The Master takes us to his Tapobhoomi

Beautiful 3 days spent in the land of Rajasthan with the Master.  Every nook and corner we travelled in Lalsot had posters of the shivir at every locations including taxis and markets. One thing i was surprised with was the heights of hospitality in a world where one thinks of so many excuses or shrinks away to even offer someone a glass of water or tea and here are the Rajasthanis, who go beyond anything to serve their guests. All the while i was thinking that the home next to the venue, where we ate food, was a place arranged by people for us as done in other locations we travel to. To my surprise while we sat on the ground and ate our food in the huge compound of this home, i saw many new people walking into this compound inside which sat ladies of the house making rotis. When people walked in, they were asked to sit, paper plates were laid and food was served immediately. The lady making rotis asked all those seated continuously whether they wanted rotis. If it was a yes, she would

Navratra Special

Navratra Special - Durga Saptashati : What a Shiv Yogi must learn

Namah shivay

"Durga Saptashati is not an event which took place. It continuously unfolds in every human being at all times. Different chapters denote different phases of the individual.

All characters in Durga Saptashati are actually traits and qualities within us"

                                                            - Baba ji at Delhi Shree Vidya shivir, Feb-March, 2012

Navratra Day 1, Presiding Goddess  : Shailputri
 1st chapter (Madhu Kaitabh vadh)
Ma Shailputri 
The first chapter of Durga Saptashati, involves the story of a king named ‘Surath’ and a Vaishy named ‘Samadhi’. The king, once prosperous loses all his wealth to invasion by a more powerful ruler. Despite this, his consciousness and attention are constantly drawn to the kingdom, the whereabouts of his ministers and his subjects even as he roams the forests in search of solace.  There he meets a Vaishy, deprived of all his wealth, abandoned by his sons and wife and evicted from his house; The Vaishy too is beleaguered and haunted by the memories of his lost kinship. Both congregate at the hermitage (ashram) of Medha Maharishi.

Both are irked and puzzled by the fact that despite knowing that attachment to grief and sorrow is detrimental, are unable to shed the memories of their chequered past. Both seek an answer to this conundrum of theirs from the Maharishi. The Maharishi narrates that all this is the grip of “Mahamaya” which is nothing but a form of Shakti.
Mahamaya originated when Lord Vishnu, engaged in his “Cosmic sleep” or “Yog Nidra” was invoked by Lord Brahma because the demons of Madhu and  Kaitabh had engulfed  the universe and could be mitigated only if Vishnu were to come back from His “sleep”. Madhu and Kaitabh originated from Lord Vishnu's ears when He was in His slumbering wakefulness. Mahamaya became the factor,originated by the prayers of Lord Brahma to awaken Vishnu from His state. Mahamaya, who had fixated Madhu and Kaitabh too, led the two demons to ask Vishnu for any wish He desired. The Lord desired that the two demons be slayed at His hands. But the condition from the demons was that they be killed at a place on Earth where there is no water. Thus, Lord Vishnu slayed them on His lap.

Graphical depiction of Lord Brahma in the background as Devi (right) awakens Lord Vishnu. Madhu and Kaitabh in the foreground

Relevance to a Shiv Yogi

Madhu and Kaitabh are not devils outside but the bad qualities and vices within us. They both originated from the ear of Lord Vishnu. The underlying meaning is that the genesis and origin of these two bad qualities is when the sense of hearing is polluted and along with it intention.

Madhu is false praise. One loves to inflate one's ego by hearing all good. This inflated ego is self destructive.  

Kaitabh is uttering negative words.Talking ill of others, called "chugli" in Hindi is a natural pass time of many people.  On an individual level, hearing even constructive criticism sounds cacophonic since the ego believes the individual to be supreme and perfect.

 Madhu (Meetha bhashan or Mridu vachan) implies sweet talk meant to deceive and with an ulterior motive. Flattery, buttering, sycophancy are all “Asuras” which can be bracketed under the “Madhu”.  Such glib talking is a vice which grows insidiously and secretly one day consumes the individual indulging in it.

Kaitabh(Karwa bol) refers to talking impolitely as if spewing venom. Criticizing, abusing, analyzing, passing judgements or any talk which does not have unconditional love in it on is an overarching devil too. This will over power the individual quicker than Madhu and is sure to lead one to hell and constant cycle of suffering and pain.
Baba ji says that whenever the God in us is in a state of temporary sleep, devils are born. And when is God asleep ? Its when we do not engage in sadhna. The role of Brahma is played by the sadhak who prays to the Guru and Shiva to awaken the two within himself.

