The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Babaji's Gems - 12

These Gems are from the London Shivir (July 2011) Thanks to Pallavii Bhartiyaa for sharing Babaji's love with us all. Gratitude. These are words of Babaji and is typed here in direct speech.  For the new reader's sake, I have added in brackets or italics.
New additions are in blue below.

  • Babaji in London - Bbaba started with these words - "When I was doing sadhana and I was learning basic fundamentals of Shivyog, I was told whatever you see outside that exists within you. If you see Kailash Parvat (mountain), holy Ganges and do the rituals outside - I was told whatever you are doing outside that exists within you. I used to wonder how it can be within me. then I was told this whole planet earth within you. All the 9 planets, galaxies within you.
  • You don't have to find the secret of the universe. The universe is within you. Outside is Akash and inside is Chidakash. How large it is inside, it isn't large outside that much. Body is my perception of ignorance - when my consciousness rises to a level I realize my body is infinite. (Babaji also said - whatever my guru says is ultimate truth! If I cannot conceive it, it is not fault of guru - I have to see within me.)
  • There is a Linga for every element. Akash - Akash linga, fire - fire linga etc. 
  • How could kings of ancient times have so much stamina, they ride for days without food, water. Nowadays no stamina. What is the missing link - Babaji said he told himself 'I need to find out'. (Babaji then explained it is the prana) I can see the body - where is the prana?
  • Whatever guru says is like a seed planted in me - I have to make it grow, it has to grow and I find the answer. 
  • Witness everything and through that witnessing your learning will become complete. Just stand outside (yourself) and just witness. When you witness, you find the answer - and you can end the problem.
  • Science is inventing more and more comforts, but unhappiness is still there. We have created a imbalance between outside wisdom and inside wisdom. We have developed science outside but forgotten the science within (inside). We have shut down the inner wisdom, busy creating outside. Focus on the inner wisdom, inner awareness, inner  knowledge.
  • When we get separated from the soul, we drift away and we become very weak and vulnerable. We are not happy because we are drifting away from the soul.
  • We believe so much - believing in our body, our logic and we become unhappy - we are lost. Soul is source of real happiness - sat chit anand. It is very important to FIRST know oneself.
  • (A sadhak shared that his 7-month-old son who had full skin problem since birth completely healed in last 2 days.)
  • Shivyog says always try to find a reason to be happy, a reason to celebrate. Feeling ki jarurat hai (the feeling is required). Your whole life is a celebration. It should be an inbuilt phenomenon - and you start attracting happiness, wealth and abundance. 
  • Your consciousness is pure - everybody's consciousness is pure.  Communicate with that and whatever you want to say, say to that. Don't scold or get irritated. Always remain calm and happy - no worry. We are always worried about 'Kuch ho na jaye.' (Hope something doesn't happen). You were alive before this birth and you will live after this life as well. With happiness - you live forever. When you worry you  die frequently.
  • You are a being of light. You have come from the kingdom of God where you were living like prince/princess - and you have come to this planet for a holiday - sometimes luxurious, sometimes adventurous, sometimes leisurely. ( Babaji compared our lives to how it is when you book a holiday - the travel agent offers you a adventurous trip, leisure trip, family trip etc) - so har Hal mein Khushi. So any adventure feel happy. You get good food, feel happy - no food it is an adventure, feel happy. Any situation comes into your life, don't get stuck in that situation, always look for Lord Shiva in that form. Hasna seekho. (Learn to laugh) 
  • You have the power to chose whether you live your life with a lot of cooperation, or fighting and fighting. You have already paid for this 'holiday'. So enjoy. Otherwise when you die - God will say 'Free package, enjoy and come.' (Babaji compared this to travel agent saying 'Sorry sir, you didn't enjoy the holiday package, we are giving you a complimentary package - please go and enjoy!)
  • Healing is giving love and receiving love. Sanjeevani is unconditional love of Lord Mahamritunjaya. Opening yourself to receive love from others. Whatever emotion we are having it comes on our face. Learn to smile very easily. Think BIG. Think BIG. Think VERY VERY BIG. Smile from your eyes. Every part of your body MUST smile - your brains, head, eyes, hands, legs, kidneys, lungs etc. Sharir mein atma Nahin hai - atma mein sharir hai (Soul is not in the body but body is in the soul)
  • (For sadhana Babaji said) You didn't do anything - I did everything. (When we do sadhana, shakti Babaji gives, method Babaji gives - don't bring ego into it.)
