The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 4

Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech ( When you read it, you can know that Baba is speaking to you ). There are three types of Yoni (life form): Deva Yoni - in which the soul takes the form of gods and goddesses and experience happiness but they do not have mind. There will remain in the same yoni. If Indra wishes to become Bramha, he cannot become. To get liberated into the infinite he needs mind. Maanav yoni (human form). There are three again in this: Pavitra yoni Bhog vilas yoni Dukh bhog yoni Bhog yoni (form of only paying off karmic fruits. Eg: Animal form) In this yoni also there is no mind. One cannot think and discriminate. This is why if a tiger is hungry it kills and preys on a cow and does not accumulate karma. Cat kills hundreds of rats but does not accumulate karma. Their tendencies will remain the same as their form. Because there is no mind so there is no punya (merits) and paap (sin). Only if there is mind

Kanhangad Visit - Jan 2011

Last time we traveled to Kanhangad and stayed in the ashram for 3 days and meditated in the caves of Bade Baba (Baba Nityananda).      Out of the many feedbacks on the visit some requests were to let everyone know when such visits are being planned by ShivYog sadhaks. So, keeping that in mind, we are informing about the next planned 3-day visit to Kanhangad with a stay in the ashram itself  on January 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2011 (Sun, Mon, Tue) How to reach: Kanhangad is in the border of Kerala/Karnataka and falls in Kerala State. Nearest airport/railway station/bus stand is Mangalore. From  Mangalore i t is about 70 kms and takes about an hour to two by bus/train. Almost all trains going to Kerala pass through Kanhangad station. You may check out for more info about trains on - You may come directly to Kanhangad ashram or if you wish to join us from Mangalore, we will all be  meeting in Mangalore by morning of Jan 2nd, Sunday  and we will leave for Kanhangad by

Kurukshetra Shivir 2010 - 3

Here are the precious gems from Babaji during the entire shivir and is given in direct speech. The ones who do not know the ultimate truth are attached to the body and as the prana starts withdrawing, the person tries to hold it from withdrawing and there begins a struggle. You must have seen people banging their hands and legs, which means that he is not allowing the prana to be pulled out by nature. In this struggle there will be turmoil and negative energies generated due to the agony. This is what is shown in scriptures as Yama who pulls the soul out with a rope. When the prana completely leaves the body, it becomes the astral body and the astral body thinks it is alive but if it already has the wisdom that it has to move up in the light. If this is not aware of the astral body stays there and suffers. How many will be ready if they are asked to go to Yama while being alive? Leave this, even at the time of death also no- one wants to go to Yama. In scriptures it is writt
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Special; Song For The Master

Amazing Grace

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