Sunday, July 12, 2015

Who will give me what I want?

Someone asked me why people leave one Guru and go to another? Why they try one practice and seek another? Why has someone left from somewhere and come to my Guru? i mentioned that it is not in the coming and going that is going to help but in the doing. Is one doing... whether coming or going? Doing refers to working on oneself.
Karma is something that is entirely my creation, be it something that i realize or something forgotten. Every single incident and every single moment is unbiasedly one's own returns. Maya is the illusion that gives a feeling that things happen to us due to something or someone. It gives us a clear-cut feeling that everyone or everything other than myself is responsible for what i am going through today. This leaves a scar of deep hurt and injustice or anger and resentment. It makes us blame. At such times, we forget, thanks to maya, that the Guru has absolutely nothing to do with anyone's karma. He is untouched and unperturbed by anything. He is in that state of oneness at all times and blissfully stays in it. All who come to Him and all whom He reaches out to has just one reason - to help. He has helped himself, now He continues in a physical body just in order to help. It is entirely up to a seeker whether to accept it or not. He is untouched by who comes to Him or who goes away from Him. All Gurus are this way. Leaving one and catching another are ways of the third dimension. Dislike someone, ditch and find another. Not happy with a cell, discard and buy a new one. Takes time to cook; order a pizza. Bored with books, on the TV, bored with a channel, flip the channel, bored with TV, plug into games, bored with games, get on to Facebook, bored with FB, whatsapp, bored with the cell, go for a movie, boring film, eat out or "freak out" or "chill out" and if bored with life, find a Guru. Not this one, then that one. The mind is constantly in a habit of leaving one and catching another, never ever satisfied or still or settled. There is a constant craving to do something, be something, know something, learn something, feel something, experience something, find something, endless....
I told my friend, this is what compels one to keep the search on for eternity into finding something that never be found outside. Now, the Masters are all aware of it but none of them are really perturbed or concerned. Their only concern is your well-being and your upliftment out of the repeated births in which the soul is put to endless suffering. All they attempt to do is to get one out of this drama of illusion. They are nowhere in the game, for they are themselves witnessing the entire drama and waiting to pull the curtain down before God does. No Master gains if someone goes to them and no Master loses if someone leaves them. They are fine because they see beyond this all, but they know that their disciples' minds are unripe that will only add up to more confusions.
Master are not responsible for the karmas created by individual souls, whereas it is a misunderstanding when one goes to the Master that the Master is now responsible for their baggage. True that Masters help one carry the baggage or to get rid of it eventually, but never that any Master is simply waiting to keep pulling off people's baggages off their shoulders. They have special ways to ask you to drop your baggage, but again the decision to drop still remains with the individual, no Master enters the freewill of an individual to take decisions for that individual. The interesting thing is that even for one to drop one's baggage, one must first become aware of the baggage and even realize and accept that this is a baggage that was picked or accumulated by himself and that it is heavy and effort must be made to shed it. Only this responsibility and acknowledgement can actually even make one move to take off the baggage and even attempt to put it down. Otherwise, the misery will be in carrying the baggage from one place to another hoping that it vanishes.
Maya gives a feeling that our own inappropriateness is the responsibility of God or Guru. This makes one think that if one goes to a Guru, all His karmas and all His wrongdoings are for the Guru. With this arises a lack of responsibility for oneself. There are many new who come to a Master from other Masters and there are many who leave one and go to another. In both the ways of transits what is forgotten is wherever i go, still carry my karmas with me. As long as my karmas are there with me, i will be undergoing or have to undergo those consequences no matter how many Gurus or practices are changed. Until the responsibility fully seeps on owning one's own deeds and owning one's own consequences, there are grim chances of succeeding from those situations, because the blame game is still pointing to someone else. How can i work on honesty if i don't ever accept that i lie? How can i overcome anger if i dont ever want to think that something within me is triggering the anger? How can i work towards humility if i never want to even know if i have pride in me? Anything and everything that has to be gotten over in me, has first to be accepted and acknowledged, then only it can be worked upon. Otherwise, with outwardly pointed fingers i only can move round-and-round on this entire planet seeking solace and finding nothing but more confusions..Just ponder over this simple thing - Why is that under the same teacher one student excels and another fails? The teacher to blame? Why is it that under one parent one child is a divine soul while another is a criminal? Parents to blame? Why is that under the same Government one sector is flourishing while another one collapsing? Government to blame? Why is it that one child is hopeless even with the best of facilities and another child excels by studying under a lamp post? Circumstances to blame? Why is it that you hate someone while others have no issues with that someone? Is it the person to blame?