  • Relationship with God is relationship of love - don't do business with God. With love do God sthapana (to fix or place). Father you sit here, Mother you sit here. Saying, my God is my biggest beloved - and I am counting (my fears, this way that way). Business relationship (let this happen, let that happen) - you will always have fear, loss and profit language. Create unconditional love for God. Har Jeev (every being) is auspicious - it all depends on your intention on how you look at it, negative or positive. Because Shiva DWELLS in everything! Jo superstition door karega woh maja karega, jo na kare woh dusra sharir karega (He who removes superstition will enjoy and he who does'nt will create another body).
  • It is very important to first know oneself. Babaji said one day he met someone who told Babaji he was a PhD doctor. Babaji asked him,
    • 'Who has achieved the doctorate degree?' 
    • 'I have.'
    • 'Who is I?'
    • 'I'
    • 'I want to know really who learned it.'
    • 'I'..(name of doctor)
    • 'It is name of physical body. I want to learn - but I am not aware who is going to learn - Who is this I who wants to achieve this something - I am not aware. This 'I' is much above being British or Indian - the day we get connected to this 'I' - we become Infinite. Nothing less, nothing more. It is Infinite. Self-real-'I'-zation.  Not victim of any circumstances.
  • Whatever best you get, you must share. and whatever bad you get, you learn from it and burn it in the shiv agni.
  • Running after 100% creates imbalance. we must live life 200%. 100% is what our parents give us platform, other 100% is what guru gives. 22 hours outside world. 2 hours inside/inner wisdom. You must aim for the objective of 200% of your life. 100% spiritual life, 100% worldly life. Focus all your energies on what YOU WANT to become.
  • You are human being and God has given you the power to choose.
  • Adopt an extremely positive vocabulary. No negative word. No misery. I can - I achieve. No impossible. God has given the same power to everyone (5 bodies-koshas).
  • You have infinite power. Infinite materialization. Just have to realize the inner wisdom. No matter whatever condition you are in - you have the power to reach the condition you are seeking - seek and it shall be given.
  • The moment you merge with infinite - you do not remain finite. Infinite is not outside, it is within you. When you do sadhana the powers within start to awaken then you realize you are emerging with the infinite.
  • You are not a human incarnation. You are a being of light. You have created the human body to experience the human body.
  • We are sat-chit-anand and when we are in bliss, we want to experience that bliss (because in sat-chit-anand you just are !) - and so we ourselves made an agreement to experience the bliss.
  • You have not been born as human to experience sadness. I wanted to experience the bliss. No material object can give me the bliss. I can only experience the bliss in human form, and in the human form some impurities form.
  • Must ask yourself - who am I? Where I have come from?
  • Change the frequency of thought patterns of miseries. What is the purpose - without purpose you have not reincarnated on this planet. Taking birth with the soul group, together they want to resolve issues, learn something, achieve together something in life.
  • Ask - Whatever I am doing, am I supposed to do that - or I must change the course of life? Am i taking jyotirmai Kadam (illuminated step) - or Andakar kadam? (dark step)  Am I walking path of darkness or path of illumination? Now it is time to move to path of illumination. Then, every second on this planet you will relish.
  • What is it I must retreat from (withdraw from) in life? - change the course.
  • A continuous self-analysis! Everyday you must do your appraisal - am I moving on the path? Have I learnt a lesson from my life? What is the lesson I have learnt from my this life?
  • Your original agreement was - I myself wanted to experience the bliss - the sat-chit-anand, I am that I am - so I had to take this form.
  • Purpose of my birth to achieve infinite bliss, not to live in sadness, ignorance. Misery is living in ignorance.
  • No matter wherever you are, you can reach wherever you want to be!
  • Attitude is mine, thought is mine - I have to choose - it is in my hand to perceive how I want to perceive.
  • You be the book, You be the reader, then you will find the truth within you and that books are unfolding when you are meditating. It is a beautiful communication. Complete space is within you. You must have access to 4th body (gyanmay kosha). Go deep inside and come out. Go deep inside and come out. This creates a balance within, outside and inside. (Babaji compared this to like a bow and arrow; the more you stretch, the farther arrow goes.
  • You are creator of your destiny, you have to learn to go deeper and deeper inside. Gyanmay Kosha (causal body) = most important body to take control of. It is based on the psychic impressions. How i am feeling emotionally, how i react differently, my living standard, financial status, etc, is caused by my causal body - gyanmay kosha. All my karmas are stored in my Gyanamaya kosha - that creates my vision, my personality.
  • The negative psychic impressions don't let us think positively. The higher body controls my lower body (4th body controls 3rd body, 3rd body controls 2nd body, 2nd body controls 1st body - the physical or annamaya kosha). Purification on 4th body has to take place, then thought pattern changes.
