Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Knowing Your Soul Agenda

Many say "I don't know why i am here for, i do not know my purpose." Well, whether you know it or not, your ultimate purpose is just the same... to grab the opportunity to use this human lifetime to cut out from the cycle of birth and deaththat has kept you in spin for millions of years. It is rare that a human being is awakened to this fact. This can be done by a Guru and the Guru arrives only when one's heavy karmic structure is so weakened that it can grasp this fact. The rest remain in ignorance. That is why even if you try your best to convince people just like that noone will be interested in these details, some not even wanting to believe they had a life before and will have another one if they don't skip out of this strong vicious cycle. They may call themselves atheists or modern or wise or whatever, but all these are just the reasons for being stuck in the cycle due to karmic baggage. Hence, if one is even aware of this fact that one has to work towards salvation, it is indeed an unimaginable grace of the Divine, the knowledge of which starts descending upon us in various ways when the time is 'right'. This is the time even a Guru enters one's life because the individual has unknowingly given a signal to the Universe that one is now ready to move ahead and needs help.

At such a time, the Guru is sent. Sent means not someone physical sending someone, but the Shakti does it all. Guru is the messenger of God, whatever form He or She may be, and they represent nothing but the Divine manifestation. Because human vibrations cannot decipher the Divine directly, the Divine manifests itself into a vibration that the humans can understand and relate with.... the human form; Guru in the human form. According to every individual preferences, inclinations, impressions, and past life connections, one attracts the Guru. All Gurus have only one purpose - to shed light further into the path of the seeker, to guide, to assist, to pave the way. Their being in your life brightens up the purposes one was born for. Of course, the ultimate purpose is salvation but all souls also carry karmic prints to finish off as a part of their desires. These desires could also be of higher value like helping the planet, helping evolution, contributing to Divine work on earth, being involved in the light work, help soul groups, help the needy, uplift the downtrodden, heal and pray for ascensions, be an example for others in various ways, use the Divine creatively to contribute to noble causes through music, sports, arts, dance, writing, photography, sharing, caring, selfless services, free services, support, and thus anything that you can think of, that contributes to the evolution and ascension of life, which is Divine work. It can be seen how great noble people identified their Divine purposes and served it like Mother Theresa, Einstein, Mandela, Gandhi, and saints and Masters throughout generations. It is not required that divine work means only working with characteristics purely divine like how a saint, religious leader, spiritual heads, etc do, but fulfilling any expressions within you that you are passionate about, that is not destructive in any way to self or others, that is constructive and only uplifts life is your soul agenda. When you dedicate your life and energies towards it, it is called a soul agenda, the purpose which you have now identified that can make your life joyous and fulfilling when you tread on that goal or mission. It could even be as resolving all karmic issues with soul groups in this life time or a combination of this plus putting your passion into work for Divine purposes. Everyone has passions and all potentials to serve to the Divine cause in some or the other way, but sometimes they may not be able to identify it or it may seem confusing as the thoughts and phases of life keeps changing. In such times, following just the Guru's teachings will take you to those goals and one day you may be surprised to know that you are already on your soul agenda without even knowing about it  Divine Love and Light...

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