Changing parents, teachers, governments, countries, jobs, relationships and even Gurus will not guarantee until what has to be undone is done as per the prescriptions that a Master offers. Because what we tend to forget is that even if relationships change, Governments change, or whatever changes, we will still remain miserable if we feel the cause of our being miserable is due to someone outside. We have been seeking instant gratification from the world. Want to reach somewhere quick, take a cab or a flight and content. Want to eat something make a call and get food right into your plate. Want something from the stores, send the servant to get it. Feeling bored, call someone. Feeling tired, take a power nap. Get a work done real quick, bribe. For receiving favours, flatter. Angry with someone, curse. Someone did wrong to me, punish. Want a remedy, break a coconut. Even God isn't spared from the instant gratification requests that if not received real quick like a ready-to-compensate pizza company on late delivery, one is ready to trash out on God itself. One can become as miserable with God as one becomes to a late-responding waiter. Not even Saints are spared from this syndrome. i received a mail few days back after someone read my travel blog posts and asked me to-the-point to tell him quickly which Siddha or saint should he approach to get blessings so that he gets married soon. His mail also was very demanding and felt like he does not really like delays in replies. Are enlightened beings wish-fulfilling machines? 
Not that they are not capable of it but what one makes of them! All great masters have always said that noone asks them what they should be asking. Baba has said this earlier that one does not want to take what He actually wants to give. Bhagwan Nityananda before leaving His body said, "Everyone comes here for money and only money. The more they are given, the more they seek; there is no end to their greed. When they come they are pedestrians sometimes without a proper dwelling place; and when they get the necessities, then comforts and luxuries are demanded: a car, a bungalow, and so on. When earlier prayers are granted in the hope that contentment would follow and that they would then seek higher values, another demand is placed in a never-ending series of wants and desires." And, people end up visiting great beings to only get something out of them and here also when there is no instant gratification the blame is left there and one moves to the next easy and fastest possibility. Something that will never happen. Never happen because where it can happen is not tickled at all, but all fingers still point outside.
All this is not something that we began doing recently, but it has been from the time we screamed in tears when our parents did not gratify us our instant needs, be it getting spoon-feed as an infant or in not being handed over a toy when we demanded it. The habit continues throughout the lifetime. And same approach towards spiritual practices or Masters. No Master gives instant gratification. Even if that happens rarely, it is not common to all. There are many binding karmic factors behind that too. What one can receive it is not at all possible that other also receive it in the same fashion and same time frame. Just because of the simple fact that everyone's karmic structures are different. Not everyone is alike. Comparing brings up more troubles to the already troubled minds - Comparing oneself with others. Comparing one's Guru with others. Comparing one's parents, relations, friends, and others. Everything is different in every way. What i fail to see is that i am also different. My karmic structure and my life are different and unique in a way. So if that is so, how can i ever compare myself with others. This realization must dawn to even begin the process of accepting oneself. Accepting myself the way i am brings contentment. Then my vision becomes more inward than outward. When inward only then the contemplation can begin. Only then i will look into my flaws, into what is wrong within me and finding ways to overcome it or correct it because then i know the problem is there and by looking within i know the solution is there too. That is why Baba always says You are the problem and you are the solution. Solution cannot come when my vision is outside because when outside, it will only hunt for the flaws of others, it will even hunt for someone external to blame for one's inner conflicts or problems. What can any Guru, any parent, any Government, any religion, any practice, any location do in this case? Like, if one has not learnt a lesson in a failed relationship a new relationship is only going to highlight it at the next opportunity. No matter how many relationships one changes, he will remain miserable. Everything outside reflects our inside. So, when we blame anyone, if we just ponder over a while, it will be revealed that that is the exact flaw that is in me... what i am seeing outside.

