The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Babaji's Gems - 11

These gems are from the Goa shivir - Shree Vidya level 2.  These are words of Babaji and is typed here in direct speech.  For the new reader's sake, I have added in brackets or italics.
  • If you just emotionally only acknowledge your body parts, it will get charged. Whenever free sit and only feel that body part and Shambhavi from your third eye will automatically flow there and heal.
  • Emotions are in your hand and that affects the bhaav shareer (emotion body). When bhaav shareer is pure, you can connect easily to your guru.
  • when you say "My life is a waste and I don't feel like living", etc,you are sending strong messages to your kaaran shareer (causal body) and then the kaaran shaeer starts creating the disease so that you do not live more (as per the thoughts) and then you wonder why your body is getting sick.
  • Simple way to heal. for 24 hours continue to think and feel that diseased body organ as a completely normal organ. Don't think it is healing or "going to heal" but see the body part as completely normal for that immediately starts making that part normal.
  • The phenomenon of 4th dimension is different. In 3rd dimension if you have to feel your heart, your hand goes to your chest but in the 4th dimension, you just project it in front of you and the heart appears in front of you and you heal it directly. Similarly to heal others, you would visualize their diseased part in front of you and heal directly.
  • When you want to materialize, be very specific. For example, if you say you want a "good" amount, that "good" may be something else in your subconscious mind because you are always in the prison of your intellect.
  • Where you think (focus on) energy flows there.
  • Never think of possessing or dominating anyone else's thoughts. It is vashikaran, which is maili vidya. Never do it. Someone came to me with a photo and asked me to pray so that he be able to marry that person in the photo and I refused. If you want to marry, what you need to write and visualize an ideal partner. Fixing up a person and then trying to influence is nothing but infatuation and amounts to vashikaran.
  • One who speaks harsh worlds cannot be a ShivYog sadhak. You should be graceful and sweet in words as the words you speak goes into your own kaaran shareer (causal body).
  • A ShivYog sadhak only choses things of the highest quality. So when a person is before a sadhak, the sadhak choses only the highest and best quality of that person and discards the rest. The sadhak never judges the negative qualities but relishes only his good qualities.
  • Whenever you look at anyone probe the best quality of that person and adapt it into your life. Every person, however negative, will still certainly have good points.
  • The moment you think of anything negative, you get connected to that negativity and your shakti is affected, how much ever you may look and be strong from outside.
  • A ShivYog sadhak never questions the guru in any form. If he does, it means that he has not yet put the teachings of the guru into his life.
  • As much as possible avoid using cellphones and electronic watches. Whenever you have to use cellphones avoid maximum contact to the ear by using earphones or speaker phones. Minimize it's touch on your body. Cells with more features emit more negative energy. The purpose of cellphone is only communication, so use simple phones with no heavy features.
  • Now your body is your temple. Meditate within on advait.
  • Offer salutations (namaskar) and smiles to all whom you meet.
  • When we go to a hotel out of country and when the waiter offers food, we say "thank you" and here when he keeps, we say sternly "rak" (keep!) When appearing stern from outside one can say "i am happy from within" but this is not true. If one is happy from within, it has to come out in facial and body expressions.
  • A real sadhak is one who wipes the tears of others and a real sadhak is he in whose company you can be happy.
  • A sadhak who does regular sadhana will not find obstacles coming his way.
  • Since you have come through 84 lakh yonis, you will have pashu bhaav. As a ShivYog sadhak you burn the pashu bhaav and bring the deva bhaav.
  • Many sadhaks fell I am talking to them only. Some feel that they are being scolded by me. If you feel so, I would add a disclaimer that my words don't mean what you are interpreting. I don't judge you - God promise :)
  • Value money; spend money judiciously. Never spend money lavishly for self needs. The money you get, spend a portion for - 
    • Parivar paalan (taking care of your family. Baba said accumulation is not paalan.) 
    • Reinvestment in your businesses.
    • Charity.
    • Save enough that by age 40 you would be financially independent.
  • Wealth will come and it will come in both ways - the right and wrong. You will have to chose through which medium you wish to receive.
  • Do not open a business with the guru. In the name of guru don't demand your own seva. Doing so, many punyas get burnt. In the temple of God and Guru there should not be any business.
  • First materialize a healthy body because without that how can you experience the bhog?
  • For everything have these - 
    • Objective (an intention or goal)
    • Planning (for that objective) 
    • Implementation (of the plans)
    • Follow-up (keeping a checking and following up what has been implemented)
    • Control system (where you have control over the entire above four systems without having to personally indulge in everything. Baba mentioned how European countries have an excellent control system and operate businesses spread throughout the world sitting in their offices) 
