The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Ascension Challenges - Churning

Everything written is my own personal views. What i am learning, i am sharing for the benefit of those who may find things confusing. Hence, reader's discretion advised.

Since eons there has always been the battle between the light and the dark. From early mythology to present day scenarios all depict the same. But one thing what the mythology and the deeper secrets of the ancient masters reveal is how darkness is not completely a separate entity but more of the reflection of oneself. Mass consciousness reflects back it's own inner darkness as a mass evil outside. Thus, the most challenging part for a seeker is the battle with one's own darkness. When our own light becomes weak to battle our own darkness, the Guru's powerful light enters to assist our very own light. Read on.

Our darkness shows up when the light wants us to do something and we resistance due to our own old conditionings, habits, patterns, and comfort zones. Resistance to receive love and to give love, to receive grace and to give blessings, to receive pardon and to forgive and let go, to be accepted and to accept others, to let go of fear and embrace love and light, to let go of the old ways and to adapt or adopt the new, and the most biggest challenge at all times for a seeker is to acknowledge and accept one's own shortcomings and mistakes, which is always revealed in some or the other way to those who want to ascend.

One thing has to be known. Every moment of life is like school where every standard has to be passed, in order to be able to grow to the next level. But very interestingly after the usual time being given for studies, contemplation, life reviews, etc, until the test arrives, whether one likes it or not. The test will arrive because the earth is evolving and it is slowly raising it's energies. These increasing energies are the subtle ways the Divine keeps sharing wisdom through many ways and eventually puts one to test with a practical examination of checking whether the theory has been understood or not. If understood it ensures that one follow it too. The challenges occur most the time when one knows the theory well but fails the practicals. This is what is walking the talk. Theory is important. Accumulating wisdom is needed for applying it practically.

Guru comes with not just the wisdom but the backing support for applying it practically too. This is where he walks the talk and lives practically and demonstrates it as an example. Guru is an extreme step of the Divine to show humans that IT IS POSSIBLE. He sends this practical possibility of a live example and that is what enables Him to be a Guru. Life gives gives us enough time to contemplate, attune, learn, cope, adapt, modify according to the syllabus and move forward with the teacher. Then comes the test, to check if we have really adapted and evolved. It will always come with something that will always help cross check with what you are willing to grow out of and transcend. Lessons and tests change from person to person because even though one may follow one practice, still the life lessons are always different. So, there is no two people alike to compare with. However, the process and ways to overcome are largely similar with little variations.

When the light shines, what we first see is our own shadow. Many times, we do not realize that challenges are answers to our own prayers. Challenges are nothing but something that nature sees is not in tune with what is there at a higher rung of evolution and to be there, certain aspects will have to be dealt with. Because one cannot hold more light with certain old dragging systems of darkness being still held to. Like, if I wish to evolve and I keep praying and doing everything to evolve spiritually, and then i see a lot of, what i call as 'troubles' or 'problems' in front of me. This is nothing but an answer to my keenness to grow, that the Universe has identified "Okay take this thing off that does not vibrate at the higher level that you are asking and rise". It always looks otherwise. Evolving faster means more tests at a faster rate. So, it is completely on an individual whether they want to opt this fast track. That is why the spiritual path is not an easy process as it is always guessed or expected to be. The question always arises in a seeker, why are so many things happening when I am into the spiritual process. It is because everything that needs to leave you in order to become purer will surface, will face you head on, will show itself up to you. The manthan (churning) that Babaji speaks about is this. Like a dirty glass of water that after a while looks clean because the mud has settled down. This is clean looking glass is the life that feels is going smooth, but there is underlying karma lying down there. When the awakening happens there is a tremor that shakes up the mud. The intensity of the tremor depends on the intensity of the awakening. (read another 2009 article on the same).