When one goes to a Guru, it is not the external Guru who is going to embrace him and clean him up just like that. He will activate the inner Guru within you and then work through that. And again, this will happen only if one is willing to, for no Guru interferes with freewill. Masters are off all the karmic games, they are all one at a different perspective and level. They have not arrived to play more games but to relieve each who are still playing it. This is what was mentioned before that it is not in the coming and going of a seeker to a Master, but it is the doing that will help and for doing one must stay still. Still in whatever one trusts, accepts and loves, but Gurus are no tools for experimentation, none of them smile emoticon

As disciples, whether or not we do our tasks sincerely, they will all keep doing their jobs sincerely for they do not understand our way of thinking and working for they operate at a different level, not very easily perceivable to the logically arguing and doubting mind. Though they look like us and talk and live like us, they do not think the way we do, but we end up interpreting them in the way we think because we are unable to think the way they do smile emoticon

So, all these things do not really matter to them. The enlightened Masters have nothing to lose, but we have - if we do not contemplate and understand really as to why they are here, and even more importantly, why we are here. The mind will easily fool into a lot of things until we understand these two very important things. Why they are here and why were are here. Ponder over this - when they are here, are they doing their work in all circumstances and at all times? You will see it is YES. Now, ponder - are we doing our work in all circumstances? ______????? 

Calm. Relax. Accept. Settle. Be content. Relish. Receive.

Gratitude to Baba. Namah shivay. Divine Love and Light.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tuning with your Guru

Wish to share with you something important today. On and often i come across friends, who are sulking because they have not been able to attend the ongoing shivir and miss Baba. Rather, if you have to know that at a particular time, Baba is in a shivir, far away from you, there are some wonderful ways to get the most. The subtle presence of Baba is very powerful and it does not really matter where you are sitting - whether in the hall, right in front or right at the back or outside the hall or in your room. A little shift in the thought and idea of how powerful the Guru is, can bring a sharp change into this feeling of "i cannot receive if i am not in a shivir". If you can actually tune in, everything changes. Baba has various facets as a walking Siddha and He is the most powerful - not when He is in front of you and maybe even physically talking to you or when you get His darshan, but He is the most powerful when He is at a shivir. That is when He is carrying out His divine assignment and is sitting there with a clear purpose, doing the work of God. i remember His saying in a shivir, "What will you do meeting me? You might express your problems or you might sit judging me. When i am talking to you i am still limited but i am the real me when i am in a shivir. That time i am totally connected and am able to give you abundantly." He said this with very deep meaning. It is during these times that His radiating energies and grace is overwhelming. Even if you can know the timings of when He is in a shivir at any location, anywhere on the planet, you can tune and see the difference. When He is beaming from his seat of fire, He can be giving a lot during those times, especially during the times He is doing sacred sadhnas. The Holy Siddhas from time immemorial have been powerful radiators of grace, the only key to unlock it remains, as always, the purest of pure intentions. If one can master this one aspect, one can master the tuning too. No rituals, no formalities to be done, just an honest and pure intention of receiving and it will turn out to be literally a shivir even from your home. It is just not about the belief you have or not, it is just knowing and understanding the simple process of the working of grace. Why else would Baba keep finding hundreds of ways to reach people at any location, through the social media in so many ways. And am sure there are few strong willed ones who truly benefit a great deal. They look a little beyond a shivir relay as mere teachings or discourse. It is much much more than that. That is how Siddhas work.... all of them. Some radiate it from isolated mountains to you and some sitting amongst people. Their intentions are the very same divine intentions. Who catches what and how much depends on the approach. Try doing this from home, especially after knowing the shivir timings, sit at home and leave your physical body there and pull your subtle presence into the shivir or in front of Baba and see what happens. Of course, being in a shivir in His physical presence is something else, because the five senses actually were trained life long to experience things that way, but with similar kind of little training, whenever you get time or are in the "mood" to, you will see that this quality keeps enhancing and gradually find yourself also mastering the art of staying in the aura of your Guru. That is the best way to make use of any social platform that is nothing but the manifestation of the Guru to reach disciples in every possible way. With hopes it helps in some way and gratitude to Gurudev, namah shivay _/\_ Divine Love and Light 
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Once you make one your Guru, He will not leave you

I was looking at my prior post on FB "Once you make one your Guru, He will not leave you......" So true this is. i would rather put it as "Because you made one your Guru (in some lifetime) He has still not left you :)

The bond of a Guru and disciple is beyond any imaginable relationship. Most of the time, this is understood by the just the mind due to the heavy curtains that the mind and sanskars put upon the soul. It is for so many lifetimes that this bond is created over. i know of few friends of mine, who never knew anything about Baba but suddenly had strange affinity towards Him and His teachings (just like i had in 2008). 

