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The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Jeeva Samadhis

Note : All views are entirely the personal views of the author and is an open expression of sharing the information on Siddha Jeeva Samadhis with those who wish to connect with the essence of what is written.  This article is all about Siddhas including Babaji and thus i am incompetent to talk about anything from those heights but my sincere attempt  here is to share whatever is in my capacity . If any errors or short-comings, they are entirely mine. Namah Shivaya. What is a Jeeva Samadhi? Jeeva or Sajeeva Samadhi means "becoming one" with the universal consciousness or merging with God or Divine or Light. It has different terms and is used as different words in different religions. Buddhists call it Nirvana and Christians call it ecstasy or 'merging with the spirit'. In samadhi one remains immersed in infinite bliss and the time one can remain in samadhi  ranges from few minutes to time infinite. There are many types of Samadhis but right now the focus

Siddha Ramalinga Swami

In the Bangalore shivir, Babaji had mentioned about the great siddha - Ramalinga Swami of Tamilnadu. A sadhak, after attending the Bangalore shivir returned to Pondicherry and was surprised when he was confronted by a friend who asked if he wanted to see Swami Ramalinga's shrine. Taken by surprise he visited this holy place and bought a Tamil book on the Siddha. Immediately he contacted me and enthusiastically shared this strange "coincidence" and promised to share the book in his own words for the blog, for the benefit of all. It is the sadhaks' request to stay anonymous. In gratitude to you friend for the tedious work and in gratitude to Babaji, Namah Shivaya. His Graciousness Ramalinga Swami (Vallalar) During the Banglore Shivir Babaji talked about two great Holy Siddhas of South India: Thirumoolar and Ramalinga Swami. Ramalinga Swami, commonly known as Vallalar, is a Holy Siddha who lived in the 19th century. He attained Light, the ultimate yogic objective.
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Special; Song For The Master

Amazing Grace

Om Shiva Omkara

Sar Pe Tera Voh Haath Hai