the future

sochai soch na hova-ee
By thinking, He cannot be reduced to thought

jay sochee lakh vaar
even by thinking hundreds of thousands of times

chupai chup na hova-ee
By remaining silent, inner silence is not obtained

jay laa-ay rahaa liv taar
even by remaining lovingly absorbed deep within

bhukhi-aa bhukh na utree
The hunger of the hungry is not appeased

jay bannaa puree-aa bhaar
even by piling up loads of worldly goods

sahas si-aanpaa lakh hohi
Hundreds of thousands of clever tricks

ta ik na chalai naal
but not even one of them will go along with you in the end

kiv sachi-aaraa ho-ee-ai
So how can you become truthful?

kiv koorhai tutai paal
And how can the veil of illusion be torn away?

hukam rajaa-ee chalnaa naanak likhi-aa naal
O Nanak, it is written that you shall obey the Hukam of His Command
and walk in the Way of His Will

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Creating healthy boundaries

Disclaimer: My travels have given me immense opportunities to do sadhna, visit holy people and places, enjoy various cultures and lifestyles, learn the difficulties of life throughout, learn the diversities of spirituality, keenly observe other seekers on various paths and also observe seekers of my own path, meet many “old” connections, in the process observe and learn my own shortcomings, and most of what I write comes from exposure to people and diversities of spirituality and personal experiences I gain from them.  I try to always write only things that spring out of personal experiences because that is what gives me the authority and freedom of expression with confidence.  Whatever I read, if I wish to experience it, I immediately set out and almost all the time there are experiences related to it.  That makes things more convincing and the expressions set forth out of conviction.  Since every individual’s experiences are different, I keep the personal ones to myself and write more about the general ones that may help someone else.  These are all my personal views, and it is perfectly fine whether agreed to or not. I am not keen on debating differences, but this article is for those who can resonate with it but choosing to imbibe is purely the reader's personal choice. i attribute all my travels and learnings and sharing as my Guru's divine blessings. All gratitude to Him.

The travels to locations where there are saints, sanyasis, seekers, devotees, etc, show up a lot of things.  Of course, we are not to judge upon them, but few things that seekers should be careful of on the path.

If you have a Guru who has given you deeksha, there is no need for another deeksha for spiritual evolvement.  It is okay to learn from all but Guru is always the one who has initiated you. Everything is not spiritually spiritual.  You got to be alert always everywhere, especially when it comes to people clad as Gurus.  You need not introduce yourself and your Guru everywhere to every stranger you meet.  I have witnessed seekers do it, who then get stuck up in conversations with aspirants of other Gurus, striking up debates.  Vulnerable ones proudly introduce themselves as practioners of so-and-so and then get trapped with offers to join their cult or practices or become victims of unwanted competitions or situations. Unknowingly, you may be attempted to be controlled by others too. 

I have seen spiritual people behind the scenes talking bad about other Gurus, condemning, criticizing, blaming, and getting angry if someone opposes what they think.  There are two facets in many areas. Out there, there are people always on the watch for vulnerable devotees or seekers.  Many approach always talking good things, spiritual things, helpful things, but be careful when they start digging into what you do, they want to know you date of birth, they want to know what you do for a living, profession, etc, etc.  When I face similar situations, I act as though I don’t know anything spiritual and allow them to feel superior in all matters. Never picked out my wallet to flaunt my Guru’s photo.  Many times show that I do not have time to wait or insist to continue with something more important to me.  Never gave impressed looks even when they told something great nor been interested to know their practices or ideas.  Not contributed to their talks or other gossips.  Most times, kept a strict silence in any unwanted conversations not defending on any spiritual subjects, no matter how foolish it all seemed to be.  Never shared personal spiritual experiences with anyone nor been amused or sad with their making fun or gossip about other spiritual persons because these expressions only mean your interest in the subject and their views.  Many times walked away from such situations and people where an uncomfortable talk was on any negative aspect of spirituality or any Guru.