As the Param tatwa and Guru tatwa get activated, the pain and suffering inflicted by ignorance of negativity will be terminated.

 Every individual is gripped by Maya which makes the individual believe that this world is all what is worth thinking of. The Maya does not let attachment wither away.

 Every second, we are worried about what happened in our past, our family’s past, and our friends’ past. Every second we regret our actions, mourning all the sorrow that has come in our lives. Maya is the illusion that the true identity is this physical body and all one needs to do during one’s lifetime is work on this body, the relations of this body, accumulate wealth for this body etc. 

The one who prays to Shakti and performs Her Sadhna, gets blessed and extricated from this bondage of Maya. 

Navratra Day 2, Presiding Goddess  : Brahmacharini
2nd, 3rd and 4th chapters (Mahishasur sanghar)
Ma Brahmacharini 
The second third and fourth chapters contain the anecdote of Mahishasur and his army of beasts overpowering all devtas by finally winning a war lasting hundred years. Mahishasur supersedes Indra Devta and by this act of dethronement becomes the undisputed tyrannous king of the world.

Aggrieved and dejected, the devtas head to Lord Brahma with their plea to salvage the situation for them and help regain their lost territory. Spearheaded by Lord Brahma, the team of devtas approach Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva when both are present at the same place. Hearing of the sorry state of affairs, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu spawn a divine radiance "TEJ" from their mouths and with contributions from Brahma and all devtas, this divine radiance and glow fuses to form a mass of blinding illumination. This mass gives rise to "Mahadevi". The various parts of Mahadevi are formed by individual contributions of energies of all present. The Devi is characterized by having angelic beauty,gargantuan size,overbearing presence and towering existence. The devtas, Lord Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh offer their specialized weapons to Devi who becomes omnipotent.

All devtas put in their mite and empowered the Devi with infinite mettle. A lesson to be learnt here is that unitedly one can work wonders.
The genesis of the Mahadevi creates ripples across the universe. Perturbed a tad bit by this happening, the cohorts of Mahishasur - "Chikshuk and Chaamar", also vicious monsters take turns to defeat the Devi. Mahadevi pounds them however and their army brutally. The notorious might of the demons comes to naught. They are no match for the all powerful Mahadevi. She drubs and pummels these monsters much to the chagrin of Mahishasur.

Mahishasur arriving only after a sizeable portion of his devil army has been vanquished. Mahadevi with the combined powers of all the devtas, Lord Brahma,Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh was too much for the demon army

Mahadevi slaying Mahishasur 
Smarting from this setback, Mahishasur, exercises his ability to manifest into various forms. By first moulding itself into a bull, followed by a Lion, a man with a sword, big elephant and again bull Mahishasur foxes Mahadevi and troubles her for a while. After certain wasted attempts to exterminate Mahishasur, Mahadevi fumes. Her eyes, baying for Mahishasur's blood, Her roar warning the demon that his last hurrah was over, sticks Her feet at the chest of the demon and slays it with her trident. In a vanguard attempt, Maheshasur tries to originate again from its mouth but Devi sees it and kills it too. She then culls the devil army of Mahishasur.
The devtas rejoice and sing paens to Her. It is then that "Mahishasur Mardini" is recited by one and all, offering gratitude to Mahadevi and extolling Her virtues, majesty and might for usurping the reign of the monsters.

Clearing a doubt of the devtas that despite being all powerful, why doesnt Devi kill the monsters at once and why the need to engage in a fiight with them at all, Devi says that when She touches the demons while killing them, it causes their ascension as She wishes the best for all.

Relevance to a Shiv Yogi

There is a constant battle which is relentlessly being fought within us. The battle is between the devils and angels. Devils and angels both are within us. When we indulge in negative karmas, i.e. those which include rejection, hate,resentment,fear, ego, criticism, we give fuel to the "Asuras" within us. When we follow Siddha Margof Unoncditional love, acceptance and forgiveness shown by the Guru, we give fuel to the Devtas.

Mahishasur stands for the human Ego. In body consciousness we immerse so much that we forget that we are not this body. Ego, originating from the belief that we are this body and are immortal,  like Mahishasur is very clever. Ego just as Mahishasur takes different forms at different times, in different states and different circumstances. In rulers, ego takes the form of superiority, among the ruled it takes the form of playing the victim card all the time.

Expecting others to salute you,greet you, treat you with respect is Mahishasur.