  • Advertisements are planned and devised in such a way that the message enters your subconscious mind compelling you to buy that product. Diamonds are forever, they say. Diamonds have no resale value than gold. So, diamonds are NEVER forever :)
  • When you selflessly work for others, your fortune opens up.
  • Bring a smile on a child. The smile on the face of a child is equivalent to ashwamedha yagna!
  • If you can help someone with that which he does not have the privilege but you have the privilege of, you will have abundance - mark my words!
  • If all around you are happy, you be happy. If people around you are not happy, you still be happy. What can you do? It is their soul agenda.
  • You can get away from everyone with lies but you can't get away from yourself. The moment you lie to yourself, you inner mind will remind you with a voice "Golmaal hai.....". (it is deceptive..)
  • Never speak lies even in fun. Always speak the truth.
  • Never even think of harming anyone.
  • Even if fun never speak or think negative words.
  • Never talk any negative thing about others.
  • At home don't be a teacher, instead be a role model.
  • Don't try to purify your words, your thoughts or your actions but purify your bhaav and everything else will purify.
  • If you want to grow spiritually always check your intentions.
  • With bhog shubdh bhaavana (pure intentions) becomes sukh (happiness) and ashudh  bhaavana (impure intentions) becomes vasana (tendencies).
  • Be consistent in sadhana. Twice a day.
  • Nothing is free in this world. You have to pay for it. What comes free has a seed which can grow into a tree with fruits of misery.
  • As far as possible avoid taking gifts and if unavoidable, then repay back in some other form.
  • Never use anyone's money or you lose shakti. 
  • Husband and wife doing sadhana together is great and the relationship bonding gets excellent. Unfortunately, when two people of the opposite sex come together it is always with pashu bhaav (animal tendencies). It should be in manushya bhaav (human tendencies) and deva bhaav (god tendencies) Marriages don't last long because of pashu bhaav. Wife has to consider husband as Shiva and husband has to consider wife as Devi.
  • Jaisa anna vaisa mann (As the food, so the mind) One who cooks food transfer their energies into the food, according to what bhaav they hold at the time of cooking. Your family prepares food with love and concern for you but the cook at a hotel could be cribbing and cursing in different emotions according to his state of mind then, which he transfers into the food. This food when you consume, you will start enacting the same emotions in your life, like getting irritated or abusive because that energy has been transfered through food into you.
  • Let the women in the family chant the Shree Vidya mantra and cook food.
  • With non-vegetarian food and alcohol, one's emotions are sensitive to anger and irritation.
  • Unpolished rice and dal is the ideal Indian food, especially the South Indian food severed on banana leaf, but nowadays not much curd is used, which is ideal. The north Indian food consists of roti/paratha which is not Indian but came from out.
  • Avoid meat since when an animal is killed out of fear it secretes adrenalin which then gets into the meat that is consumed and this emotion becomes a part of you. Especially, with meat of mammals (beef/pork, etc) as while being killed the mother has great concern and fear for her young ones (and this emotion is a part of the food that is going to be consumed.) This will deplete shakti and bring on disease. Fishes have least negative energy.
  • In the start a ShivYog sadhak may have to work a little hard to discipline things but eventually he will get acquainted to it.
  • Business families fix high salaries for their children who don't even move a finger but get easy money, which leads to non-responsibility. If money needs to be given to them, then that needs to be earned otherwise with easy life, if something comes up in life, they will not be able to even stand up and handle things. Please don't give lot of fluid cash in the hands of children because with easy cash without realizing the value of money they will blow it up and easily get access to wrong things. I have seen certain families, when their children ask for a new car, they are given certain targets to be achieved and this makes them responsible and they earn that car.
  • Don't get stuck in things like whether wearing leather (animal product) is right or wrong, but rather bring simpler things into your life like speaking sweetly and not harsh words. Speaking sweet is supporting vegetarianism.
  • When manthan (churning out of negative qualities during sadhana) happens, Guru helps his disciple to burn the process and saves him. After this churning comes wealth and if only one remains aloof (withdrawn) from it, only then he gets the amrit (nectar).
  • Bhog (experience) the wealth. Tum bhog ko bhogo, bhog tumko na bhoge (You dominate and experience the abundance and prosperity but they should not dominate you.)
  • The outer wealth is not your real wealth, but your real wealth is your inner shakti (power), gyan (wisdom), karuna (compassion).
  • When asked about osho scriptures - His scriptures are good, you can read them but do Shree Vidya Sadhana and then read his scriptures and you will be able to take in what is right and discard the rest.
  • You can allow others to take your positivity only if you allow them to. No need to wander off anywhere to any (wrong) person. Spiritual energy can be stolen in the name of giving you powers. Whatever it is, the Guru still protects you from such incidents. You have been empowered with the highest sadhana. Know that no maili vidya (left-hand tantra or vaama tantra) can work on you.