It is important to remember that a genuine spiritual person may be interested in knowing about your practice, your Guru, and your experiences, but then that is it; if there are probes further into anything else, it is safer to stop the conversation.  If there are comments or remarks or advices or suggestions or opinions coming from the other end, there is no need to buy them or accept them.  It is then high time to cut off.  It is not required that you share all your experiences with others, even if you are doing it with good intentions.  Reasons are many.  They may be opposed or ridiculed or even some kind of fear or guilt may be instilled into you.  Then, you yourself will start doubting your own genuine experiences and then noone can save you.  Also, it might be attempts to fix traps for you by understanding your weaknesses and loopholes that can be now lured with something to suit your requirements. Genuine people may guide you but then it is important to be non-arrogant from within to discriminate if the feedbacks resonate to the highest truth, if not, just drop things then and there.  The best is a polite bye with a genuine smile. Share things only when you intuitively know where you should. It is 

Creating healthy boundaries are important.  When I started blogging three years back I had a very tough time managing things, couple of times closing it down and deleting facebook accounts.  But then, I was told that praise and insults are part of the game.  True, but then that doesn’t mean you jump into dirt because dirt and clean things are also part of duality.  That is where healthy boundaries helped a lot.  You have all the right to keep your own preferences of your choice, including silence, aloofness, meetings, replies.  Most of the time people get distressed because they fall into unwanted troubles while trying to please everyone.  It is impossible to do that.  Not a single soul has achieved that, not even the greatest Masters and Avatars.  So, why become one?

Seekers of the same guru or religion or practice, does not mean that all have  pure intentions within them.  It is better to be cautious than to go blind over external appearances and actions and behaviors.  I have seen it takes no time for a seeker to not only become a Guru, but to begin collecting disciples too, that too from their own Guru-Bandhus.  It all begins with external divine actions, behaviors, 
Appearances can be deceptive
thoughts, expressions, intelligence, presentations, emotions and their experiences.  You not only create boundaries for others, but also for yourself.  Do not allow yourself to fall flat on other’s experiences or divinity.  Even if someone is genuinely spiritual or evolved, it is not required that you go jump shake hands with them and sit for a conversation or strike a great bonding. No.  In fact, these are the people you should stay even more far because there are all chances of you falling head-over-heals.  I have had many such incidents out of which I speak.  Many have fallen flat for me, until they met me, got involved with me, and then literally fell flat on the nose.  This is because we all have attach glorious imaginations to personalities.  We imagine certain people to be certain way because we are inspired or charmed by them, but that need not be the truth at all.  I have had glorious expectations from many spiritual seekers who were more evolved but none met my expectations because they were all different in their own ways – different from my expectations yet genuine.  So, I learnt that my personal boundaries are not just for others but for myself also.

Moreover, why are discussions needed?  If the need is very genuine then also there must be boundaries.  Boundaries does not mean a blockage of your love or concern for others.  It only means that though you accept all and are involved with all, you have still set good boundaries for yourself.  I have seen many getting fully involved in the name of unconditional love and before they realize they have fallen into conditional love which then may take lifetimes to become unconditional.  More karmic traps.  More attachments and aversions.  This is where Baba’s teaching “Learn to say NO with confidence” came handy because then I would get too worried about hurting someone who was adamant and selfish, arrogantly refusing to respect my boundaries and spaces with all kinds of unwanted means to get me convinced.  Beware of such ones who are controlling. However, there would be no need to solve such issues, if you hadn't got into it itself in the first case.