 This is what we at times or rather most times do. In modern times we say there is no Asura or Danav. But it is all within us. This is the modern day Mahishasur and we can identify ourselves with it. Self importance is self destructive. Always be humble and considerate

Ego is like slow poison. It slowly and steadily harms and one day becomes the ruler in the mind to finally lead to pain , suffering, hell like experiences, negative entities like ghosts attaching as revenge etc.

Indra stands for the 5 senses(also called paanch indriyan). The defeat of Indra by Mahishasur implies 5 senses succumbing to the Ego. The ego wishes to see others working for it, others speaking well for it, others serving tasty food, others surrendering to it etc.

The devtas are the good sanskaras and karmas. When they are activated, they lead us to the Guru and Shiva who are the Vishnu and Shiva of the story for us. The radiance or "TEJ" from which Mahadevi is born is nothing but the energy which we create when we do sadhna. It is called Sadhna Shakti. This energy, when fuses with the blessings of the Guru, the Spiritual Masters and all Holy Siddhas is capable of creating Shakti which is all powerful and which will slay the Ego.

Navratra Day 3, Presiding Goddess  : Chandraghanta

5th and 6th chapters (Dhumralochan vadh)

Ma Chandraghanta 
The pantheon of devtas are discontented yet again after another invasion of their kingdom by the demon duo of Shumbh and Nishumbh. Knowing of the powers of the Devi and Her promise of descending to them and mankind at large whenever She would be invoked, the devtas start the invocation. They bow before the powers of the Devi and extoll her infinite virtues. Meanwhile Goddess Parvati who is abluting in the holy Ganges near the Himalayas comes to know of this plea of the devtas. From Ma Parvati's "kosha" or body originates the angelic beauty "Kaushiki" (one who is spawned from the kosha). Chand and Mund, the servants of Shumbh-Nishumbh witness the grandeur of Ma Kushiki ( also called Ma Ambika) and are left spellbound.

Chand and Mund then narrate the infinite and indescribable beauty of Ambika to Shumbh. They also tell Shumbh that having accomplished the whole world through their clout, he and Nishumbh must accomplish and win over such a beautiful woman too since thats the only feather missing in their prolific cap.

Shumbh then sends his messenger Sugreev to summon the ravishing Ma Kaushiki with the proposal of marrying him.
The messenger then conveys to the Devi that Shumbh and Nishumbh are the rulers of all the 3 worlds--- Sky,Earth and the Nether world. They have triumphed over everything. They have made one and all subservient to them.Shumbh and Nishumbh are indeed merchants and connoisseurs of gems. They also consider the Devi to be a gem which is not in their collection. Thus the messenger requested the Devi to select from either of Shumbh or Nishumbh to be Her spouse.

The Devi retorts to the messenger Sugreev that all that he said was true but She had set a pre condition for being a mate to anyone. The condition was that whoever beats Her in a fight is free to take Her along.

Dhumralochan bore the brunt of under estimating
the docile beauty and innocuous countenance of Devi.
The messenger tells the Devi that it was her illusion and over ambition that She was keeping such imbecile and unthoughtful proposals and conditions. He also warns the Devi that Shumbh and Nishumbh are a force to reckon with and are invincible and that a poor, lonely woman as She wont be able to tolerate and combat their moves. Despite Warning that She would have to face dire consequences like being dragged and pulled by Her hair if she refuses to budge from her intransigent stand, the Devi bids the messenger adieu by telling him that She had not thought of such a scenario before She had made Her pledge and that she would not move from her stand, pre conditions and caveats which were very much valid. She also tells the messenger that he should tell her viewpoint to Shumbh and let him take any action he so wishes.

Hearing of such obstinacy of the Devi, Shumbh orders Dhumralochan, the Commander in chief of his army to nab the Devi by her hair and bring Her to court. Resistance if offered by any protectors for her must be thwarted with unstoppable force.

Before attacking the Devi, Dhumralochan puts forth a peaceful proposal of surrender to Devi who spurns the order. Battle ensues between the 60,000 strong army of Dhumralochan and the duo of Devi and Her Lion. The Lion trounces and beats the army down-rightly. Dhumralochan too is killed in his duel with Devi.
Incensed by this, Shumbh sends the duo of Chand and Mund to assassin Devi and bring her dead or alive to his court.