But the greatest intensity is when the Guru initiates the seeker. The Shaktipat tradition is the strongest of all for the Kundalini sparks and rushes from lower to higher annihilating all impurities. The initiation from the Guru is what sparks the churning process. The mud is stirred up. Guru's energies keep pouring into the glass of water and the stirring and so-called chaos happens within the mind, body and emotions. Everything ugly starts coming up to be healed and released. It is during this time, how one can overcome the challenges, that determines the progress. Faith in Guru and the Divine's process will allow easing up to the process without resistance. Resistance only causes more trouble. If resisted, firstly it will be a misery because two forces are frictioning against each other. Funnily, at this time the seeker wishes to be more closer to the Divine and this even increases the intensity from other side because the light will try to snatch that negativity away, but we hold on. The mud will again eventually settle down and that would need another trigger, another attempt. This is why multiple shivirs are needed at times because it is may not seem easy to allow the process to work by itself due to our resistance at every opportunity of healing or release. For on one side the seeker is seeking growth and when the opportunities are provided by nature to overcome impurities normally there is resistance, often by the misunderstanding that these are eternal challenges and problems. In fact, they are all internal stuff facing us. Everything around becomes a mirror often reflecting who we are. What we see outside are the reflections of our own self. This is why Babaji teaches being nonjudgemental and accepting everyone the way they are, for it is said that every person you meet is fighting some or the other battle. An evolved person will often feel more compassionate towards people who may cause them problems because somewhere they know why they are doing it. 
When Jesus Christ on the cross was being tortured and crucified, He was still compassionate with those who did that to Him and it is at that time He looked up and prayed, "God, forgive them for they know not what they are doing." Often it can be taken in a wrong way, thinking "they do not know what they are doing" means they do not know what they are doing to someone like Jesus or a representative of God. "They do not know" means they are ignorant and doing things unconsciously because they feel threatened of their own survival due to someone like Christ. This is how dark battles light as a desperate measure to survive. This is how our very own internal darkness struggles in the battle with incoming light in order to survive and stay back. Jesus could see through this and He was only filled with compassion for them and thus He prayed for them. Prayed not to punish for they do not know what they are doing, but prayed to help them overcome their ignorance. This is what i learn as nonjudgemental and total acceptance for they were actually fighting a pitiable battle within themselves, but were projecting and seeing it all as an external enemy and thus lashing it out on Christ. Even in today's world many saints and spiritual masters have been seen to have undergone such, but if you notice, most of these masters are so perfect that they have the compassion to forgive and understand why they are doing it. It is their nonreactive and love and compassion and patience with the Divine ways that enable them to outgrow these temporary fights of dark. They are so powerful masters that if they wish, with a little effort can put elements to ease, but they allow the law of nature to take over and they do their job of praying for them and their ignorance. I have seen my master do this. This quality is the ultimate God quality, for God does not judge anyone and only knows to shower grace. I have cribbed and cried, fretted and fumed and done what not in times of such internal chaos but Baba has always been non-reactive and calm, who only smiled - the smile would be a compassionate one or it would be over my silly ignorances. After a while I see that these were things I had to face - could be my karmic debt or could be my own negativities to be transcended. My resistance proved it to be a struggle whereas actually there is no struggle needed. At such times, what is important to know is that the Guru knows everything and is always praying and showering grace like the sun, unbiased; it is we who are avoiding it in the face of our own adversities, our own karma.
As Babaji says "If you notice negative people and situations being attracted towards you, it's high time to look within and change." He also adds, "This is the time to do more sadhana" because it is these positive energies that will help combat one in lower situations because usually the judgement or discerning capacity of the mind goes down at such times. Thus, resorting to sadhana and positive things helps. But that will only happen when one accepts and takes responsibility that something within is wrong. Till that happens from within, there will be no internal enthusiasm to overcome it in the first case because even if one takes measures to improvize, not accepting means deep down not taking responsibility for that shortcoming.

These are the times that one must first avoid panicking and going bitter. Such are the times that one must quieten the body and mind. Rest. Relax. Drink lots of fluid. Change diets according to needs. Avoid over-thinking or even thinking. Discourage the reactions. Keep still. Calm. Breathe. Accept, that these are my own mud that is stirring up and I am not going to put it back. This is an opportunity for me to release it. With His grace it has surfaced, which is what I have asked, knowingly or unknowingly, now when it has come, let me allow it to be released. How will it release? Either flushing it out through deep breathing and other sadhanas taught by Babaji and Ishanji or if that seems too overwhelming at such moments, just relax and live life in trust in the process of cleansing. 
Nachiketa Dhyan CD
Practice the 'Nachiketa Agni Dhyan' that is a powerful guided meditation of Babaji, which can be bought through divine shop. Trust means surrendering to the process and opening the channels for grace to flow in. At the same time not to hold back anything. Cry, shout, punch (your pillow, okay?), dance, exercise, sports.... whatever one feels like doing at that moment. It is a natural way the body and mind is looking to release those pent up dirt in the form of emotions and feelings. Illnesses also are physical releases. Take care of the body at such times. Supporting yourself means supporting the process. Avoid anything negative. Avoid self-pity. Avoid blame. Avoid suppression. Avoid the "whys?"

This triggers self-healing and you would notice over a period of time, everything just subsides and all is well. So, the nature keeps offering us tests to ensure we have outgrown the old to welcome the new. When the new comes in, it flushes out everything old and unwanted to make space for the new. This is the churning process. This is the process of ascension happening. Now, this cleansing process initiates because of a seeker's intention, willingness and keenness to grow and evolve. So, the quicker things happen. But in cases where one does not want to do anything, nature will still offer the test maybe still at a lower pace and longer intervals, but the tests will happen, because earth is evolving and there are no options to stay back in the class. Tests are inevitable but the pace is largely in our hands. All have to evolve becuse that is the natural course and the divine plan. This is where we can pitch in to help others. Helping others would mean being of assistance to those confused in such states, to be kind, tolerant and loving those who need a little support at testing times, that will automatically put you on the mission of the Guru/Divine. But before handling the darkness outside it is but natural that our own darkness will have to be first transmuted. Since the in and out, internal and external are co-related, the dropping of darkness in ourselves will automatically start wiping external darkness too.

This is the time that we all are undergoing massive changes in every form. The body is turning from carbon to crystalline structure, which means turning into light body. These changes and times might be confusing and distressing to many, that is why I attempt to share it all, for I am also travelling the same journey as you. Keep sharing and helping as many as possible to help shine their own light to help clean their own windows through which they see a stained world and eventually it should do good for them as well as us. Baba is always with all of us in this process. Let us stay tuned to him. Gratitude to Baba. Divine Love and Light. Namah Shivay.

The ascension series to be continued......


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