  • You have to make your etheric body (2nd body) vibrate higher than the physical body vibration (1st body), astral body (3rd body) higher than etheric body, gyanamaya (4th body) vibrate higher than manomay kosha (3rd body), and then anandamaya (5th body) = only positive = nothing else. Anandamaya kosha = self-realisation. Now, all other body vibrations have risen so much that all 5 bodies vibrate at the frequency of the soul, and soul frequency is so high it is God frequency. All now become I - we are not separate - all bodies have become One.
  • Shiva is the father, and we are his true children. Your true mother, father - they love you. When the father wants you to grow, he teaches you and when teaching starts we start cribbing. Every incident is a wonderful incident, Father is holding you making you strong, big, to grow. (Babaji compared this to learning to ride a bicycle). Whenever any problem arises, you say 'Ya, you hold me, I am sitting on my bicycle you hold me again. I am trying to ride it again.' If you have fallen it was not his intention to make you fall. His intention is to make you strong. Every incident be happy.
  • (Babaji said) - I was a hard seed, with a hard shell - but the loving water of Shivyog drop by drop seejohed me  and I became nirmal, soft. I am not just this body, this body is yours. You are the soul. It is the co-ordination.
  • Balancing body, mind, soul. Full involvement. Just do not chant with this body - merge it with the soul. Do it with the 5 senses. Feel the mantra. then feel it with the 6th sense. Just give the intention, don't worry where is my 6th sense. Your power is your feeling of gratitude.
  • When you are nervous subconsciously you have accepted failure. You have to go inside to open the door, to receive the blessings. Not to stay outside and to see what others are doing. Learn to command rather than to accept. You must exercise the power to choose. Give more strength to the divinity, not the negative.
  • Universe is nothing but vibrations and if your language is in accordance then you'll be able to communicate according to your vibrations - happiness, joy.
  • Now you are a Shivyogi - your family will subconsciously look to you for help, even your ancestors will ask for help to ascend.
  • With deep resentment - there is punishment. But the person having deep resentment, he cannot punish anyone else, so he punishes himself (by chronic illness, unhappiness etc.) Never think my problem is large, Shiva's grace is larger than your problem.
  • No worry; when you worry, you close the door - already judgement is done. No worry. Do sadhana - pray - ask how it can be cured. Take Shiva's name. Koi bhi mujhko dhoka ya cheat nahin karta hai - mere karm hi mujhe karte hai (Noone tricks or cheats me, but my karma does.) 
  • When we are in mode of non-forgiveness, we seek their harm and knowingly or unknowingly, we seek their curse. Ask God for their happiness. Shiva dwells in forgiveness. God dwells in unconditional love.
  • There are 3 knots of ignorance in consciousness pathways:
    • (a) Brahma granthi - knot of ignorance. There is awareness and belief I am this body, I am of superior/inferior caste/family. Anything connected to physical body. Psychic impressions of ignorance collected together.
    • (b) Vishnu granthi - knot of ego - I have a lot of spiritual power, which is a rajoguna. I have a lot of wealth. Emotions of Ego.
    • (c) Rudra granthi - everything you have is released, body consciousness, ego consciousness. I seek the happiness, I have happiness. You have to reach nirguna nirakar, state of Bliss.
  • Request Shakti of Guru to make us ascend into higher and higher consciousness. We fight our own healing. Let Shiva win. Make your inner consciousness alive. We fight that 'my misery is right, my misery cannot be taken away.' We resist. It is inbuilt in us - Animal tendency of fighting. Our psychology says how I can justify what is not coming to me. Fight or run away. If someone is more powerful, we run away.
  • Believe in purity, and have desire to receive the grace. Whatever I want, I am receiving it.  Tum Chahte Kya Ho? We have an inner instinct to choose - like we chose what clothes to wear in morning, what to eat, etc. If everything you have chosen, then also you have chosen which emotion you want to experience (sadness, happiness).
  • Shivyog is knowingness. Why don't you chose the REAL things in life that will make you something? Chose from before what relationship I must have, what wealth I must have. When you are hungry you chose well in advance what you want to eat for dinner- so why don't you choose well in advance what you want to be?
  • Now you are not a single individual - you are Shivyogi. Must pick up your emotions, your life!
  • The Golden book is your horoscope. Anyone who has lived his life ignorantly will pick up what someone else makes (e.g astrologer making janam patri for you).
  • When Shiva is not a miser in giving, why you being miser in asking? Any individual without a goal is useless.
  • Requirements of a higher consciousness is different than lower consciousness. Detachment is higher attachment. Look for higher and higher and higher and higher bliss. (Babaji explained when you have bicycle and get bike, then you get detached to bicycle. then from bike to car, you get detached to bike) Initially, you may have to make efforts, then success becomes part of your behavior. Whatever you want - believe you already have it - COME TO THE PRESENT MOMENT.