Relevance to a Shiv Yogi

Baba ji says that Shumbh and Nishumbh are asuras which reside in us. They stand for the bad qualities and vices of greed and lust. Shumbh and Nishumbh taking over the 3 worlds implies greed and lust overpowering an individual.
Greed gives way to avariciousness
 called "trushna" in Hindi 
The first lesson from this adhyay or chapter is that one must be satisfied with what has. One must thank the Almighty for whatever has been bestowed upon by Him.
Despite having 99 good things in our lives, our focus invariably is on the one thing we do not possess. We complain. We dont create. Baba ji thus wishes us to liberate ourselves from this vicious attitude.

A consciousness raised through sadhna will want more accomplishments but in those achievements it wont get stuck. It will thank and succeed to win more. Such a consciousness will always live in the Guru's aura and constantly enjoy the blessings of Shiva.

The second worthy thing to be noted is that whenever we shall invoke the Devi with our soul and heart, She will come and with Her bring happiness, taking away all the sorrow, pain and suffering. Just that the invocation has to be wholehearted and with pure intention.

The third teaching from this is that like Devi, all women must endeavor to develop their Inner beauty and love through sadhna since love and care are the embellishments of a woman, but at the same time be ready to combat any hurdle that may arrive in their life without getting bogged down by stereotypesof being subservient to the opposite sex. Like Shakti be "Ati saumya ati raudraye" but in different situations.

The fourth noteworthy lesson is that never underestimate the power of any individualsituation or circumstance. Dhumralochan did so and paid the price. Thus never be complacent. Believe in your powers and keep coming good. Never let the intensity of your sadhna wear out thinking that yesterday was a powerful sadhna and today it can be taken lightly. Never undervalue any situation, dealing or scenario. Karmas when not burnt through sadhna can cause devastation. Hence continue the sadhna with greater vigour every morning you get up.

Navratra Day 4, Presiding Goddess  : Kushmaanda 

7th chapter (Chanda Munda vadh)

Ma Kushmaanda 
As the news of decimation of Dhumralochan and his strong and sizeable army trickles down to Shumbh-Nishumbh, they order Chand-Mund to try their hand at apprehending Ambika Devi. Taking advantage after seeing Devi in a light mood, the troops of Chand and Mund try and accost Her, some try and grab her weapons,others surround her.

Noticing these developments, Devi is enraged. Her face red with rage, Her brows raised, overall complexion turns dark and another devi in the form of Maha Kali appears from Ambika. The Goddess Kali, wearing a garland of human heads, wielding a sword, wagging tongue, constricted red eyes appears in a mood to slaughter everything that comes Her way. Like a road roller She crushes and tramples over the devil army and quite brutally so.

Onlooking such mayhem, Chand and Mund pounce on Her.  Mund hurls his chakras towards the mouth of Kali. Kali however opens Her mouth and with teeth, glistening like 10000 suns, crushes the chakras in a jiffy.

Next, she growls at the demons (hunkar) and leaps on Chand, beheading him thus. On seeing this Mund barges towards Ma Kali, only to be slashed to pieces on the floor.
Ma Kali offering the heads of Chand and Mund to Ambika Devi who in turn gives Kali the title of "Chamunda" Devi. 
Kali then offers the heads of Chand and Mund at the feet of Ambika Devi from whom Kali originated.  The latter also requests Ambika Devi that she Herself kill Shumbh Nishumbh. Elated at such a fine display of valour and perfection, Ambika Devi blesses Ma Kali with the name Chamunda since its Kali who is the One responsible for liberating the universe of these dangerous demons.

 Relevance to a Shiv Yogi
The lesson from this is that never pester a Shakti (woman) as she wields infinite power to destroy too. It is the Shakti who has all the powers of creation but she can destroy the devil too.

Chand and Mund are negative traits which possess the power to cause widespread havoc. But Ma Kali has the powers to decimate them. And when we do Shree Vidya sadhna, we pray to Ma Kali too. So Shakti sadhna is omnipotent and must be done without a miss. 

The "Hunkar" that Ma Kali does before exterminating Chand and Mund is analogous to the rising of Kundalini shakti through our Sushmana nadi. Before obliterating all karmas, Ma Kundalini rises with a "funkar" as if to warn the karmas that their end is nigh. This explains various kriyas which happen abruptly as Baba ji initiates sadhaks in shivirs.

Also an important lesson is always accord supreme respect to women.

Navratra Day 5, Presiding Goddess  : Skanda Mata

Ma Skanda Mata

8th chapter (Raktabeej sanghar)

Ma Kali which is analogous
 to the fierce rising of the
Kundalini.  The "hunkar" of Kali
 is the "funkar" of the Kundalini.