So many times I was confused, dazzled, hurt by the verbal and emotional attacks that came when I began writing blog, poetry, creating music, sketching and all the stuff I always had a flair to do.  Only later did I realize that what was shot at me were more of arrows dipped in jealously solution to create fear and guilt.  It came from people of darkness who wore the garb of light and that is when I restricted working with boundaries, for myself and for others. This happened because i thought everything spiritual means glorious, pure, and divine and experiences proved that even the spiritual world is not exempt from duality. When you do learn to restrict yourself in the journey and build healthy boundaries, things can get worse, because now you could be labelled as egoistic or selfish or someone who looks down upon others or feel that you feel you are too evolved.  In fact, there is nothing much to bother about this if you know your intentions are pure and that you mean no bad to anyone and that you accept them by understanding why they do what they do. Moreover, I personally do not feel am evolved at all because a fully evolved person has the ability handle anyone in any state, maybe even without any limitations.  
I am certainly not of that stature, I still am learning stuff. We all are, as seekers. While learning, we just take precautions, that is all, to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and distractions. But yet, this all depends on how seriously you want to tread the journey. This helped me in not falling into traps laid by disguised seekers who become Gurus or may try to demean you in any way.  i even recently met people who were trapped under such situations, even much after the Guru's instructions not to fall for anything that glitters. The false prophets cannot be put at fault. There were there before, they are there now and they will continue to be. It is the approacher who is blamed because noone can intrude into you unless you give your permission. When boundaries are not laid properly there are all chances you may unknowingly walk into someone unwanted person’s boundary or unknowingly invite someone unwanted into your boundary.  Once you have a Guru, there is actually no need to get involved with someone else’s spiritual experiences or stories or promises.  These simple boundaries safeguard you.  Mind you, again, these boundaries don’t make you judgmental uncompassionate, but it gives you wider options to send love and light to them without personal involvement.  These are just measures for seekers on the path, who are learning yet on the path, and to avoid unwanted entanglements and unwanted situations.  This saves your energies and does not keep defocussing you all the time with unwanted attention and distractions on the path.  You are able to help more with distances. If people get offended by your boundaries, you cannot be blamed for that, it is simply that they do not respect your privacy and your preferences.  When they do not, there would not arise a need to waste your energies trying to convince or please them. Keep away from all dramas that try to convince you that they have right to interfere into your private space, because  that only calls for more entanglements. 

Refuse to fall into guilt-ridden traps like someone asking you what kind of a seeker you are when you can't give attention to them or their problem.  Their problem becomes your problem only when you feel you are the doer. Point them to the doer - the Divine, the Guru. Guide them, if needed, but refrain doing someone else's work yourself.  If a cunning child comes running to you to do their homework, you have two options. Either you feel pity or emotional or responsible and do the work for the child or you guide on how best to do the homework as per the requirement of the teacher.  If things go beyond your control, you simply direct them to their teacher than become the teacher yourself :) In that case, schools and teachers (Gurus and ashrams) wouldn't have come up, anyone could teach anything, but it's not so.  Do not be over concerned if anyone you try to help do not want it your way but want it their way.  You can only take the horse to the well but not make it drink water. You do not hold responsibility for other's journey unless you have taken up the responsibility. If you take up, then it surely does become your responsibility, both in terms of dealing with the actions and the consequences - the karma. So there is nothing to feel sad about or guilty about if you are not able to help someone who want it their way. I fail to understand how can someone who has not understood the Guru's teaching itself, understand the disciple's words or actions.  Hence, best is to only guide and point back to the path but rest lies in their own freewill. 

At the same time, respect other's boundaries, their Gurus, their practices, and their ways of life. Never try to convert anyone into your beliefs or practices or your Guru. Following certain paths are not just about superiority and following the best, but it is a serious matter in terms of a number of things of every person's life journeys.  If someone comes and asks out of their very own interest it is a different thing, but never show superiority of your Guru or your own practice in competition with others, nor there is anything to be impressed or depressed when other's flaunt superiority in their beliefs.  Know that what they all follow is also right, but it is to the best of their inclinations and life patterns. What they follow is best for them and what you follow is best for you. Taking an additional deeksha or mantra or practice will not speed progress. Learning from all Mahatmas and Saints and improving your life with their teachings is fine, but not required to make another Guru with an initiation. There is no path that is greater or lesser. Greater and lesser results of evolution comes from one's own intensity in following the path.

The path is certainly not easy, but why make it even harder by being careless and trying to impress or please everyone?  Those who try to please others very easily fall into the trap of control-freaks, who know how to control and manipulate you through your weakness.  There is no need to share your weaknesses with anyone, whoever it may be, for this will go against you if they wish to manipulate you or control you.  Keep everything at the Guru’s feet, at the Lord’s feet and follow spiritual practices.  Whatever has to come will come in the time, but before the results come, a lot of hurdles will come.  These are the tests that are often hurled at aspirants at every step.  So, being alert and watchful and observant and learning is very important on this path.  Observant of everything but remarking nothing, only understanding and learning from them. Choose from them which is good for you and discard the rest and move ahead. This is a great way of learning practising detachment to people and outcomes yet loving unconditionally.

Divine Love and Light.

