Saturday, August 31, 2019

God stands by you

This is a gifted quotes desk calendar which has been here for about 8 years now, being flipped every single day by my family.members. Today I noticed it wasn't flipped and for the first time in life I flipped it to today's date and this is what came up.

It's common that most people cannot relate or understand people who have awakened. When you shine the light, all darkness around is disturbed and threatened. So for survival they put up a fight. The darkness in people are threatened. So it is not them, but that darkness that is feeling uncomfortable. I have always encountered people in all areas of life who will want to pull me into the third dimensional dramas of hate, control, manipulation, deception, lies, victimhood, blame, guilt, etc by provocations in countless ways. That is the only way darkness can root back It's hold by pulling a soul of light down. It's challenging at such times to be not dragged away into such a current where we all had existed once upon a time. Being centred and engulfed in light and blessings of the Master, Ascended Masters and God will help a great deal, for these are the only real forces that will stand by you when all things of the third dimension may fail. Divine Love and Light 💛💫

Friday, August 9, 2019

Teaching is His Part, Doing is Ours

When I post the practical spiritual posts, people find it insightful but then ask HOW? I tell them by doing the sadhnas your Guru has taught you. By doing the Kriyas you learnt from your Guru. By attempting to always walk the teachings of what you learnt from your Guru.
There is so much of immense gratitude for all that the Guru has taught that are so powerful modalities to navigate through life. But the only thing needed to be added here is that teaching was his part. DOING is our part.
You can find out the areas of your life that need attention and pick up those sadhnas and do from the multitude of sadhnas the Guru has taught all these years. Do not underestimate the power of any that may seem like a simple one.
For example, I always mention about the NACHIKETA AGNI DHYAN SADHNA. If you want to clear our issues of life pertaining to nonforgiveness, hurt, old emotional clogs, etc, nothing can be as powerful as this Dhyan. If you do it daily even for two weeks, you will notice the release of old unwanted traumas.
It's all upon you, on what you want to prioritise depending on your life challenges. Secondly, it's always wise not to do anything desperately and with intentions fixed on quick results. That's one reason I post multiple things that can trigger us to understand certain things that we ignore. If these things come to light, it is easier for one to know what to deal with.
Similarly every Sadhna has very significant effects on certain aspects of life, if they are observed and done with a certain kind of a mindful approach rather than just doing it mechanically for the sake of doing, you can measure it's powers for yourself, but then you need to be mindful of it.
Doing regular Sadhna everyday is the most ultimate but in case there are certain challenges coming up in life that need urgent attention then doing a little work on oneself should help.
Gratitude to the Master who has awakened these faculties in us and given he tools to practice.
Written just with the hope it might be helpful in some way.
Divine Love and Light 💛💫

Friday, July 26, 2019

Memories with the RIshi Putra

Happy birthday dear Ishan bhaiya...

We hardly meet or talk as before because back then there was so much of time and were living most of the time almost in the same area of geography, but today your responsibilities have multiplied in tremendous ways as a Master, mentor, life coach, Yogi and as a father. So we hardly get to even meet but whenever we bump into each other the first thing that happens to me is that my anahata opens wide apart, my heart smiles in joy and love and then in few seconds your mighty arms clasp around me in a divine and meaningful hug. Those few seconds feels ever blissful and energetic. After few moments we part ways again but you leave behind that fragrance lingering in me.

It's been eight years I have watched you transition from a mighty super hero to a Yogi, from a young-hearted light-spirited spiritual enthusiast to a passionate Yogi guiding, helping and building lakhs of humans, especially the young ones that need guidance the most today. At the same time, excelling as a child, husband and father and this being a role model to so many. But despite all that, it's humbling to see that you haven't really changed and are still a child from within, naughty, humourous and yet responsible.

To the world you are the powerful built man, but for me, all that I always saw back then and even today is your heart of gold and I admire the humble heart in the core of all the external achievements and that is what I love you the most for, rest I don't really care. You have taught me many, many things , not by your teachings or words, for I hardly see or hear them, but you have taught me many things by your example, which I viewed you with the eye of an eagle.

Your best quality? You probably have that keen perception to see through the troubles of others, which others can easily overlook or perhaps even not notice anything despite an open eye... and your attempts to help them in the best possible way you can... And then, I see that happiness in your eyes when you see others happy. That is something I pray be preserved in you as preciously-guarded as a treasure. Even look at this photo itself! This photo was when he very excitedly brought me a Google pixel phone because of my love for photography and this was the first selfie he himself clicked and excitedly like a child he explained me the features it had, on and often demonstrating it personally. You can see that the happiness of the giver is more than the reciever, which shows the happiness that one can get from the act of giving out of love. He has done this previously also whenever he brought me any gifts, it was from his heart. I wasn't excited about the gifts but would with a large loving smile watch his love. You won't believe, I hardly knew technology or how hese phones work or their apps.... He even taught me what was Instagram and other apps! At a time when I hapilly told him that I have thrown my phone and happy without any public interaction, hoping he would like my move, he immediately brought me an iPhone and asked me to behave as a "social being" and be in the world. He re-ignited my writing skills by asking to to blog again. All for his simplicity and eagerness to make me a superman including all attempts to teach me martial arts and giving up as I refused to change from my introvertedness and softy behaviour to match his unmatchable power and energies.😁

Oh goodness, I realised I wrote a biography when I came to write just a birthday wish😀 anyways I think it is worth it because I did this while we were circambulating the holy Arunachaleshwa hill in Tiruvannamalai as we slowly took the 17 km slow drive around the hill early morning before heading further to Andhra Pradesh. So I believe it was a "holy" birthday wish that came from my heart and I put it here unfiltered. God bless you abundantly always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE RISHI PUTRA#ishanshivanand

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day to the Cosmic Father

i never ever believe in these kinda days including birthdays and death days, but some occasions - chalta hai - like a delicious burger a few times a lifetime to treat yourself and relish.. let this be a day of gratitude to the Cosmic Father who works tirelessly for his children... The one who really cares... 💛

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Happy Birthday???

Today is the so-called birthday of the Master.

Now how do you wish someone who is beyond birth and death?

How do you wish someone who is omnipresent?

How can a being of light celebrate a birthday?

The Master once said, "There is no such thing as birth day and death day and nirvana day."

Of course, He may join you in cheering just for the heck of it so as to not disown anyone's love, but in the ultimate reality it is nothing but a mere amusement for Siddhas.

Yes, but we can celebrate His Birthday as a day of remembrance and celebration, for He chose this day to take the human form for us.

So, in reality, it is a celebration for us, not HIm.

So, in that sense, let's celebrate !

God stands by you

This is a gifted quotes desk calendar which has been here for about 8 years now, being flipped every single day by my family.members. To...