The External Guru & Internal Guru | Outer Technology to Inner Technology

There have always been this question of "multiple Gurus'. This video talks on the understanding of Deeksha Guru and Sheeksha Guru and where and why certain lines are needed to be drawn, of course, without discriminating anyone as high of low. The video also tries to explain the External & Internal Guru and how one stops with the dependency on outer technology and find it difficult to navigate when the outer technology fails, hence the need to learn to attune to the inner technology eventually.
Divine Love and Light...

My Room Broke it's Silence for the First Time

Ha ha.. Some beautiful blends to share today. I have no dear friends that i share things about or chat or phone or talk but whenever feel the urge to, my blogs and facebook are like my diaries through which i share it with the world, which for me represents that "sharing wala friend". But to share further, call me crazy if that pleases you, i converse often with my room.. Almost loudly whenever i come back to it as it seems the only being that waits for The moment i enter it, i say "hi room." and more than often i have seen it light up that lights me up too.

So, as usual, today i enter and say hi and continue my standard template "today was _______." the one thing that changed everyday was the word that filled that blank - "wonderful, exciting, boring, okay, ughhh, etc, etc."

Today i think the room wanted to break the monotony of being the silent listener and it quickly retorted "One day you are high and one day you are low, one day you are okay and one day you are ughh and one day you are in 7th heaven." i said "So what? i am atleast expressing everything honestly to you!" It quickly asked "How does it really matter when none of those expressions are consistent?" Now that was really something. I thought to myself "All this while i was thinking this room is my silent observer who sees me going through all colors and shades of life and today breaks it's silence with an unexpected jolt?" i paused, pondered, smiled and answered "Hmmm. Interesting. But I know it's not me but my mind that keeps changing seasons." To this it immediately said, "Sometimes your mind feels high and sometimes your mind feels low. When then will that "you" be consistently happy?" i replied, "When, like my master, i learn to stay between these both (high and low)." Then there was silence and i waited for the room to continue... but silence..........

That's when something really lit within and i knew now that it will not talk anymore as it had conveyed what it wanted to convey and returned to that very state of "between" that observes everything from that state. I admire my room that has a mastery in this. I smiled and turned to humbly glance at someone on this television in gratitude. Sam Bhaav and Drishta Bhaav arise out this state of neutrality, from which sprouts Har Haal Mein Khushi. My room is none other than my Guru Himself. Divine Love and Light. Description:<3 span="">


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