Knowing Your Soul Agenda

Many say "I don't know why i am here for, i do not know my purpose." Well, whether you know it or not, your ultimate purpose is just the same... to grab the opportunity to use this human lifetime to cut out from the cycle of birth and deaththat has kept you in spin for millions of years. It is rare that a human being is awakened to this fact. This can be done by a Guru and the Guru arrives only when one's heavy karmic structure is so weakened that it can grasp this fact. The rest remain in ignorance. That is why even if you try your best to convince people just like that noone will be interested in these details, some not even wanting to believe they had a life before and will have another one if they don't skip out of this strong vicious cycle. They may call themselves atheists or modern or wise or whatever, but all these are just the reasons for being stuck in the cycle due to karmic baggage. Hence, if one is even aware of this fact that one has to work towards salvation, it is indeed an unimaginable grace of the Divine, the knowledge of which starts descending upon us in various ways when the time is 'right'. This is the time even a Guru enters one's life because the individual has unknowingly given a signal to the Universe that one is now ready to move ahead and needs help.

At such a time, the Guru is sent. Sent means not someone physical sending someone, but the Shakti does it all. Guru is the messenger of God, whatever form He or She may be, and they represent nothing but the Divine manifestation. Because human vibrations cannot decipher the Divine directly, the Divine manifests itself into a vibration that the humans can understand and relate with.... the human form; Guru in the human form. According to every individual preferences, inclinations, impressions, and past life connections, one attracts the Guru. All Gurus have only one purpose - to shed light further into the path of the seeker, to guide, to assist, to pave the way. Their being in your life brightens up the purposes one was born for. Of course, the ultimate purpose is salvation but all souls also carry karmic prints to finish off as a part of their desires. These desires could also be of higher value like helping the planet, helping evolution, contributing to Divine work on earth, being involved in the light work, help soul groups, help the needy, uplift the downtrodden, heal and pray for ascensions, be an example for others in various ways, use the Divine creatively to contribute to noble causes through music, sports, arts, dance, writing, photography, sharing, caring, selfless services, free services, support, and thus anything that you can think of, that contributes to the evolution and ascension of life, which is Divine work. It can be seen how great noble people identified their Divine purposes and served it like Mother Theresa, Einstein, Mandela, Gandhi, and saints and Masters throughout generations. It is not required that divine work means only working with characteristics purely divine like how a saint, religious leader, spiritual heads, etc do, but fulfilling any expressions within you that you are passionate about, that is not destructive in any way to self or others, that is constructive and only uplifts life is your soul agenda. When you dedicate your life and energies towards it, it is called a soul agenda, the purpose which you have now identified that can make your life joyous and fulfilling when you tread on that goal or mission. It could even be as resolving all karmic issues with soul groups in this life time or a combination of this plus putting your passion into work for Divine purposes. Everyone has passions and all potentials to serve to the Divine cause in some or the other way, but sometimes they may not be able to identify it or it may seem confusing as the thoughts and phases of life keeps changing. In such times, following just the Guru's teachings will take you to those goals and one day you may be surprised to know that you are already on your soul agenda without even knowing about it  Divine Love and Light...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fear and Greed trap

In my travels two of the major things that I have seen been the basic content in spiritual activities - greed and fear. Baba had explained in one of the shivirs how man approaches God out of two basic - greed or fear.Greed because one wants something or the other from God. Fear because he fears that if he does not do this or that, God will punish him. I have grew up in this environment where fear is instilled right from beginning by priests and caretakers of religion that God will put you in hell if you do this or don't do that. I went to church most of the time out of fear. I feared missing a Sunday mass because then for me hell would break loose as God was keeping a record of how many times I went to church and how many times not. God wanted me to be a good boy and thus even the good I did was out of pressure or fear. If I did something wrong people did not wait to pounce on me and instill guilt and I would live in guilt and fear of having disobeyed God. Not just me almost everyone around did just that.

If not fear it is greed, where one goes to God or Guru to get something. People still think God and Guru can be bribed to receive something. Foolishly, man thinks it is a fair deal to offer the Creator a 10-rupee note in barter for a 10 crore rupees or things worth that amount. Ha ha.. Trying to impress God by luring him with things and even worse offering his own creation (money or sacrifice of living beings) back unto him in order to ask even more back! This happens with Gurus also where one wants to give the One who is one with everything and has the capacity to tap anything from the Universe. To give his disciples something, he needs no dual bartering with God for he is not separate from that God.