The massive bloodshed inflicted by Devi on his army and the brutal killings of Chanda and Munda riles the Demon king Shumbh no end. He thus orders all his troops and contingents to gear up for avenging such devastation. As the demon army approaches Ambika Devi, Ma Kali and the Lion, Devi displays Her strength through a loud growl as if sounding the war cry. The roar of the Lion and the sonorous reverberation of the huge bells by Devi adds to the resonance.

The demon army,roused by the war cry instigation besiege Devi Ambika, Ma Kali and the Lion. At this stage the trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh alongwith chief Devtas offer the Devi with all their powers. The consorts of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Indra namely Brahmani, Vaishnavi (Varahi),Maheswari,Indrani (also called Aindri) and Narsinghi also appear to assist Ambika Devi who resizes Her to a gargantuan Devi.

All the devi devtas alongwith Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh synergizing their powers to Ma Ambika

The devis which appeared are (in that order)

Brahamani or Brahmi devi riding on a swan. She is the consort of Lord Brahma

Maheshwari devi riding on a cow. She is the consort of Maheshwar or Lord Shiva

Kaumari devi. She is the consort of Indra

Vaishnavi devi. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu


Devi Indrani who is also the consort of Indra

Varahi devi which originated from Lord Vishnu

Ambika devi then asks Lord Shiva to be Her "doot" or messenger and present the offer of amnesty to Shumbh and his army as a last chance of redemption.  Thus Ambika Devi is also known as "Shiv-dooti" which means the one who made Shiva as Her messenger.

Lord Shiva conveys this last offer of pardon to Shumbh and his army, only to be turned down outrightly.  The army then attacks Devi.  Devi makes short work of the army, killing thousands of troops at will.  Ma Kali too trounces the devil army.  Similarly Brahmani, Vaishnavi,Indrani,Narsinghi too pummel the demon army as if it were a cakewalk.  

In this backdrop enters Raktabeej. He had a blessing if any of his parts were cut, the blood droplets that would ooze out from the slashed part would give rise to as many more of his kind like a sort of asexual reproduction method of growth.

All the devis took turns to kill and disembody Raktabeej but as this happened, more and more blood dripped on the Earth, giving rise to more Raktabeejas. 

More blood meant more Raktabeejas

Steadily, the whole world is besieged by Raktabeejas. This becomes a major cause of concern for the devtas.  Ambika Devi then asks Ma Kali (Chamunda) to open Her mouth so wide that as She attacks Raktabeeja, the blood that falls and the more asuras that spring up, are swallowed by Ma Kali.

Ma Kali ingesting the blood and the consequent Raktabeej asuras

Ma Kali after vanquishing Raktabeej

Thus another noxious devil was overwhelmed by Devi and Her manifestations much to the delight of the devtas and inhabitants of Earth.   

Relevance to a Shiv Yogi

Baba ji sermons in many a shivir that the asura Raktabeej is analogous to our sanchit karmas or accumulated deeds of past and this birth.

There are 2 ways of ending karmas--- first to let them unravel and suffer them out and the second is to burn them through sadhna.

The first method is nothing but the vicious cycle of Raktabeeja. When we do not engage in sadhna and let our karmas unfold on their own, it causes suffering. In that suffering we will be worried and troubled and generate more negative karmas which in turn again will cause more suffering. 

We give rise to more negativity if we let the karmas unfold on their own. Sadhna is thus paramount.

When a bad incident unfolds, we feel sorrowful,dejected, mournful, hateful,vengeful, fearful,vulnerble and other such negative emotions. So unfolding of a single karma causes accumulation of thousand more karmas, which if not cleared through sadhna are capable of overtaking the individual completely.

But when we do sadhna, the negative karmas are burnt beforehand and one can enjoy life without giving birth to new karmas. 

The Shakti generated after sadhna is potent enough to drink the blood droplets of karmas which fall down when an incident occurs and generate more "Raktabeeja swaroopa" karmas and suffering.

Importance of sadhna thus is supreme. The priority of sadhna must be above all karmas that we do. Forget eating, forget sleeping forget reading the newspaper but never forget doing sadhna.

Navratra Day 6, Presiding Goddess  : Katyayani
Ma  Katyayani

9th and 10th chapters (Shumbh-Nishumbh vadh)
Shumbh Nishumbh engaged in a key battle with Devi

Smarting from the mammoth havoc wreaked by Ambika Devi and Her divine aides,Shumbh and Nishumbh vow to retaliate with greater force. No sooner do they enter the battlefield than they heap a volley of arrows, maces,sickles,swords on Ambika Devi and Her Lion. Devi strikes back and with aplomb, cutting all the weapons hurled at Her to pieces. The armor of Nishumbh too is blasted into smithereens.