  • Don't wear taaviz (amulet) anymore when you are already wearing a Shree Yantra. Leave the taaviz under some tree or put it into the river.
  • For knee problem, take good soil and add gomutra (cow urine) make a paste of it and apply on the knees and leave it for a while and then wash it after sometime. Do this for a week. Also, give females respect and do not treat them like cabbage, don't be dominant on them, allow them to speak. (Knee problems appears with great sense of helplessness.)
  • In the house where a female is not respected, Mother Lakshmi leaves that house.
  • Every moment you are under some karmic debts. Someone gives you love, you got to give back multitude. Gratitude is the best way of receiving love.
  • A ShivYog sadhak should bring the bhaav of being Shiva. Bhaav not from vasana and saying it with ego that "I am Shiva and you better watch out."
  • Bring the bhaav of Shiva consciousness in everything. Shiva is eating through this body. Shiva is speaking through this body. Shiva is working through this body. Also, bring this bhaav of seeing Shiva in others. Shiva is speaking through that person. Shiva is speaking angrily to me through that person. When I am in the shivir, I see Shiva in you and say, "Lord Shiva, you have all the wisdom and today you are sitting in front of me to take wisdom from me, so great is your leela!" With this kind of bhaav you there will be no ego.
  • People ask me if people can be an avtaar of God, and I say, you ALL are avtaars of God.
  • Whenever you sit for sadhana, don't sit directly on the ground or on plain cloth, use a thick woolen asana.
  • For a ShivYog sadhak, every place is a sacred place for sadhana with the right bhaav. I do yagna (advait) even in the plane and there is no jet lag also.
  • Success, abundance, prosperity comes easily to (practicing) ShivYog sadhaks along with spiritual relationships and behavioral changes. They will become soft spoken.
  • When one shouts and uses harsh words, he is not strong but he is actually feeling weak and thus ready to strike like a scorpion.
  • A spiritual person will not react to harsh things and will always be ready to help others. There will be grace in their walk, talk, dressing, expressions and will be humble and simple.
  • How to know if what you have written in your Golden Book is right or not? If you cannot visualize clearly what you have written in your Golden Book then it is not written right (or is not the thing you really want).
  • Never be dependant on anyone. Create happiness from the self and help others in happiness.
  • When you activate chakras
    • Sahastrar chakra - connects you to Shiva.
    • Anahata - connects you to the Guru.
    • Vishuddhi - connects you to Kala/voice/Maa Saraswati.
    • Manipur - controls emotions.
    • Swadishtan - controls sexual energy. When this chakra expands it builds a lot of sexual energy which has to be channelled up or else if it remains there, it will flow downwards (sexually). If pulled upwards it turns into creativity. (Baba taught the same kriya mentioned in an earlier post here.)
    • Mooladhara - (material stability).
  • As your powers are increasing, the negative aspects of negative entities are also powerful. So be very careful with negative emotions that can create negative entities. These negative entities will reduce with increase of your shakti.
  • ShivYog sadhaks make a graceful life. Check how you can become helpful to others. If you are not useful to others, then others are not going to be useful to you. When you give, you receive.
  • Someone asked Ishan bhaiya also to speak and baba said - Ishan is not speaking today because he is in the receiving mode as a disciple :)  When his time comes, he will leave me also far behind. (At this time, Ishan bhaiya offered salutations to Baba.)
  • I will keep coming and going, but I will always be there for you. If I go, I will go for you. Wherever I go, I will keep you with me and it will be helpful to you. But now, you also have to merge with me - have faith :) My only intention now is that you all attain self-realization and to make Bramharishis.
As i ended typing this post, i timely received an image from a friend.. a very, very precious moment when Babaji & Guruma came to the center end of the stage and stood for a while blessing all before he left the hall.

Try connecting to this pic to feel the vibes. Om Guru Namo Namaha!

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  1. jacob bhai i feel you are the mediator between babaji and the outer world. eventhough some of us not able to attend the shivir after reading your scripts we feel bliss.
    gratitude to babaji, gurumaa and you too bhai.
    love you infinity.
    om namah shivaye.

  2. thank you Tridiba and thank you Baba.. namah shivya

  3. Lovely Jacob Bhai. Felt Babaji saying all these things to me as I was reading through.

    Thanks a lot for posting this. And Babaji and Guruma's photo in the end is too powerful! :) :)

    May He bless you always :) Namah Shivay :)

  4. Thank u Baba Ji and Jacob Ji Namah Shiyae

  5. Thank You Jacob Bhai. Gratitude to you for sharing gems of goa shivir. I have been reading your blogs from last oct 2010. I get my answers through your blogs. Namah Shivay.


  6. gratitude to Baba for this opportunity :) namah shivaya

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  8. Thank You for so beautifully sharing BabaJi's wisdom. I am eternally grateful. I just got some of my answers right now reading your blog....

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  9. This is a great compilation. Thank you Jacob.

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