This is in all religions where one is stuck with beliefs and traditions where man had created rules for your meeting with God. This is blindly rampant everywhere.

When Bhagwan Nityananda was about to leave his body he remarked that everyone came to him for children, wealth, marriage, etc but hardly anyone asked him what he wanted to give. Bhagwan even was fed up once before His samadhi and wanted to leave the body but He had to come back after few days of physical death where He said that the Gurumandala sent him back stating His work is not yet over. What all the great masters like Nityananda, Sainath, Christ, and many others came to teach itself was never learnt but lot of new modifications, twists and manipulations came after they left the body. People still remained stuck with same old stuff that religions did and still continue to do so. Either you see greed installed in the hearts that approach these great master's subtle places or you see people still continuing to impose rules and fear within one who seek solace with the Holy Masters. Rules, tradition, methods, dos ad donts, and all the God-damn stuff came into existence that the Masters themselves never created. One thing that the Master spoke got interpreted in ten different ways and all believed their was the true one and even ensured that everybody follow suit with that with fear and greed. Wise ones did not sit with books of their Masters' teachings but sat in subtle satsang with the Masters themselves and drank their nectar-filled wisdom themselves and used it silently in their lives. I have literally seen pure devotees engaged in deep conversations with at their Guru's Jeeva Samadhis. I have seen real strong shaktipath taking place at the Guru's samadhis and caves without the physical presence. These devotees never read or educated themselves through the formats suited to humans. They just sat in satsang with their masters... and benefited. These people never speak but ones who read speak and educated so much. One more speaking reader and it is just one more interpretation. No one can interpret their words because those were spoken at a different dimension itself in a completely different state. One needs to read and meditate on them simultaneously. Masters don't have 'dos and donts' they just have plain truths to pierce into the listener/reader. And then if someone does not follow something according to these standards of interpreted rules, fear is instilled, followed by a few teaspoons of guilt syrups.

 I have seen this nonsensical discrimination in temples, churches, Jeeva Samadhis, ashrams, and holy places. In a Vishnu temple, I have taken off my rudraksh before entering instead of having a priest stare as though I have worn a dead snake around my neck. In many Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu, there are boards "Only Hindus Allowed". Thank God humans don't write their names on their foreheads or I would have not even visited one till date. At one Jeeva Samadhi some are not even allowed to go near, while at some you can even touch or embrace their samadhis, at another samadhi I shirts to preserve the sanctity of the place. Can a shirt destroy the santity of such powerful Masters? Many of these places of the great Masters lie in poor conditions, where there is so much shortage of care and maintenance and there is none to even bother or take care of these things but when it comes to seekers wishing to seek blessings from these places, people leap forward with a list of rules, formalities... all that were created by the egos of the selfish interests of those who wanted to dominate their positions and names with the Masters and the places. Even with the living Gurus, fear is instilled with these set of rules by taking the Guru's name. He, who wanted nothing, but just that you transform has better more superior work than to sit administering these silly things. Guru and God is always unbiased with caste, religion, creed, culture or tradition. Forget these, they don't even differentiate between a human and a dog; both are bundles of unleashed karma for them and the concern is the same. True masters will never want you to be converted but certainly want you to be transformed. Yet beyond all this, masters and saints face persecution and they yet bear it all. This has happened over ages and still continues. What makes it stronger? Fear and greed. When one has these two aspects, one does not think any further and cannot fully connect to their Guru/Ishta in unconditionality. Hence, they continue living in this conditional relation with their Guru and God. There is also so much insecurity deep down the ruler-makers for they know deep in their hearts that when others don't follow their rules, that their rules may after all be wrong, but they themselves are gripped in fear that they don't take chances.

You receive any saint's grace ONLY and ONLY by your your internal approach and NOT external, in purest intentions. God and Gurus don't want any other stuff from you. You don't need "influence" to reach them. You will only receive something from them when your approach is not inspired by greed or fear but just love or your simple honest requests of the help you want. They don't care whether you ask that with your shirts off or lights on. They don't care whether you took ten rounds around their samadhi or simply sat there or simply stared at them with love. They don't care whether you have had bath or whether you given them bath. They don't care if are chewing a tusli leaf or a chewing gum. They don't care what you or people care about. It doesn't matter to them if you don't go to them and it doesn't if you go also. They are just radiating their love and grace. How and what you receive depends on what is in your heart. If it is greed or fear, forget it; they also forget it.