A similar barrage of attacks follows and every time Devi comes out unscathed. Nishumbh is soon pummeled into unconsciousness.  Seeing such a hard blow dealt to his brother Nishumbh, Shumbh wishes to exact revenge on Devi. Devi blows the conch shell and signals the death knell of Shumbh by ringing bells, the sound of which reverberates across the universe. Her Lion too roars; the roar transcending all realms.  Witnessing such a fierce countenance of Devi, all devtas hail the Devi by doing Her "Jai-jai kar".

Devi and Her ferocious Lion
Exchange of aggressive assaults follows, resulting in Shumbh falling unconscious this time over.
Shumbh falling unconscious as Nishumbh wakes up
Nishumbh gains consciousness increasing his upper limbs from two to ten thousand.He begins hurling a multitude of weapons at Devi. Devi weathers this onslaught with ease and is equal to the barrage of attack.Finally, Devi hurls her spiked shovel at Nishumbh, piercing his chest into 2 parts, and concomitantly a new devil rises from the entrails of the dying body of Nishumbh. The devil forwarns Devi of her end but with a wry smile, Devi kills this new demon too. Devi's Lion then gorges on the heads of all the demons killed in this battle.Exchange

The battle royal between Devi and Shumbh

Bearing testimony to such cataclysm, Shumbh calls the Devi a cheater who kills Her opponents through the assists of Her aides like devtas, other devis, Her Lion etc.

To this Devi retorts, "O wicked and daft devil Shumbh ! All the devis and devtas are not different entities. They are all my manifestations. It is like I have deconstructed myself and various parts of mine are engaged in war with various Asuras. Despite that if you deem this scenario as unfair, I am ready to square up and debilitate you as One. " 

Thus Ambika Devi assimilates all the demi-gods within Herself and the duel with Shumbh begins. The battle becomes very intriguing as Shumbh puts up a good fight to all of Devi's advances.

Both inflict mutual damage. Weapons cannot separate the two as the battle now moves to fisticuffs. A long drawn contest follows in the sky. Devi lifts Shumbh in the sky and throws him to the Earth with infinite force. The savage Shumbh however stands his ground on Earth. He then barges towards Devi to kill her and even as he does so, Devi flings a supremely powerful trident at him. As the trident cleaves his body, his pran begin to discharge. The death of Shumbh shakes the entire landscape of the universe.

As this happens, elation and ecstasy suffuse the universe. Rivers start to flow in their proper directions, birds start singing, breeze starts blowing, sun radiates in its full glory, cacophonic sounds give way to tranquility and the shroud of darkness is removed.

Relevance to a Shiv Yogi

Shumbh and Nishumbh are the vices of greed and lust. When one is pacified, the other is cropped up just like the asuras who fell unconscious for sometime only to arise sometime later.

The last line of the story reads that the normal functioning of nature is restored as Shumbh is killed. So when through sadhna this bad quality of greed and stealing others' share which is present in us will subside, we will start functioning or start treading faster towards self realization for which we have taken birth.

Desires of an impure consciousness turn into greed and avariciousness. Sense of satiation and satisfaction eludes such a person.

Greed and lust make us so blind that even God seems unfair just as Shumbh calls Devi a cheat. We curse God for our pain, suffering and sorrow. The 99 things that we have are of no use. The 1 thing that we don't is all what matters to us. We complain, crib, pass judgments and prolong our pining.

If at all through the blessings of Shiva, we get something, we dont thank Him and reckon that it was due to us.

When we do sadhna and invoke Ma Sanjeevani, She does not come alone. She brings along all devis, devtas and the divine trinity of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh. Its is important to understand what the devis,devtas and the divine trinity stand for.