  • Human is the only jeev (being) that can create ample positive energy or ample negative energy. Only jeev that can feed the God or the devil. Connect to Him and miracle is bound to happen.
  • Anything that is disturbing - I have ignorantly created more negative energy, I have to now create more of positive energy and I achieve it. I am never alone - whosoever takes birth, is never alone, and along with him his spiritual guides come. We stop listening to the messages our spiritual guides give us. Experience silence - hear the voice of the elders. As you grow, the masters ascend and more higher beings come as guides, and then finally Shivyogis come and become your spiritual guides and guide you in every stage. Whenever you have any doubt sit down and communicate (meditate).
  • Do not create chaos and noise 'this will happen, that will happen.' Then you cannot hear us (Baba and his Guru). After I have learnt my lesson I am eligible to bring a change. Call and Baba will come. Call and  Baba and his beloved Guru will also come. This is my promise to you. Even my Guru will come!
  • Who created the destiny? I created - unknowingly.
  • Whatever good you have earned, you just have to earn more - erase those karmas, bring more and more fine karmas so our basket is shining. Give yourself good habits.
  • You are a Shivyogi - be truthful. When we talk vague then there is no direction.
  • Every punishment is self-accepted punishment.
  • Be a shishya - every moment have a learning experience. Receive the divine nectar from everything.
  • As birth is a truth, death is truth as well. Every person chooses time of departure and how they want to depart.
  • Ask yourself what is MY soul agenda? Do not connect yourself to your mother's soul agenda, your father's soul agenda, your brother's soul agenda, to another's soul agenda.  Mera Kaam Kya Hai? (What is my work?)
  • "I pray to mother and father of Universe. Make my life very, very pure - please remove all those karmic seeds that make my life impure. Let me live my life 200%."
  • "I must be ready to go when time comes, and depart readily like a Shivyogi."
  • There are 2 types of Jeevas (bacteria) - one for destruction, one for evolving. Energy either ascends or descends. Higher Shivyog energy and your energy have to blend. Do it with a positive bend of mind.
  • Whatever you want - (feel) you already have it... COME TO THE PRESENT TENSE.
  • Secretion from the pineal gland is amrit. When we don't want to open our eyes, the energy is emitting - the nectar is emiting (when meditating).
  • Whatever your reaction to any given situation is because of your accumulated karmas. These seeds implanted in subtle bodies, you just throw out with sadhana.
  • If reaction is very very positive, thoughts are very very positive, emotions are very very positive, vibrations are very very positive.
  • Suffering is the outcome of prarabdh bhog and negative karma we do out of ignorance. Now, Shivyog is knowingness, that will be positive.
  • The first feeling of love is between parent and child, when the child is born.  Do not say 'Oh my God' when the child is unwell. Remain in that same positive mode - Tum lena Shiv ka naam. Mother and child have joint karmas. They have similar learning. Erase those negative patterns and heal yourself. When you become pure like a child - you can hear what others are thinking just as a child in the womb can hear what you are thinking and not just what you are speaking.
  • Only due to ignorance and lower vibrations we have created fragmentation. Fragmentation lessens as consciousness rises. There is only ONE, no two (duality). Shivoham Shivoham Shiva Swaroopam, Nityoham Buddhoham Shuddhoham Muktoham - My soul is not stuck in the past (I may have left some parts in darkness). I am living in present moment. I am complete and full. And I bring all fragments back from where they are stuck. Send the light. My own unification with myself takes place.   Shudhoham = Purification. Impurity comes from nonforgiveness, from hatred.   Whenever you love somebody - do you get happiness or not? That is your reward - by giving only you have received.   Let me see what is happening NOW. Why am I bothered with what has gone, or worried about future? When I start living in present moment, disconnection will take place with past and future worries.   Buddhoham Mukhtoham = Atma Bodh in real sense. I am liberated. I was stuck because of my own thought patterns.   I am that I am - I am Shiva.   Shivoham Shivoham.
  • Feeli​ng of guilt is also a sin. Any emotion and thought that reduces positive energy is a devilish act. Behind guilt is ego/ignorance. Everybody tries to do what is right for him. As you learn, ask for forgiveness, don't carry the guilt.
  • Seva is my family. Give lot of love. With expectation it becomes grasthi. Do charity and walk away.