I came across many seekers who are disheartened because of all this. There is no need to be disheartened. The Guru element knows it all. The properties and the manifestations of light knows it all. Just stick to the highest truth come what may.

You go to Guru, samadhi or temple or church like a beggar. There are all kinds of beggars (seekers) - nasty ones, greedy ones, scared ones, scary ones, and needy ones. What would you give a beggar who has an unsatisfied expression when you give a one rupee. What would you give a beggar who wears good clothes an is well fed. Wouldn't you give a beggar who sincerely needs your alms and not those with dubious intentions? Without even talking to the beggar you would know. Gurus and God and subtle Masters know a begging beggar, a lazy beggar, a cunning beggar, a false beggar. Thus, they know where to drop "alms", where to drop a fixed deposit, where to drop a recurring deposit and where to dropped a cheque that can bounce.

In Ramanashram, Tiruvanamalai and few other places of the like I was zapped to see the high number of foreign aspirants and their powerful connectivity with their Master. It's because there, there are no such rules of what these Masters who have already left their bodies expects one to do and not do. In silence all receive what they have to receive. Moreover why foreigners benefit the most? Because they have no greed and fear in their approach. They are not bothered by such things because they don't even know the tradition, cultures, practices, and all the blah blahs. In this case, I have been lucky to be a Christian because I don't know most of the rules, tradition, cultures, etc. I think my taking birth in a Christian family was to bypass these tedious unwanted stuffs. This I can vouch for because without knowing anything I can see how my life transformed 180 degrees after coming in touch with the loving Ascended Masters and my Babaji. Foreigners also know only one rule - bhaav. They come sit, move around absorbed in their Master's samadhis, which is radiating powerfully while a few feet away some are busy buying coconuts and flowers and incense sticks and trying to hunt down a priest who can do special puja for them to get them a direct grant from God/Guru or trying to find short-cuts to having the closest darshan in temples by paying money. By the time one has darshan, even before he realizes, he is pushed out or literally thrown out of the temple left to wonder what was all it about. But few contended with the tug-of-war return back home blaming, condemning and cursing the management and other people, everyone but themselves. This does not happen on many places, like the Arunachala hills because most who visit there just know that people and their rules passed over generations cannot stop in receiving what they want. Same is with all Gurus and their devotees. No management, no rules, no fears, no walls, no gates, no assistants, no managers, no power can stop you from reaching your Guru if you have that desire, absent with greed and fear. Gurus and Masters and God are beyond all this. Only those get disappointed who feel they can only be physically connected to their Guru or Ishta. Who can stop your vibrations? Your emotions? Your love? Your heart-felt pleas? I can assure you that there are Gurus including our Babaji who initiate and guide and help people who have not even attended their shivirs or met them. They do it also. Most of the time, it is not even known at the receiver's end as to what they have received and in many cases from whom they have received! That is why you hear not applauds in these cases. I vouch this not from bookish knowledge but out of experience with Baba and with other masters too. It is all possible. Resonate with the highest truth; never compromise on that.

It's all in your hearts dear ones. Spill that out and keep it personal. It's only between you and your Guru. Never fall into any guilt-traps or fear traps laid by people who feel that they are the only ones who can receive from the Guru, Ishta or Ascended Masters. Masters know everything but they remain above all the dramas of the world but they will never let down anyone who genuinely approach them from within. That's all true seekers on the path of light need. Let the world bask in the glories of their ignorances, you just follow your heart and face the light. All are fully eligible. Trust your worthiness. It may not be easy to get that feeling overnight but it is all possible.

The answer to this lengthy article lies here in the last sentence, whether it is for a living Guru or one who has already taken Samadhi. Once when I was grumbling and complaining about the world to Ishan bhaiya, he said something powerful that got embedded into my heart. He said, "Remember this, wherever there is light there will be shadows. Your sight should be fixed on to the light and not the shadows."

Divine love and light...

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