In doing Shree Vidya sadhna which is the meditation of all aspects of the universe encompassing every micro particle to every macro structure, we are blessed by:
  • Ma Lakshmi (gain of prosperity by way of money,assets and all luxuries)
  • Ma Saraswati (Divine Wisdom oozes out of us naturally and we become the scholar of all worldly sciences too)
  • Ma Kali ( at a subtle level confidence builds in us which gives us the faith and belief that we can achieve anything and    everything and tide over all difficulties all by ourselves)
  • Lord Brahma (we become the creators of our own destiny and voluntarily so, deciding for ourselves what will our future be like)
  • Lord Vishnu (we sustain our lives enjoying everything, leading a lifetime full of bliss)
  • Lord Shiva (destroying any negativity which comes our way and becoming forgiving, simple just like "Bhola Bhandari"  or Bholenath)
  • Lion of Ma Durga (the rigidity to stick to resolves, the firm determination, the courage to pounce on hurdles and bravely fight them out)
  • 16 Nityas of the Moon (when one does sadhna everyday, the presiding devi of the day, also called the Nitya is appeased and all through the day the shower of unconditional love of Devi continues)
  • Blessings of Sun (we become tejoymay, exuding divine energy at all times just like the glow of 10 suns which adorn our beautiful universe)
Thus a sadhak who meditates daily, if at all encounters a difficulty, he does not fight it alone. The whole universe fights with him as Ma Ambika is always around. And when Ma Ambika is around, all divinity is around.

Hail the Shakti who give us so much. Thank Her everyday. Thank the Guru who introduced "ourselves to our real selves"

Navratra Day 7, Presiding Goddess : Kalratri

Ma Kalratri
Chapter 11 (Praise of Narayani)

After Ambika Devi elliminates Shumbh and Nishumbh, all devtas hail Ma singing her divine glory.They extol the praises of Ma chanting aloud:

"Hey Devi Ma youre the one who alleviates all problems of your seekers. Youre the one presiding over this universe thus the name "vishweshwari" . Youre the one who has cast her spell "Maya" on all inhabiting mother Earth. Youre the one praying to whom one can attain liberation from worldly attachments. All directions lead to you. All women of this world are your manifestations. You alone are ubiquitous across the universe. What can be your praise? Youre above all qualities and way of expressions. Youre the highest form of communication ---- Paraavani. Youre the intellect in all creations. Youre the base on which Earth is premised. Your valour is non pareil. Youre the water element, youre the Vaishnavi, youre the one granting all wishes, thus hailed as "Sarvamangala". Youre the one creating positivity and busting negativity. Youre the Goddess of virtues. Youre the Brahmani, Vaishnavi,Kaumari,Shivduuti,Narsinghi, and present in all consorts of powerful deities. Youre the one embellished with garland of skulls. Youre the one incarnating and present in various forms as Laxmi,Lajja,Mahavidya,Shraddha pushti,Swadha, Dhruva, Maharatri, Mahavidya, Medha, Saraswati , Vara, Parvati, Mahakali, Sanyamsheela, Sarva ishwari, Katyayani, Bhadrakali.

O Mother protect us from all threats and fears. Your noble visage with trinetra or three eyes is beautiful. More menacing than the fire of volcano, may your trident be our protector. May your bell which sucks out all devilish energy at its mere ring, guard us from evils. May the incisive sword that you wield in your hands, on which writ large is the blood of asuras, shepherd us to safety. O mother whenever youre happy, you become the panacea to all diseases. Those surrendering to you, never find themselves in any form of trouble;rather such souls help others rectify their problems.

Who else but you can debilitate such monstrous savages as Mahishasur, Chand Mund, Shumbh Nishumbh, Rakt Beej et al ? It is our request to you to likewise always accompany us wherever we go and whoever prays to you, may you save the day for him/her.May you help all overcome all hurdles.

You find a mention in all sciences, all studies, all scriptures. You are the ignorance too who as Maya, foxes consciousness into darkness. You protect from all evils and in all dire circumstances, be they getting lost in a forest,getting caught by dacoits or be stranded in the midst of the sea.

Devi then foretells about how She shall grace this planet in times of crisis as drought(genesis of Her name Shataksi) ,help in overpowering the oppressive regime of Vaiprachitti for Her alias of Raktdantika being coined. When a devil named Durgam will be killed at Her hands, she will be hailed Durga. The name Bheema Devi will gain eminence when she'll protect the saints in Himalayas from all negative forces. She'll be hailed as Brahmari when she' ll incarnate as a 6 paw animal and secure all from the devil "Arun"

Likewise whenever mankind will be in times of need, Devi will incarnate indeed.
Navratra Day 8, Presiding Goddess : Mahagauri

Ma Mahagauri
Chapter 12 (Stuti Phal)

Devi contends that the one who with utmost concentration and dedication prays daily to Her, he/she will receive the infinite grace for life to be hassle free.The one who shall ruminate over the essence of Chand Mund vadh,Mahishasur vadh,Shumbh Nishumbh vadh,Madhu Kiatabh vadh would be blessed in all aspects of life. The lessons from her conquests are so potent and powerful that they bear the sinew to extricate one from Maya,raise the energy of the place and individuals engaged in Her remembrance. Pondering over Her one becomes free of all the phobias, negativity,ill health, poor financial situation, poor familial relations and Her name is effective in giving the imaginable and the unimaginable to every seeker alike.