Many of them do not even know who the person (Guru) is but still find themselves being guided. i have a couple of friends who are connected with Babaji more subtly. They have not attended shivirs, but they find His guiding light in their lives. He comes up in their dreams, guides them in various ways, comforts and heals. Some end up having kriyas and emotional outbursts that among new sadhaks are normally seen only in the physical presence of the Guru. Some just watch him on TV and find a nourishing Guru-Shishya relationship. This goes out far to clearly indicate the subtle presence of the Guru even when the disciple may not understand or see or decipher it at all. When i look back into my years long, long before i came into ShivYog or even knew Baba in any way, i see a very strong connection and understanding of experiences that now reveal to me that i was watched over even during those times. The experiences that seemed weird in those years, only became clear to me when similar experiences i witnessed after meeting my Guru, which clearly indicated in many, many ways that it was the same subtle presence then and today. i had read of how the Guru follows the soul, lifetimes over, especially when the soul has deviated from the path of Light, like a lost sheep from the flock, but i realize it all only now.

Guru is not actually the person we see, that is just a body of this life time. Guru is that divine soul who has changed bodies just like you and me have changed, only as the means to catch up again with the souls The only difference is that we come each time, knowingly or unknowingly, out of our unfulfilled desires and strong impressions that tries to manifest itself through various lifetimes. And the Guru comes not for His own, because He is done with it all. He now comes to remind you of what you left pending last time and where you could not make it. While we forget that our birth itself is an attempt to achieve freedom from it all, the Guru comes with an attempt to make that attempt possible. With the natural laws prohibiting the Guru from direct interference into the freewill of the soul, the Guru tries all possible ways to reach the souls in order to awaken and shake them off the dream of the illusory life, that can again make the soul wander or fall. Even if found, it is still a task to keep one awake from the deep slumbers of karmic substance. This is why this relationship can never replace any other.  It takes a fraction of time for the Guru to return back to source for He is all liberated but out of sheer love, compassion and unconditional love chooses to linger around and trying to do the maximum possible. When the time comes, and the soul has dealt with certain amount of karma destined in it's prarabdh, the lost link of previous lifetimes is re-established with the Guru.
All the reasons to bring a seeker and Guru together are just reasons and the play of the Consciousness, which might feel like a strange inclination or a unknown fascination or a feeling of knowing the Guru or familiarity with various aspect of the Guru or an untoward incident that propels one to the Guru or an urge to do something for Him or a feeling of connectedness in the very first meeting or a moment of ecstasy or emotions when seeing or hearing about the Guru or one may call it simply it a coincidence of having come to the Guru. Stories may be a thousand but the reason is just ONE. We look at stories because it fascinates us but He knows it before the story has even unfolded. He is not excited about this story or meeting for this has happened many times before, He is only happy that He has another opportunity the present time and He is only eager to know your eagerness for that is what will accelerate His willingness to help. This is why scriptures also say that it is not you who finds the Guru but it is the Guru who finds you. Jesus Christ, as i knew Him from childhood, is known as the Good Shepherd, who is most of the time depicted being among grazing sheep and often shown with a sheep around His shoulder. This has a very deep meaning with and is similar to what a Guru is. He has the commitment of that of a shepherd when it comes to taking care of it. He guards over them. He is alert over them. Many a times, He goes in search of the sheep gone astray and brings them back untiringly one after the other.  In the Bible there are thousands of times the word Shepherd is referred to.  One of the most popular parable in the Bible is "The Lost Sheep" where it is quoted as "What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go in search of the one that went astray? And if he finds it, truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray. So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish."

Here, souls are referred to as sheep and in the scripture it says that God will send a Shepherd to take care of the sheep. The Shepherd is the Guru in form. Now, there are all kinds of shepherds and that is why Christ is referred to as the GOOD SHEPHERD. Shepherds count their sheep every night. In these quotes, it says, what would happen when a shepherd came back by late evening with his 100 sheep after grazing only to find one sheep missing? The Shepherd does not rest after that. It leaves the 99 on the hill and goes in search of that one that is lost. And when that one is found, he rejoices over it more than the 99 who never went astray.  It ends with the quote that it is the will of God that not a single sheep should perish.

