The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Sharing experiences

Babaji and Guruma always say keep your vision on your own experiences. Do not seek for other's experiences nor be bothered by it. Many saadhaks think that they did not have an experience like the one who sat next to them in the shivir and so may be sanjeevani or the grace of guru did not work on them. Some feel Babaji is angry with them and that is why he does not give them experiences like he gives others. Babaji himself has made it clear that Babaji cannot be angry with anyone.. Getting angry means getting conditional and that cannot be when all that babaji teaches is unconditional love. So, even if one saadhak does not experience anything it does not mean nothing has happened. Babaji works personally on each one in every shivir whether one has an overwhelming experience or has just an itch or has no experience at all..

Other than that sharing experiences can boost one's own ego and one can bring in the kartha bhaav, which is why all gurus and saints refrain from mentioning about their experiences.

Though it is entirely my view here when I say that sharing experiences is up to the saadhak himself/herself.  It is they who should decide whether they want to share or not. As it is, no one can force it out of anyone but if a saadhak wants to share he/she will do so knowing the implications of sharing.  Some saadhaks share their experiences just because they want others to learn from what they have learnt. Learning from other's mistakes helps one avoid those mistakes. So in this case it can be a boon to the one who learns from other's experiences.  It is my view that a true saadhak will not want to share an experience just because he/she felt great about it because when this is done the sharing is purely on proclaiming how great one is because of the elated experiences one is. It simple language it is called boasting. Though the experience may be genuine what has happened is that it has fueled one's ahamkar (ego) which itself is a great pitfall to the stairs of spiritual growth. This is why a saint never proclaims what he can do though he has all the siddhis.  Siddhis are nothing for him and thus the experiences generated out of the siddhis mean nothing. Bade baba (Baba Nityananda, babaji's guru) lived a very silent life. He never spoke of what he could do, but he did. He never spoke of what he did, but he could do and continued to do. Babaji says, "My guru has always told me not to tell others what I experience but only reveal what you can make others experience." and babaji does that.  So a saadhak might want to be careful while revealing anything or sharing anything that it is in the highest good of the listener.

Listeners are usually new seekers who would long to have experiences and "feel" things so that they get an assurance that things are happening to them to. In the due course of time, they will also have their own experiences, but they can snatch the opportunity of having real experiences if they get stuck on to other's experiences and expect similar things to happen to them. I remember in the recent Mulund (Mumbai) shivir after babaji did pitra ascension, a girl got up and asked "Why did not my father come or meet me during the process? Does that mean he has not got ascension?" This question she asked because some saadhaks had shared their experiences about how they saw their father during the ascension. Saadhaks shared these experiences because babaji asked to share. But the girl expected this to happen to her also. Babaji replied, "Why do you want to call him and all that? You should not get entangled and bring the kartha bhaav. You must surrender to the process and allow things to happen." Such similar are incidents when saadhaks share experiences and seekers will believe that to attain a certain aspect, that particular experience itself is necessary. Sometimes, like in the case of the girl she must have done a successful ascension, but then her logic pulled back the things to doubt. This may end up undoing the processes which are done successfully.

So, this article is for those seeking experiences, to be careful even if you listen to other's experiences. Do not get involved with it and link it to your experience. Every soul is different, karmic levels are different, levels of consciousness are different and so will all the experiences be different.

I remember telling people after my first shivir in Pune that I had a cracking sound of my skull twice when the deeksha was given by babaji and I am sure the sadhaks involved in ShivYog before me also thought "How come this did'nt happen to me?" People who were yet to become saadhaks expected that this is what happens during deeksha. When there is no such cracking sound, one starts wondering if he/she received the grace even though he/she has received it in a different way or experience.  Also I noticed that whenever I said it, the pride within me swelled and I felt good mentioning about it again and again. After that, I never have spoken about the experiences for the two reasons - ego boost and other's wrong expectations in their experience.

Not two people's experiences are same. One might say that they are same but they are only resemblances not exact same experience. For example, involuntary body movements. The movement of Shakti in the physical body. This is a common thing to see in shivirs, but notice carefully and you will see that not all their movements are same. All have different rhythms, different movements and if you ask them their experiences also will be totally different.  Many laugh, weep, move involuntarily, sing, dance, shout, etc, etc, etc. All are having different experiences of the same Shakti. Isn't that something wonderful. Babaji's powerful energy is transmitted to all in the shivir. Some dont feel anything just tingling, heat, cold, peace, perspiration, etc. But I am sure some of them dont feel absolutely anything because they were busy watching others or trying to analyse things.  Guruma once even addressed the saadhaks not to even keep eyes open at keep watching what is happening around with others when the session is going on.. She says that "you will keep watching others and they will reach their destination and you will remain a spectator in the journey from nar to narayana."

Hence, in my view, experiences can be shared without the pride being involved and shared only if it can really help someone in some or the other way and not cause lack of motivation in any way or confusion to others.


Just be there, witness things with a surrender attitude. Just go with the flow. Do not resist anything. Do not stop to analyze or justify anything with the logic mind.  Keep aside any kind of doubts (doubts do not appear where there is surrender). Do not fear anything there because Babaji is always present. When you do sadhana at home also, you will experience lot of things and slowly these experiences will start growing. If at any time you are confused or scared talk to Babaji and he will surely help you out.  If you are confused about how to talk then talk to a senior saadhak who will help you out. In any case, DO NOT stick with those experiences as they are least important in this path. Going along with the experiences can pull you back a few stairs down also on the ladder of spiritual progress. Do not boast about your experiences all the time to everyone. Experiences cease where ahamkar rises. There are good days and bad days for all spiritual aspirants.  Just keep going and enjoying every bit of it. Thank your guru. Thank Shiva. Thank Shakti. All things shall become clear to you bit by bit. Namah shivaya!


  1. Namah Shivay !!! This is really an excellent work put together. I attended Mumbai shivir, when babaji was teaching pitru ascension, I fell asleep...may be because of the time change & now I regret.....
    I would like to know this procedure. Could you please give give the steps in your blog?
    Thank you...Namah Shivay !!! Mohini

  2. Everything happens with a reason. Since we cannot discuss these things in open, give me your email or mail me Namah Shivaya!

  3. I love this article..Jacob..Namah Shivaye..

    Keep writing..and spreading love and light...


  4. om namah shivaye,this is wonderful what babaji teaching to us.thanks tomuch babaji.i see all on internet.can i get sanjivanishakti by mail? thanks,om namah shivaye.

  5. No, Sanjeevani is the divine energy that is installed by the guru into you. It is like the guru makes the connection between you and the divine by a process called deeksha (initiation). You have to attend Babaji's shivir for this. All the details for doing this are available here.

    Namah Shivaya!

  6. NAMAH SHIVAYA.....Have cleared lot of doubts in my mind....also happy that I have followed certain principles in this on my way to Shiva...Thanks...Prabhakar

  7. Namah Shivaye Jacob.
    I am thankful to you for sharing this information. - Bhoopendra Singh

  8. Thanks Jacob :-) Namah Shivay...

  9. namah shivaya....i love this article and i am attending baba's shivir in USA next year..



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