Whichever form we pray to Ma in, She shall with Her benign presence charm us. Unhappiness, penury,fear etc too are all Her forms and if we choose to stay in these emotions, Ma is more than happy to grace us in these dreadly ways.

Navratra Day 9, Presiding Goddess : Siddhidatrri 

Ma Siddhidhatri
Chapter 13 (Blessings to King Surath and Vaishy)

Medha Rishi, the narrator of the folklore of Durga to Vaishy and King Surath then avers that all that unfolds in the world is through the influence of Devi Ma and that all must hanker after Her auspices in order that positivity per se continues to be solicited in everyone's life. Devi Ma as Maya will continue to transfix all who have taken birth on this planet. However those humble enough to seek her blessings through sadhna will be liberated from this cycle of cause and effect.
Both the King and merchant penance and meditate for 3 years  

Hearing of the legendary tales, Vaishy and King Surath then leave for meditation.They follow the meditation procedure to the hilt. They reduce their food intake moving from cereals to fruits and ultimately divert all their energies to rigorous sadhna for 3 years. 

Ultimately an appeased Ma Ambika appears before the two, asking them to seek their wishes from Her. The kings seeks return of his kingdom and a kingdom for his next birth too.

The King's wish
The Vaishy, disillusioned with life and the world on the whole, wishes the grant of divine Wisdom to him , which is capable of Self realization.

The Vaishy's wish
 Blessing both, Devi then disappears into thin air.

Durga Saptashati--- What's not to be missed

Although all chapters of this divine text have their own distinct implications and meanings, all through the Saptashati, there are recurring lessons which merit a mention and which must be borne in mind forever.
  1. United we stand divided we fall - Not that Ambika Devi was any weak to not have been able to combat all asuras single-handedly but the humility and modesty of the devtas, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh brought forth the virtue of united power. Baba ji talks about collective healing and collective chanting on the same lines. Higher level Shree Vidya however must not be done collectively.
  2. Ego, the king of vices - In all the allegorical stories of Saptashati, one trend that is observed is that greed, lust, anger,sycophancy,criticism all stem from ego and which became the root cause of the demise of the asuras. Thus doing sadhna, a sadhak shuns the word "I" and soon "Shiva" takes over. The emotion of selflessness is born. Happiness is sought not from others but by bowing to the Shiva in others -- Namah shivay.
  3. Humbleness and Gratitude -The demi-gods,Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma,Lord Vishnu et al despite being infinite themselves do not forget to thank the Devi whenever She defeats the asuras at their insistence.  They sing hymns to Her, praise Her and pray that may Her blessings be always with one and all exhibiting their altruism too. Thus a thank you at all times at even slight favours is a must.
  4. Sadhna the panacea for all diseases - One thing that became quite apparent after meditating through Saptashati is that whether its the Mahishasur in us or Raktabeej or any disease,fear, materialization of any wish, the Shakti is capable of obliterating all sorts of devils and granting all wishes. Shakti here refers to sadhna shakti, generated when one practices sadhna daily.
  5. Seeking Devi - The most interesting aspect about Shakti is that in whichever form you worship Her, She shall come in that form. If one complains, cribs and cries all the time, wishes bad for others and indulges in cheating,forgery, Ma will come to the person as "Daridrata" or Penury or Poverty. She has pledged that She will never leave Her creations. So in one form or the other She is present everywhere.

As a Shiv Sadhak invoke Ma in Shree Chakra form by chanting Swadhyay daily, indulging in sadhna daily and keeping all family members happy. If one wishes to invoke Ma as Laxmi swaroopa, what better way than spending money on charity? Do bhandara for the needy. Engage in Sewa. Ma is ever ready to serve devtas and people of the world. This is the best example of the will to do sewa. Such a burning desire to help must be there in all Shiv Yogis.
Extend the fast from vices to the whole year long than mere Navratras. 
Mere reading of these teachings and casting a perfunctory glance for entertainment sake would not solve the purpose of this note. Do sadhna daily and read the note again and again. This is Brahma gyan. This is Baba ji's gyan narrated ornamentally in your language.

Avail yourselves of this opportunity to attain Moksha in this birth itself. Remember the year is 2012.

Om Guruve Namah ! 
Om Namaschandikaye !
Jai Ma!
Namah shivay 


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