Now, for that reason the Divine assigns this humongous task to a Guru. This i could relate is so clearly when Baba once in a shivir said, "It is natural for a mother who has many kids but runs to take care of the weakest." Here, He meant that He is more striving to take care of the weak for the strong are equipped enough to handle themselves. This is perfect what is in tune with the Good Shepherd who leaves the 99 just for that one sheep that is lost. Here, lost sheep means the soul that has wandered off the path or from one's objective of taking this birth. The Shepherd knows that lost sheep are more vulnerable to the wolves and fierce weather. The Guru's purpose of incarnation itself is to search the lost lambs and bring them to the path of light. And what joy the shepherd has when He finds the sheep and brings it back in His arms and this is why He rejoices more when the lost are found, more than the "found" are found :) That is why Jesus was popularly known to be among sinners. Sinners are the karmically burdened. The human being is not capable of handling one's own karmas and here are the mighty enlightened souls (Guru) who manage with thousands of people's karma, which is not at all a human task, but can only be managed by those who are chosen by the Divine themselves. When Baba Nityananda was once questioned as to why when He was such an elevated being, how come the society in which He lived in was so bad, to which Baba answered, "Why would I need good people?' which speaks volumes of the work of fire of the Chosen ones. They come not to sit and rest. They toil for others. What they make, they don't even sit back and relish it, but is all put back to certain causes. Baba is always on the move, touching every area of life with His Midas touch as Ishan bhaiya calls it. Anything He touches bakes, because His touch is fire, sooner or later, it has to bake. To us what seems like being baked in a few months or years is not true. It has taken baking for lifetimes, it is only that the souls were left half-baked which only has continued in this lifetime, which may be seen or not even known, but that is the way it is. It is unimaginable to know what patience must have gone through the Guru to persistently bake a soul over lifetimes, never ever giving up.

This is what makes a Guru special for His only agenda is to bring lost souls to the path. This He does by shaking all the myths and comforts of illusion in various ways that are not often easily understood by the thinking mind. They may be understood, not understood or half-understood, it still does not matter to them for they see the whole picture clear. This is why the bond between a Guru and disciple is most precious. Who else can take this kind of care and compassion for souls? It is not easy for them as well because for this divine task to undertake, they themselves go through a lot. The soldier is battling at the border to safeguard his country while his countrymen are lying in the comforts of their beds, partying, and in merry spirits, safe and sound. At this same time, there is a soldier who is facing harsh climatic condition, surviving through all odds, and risking everything. Wonder what makes a soldier not think that it would have been so better choosing another career of comfort. It is not so for them, because they have a different force within them that sees things more than themselves. The biggest thing that a soldier offers is sacrifice, not just life, but everything - in return for someone else's good. That gives meaning to their lives and they are happy about it. Gurus are extremely happy themselves for the cause that they undertake to live in the human body, which is so limiting to them. The human body confines their vastness and subtleness into various limitations when gross, yet they are willing to come down the grosser planes because on the grosser planes are many souls struggling to liberate. God frequency is such unimaginably high that it is not so easy for a lower vibration to even come close, though the divine will is so. The more gross, the more far. This is when a mediator arrives - the Guru - who lives in the best of both worlds and who can relate and act as a mediator to connect these two extremes. This is why the role of a Guru is treated very sacred in the Sanatan Dharma. Very high reverence is given to the Guru who plays such an important role to souls, without whom, who knows, when and how a lost sheep can find its way back. It is a vast sea out there, where a soul can easily and hopelessly adrift in the sea of uncertainty. 

Without a sense of direction and a sense of path, to be alone, lost, and disoriented can be the worst thing that can happen to a soul. How grateful would we feel to have a guide who could show the way back home in the best possible way? Yet, we may not realize how fortunate we are, because the worth of it still lies muddied under various karmic forces and subtle impressions. But yet, a Guru is never bothered about it all for He knows why you are what you are. He knows why you don't see what you have to see. And, because of this very special quality of His, He is an eternal embodiment of sheer patience springing from unconditional love. He expects nothing in return except the eagerness to walk the path. For then, it is easier for Him or else He waits over the laws of non-interference with the only a steady gaze that still prefers to keep watch over, steadily praying for the lost souls. Such great and vast is the heart of the Master, to whom whatever we give can never ever be repaid back, as the scripture rightly quotes. Earnest bow of Gratitude! Shri Gurubhyo Namaha!

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