  • I am a being of light having humanly experiences. In the beginning there was only illumination - Shoonya. Aakar (shape) was different - tamogun, rajogun, atogun was not there. Jab chiti mein spandan hua tab brahmand utpan hua. (When there was a vibration in the consciousness the whole Universe was created from there).  Jyotir linga, then Brahmand linga then Atma linga, then Gyan linga, then Prana linga, then Panchabutha linga and then then Saakar roop (form).
  • To go back = Tatwa shudhi, then chetna (consciousness), then become Universe, then Param gyan (ultimate wisdom). Meditate on the Linga shareer, the 5 elements - above all the lingas - which you yourself are.   Till the time I think I am the body, all the dukhas (sufferings) are originated from that ignorance, and from one life to another life I carry forward the sufferings.   I'm so ignorant - I talk about death, I am so scared, I cry for death - but I must remember I never died. It is the illusion that is scarring me.   I am THAT I am.   I am omnipresent.  Tell me - when did I die?
  • Around the physical body are the layers of light. When you meditate they expand. Pranmaya goes in kilometers.  Aura is twin brother of the physical body.   Every organ has vibrations - and when vibration becomes lower then disease is there.   Inhaling and exhaling gives energy to Ida nadi. The Prana kriyas give energy to 3 main nadis, which then give energy to our 72 lakh nadis which then energise our spine and our chakras, which then energise all our organs and all our endocrine and body system.   
  • When you are tired, just touch your chakra one by one and say 'Sahasrar chakra - I appreciate you. Agya chakra - I appreciate you' and so on. Touch feet, legs, knees and say I appreciate you.
  • Negative emotions attract negative energy and they enter our chakras and are stored in our chakras. So life force energy enters our body but get contaminated by the negative energy and enter all our cells, our body.   So be - Har haal mein Khushi!   Eevery Shivyogi to only focus on mode of achievement. Must believe in Shakti. Sanjeevani is priceless.
  • We (Shivyogis) wish - and instantly it manifests. It is our karma that dosen't let it come to us. You must analyse the kind of life you are living. Kind of circumstances - are you satisfied? Life should not be a compromised life - life should be a creative life!
  • In Shivyog even God is a science - Science beyond Science. No one is seperate from you - it is only you - it is oneness.
  • Forget if I (Babaji) have seen Shiva or not. Do YOU want to see Shiva? When I meditate, I go deep, I find the cells, heart pumping blood. It is happening on its own. Some invisible force is doing it. We have become ignorant of our own inner existence. If we go closer to the soul, we can solve any problem.
  • Physical is not made up of physical - it is made up of energy. Vibration gives birth to energy. I am what I think about.
  • Every  emotion and every  intention emits energy. That is the someone I must know, I am finding. I am angry because this physical body not getting along with that physical body. I am not the physical mass. I am that what is creating the emotions and guiding the mass based on my karmas.
  • You get punished by your anger. (It is the emotion that creates the wave of vibration). Cancer is deep resentment brewing in emotions. Dissonance behavior at cellular level.
  • Shivyogi = unconditional love of the universe. Open your heart chakra and let unconditional love flow. You are thinking - and that thought is creating vibration.
  • It is the attitude towards yourself, your own self. There is doubt on one side and shraddha (faith) on the other. Go one way only - otherwise it will create disharmony and healing won't happen.
  • Science that exists within me is the God. I go inside to the God that is already created. Real 'I' is the one without ignorance. The real 'I' does not know what is suffering and what is relief. It is in Bliss. The real 'I' gives life - the mind processed it into the physical body, into a physical reality.
  • You must now create a PURE physical reality for yourself.
  • Even the cunningest of all cunningest person will have a fraction, a small fraction quality that you can love. Think of that and magnify THAT. You are the ocean of love and that is your strength. They will be benefited, but much more you will be benefited. Our heart chakra - the electromagnetic field expands and expands (with love).
  • Key to materialization = feeling of love & gratitude. They strengthen you. Be generous in seeking (from Shiva). Be generous in your life - for your life.
  • I can receive fire only from fire. Jyot se Jyot Jagao Sadguru. Dhristi Guru ki kripa par rakhna (Keep your vision on the grace of the Guru).
  • What you are searching for is beyond this physical body, beyond ego, beyond anger, beyond frustration (all physical body attributes). You are searching for the Self. Kudh bhi lena - Aage bhi baatna (You also take and also distribute further). When you try to always get from others, there is lot of bitterness in that.


  1. thank you jacob bhai posting those teaching of babaji. every time i read i feel new on me. gratitude to you bhaiya too posting such lovely note to read. om namah shivaye and gratitude to all.

  2. Thank You! Jacob bhai for taking out your precious time and sharing these gems with us.

  3. Thanks Pallaviji for sharing these notes. Stay blessed. Namah shivaya..


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